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Gotta be larger than life

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Summary: Neville Longbottom was running from something, when he met Faith.

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Neville LongbottomNorwegianneFR181010,62886522,33125 Sep 046 Jan 05Yes

Chapter 10

“What is your wand made of, again?” Faith asked irately and kicked a pebble hard.


“What is wood good for?”

“Staking vampires,” Neville Longbottom repeated dutifully as they walked out of the cemetery.

“Why do you now have teeth-mark on your neck?”

“Because I closed my eyes. Hell, Faith, I know this.”

“It never hurts to repeat it, well, the explanations. It will hurt you to repeat the suckage with another woman, Neville.”

“Oh, I don’t intend to let other vampires get anywhere near my neck.”

He really didn’t.

One vampire’s tooth-marks on his neck was more than enough for him.

“I’m not talking just vampires, Nev. Though you should probably stay away from them as well. I’m talking about other women.”

Faith was concerned about him with other women? Neville tried to grasp the concept. Faith? Was concerned about him with other women?

He tried to not look too pleased at the revelation. Nobody else had been concerned about him around other women. Hell, even Malfoy was more okay with the hypothetical idea of Neville Longbottom sleeping with Ginny at Hogwarts than Harry Potter doing the same.

Of course, Harry and Malfoy had an odd relationship, so maybe that was the reason for that.

Still, nobody else either had ever been locking up their females when Longbottom was around. ¨

He simply wasn’t the kind of chap that inspired women to throw themselves at his feet.

“I’m not seeing other women,” he offered meekly. “Why would I need to?”

Faith took hold of his left arm and they walked back to his flat in silence. She never answered his question.

Neville sighed. He would never understand women.

“You know,” Faith said after they were out on the streets of London again. “I should probably get you home, and give you some orange juice or something for the blood-loss.”

“I can get home perfectly fine, you know. There was really no need for you to walk me home.” Just because he wasn’t a Slayer, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t take care of himself.

Well, most of his life had been spent having Harry face the danger, but Neville had picked up on bits and pieces of that. As long as he had his wand, he would be fine. Probably.

“I know that you can get back fine yourself,” Faith said irately. It sounded like she would start fighting with him, and Neville found himself begging to whatever deity that was listening for it not to happen. Faith seemed to have got the silent message as she breathed out and continued in a softer voice. “I’d just like to go home with you.”


She wanted to go home with him.

“A girl could throw herself at your feet without you noticing it, Neville.”

Nobody ever had, he thought. It was always Neville Longbottom who was left at the feet of the girls, and not the other way around.

“I threw myself at your feet, if I recall correctly” he said.

“A good thing it was, too,” Faith smiled quickly at him. Her dark eyes seemed to smile at him as well. “If you hadn’t been, how would I ever have met you?”

She grabbed his arm tightly, and dragged him into the night.

The End

You have reached the end of "Gotta be larger than life". This story is complete.

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