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Soothing the Beast

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Summary: Willow tries to summon help for Buffy but ends up in St. Louis where she begins helping Richard

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: RichardStardustFR182022,90721335,06521 Feb 038 Mar 08No

date night is over, time for the grill

disclaimer: I don't own either Buffy or Anita Blake characters, those rights go to Joss Whedon and the other legally affiliated corporations and Laurell K Hamilton respectively. Me I'm just a poor smuck who's waiting out the level three so I can go to work in the morning.

AN: to those who have read previous chapters you may want to go through and reread them again, I went through and did some revising and so forth as well as repairing minor spelling issues. Love ya.

fic here

Willow poked at the shoes she had been wearing with some concern, how could they have started her feet to hurting as soon as she and Richard had made it to the restaurant she would never really know but her feet were happier now. Well as happy as body parts can be. She had asked Christie to join her in her temporary quarters once her dinner thing with Asher was through, there were just some questions that needed answered to set a poor Wicca's mind at rest.

Christie was a nice enough girl but so many things just didn't add up quite right once you got to thinking about them. Normally the shifter's were immune to magic but whatever form of memory modification had been done it seemed to be sticking fairly well. And they all interacted well together just something seemed off and she didn't want to hurt any of her new found acquaintances should something happen.

And of course when you think of someone, that person shall come. Christie tapped on the partially closed door where she had sensed she would find Willow. "You wanted to talk?" The shifter slipped in and closed the door, "I know your magical and everything but even I can tell that there has been something bugging you recently, and it's not just Richard's behavior towards me.

"Yeah, sit down for a moment will you. I was wondering why it really is that Asher is protective of you and has provided you with a room and a car here at the Circus? It just doesn't mesh, especially since I would have thought Richard as your pack leader would have helped you out until such time as you found replacement housing and transport for yourself." Willow asked.

"Good questions, especially considering how most everyone remembers Guardian White as being shifter by nature and yet she hasn't done anything involving shifting since she arrived here. The answer is actually remarkable simple. I'm a magical construct and part of Allison herself."

"You.... what?" Willow blinked, "that totally blows my theory out of the water. How can you know this and be okay with it?"

Christie smiled sheepishly, "I know it because that's how I'm designed, I'm supposed to know when the right time is for the missing part to become part of the whole. It's really not safe for her to be in Sunnydale of your dimension with the potential to go wild at any time, especially during this time if what my nightmare dictated is true. So the Elder's thought it was for the best to take certain bits and bobs out of play for Allison and put them into form for the time being."

Willow looked slightly more gobsmacked, "you mean you can have visions too? That's what the whole spatula swinging monkey was about?"

"Kinda sorta, they aren't true visions, just notes about what will be. And I know that she's going to come back hurting a lot and smelling of Death, the kind that you can't wash away easily. It lingers on the soul and skin." Christie sighed, "I know that Asher has figured out that we are simply two parts of one and it's the one that he spent so much time with and couldn't unlive without. I just don't know what will happen when the two parts are meshed together, will everyone remember me or will I be forgotten except as that girl who was found passing through as a part of Circus of the Damned."

"It depends on how close you get to people, how much you will be remembered or not remembered." Willow answered sagely. "So what parts of Allison are you really? Other then the shifter part."

"I'm the part of her that is happy and optimistic, the part of her that dances, and I think also the part that remembers in detail what really happened with all of her past incarnations."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Soothing the Beast" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Mar 08.

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