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Soothing the Beast

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Summary: Willow tries to summon help for Buffy but ends up in St. Louis where she begins helping Richard

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: RichardStardustFR182022,90721335,06721 Feb 038 Mar 08No

Soothing the Beast

Disclaimer - After Narcissus in Chains by LKH, I obviously don't own the rights to that... and Willow and the Buffy Bunch belong to Joss Whedon, and I'm not him.

Willow walked quietly through the cemetary hoping that her final attempt at summoning the guardian wouldn't fail. Willow had heard Spike and Angel speak of her, a woman who was the guardian of the slayer, a protector of those who fight for good. "Well I hope she is willing to help me and my friends." Willow said as she reached a small clearing and knelt down, preparing to send a plea to the higher beings. "Send me the guardian of the slayer." She commanded softly.

A dark haired woman looked up from where she wandered through the light and half smiled, "a summons how wonderful." She opened a viewing portal to see where she was supposed to go. "Boca del Inferno... must be trouble." She murmured sadly as she let the viewing portal close and another larger portal open.

Willow closed her eyes as a wind picked up around where she was kneeling, afraid that her plea had been denied again, "please." She whispered.

"Miss Rosenberg, open your eyes, I have answered your summons, why is it that you need me?" The dark haired woman asked, looking down on Willow with patience and understanding. "Do not be afraid, I am not angry."

Willow opened her eyes and smiled in relief, "Lady." She greeted, "thank you for coming, I have done terrible things with my magic, my friends no longer trust me, and I want to be friends with them again." Willow paused as the wind picked up again, stronger and more powerful then previously. "Lady?" She asked in confusion.

The dark haired woman frowned and held out her right hand to Willow, "another has been summoned, please help me down." As her green eyes met Willow's she frowned as the wind grew even stronger. "Hurry."

Willow reached her hand out to the guardian's and then screamed as a burst of white light surrounded them and the two were sucked backwards through patches of darkness and light. Within minutes the pair found themselves lying on the ground being watched by creatures cloaked in shadows. "What just happened." Willow asked nervously as she looked over to the guardian, who appeared to be the same age as her.

"The summons was sent for me, they figure that they will finally let me have my vacation... But once I solve the St. Louis Ulfric's problems... I am most displeased." The guardian paused, "Later when conditions are not so bad, we will have to talk." The guardian sighed, "don't worry, my displeasure does not include you or your summons."

"Your council just doesn't cooperate much?" Willow suggested, "that I understand." Willow paused as she noticed the blood that was soaking through the white gown that the guardian wore, "Lady are you okay?"

"I really don't know." The dark haired woman replied, "I really don't know." She looked up as she noticed that the creatures who had seen her were simply wereleopards, "Let's hope this doesn't turn out badly." she murmured.

Zane looked at Cherry and then at the pair of young women lying nervously in the cemetary, "did they just drop from the sky?" He asked quietly.

Cherry nodded, "Anita's going to be furious."
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