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A Six Letter Word for Roadkill

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Summary: Sookie works her way through a Word-A-Day Calendar, drabble-style (xover with Charlaine Harris’ SVS series).

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Literature > Southern Vampire MysteriesdulcineaFR13104,5270810,67724 Sep 044 Jan 05No

popinjay, bouleversement, fecund

Day 28: popinjay

popinjay \\POP-in-jay\\, noun:
A vain and talkative person.

Popinjay is from Middle English papejay, popingay, meaning "parrot," from Old French papegai, deriving ultimately from Arabic babagha.
“That Bill guy seemed kinda high strung.” Dawn commented.

“He’s normally not such a popinjay. I don’t know what got into him tonight.”

“Sorry.” Buffy winced as she followed the two into the guest room. “I have that effect on guys, especially the fangy kind.”

“She’s right. It probably has something to do with her manly right hook.” Dawn teased.

“Hey, you don’t see me commenting on your skills… or lack thereof.” Buffy stuck her tongue out.

“Are you sure you two can share a room for the night?” Sookie asked, amused.

“We’ll be fine. The question is, will you?”


Day 29: bouleversement

bouleversement \\bool-vair-suh-MAWN\\, noun:
Complete overthrow; a reversal; a turning upside down.

Bouleversement comes from French, from Old French bouleverser, "to overturn," from boule, "ball" (from Latin bulla) + verser, "to overturn" (from Latin versare, from vertere, "to turn").

“Was your dream about tonight? Should I call Eric?” Sookie frowned.

“Unless your boyfriend has superpowers, I would say no.”

“Eric’s not my … He’s a total…”

“Then why would you call him?” Dawn smirked.

“He’s the head honcho of the vampires in this area. I used to hate him, but last month there was a bouleversement that changed things between us. Let’s just say, he owes me protection.”

“It sounds complicated.”

“Tell me about it.”

“I don’t suppose he’s one of the two vampires already lurking in the woods?” Buffy interjected.



“Let’s just hope it’s only Bubba.”


Day 30: fecund

fecund \\FEE-kuhnd; FEK-uhnd\\, adjective:
1. Capable of producing offspring or vegetation; fruitful; prolific.
2. Intellectually productive or inventive.

Fecund comes from Latin fecundus, "fruitful, prolific." The noun form is fecundity.

“What can I say? The vampire population around here just gets more fecund every year.” Sookie dodged the question of Bubba’s history.

“So he’s a newbie?” Dawn asked.

“Nah, he’s just new to the area. He’s a sweetie, though; wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

“How is that possible?” Buffy frowned. Was Angel’s soul not that unique.

“Well, he’s not quite right in the head. He trees squirrels and cats more than anything.”

“And he hangs around your place why?”

“I invited him?” Sookie winced at her cousin’s glare. “Alright, slip on your pjs and meet me downstairs. This’ll take awhile.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Six Letter Word for Roadkill" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Jan 05.

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