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Hunting Park

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Summary: Eight years after Chosen, Faith & Xanders 'retirement posting' is disturbed by 'the demon that makes trophies of men'

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Multiple Crossings > Faith-CenterednorgcoFR1834,237176,59724 Sep 0424 Sep 04Yes

Hunting Park

Fic: Hunting Park 1/3

Author: norgco

Type: Multiple crossovers.

Summary: Eight years after season seven, Xander and Faith face something on another world

Rating: 17 for descriptions

Disclaimer: Joss owns BtVS and all characters, I don’t know who owns Predator or Stargate but that is not me either.

Feedback: Please.

PX-378 Advanced Stargate Physics Institute– Monday the 10th of October 2011

Colonel Samantha Carter walked up the steps to the childcare center with a smile on her face. Angela, her youngest, should be waiting for her about now, and then she could pick up Luke from grade school. As commander here her time was precious, and normally subordinates handled things like this. But she was determined to be a mother to her children and not just someone they called that on the rare occasions she could ‘fit them in’, so this was an important part of her schedule.

“Colonel.” It was the construction company owner, a tall man with an eye patch, here to pick up his son Jesse. All she really knew about him was his present, his past seemed so totally ordinary as to be an obvious forgery, and when she said so he just smiled. “Beautiful day, isn’t it?”

He was here, a civilian like his wife, because they were cleared by security. She had tried to find out why, and hit a blank wall of ‘need to know.’ She needed to know THAT they were cleared; she didn’t need to know WHY in order to do her job, so they would not tell her. She had mentioned it to Daniel Jackson, who was still based on Earth, and he had hired a PI to look around quietly for a while, before sending her a cryptic response.

“Sam, they are cleared for things neither of us is, and just leave it at that, ok?” He had also sent her, as she requested, the bill for the private investigation firm, Summers & Wells Investigations. Daniel had actually smiled at her when she later asked if he trusted them to recognize anything odd if they found it. “Trust me, Dawn and Andrew know weird when they see it.”

So they stood together just outside the door, shaded in the intense heat, waiting with the other parents. Small talk about how their respective projects were going filled in time, and then her tiny bundle of energy ran out and enveloped her legs in little arms.

“Mummy look what I did today.” The little hand clutched a drawing in bright primary colours, of her apparently. And the walk to fetch her son took on its usual style. She focused on where she was and what she was doing, if her children were not worth forgetting about her job for a while she would not have had them so late, or taken them here with her after the divorce.

Still, she was a scientist at least as much as a military officer, and being content with not knowing the answer to a mystery was not tolerable to her. It could just wait, that was all.

Institute commander’s office, Friday the 14th of October 2011

“Colonel, a group of high school students found what we think is the missing Marshal.” The off world colonies were technically United States Territories, and as such the Federal Marshal’s were the civilian authorities. Like the old west, they were not just police, but handled any federal government task if needed; they had done the census in the 1800’s, for example. Marshal Rashid had been looking for a missing person, and gone missing himself in the process.

“What do you mean ‘we think'?” She knew the tone of voice if not the reason, something bad had happened.

“The body’s skinned and the head’s missing Colonel.”

That, it turned out, was only the first body they found in that state. People continued to go missing, and the security at first didn’t seem to improve much. Infrared scan sometimes showed something in areas where nothing could be seen in visible light, and weapons were fired at the invisible target based on that. It cut the death rate, but did not totally stop it. A beautiful, green world was now a place of fear.

The mystery of exactly who Xander and Faith Harris had been only deepened when the only contacts with the creature, or whatever it was, that anything human survived to talk about featured Mrs Harris in a starring role. Starring as Ms All Action Superhero, to be precise.

Commander’s office Thursday 24th of November 2011, 12.35

“I want answers from you two, and I want them now!” There was a special team that she suspected had NID connections hunting whatever it was, but they did not seem to be having any success. The fact that said team seemed pleased with themselves anyway and had blocked the arrival of a larger security force only made things worse.

“Do you want to know about us or it?” Because both the former Scooby’s knew her interest in their past.

“It.” Her curiosity could wait. It was air-conditioned in here, but the intense heat made her irritable even so.

“Well, proper documentation begins in 1987, with something that Nicaraguan peasants call ‘the demon that makes trophies of men’ and a rescue team headed by a man named Dutch…”
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