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Life at the End of the Road

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Summary: Three of sunnydale's finest reach Stars Hollow...

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Life at the End of the Road

A/N: Hey y'all! Here I am, publishing my second story. I'm just as excited.

just a bit of info you all must know:

1) This is a Gilmore Girls/Buffy crossover.

2) This happens about a year after 6x17 at the Buffy verse.

Also, this is post season 2 at the Gilmore verse.

3) a few changes: - Lorelai and Luke had already made up

-Rory and Jess never kissed.

-Rory and Dean are very happy together, thank you very much

-Faith is out of jail (thank W&H... not sure why they did it, but they did. tch, lawyers...)

Right, well, on with the story. Hope you enjoy yourself, and review (you know how much I love reviews! and if you don't... well, you do now. I love 'em!)

disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. Joss owns the Buffy-people, and... I'm not sure who owns the GG people, but it sure ain't me :)


Chapter 1: odd newcomers

Three women entered “Luke’s”. The bell above the door rang as they opened and closed the door. Luke couldn’t help but notice that these girls were very pretty. None of them were really his type. And they were way too young. But they were pretty.

They sat in the center table. The black haired one placed both leather clad legs on the table. The honey-haired girl next to her shoved her legs back to the floor. The girl gave her an innocent look, to which the honey-haired girl gave an eye-roll. The third girl, who was the tallest, just looked at the other two girls, obviously amused.

Luke took a moment to scan the girls. One had black hair that reached her shoulders. She was pretty tanned, with big brown eyes. She had a dangerous gleam in her eyes.

The honey-haired girl was a bit shorter. She had rosy cheeks and full lips. She had a bit of weight on her, but she wasn’t fat or anything. She looked healthy, and Luke found her the most attractive out of the three girls.

The last girl was a tall teenager. She seemed about as tall as Rory, with long light-brown hair, with some blond streaks in it, which seemed to blend in naturally. She had big blue eyes, and was very skinny.

Luke spotted Jess by the counter reading a book and throwing the three girls a look every couple of seconds. Luke fought the urge to roll his eyes.

He glanced at the girls, who were chatting happily.

“I’m just sayin’, you can’t beat the dramas”

“Faith, I would have never pictured you as a drama-lover” ok, so the black-haired woman has a name.

“I’m not a drama lover. I’m just thinkin’… ya know, you got all that drama going on in ya own life, why not mess with someone else’s. Sides, if I find a drama that makes me cry…”

“You cry?” asked the teen. Faith grimaced at her.

The honey-haired one tried to make peace. “I like the romantic kind… I just love a romantic ending”

The other two gave her sympathetic looks. “Hey, are we going back to the…” asked faith gently.

“What? Oh, no… I was talking about the movies, you know… I mean, I always had a thing for romance…”

“Yeah, that sounds like you… ” said the teen.

“What about you?” asked Faith.

“Comedies take the jackpot easy on my book. I can always look for something to laugh about. Goddess knows I haven’t done that in a long while”

Faith squeezed the teenager’s hand. “Hey… it’s ok. You’re with us now and we’re gonna be alright.”

“Stop. I don’t want a pep-talk. Back to movies… I like those stupid comedies or parodies. Like… oh, “Zoolander” – the stupidest movie ever, but I laughed so hard when I saw it my side hurt!” The other girls giggled.

Luke, who got really tired of pretending he was listening to what Kirk had to say, turned to the three newcomers.

“Can I get you anything?” he asked.

The honey-haired looked at him. “Yeah. 3 burgers, 3 fries and 3 milkshakes.” Then she turned to her companions. “What do you want?”

“My goddess, that’s the oldest joke ever!” said Faith.

“Yeah, guess it’s only funny if you’re skinny.”

“Tara, you are not fat. Cut it out, right? You are beautiful!” said the teenager. Right, another name to the list.

“She’s right sweetie. I mean, I wouldn’t mind have a go with you” Faith said lustfully. Luke glanced at Jess. He stopped pretending he was reading. Luke shook his head lightly.

