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Because it was a Tuesday

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Summary: Inu/BTVS Xover. Pure, unadulterated and completely pointless smut biscuit with a touch of humor and a very naked taiyoukai. Buffy/Sess

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Anime > InuyashawhirleeqFR2118,820792,96325 Sep 0425 Sep 04Yes

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~~ Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, Willow, Sesshoumaru, Kagome, or Inuyasha. If I did, I'd buy a green dress (but not a real green dress - that's cruel...)

~~ Disclaimer Disclaimer: I don't own any lyrics by the Bare Naked Ladies either.

This is for fun. Pure, unadulterated smut, entirely for fun, and inspired by CinnamonGrrls recent Inuyasha fics ;). Reviews appreciated, flames will be printed and used for toilet paper.


Buffy flexed her arms in a long and languorous stretch, and frowned at her companion. After a few hours of searching, they had finally come to a halt under an ancient tree that stood in front of an old Japanese shrine. The tree seemed to have something of a mystical quality about it, causing it's visitors to feel a sense of tranquility when in it's presence. All together it was a lovely and peaceful place, and Buffy didn't really mind the break. There was nothing, however, that even hinted at the presence of a potential, and Buffy looked at her companion questioningly.

"What's up Will? Did you find her?" she asked, covering her mouth as she stifled a yawn. The jet lag was really starting to affect her, and the peaceful feeling she was getting by standing near the tree didn't help. What she wouldn't give for a few hours of solid, uninterrupted sleep.

The red haired witch beside her frowned as she examined the apparently malfunctioning indicator she held in her hand. "No," Willow answered after a moment. "It's gone all wiggy on me, almost as if there's another source of magic in the area, shorting it out." To illustrate her point, she pointed the indicator in each direction. The indicator retained a dull glow instead of brightening as it should when pointed correctly.

Buffy sighed. "Well, I say we head back to the hotel and make with the sleeping; we can try again tomorrow."

"Buffy -- it's 3:30 in the afternoon. If you're going to adjust to Tokyo time, you need to fight your fatigue. And besides, I thought you wanted to check out some of the malls."

Buffy's eyes sparkled for a moment at the thought; shopping in general was one of her favorite pastimes, but the thought of shopping in such a great and foreign city had her positively drooling. Enough inducement for her to abandon her prior thoughts of sleep -- at least for now.

Yep, she had her priorities in order, all right; Shop now, sleep later, and find the potential slayer that could help them in their fight against the First tomorrow, she thought to herself with a snort.

Still, she deserved a break, and so did Willow. The least that they could do for themselves was take a few hours out of the day of their arrival and do the tourist thing.

As she thought of the tourist thing, Buffy mused that it was too bad she wasn't much of a history buff; old shrines and things like that have always been Giles territory. She could just imagine the fascination he'd have with this place, and the hours and hours of history lessons in Gilespeak that would follow.

In fact, most of the tourists at the shrine, save for herself, were most definitely the academic type, and that included Willow. The crowd was quite boring, actually. Nothing much to look at here, except -- out of the corner of her eye, she saw him -- a most beautiful piece of eye candy that just didn't seem to belong here, either. He was the definition of yummy - tall, dressed in a dark Armani suit, fantastic build, and he had a very light blond ponytail pulled back behind his head. To top it off, he was -- looking straight at her. She blushed and looked away, but she could still feel his gaze upon her. She waited a bit, and then surreptitiously cast another glance in his direction, Sure enough, yummy guy's attention was on her and her alone. She felt a familiar and unwelcome heat flow through her, and she frowned.

'Don't look,' she thought to herself. It wouldn't do to get turned on in front of a holy shrine. She was sure that was a sin on many, many levels.

She waited a bit before turning -- yep, still staring. His lips turned up on either end in what almost could have been a smile, and she was starting to wonder what he would look like... naked. She could definately go for him, since he appeared to not be of the undead allergic to the sun type -- being that it was the middle of the day and all -- and for a moment she wished he'd take off those damned sunglasses. If his eyes were as good as the rest of him, she would probably melt right on the spot.

"HEY! Earth to Buffy! Mall now, checking out of the local hotties later," said an amused Willow to her right, a bit louder than perhaps necessary. Buffy, feeling like she had just been caught pulling a rather large and gooey cookie out of the cookie jar fought a furious blush as she shot a dark look toward Mr. Dark and Mysterious, who was still infuriatingly looking at her with a knowing smirk. "Gah..." she mumbled softly to herself as she attempted to clamp down on her overactive libido.

