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Soothing the Beast

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Summary: Willow tries to summon help for Buffy but ends up in St. Louis where she begins helping Richard

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: RichardStardustFR182022,90721335,11921 Feb 038 Mar 08No

Chapter 1

Zane was the first to approach the two figures that he had seen fall out of the sky, "hi, you aren't evil creatures are you?" He asked before realizing that there was the scent of blood in the air. Intoxicating, refreshing, and a reminder of something that was believed to be legendary.

Willow glanced at Allison briefly, confusion and worry competing in her eyes before she responded to the question, "no we aren't evil. I'm Willow and this is..." Willow paused unsure of what to say next.

"Allison White, Guardian of many." Came the reply from the dark haired woman, "and the Ulfric of the Thronnos Rokke Clan is going to be lectured big time when I finally get to meet him." Allison paused looking up at Zane, "moonchild... interesting." A brief smile flickered over her features before she winced as a wind blew through the graveyard and the few wounds she had acquired stung in pain.

Cherry approached, looking from Willow to Allison and back to Willow, "oh goodness, are you two okay?" She asked, "we didn't know that a guardian was coming, truly if we had known we would have been better prepared." Cherry paused as she smelled the blood as well, "Zane let's get her to Anita's, Anita will be out for a few more hours, it's not safe for either of them to be out here."

Zane nodded in agreement, "if Anita has a problem with letting either of them stay here I'm sure something else can be arranged. I mean I don't think either of them were planning on making such a sudden visit."

Allison smiled slightly, "you are certainly taking this a lot easier then I expected." She paused, "Willow, you will need some sleep, for some, traveling through a portal can wreck havoc on the body and mind. It's going to take me a while before I can face what I was called here to do."

Zane and Cherry assisted Allison to her feet and then Zane picked her up so he could cradle her more easily as Cherry went to help Willow, "it's not that far, and then you can get some sleep." Cherry said softly as she let Willow lean her weight against the slender Wereleopard.

Within half an hour, the group of four arrived at Anita's home and Nathaniel opened the door, "Cherry... Zane... what happened?" He asked looking at the two women who were struggling to maintain some strength. "Was there an attack?"

"No, not exactly... they dropped from the sky. I guess these are the two that were sent to respond to Richard's summons. But don't they usually answer summons fairly quickly?" Cherry asked, "Whenever Raina or Gabriel sent a summons, within the hour there was usually an answer."

Nathaniel shrugged, "I don't know. Maybe there is something weird going on that we don't know about yet." Nathaniel paused as he heard a few people approaching, "Let's get them inside and cleaned up a bit." he said as he moved away from the door to allow Cherry and Zane to enter.

Micah glanced at the group near the door, "What is going on... why are you letting two strangers into the house?" Micah stalked up to Zane and frowned in concern, "Why is this one bleeding, was she attacked?"

"No she wasn't attacked, the Guardian fell from the sky with her..." Zane indicated Willow briefly, "I guess the summons took it's toll on her body. I've never heard of it happening before." Zane paused, "What should we do?" He asked.

Micah frowned in thought, "Get them back to one of the guest rooms. Nathaniel take the red head from Cherry and make sure that neither are too badly hurt." Micah paused, "I thought the guardians were things of legend... but it could be a forgotten truth." He murmured to himself as he moved to the kitchen to get the first aid kit and some towels.

Nathaniel and Zane hurried to the large guest room and placed both girls on the bed. Zane looked at Allison quietly, "she seems to be in really bad condition. I'm worried." Zane turned to the doorway where Vivian and Gregory stood looking on quietly, "Vivian can you help us? We need to get the dress off of Allison... and make sure the wounds aren't too bad."

"Wounds?" Vivian echoed in confusion, "but her blood holds the scent of magic and power... I've smelled it before... but not off of Anita... or any of our kind." Vivian paused trying to remember, "It was back when Gabriel was in charge, another came to lectured him about his behavior, I guess it was one of the guardian's... but she was so furious, she glowed red." Vivian approached the bed quietly, "They both look like guardian's... they even smell similar... I wonder why that is."

Gregory entered quietly and touched Allison's hand, and then rubbed his face against it. "I'll respect you greatly Lady, I hope we are not the reason you came... We don't wish to have you furious with us... We haven't done anything to be deserving of your wrath." he looked up at Nathaniel and Zane, "she calls to our beasts... she is unhappy... but not with us, not yet anyway."

Zane and Vivian shared a confused look, "how do you know this?" Zane inquired.

"Listen with your heart... she's there... a part of us all. She is calming... peace during a storm... She can bring comfort if we allow her." Gregory paused, "I felt her with me when I was being punished in the Lupanar... she tried to keep me calm even when I was so scared."

Nathaniel nodded quietly, "of course, at work I've heard the other shifters speak of seeing her sometimes... Usually in their dreams when there is trouble about... She appears briefly, usually smiling and smelling of lavender and roses." Nathaniel looked at Allison quietly, "but no one has seen her in the past several months... there must have been trouble or something... I don't know though."

~*~ Author's notes ~*~
Disclaimer - see first chapter
Pairings - no way, not telling... not yet anyway... you'll know eventually.
More will come when I feel inspired... *wicked grin* coming soon, Anita meets with Allison and Willow... and then they go to hold a meeting with Asher and Jean Claude.
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