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Elysian Dreams

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Summary: Jack helps Willow deal with an uber-cranky Giles

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Stargate > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Jack O'NeillCharleyFR1522,3901185,76422 Sep 0422 Sep 04No

The Challenge

This was sent out by me a fortnight or so ago to several Willow-centric lists I'm on. There were a few responses about how much it was liked but no actual fic responses so I've given into my fic demons and written a response :)

**The challenge...**


Post Season 8 BtVS

Set in Season 8 SG-1 (Jack as the SGC's CO)

*The sitch...

Buffy is travelling in Europe, Xander is with Dawn in England where she is studying at Oxford. Willow lives in Colorado Springs with Giles, next door to Jack. Some time after s8, Giles was 'damaged' by a demon in a fight in which Kennedy died. He is now angry, aggressive, rude and forgetful of his Watcher-ness. However he remembers all the research sessions etc, just not exactly what they were researching. Willow is in Colorado Springs studying part-time toward finishing her BSc, majoring in either chemistry, physics, or computer science. Giles is ungrateful and believes she is his niece. He often complains of her uselessness, timidity. He berates her for everything.

She meets Jack at the mailbox at the end of her driveway which is beside Jacks. They begin to say hello and he hears Giles screaming at her about something (moving something in the house which she explains hasn't been moved since they bought and furnished the house or hiding his glasses, books or something along those lines). Jack begins to take an interest in her, arriving in time one night - late - after a gruelling mission to find Giles throwing books at her across the living room, claiming she is keeping him locked away so she can keep his money (which she has been putting into an account for him to use if he ever gets better or needs to be put in a home). She works two part time jobs, one in O'Malley's as a waitress or bartender, the other of your choosing.


I would like this to be a slow-ish development between Jack and Willow. They bond as they spend time together, Willow confiding in Jack about the difficulty of dealing with Giles but that no-one else is in a position to do so. Jack doesn't insist that Giles go to a home. Think Chivalrous!Jack.

*Other Orders ;)

-Willow does not join the SGC as a member of a team. She could be given clearance by Hammond (after hearing about her from Jack and looking into who she is) to be the SGC CO's aide.

- Willow does not immediately solve any of the SGC's problems.

- Do not ressurrect anyone who has died in either of the shows and anyone who has gone to Atlantis has to stay there.

- Willow can't use her magic to heal Giles because of the way he was injured in the first place. She uses her magic only to defend herself. She does not lose her temper with him.

- Willow's magic doesn't tip her off to Teal'c not being human.

- Daniel may know Giles but is not spared the older man's snide remarks. He comments that Daniel's theories were 'outlandish and clearly the product of a deranged and delusional mind'.

*At 3 to be included...

- "You've touched my inner child and s/he's very angry.

- "I'm a little freaky and a lot dysfunctional."

- "It's unethical to harm a patient but I/she/he can cause as much pain as I/he/she like/s."

- "How can you call yourself a scientist and not worship at the altar of Roddenbery?"

- "You knit?"

- "Not so fast Mojo Jojo."

- A reference to wwe wrestling (if you're watching it, I'd love a reference to Stevie Richards accusation that Jericho is dressing up as a woman).

- Giles scoffing at the idea that demons exist and insisting the scar on Willow's neck is from falling on a bbq fork.

- Jeff Hardy ;)

- Ishtar/Astare as an exiled goa'uld queen with Tok'ra sympathies (she does not forcibly take hosts, doesn't have jaffa. Her people live in a peaceful society).

* Include 5 of the following...

- anthropomorphic personification

- velocity

- delicious

- elysium

- latrine

- aphid

- eternity

- wise/wisdom

- slipper

- slug

- sloth

- morpheus


Title: Elysian Dreams

Author: Charley (

Pairing: Willow/Jack.

Disclaimer: SG-1 belongs to MGM et al. BtVS belongs to Joss et al. Situation is mine.

Distribution: (my site), tth. If you want it, please let me know.

Spoilers: Everything up to and including season 7 of BtVS and season 8 (as it is being aired) of SG-1.

Authors Notes: This is a WIP and this is un-beta'd. It has been proofed but no one is infallible.

For everyone who liked the challenge and said so :)
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