After exercising every bit of her self control, she managed to ignore the hotty and helped Willow bang the indicator several times. Because, hey, troubleshooting and stuff. Needless to say the indicator refused to comply with their attempts to fix it.

As they were preparing to leave the shrine, the hairs on Buffy's arms all but stood up, and her heartbeat started to accelerate in the way that had told her in no uncertain terms that there was a predator present, and very close. Willow opened her mouth to speak, but Buffy held up her hand in a request for her silence, as she focused her slayer senses on her surroundings. Her gaze flickered over each of the tourists under the tree (including the hottie -- yep, still staring) and then toward the small house that was a few hundred feet away.

The demon was, for most people, running at a speed which would render him unnoticeable. Buffy, however, was not 'most people'. She saw him, saw the flash of golden eyes and ears that were not human and her vision narrowed. She noticed that the red and white blur carried a young girl in his arms, and her anger kicked in.

"Will, demon, twelve o'clock, has hostage, running fast, catch up with me later," she said, the words tumbling out fast and furious as her eyes remained locked on her target.

As soon as Willow nodded in understanding, she was off, almost matching the speed of her quarry. The demon was carrying it's prey toward a small building that stood in between the house and the giant tree, and she followed it, intent on a confrontation.

The demon slipped behind a screen on the side of the small building carrying it's prey with it, and after a few seconds, a soft blue light was visible through the screen. A smirk graced her face as she realized she had the thing cornered for all intents and purposes, and she bursted into the small building most threateningly.

Once inside, her senses indicated to her that the demon and the girl were both gone, but the ancient well in the middle of the room that was still glowing with a soft blue glow.

"Don't make me come in there after you," she taunted, as she approached the well and looked down into it. She grimaced when she saw the slowly dissipating portal. Instinctively she hopped to the top of the well and jumped in; entering the portal just before it closed behind her.

Time seemed to stand still and gravity was no longer a force commanding her as she floated among a void which seemed to be filled with nothing and yet everything at the same time. She saw what looked like little points of light in every direction, and they very much resembled the stars of the night sky. It could have been days or mere moments before the stars faded out and she landed right on her backside with a soft thud. Blinking, she repressed the minor feeling of disorientation that settled in, and took to her feet. She was in the bottom of the well as expected, and began to wonder for a moment if her experience was just a product of her own imagination. Her illusions were shattered, however, when she looked up and saw not a roof, but the clear sky.

She dusted herself off, and noticed that she had a small tear in her new silk shirt and a small cut on her arm, which was amazingly already beginning to heal.

"That's gonna cost you, demon... It was a new shirt, damn it!" she cried, and then climbed her way out of the well. Her heart started to beat just a bit faster than normal when she found herself in a clearing within a strange forest; her quarry being long gone. Nothing around her seemed familiar, and she tried to repress the sense of panic that was starting to edge it's way into her consciousness. She turned in all directions before her eyes caught sight of the now familiar tree that she had been standing under before. It looked the same, and yet different; younger perhaps, and she felt a strange uneasiness settle in. She looked back over the rim of the well just to confirm her suspicions, and was not surprised when she only saw the bottom.

"Stupid portals," she muttered to herself before deciding on the only course of action she could think to pursue. She had to capture that creature she had followed into this strange forest; not only to save the poor girl it was carrying, but to find out how to get the hell out of whatever alternate reality she had fallen into and back to her own.

Why did she have to jump into that stupid well? On a Tuesday? She groaned when the full weight of her situation and her own stupidity hit her, and pinched the bridge between her nose as she boinked her head three times against the big tree.

"Stupid Tuesdays," she said, and with a soft sigh she straightened her shoulders and entered the forest in the direction that her slayer senses led her to believe was correct.

After about a half an hour, she halted her trek through the forest, as she could not shake the unsettling feeling of being watched. 'I'm the slayer, I'm the slayer, I'm the slayer', she thought to herself, completing the mantra over and over again in her mind to fight off the cold grip of fear that had wormed it's way into her veins as the beating of her heart sped up a notch.

Her heightened slayer senses were telling her that something very powerful and very dangerous was very, very close, and yet all she could see were the twists and turns of the branches that made up the trees around her. She sniffed the air cautiously, and only caught the soft dewy scent that indicated that the forest had recently been visited by rain. Still, her sixth sense -- her 'slayer' sense -- had never before betrayed her, and she instinctively grabbed her stake, positioned her feet in a battle stance, and faced the direction she believed her opponent was approaching her from -- only to be confronted by a soft wind.

