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Together Always

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Summary: Harry and Dawn are getting married what will happen??

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterDawnie2FR153718011,93423 Sep 0425 Sep 04No

Getting Ready

"Does this looked right" Dawn Summers soon to be Dawn Potter asked her sister and her best friend Hermione. "You look Gorgeous Tara said carring her 2 year old daughter Porcelina in her arms (Thank you echo for some awsome ideas keep writing) "aww thank you Tara" Dawn replied hugging her tightly.

Dawn did look beautiful her hair was down in little ringlets and her long white gown with no sleeves just looked perfect. They were having the wedding at Hogwarts on the quiddith pitch every one was there!

"It's time for the wedding to start" Buffy annouced "Ok thanks Buffy" Dawn said as she made finishing touches on her 18-year-old self. Her brides maids were Hermione and Ginny, Buffy was her maid of honnor.

Harry was really nervous he still couldn't believe he was marrying Dawn. Harry was standing in the middle of the pitch with his grooms men Ron and Draco(whome he got quite attached to after Dawn started liking him) and hi best man Sirius.

Dawn and Harry's flower girl was Porcelina and their ring bearer was Ron and Hermiones son named Harry after well Harry.
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