“Oh yeah, but then you’ll never call me” retorted Tara mockingly. Faith placed a hand on her heart.

“Oh, Glenda, that hurt” she said with a pout.

Luke cleared his throat softly. The teen looked up at him.

“Right. What she ordered, but we’ll split it and also, a salad” both other girls grimaced at her. “We need something that’s green and/or healthy. You two could live on junk food and die from the cholesterol”

“So could you” replied Faith.

The girl thought that one over before saying “True. But I have the common sense to not do that”

“I’ll be right back with your order” said Luke before going away to the kitchen. Jess was back to reading as he passed him by.

“So, D. What’re you going to do while me and Tara are gonna get a house”

“Donnu, Faith. Look for something to do in this town. As far as I can tell this town only has a bridge club for entertainment. But you know me… I’ll find something to do…”

“As long as it’s legal” said Tara calmly.

Dawn rolled her eyes. “Spoil my fun” she said. Tara looked at her wistfully.

“You remind me of her so much…” she said. All three girls looked gloomy. Then Luke returned with their food. He placed the three plated in front of each girl, the salad in the middle, and then he brought the shakes. The girls said their thanks and dug in.

They were downing the food as if they haven’t eaten for days. The brown-haired teenager placed salad in all plated. Faith tried placing hers back in the ball but the teen smacked her hands.

When they were finished, and the plates were evacuated from the table, all three girls seemed to relax. Faith placed her lags on the table only for them to be pushed to the floor by Tara again. The teen with them giggled. Tara looked at her watch.

“We have to change, Faith. We’re meeting the landlord in 20 minutes.”

“Uh, Glenda… I don’t wanna…” she whined.

“Faith, we need a house”

“But why can’t you go alone?”

“I’m not meeting some creepy old man by myself” she said a bit too loudly. The teen giggled again.

“Get your asses into gear and change already. I don’t want to sleep in the car tonight. I froze my ass off last night”

Faith sighed. “Tar, get the clothes from the car.” Tara left the dinner. Faith kissed the teen’s forehead in a sisterly gesture. “You are so fucking lucky that I promised myself I’ll take better care of you. If I haven’t, you’d be in the middle of the Utah desert right about now”

“You are taking better care of me. You’re doing a great job. Angel would have been proud, if he would have known…”

“You are unique, Summers. Don’t forget that.”

“Like I could” replied the brown-haired girl. Then the door was opened and Tara came in holding two hangers that were wrapped in a protective fabric, so nothing will happen to the clothes.

Tara gave Faith one of the hangers, and then she turned to Jess, who was really reading now.

“Excuse me” she said softly. He looked up. “Where’s the restroom?”

He pointed to the direction of the restroom. “Thank you” said Tara, and disappeared in the direction he pointed at with a whining Faith in tow.

After a few minutes Tara came out of the bathroom, wearing a long indigo colored skirt and a white blouse. Her hair was up in a loose bun.

“Faith won’t come out” Tara said, pouting.

“Tell her you’d have sex with her if she will” suggested Dawn. Jess looked up at the girls. Oh, he was really starting to like these people. The few other people in the dinner looked shocked. Thank god Luke was in the kitchen.

“Good idea. Thanks, sweetie” said Tara and went to the restroom again. After a few second Tara came side by side with Faith. Faith was wearing a black, knee-length skirt and a red sweater. Her hair was up in a French twist.

“We’re going. Take care, baby” said Faith, a bit too eagerly. The teen rolled her eyes. Faith was so easy.

“Good luck. Get an apartment!” she yelled after them. She turned to Jess and placed some money on the counter. “Here’s the money for the food, and thank Luke on our behalf.” He nodded, and took the money. “Where’s a bookstore in this town?” she asked.

“Main Street, all the way down, across from the flower shop.”

“Right. Thanks” she said and left.

Jess stared after her for a while. Damn. Damn, she was pretty. He wondered if she’ll be going to Stars Hollow High. If she will, there might be a reason to actually show up.
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