"I know you're out there," she said, and then with her most authoritative tone, "Show yourself."

He appeared in front of her, seemingly out of thin air, and yet she knew without a doubt that this was the creature who had been watching her all along. His stoic expression and casual stance told her in unspoken terms that he had made his presence known to her because it was his will, and not because she had impetuously ordered him to do so. All of her slayer senses were indicating that he was extremely dangerous, and she did not relax her stance, nor loosen her grip on her stake as she took in his appearance.

He was a good two feet taller than her and had the most incredible silver hair which cascaded down the sides of his face. She had to stop herself from reaching out and touching it, as she couldn't repress the thought that it would feel like fine silk between her fingers. Her eyes took notice of the stripes on either side of his cheekbones and the mark upon his forehead which so resembled a crescent moon, and confirmed by sight what all her slayer senses were telling her, that he was anything but human. His dress -- 'haori', she reminded herself with a small smirk -- and his armor was like something out of a museum collection of finery belonging to nobles during Japan's feudal era, save for that unidentifiable fluffy thing he had draped over his left shoulder. As she studied him, she could not but help to imagine that underneath all those clothes was as perfect a figure of a man that she had ever seen, except that he appeared to be missing his left arm. The two swords that hung by her sides reminded her that he was a threat -- hottie or no hottie -- and should be taken as one. She turned her attention back to his face and blinked when she saw his golden eyes studying her with the same intensity.

He said something then to her in what was most probably Japanese, but it didn't matter because she wouldn't have paid any attention to the words of it even if he had screamed at her in English. All she could focus on was the steady baritone of his voice and how it seemed to sing to her, causing each and every hair on her arm to stand up.

His golden eyes narrowed in annoyance when she didn't answer him immediately.

"Err... uh...," she said, most intelligently, as she struggled to gain control of her body's rampant responses. The wind blew past her softly, carrying with it an enticing and spicy musky aroma that could only belong to him, and she felt stupefied by the immediate and overpowering sensation of lust that burned through her veins and seemed to zing right down into her the darkest part of her body.

His reaction to her was as sudden as it was unexpected, and she found herself pushed to the ground with him on top of her, his golden eyes touched with red and glazed over with a powerful lust that she could see he was desperately trying to repress. The stake that she had been holding was knocked out of her hand. It didn't matter -- she had a feeling that attacking him with Mr. Pointy would be tantamount to poking a rabid dog with a stick; it would do nothing but piss him off.

She unintentionally licked her lips when she saw his full and slightly parted mouth, and he responded with a growl that quickened her pace until the sound of Buffy's heartbeat was threatening to drown out the noises of the surrounding forest. Whatever internal battle he had been fighting was apparently resolved because he started to lower his face to hers.

Buffy, however, had a moment of clarity within the hazy cloud of lust that had fogged her brain, and she drew one of the swords from it's place by his side and kicked him off of her with every ounce of her formidable slayer strength. She managed to send him flying away from her and into a tree; the impact of which caused the trunk of the tree to crack and give way, bending the tree backwards unnaturally.

Before he could retaliate, she jumped to her feet, sword in hand, facing him. Her eyes caught his again, and for a split second she thought she registered shock in them before his expression slipped into the emotionless mask that she was beginning to think was the norm.

"Stay away from me, demon, if you want to live," she shouted, threateningly, narrowing her eyes at the celestial creature who just moments before -- who was she kidding? -- still made her heart thump fast in her chest and her blood positively burn.

To her surprise he did not attack her right then, but merely studied her for a moment before addressing her again.

"You are English," he stated as if fact, his voice calm as if they were having tea instead of facing off against each other, preparing for a deadly battle. "And you are not the ningen you appear to be."

"What's a ningen?" she couldn't help but ask.

His lips curled downward into a frown for only a nanosecond, and he was silent for a moment before he finally answered her.

"A Human."

She twitched, as his comment triggered a painful memory. The echo of Spike's voice reverberated through her head as she remembered what he said to her after she had been resurrected.

'You came back wrong...'

So not the button for him to push, and she narrowed her eyes at the jerk that just insulted her.

"Am too human, asshole!" she retaliated, clamping down on her lust and allowing the familiar and reassuring feeling of 'anger' to take it's place. "And I'm more than a match for you buddy, so keep your demon paws away from me," she retaliated.

Within seconds he was in front of her again, his body mere inches from hers and his -- claws? -- were holding her face in place, forcing her to meet his gaze.

"You will return Tenseiga and speak to this Sesshoumaru with respect if you wish to live," he said calmly, as he looked at her with those golden eyes again, the prominent emotion this time being barely repressed rage.

In a swift motion she pulled her face away from his grasp, ignoring the sting of pain she felt when his claws tore into the sides of her face.

She had scratches on her face that were bleeding. It didn't matter. She'd been hurt before, and she was the slayer - already she could feel the blood coagulating and her body's rapid healing kicking in, at a MUCH faster rate than normal, which immediately triggered a realization.

'The magic is stronger here. I'm stronger,' and then 'The magic is stronger, it must affect him too,' and for a very brief moment, she wondered if it would be just a tad suicidal to bait him. Still, the air of superiority he was emanating was really beginning to piss her off, and she couldn't help but rise to the bait.

"Well, Sessy-boy, 'this Buffy' takes orders from no one," she said, twirling his sword in her hands and ignoring the ominous growl that started rumbling in his throat. When she saw his hand hovering over the hilt of his remaining sword, a very unexpected and appetizing mental picture came out of nowhere and her eyes glazed over. She had to shake her head several times to clear it.

She heard him make a low rumbling sound, and as quick as lightening, he had jumped back and drew his other sword; his eyes turning red at the corners with an intriguing mixture of lust and righteous anger. With a growl, he came flying at her, his sword coming down on the one she held.

She parried his attack with such force that it sent his sword flying from his grasp even as her own came down upon his side. She took a step back to assess the damage she had done, and saw with dismay that the sword did not even tear his haori, let alone strike him.

He did not bother to retrieve his sword; instead, he circled her like a dog and sniffed the air -- as if she were a bitch in heat -- all the while looking as if he would pounce on her at any second. It was really unsettling, and she couldn't decide whether she wanted to jump him or kill him, she was so intensely aroused.

She threw the useless sword to the side, wondering why he carried the thing at all, and crouched in a defensive position. Once again, he knocked her to the ground in a quick flash of movement -- this time using the bottom half of his body to keep her legs firmly secured underneath him; his one arm supported his entire body, and he snarled at her, revealing fangs that were as sharp and dangerous looking as those of any vampire.

For a moment they both froze as they felt the effects of being in close proximity to each other. Buffy was breathing heavy, and the pure unfettered desire that she had tried to deny before came back to her with an almost paralyzing intensity. She met his gaze and drew in a sharp breath; his eyes were now red and positively burning.

"What are you that you make this Sesshoumaru lose all control?" he asked, in heady and husky voice.

She parted her lips to give him a snotty answer, but before she could get the words out, his lips came crashing down on hers. At first she resisted, and attempted to push him away, but this only seemed to excite him further. He bit down on her lower lip, and she knew that she was lost. His tongue was hot and insistent as he explored the cavity within her mouth with a fevered passion. Her own tongue thrust against his in a heated battle for supremacy, while her hands wrapped themselves around his sides, seemingly of their own accord. She could feel the sinuous muscles upon his back through the layers of silk separating her from it, and started to knead them with her fingers.

"You have bewitched me, woman," he murmured, and then began to lick the blood off the remaining blood on her face, causing her to emit a small whimper.

"Ungh," was her response as her own hands lowered, and pulled him tightly against herself. She could feel his arousal against her own heat, and felt a surge of frustration at how infuriatingly clothed he was.

Now that he was flush against her, his own hand began to explore her as well as it could, cupping and kneading her breast through the flimsy silk of her blouse, as he captured her lips in another scorching and passionate kiss. The furry thing that was draped over his shoulder had, seemingly of it's own accord, unraveled on the ground next to them, and he waisted no time in gently moving them both on top of it. She did not in the least mind, since she was now off of the hard ground and on to the soft... 'pelt', she decided, which held traces of the spicy, musky, and all too enticing smell of it's owner.

"The scent of your arousal is stirring my bloodbeast," he whispered against her ear, as he took the earlobe into his mouth, rolling it around on his tongue. "I wonder if your taste is as delectable as your scent."

The mental image which immediately sprung to mind caused Buffy to go completely non verbal, and she could only let out a deep and husky moan in response. His lips and tongue left a trail of saliva as he worried his way down the side of her neck. When he countered the resistance of her shirt, he frowned and used a single claw to tear it open, just enough to expose the dip between her neck and her shoulder. His eyes fell on the bite that Angel had given her so long ago, and he growled as his eyes narrowed with anger and possessiveness.

"It is only this Sesshoumaru who will touch you like this from now on," he said briskly, before sinking his fangs into the exact same spot, making his own claim on her over the scars left by the vampire.

The pain she felt at the intrusion heightened her own passion into a frenzy, and she flipped him over while his mouth was still locked against the side of her throat. She was now straddled against him, something hard and pulsing pressed against her, and she marveled at how they were both still so completely clothed. He withdrew his fangs from her neck and licked at the wound he had caused, and Buffy was surprised to find that with each stroke of his tongue, the pain of the bite lessened until it was nothing but a soft throb. His strange armor fell to the forest floor with a thump as he methodically removed it, his eyes burning into hers the whole time, and then he directed his attention to her shirt.

"I must know... by what name are you called?" he asked as he fumbled with the buttons on her now ruined silk shirt. After a few moments of fumbling he finally got them open, but frowned when he encountered the resistance of her bra. A few well placed slashes of his claws, and he divested her of the offending garment; his eyes half closed with lust as he lowered his mouth to her left breast, slightly scratching the nipple with his fangs and worrying it to a peak with his tongue. She arched toward him as he did so, and put her hands in his hair. It was indeed soft like fine silk as she had expected it to be.

"Buffy... Buffy Summers..." she finally said huskily, as she tugged at his clothes, not even knowing where to begin to start to undress him.

He smirked, and somehow managed to manipulate his one hand to pull at the elaborate knot which held the red sash around his waist. His kimono fell open, leaving her an unobstructed view of his smooth and muscular chest. Buffy wasted no time on swooping down on him, pressing her face against his naked chest. The heat that his skin was giving off was scathing, and she turned her head to taste him, causing him to shiver. When she bit down on one of his nipples, he let out a low, guttural sound, and flipped her over once more.

He hand went for the button at the waist of her jeans and deftly opened it. A look of confusion crossed his face when he encountered her zipper, and Buffy, annoyed at the hesitation, pulled at the zipper herself until the jeans were loose, and she wiggled out of them, kicking of her boots and bucking her hips forward as she did so which brought her in brief contact with his erection. The were now only separated by her silken panties and he by a flimsy garment which resembled nothing so much as a loin cloth.

His hand came into contact with her panties, his fingers feeling the dampness that had by now soaked through their flimsy center, as his lips began their decent downward on her body. She shuddered when his hand was replaced with his nose, as he scented her deeply through the cotton center, and then tore her panties off of her with his teeth.

He took a moment to sit back and study her, and she blushed, knowing how completely wanton she must look to him.

"You are beautiful," he said as he ran his hand through her golden hair. "You are the Sun, destined to be chased by the Moon, for eternity," he said, and her breath hitched in her throat.

"And does the Moon ever catch the Sun?" she asked, breathing heavily as he explored her wetness with his fingers.

She felt a clawed finger being delicately inserted inside of her and she moaned.

"Sometimes," he said, and lowered his head to her sex, and then in low, primal tones, "on a Tuesday."

She whimpered.

By now, she was so worked up that she feared she would come if he touched her, and she had to mentally control herself from exploding when she felt first his heated breath directly against the flesh of her sex, and then the flick of his satiny tongue on her clit.

"Hai.. your taste.. exquisite," he said, sending delicious vibrations throughout every nerve of her body, and when he pushed a finger inside of her aching walls and curled it while rolling his hot tongue around her distended clitoris, the fragile mental wall that she had been holding on to burst, and her scream of passion echoed throughout the forest.

After a moment to catch her breath, she looked down at him. His head was resting against her inner thigh, his eyes still red with passion and his mouth turned up in a barely-there smirk. His ethereally beautiful silver hair was fanned out over her legs. His eyes met her eyes as the tremors in her pelvic region finally slowed, and he clawed his way up her body as smooth and as graceful as a cat, despite his missing limb. He pulled her face to his and once again plundered her mouth with his tongue, and she could taste herself along with him.

"Your taste is like nectar to me. Does it please you also?" He asked , his voice thick with passion as he placed gentle kisses along each side of her mouth and her chin.

"Yessss," she hissed, and feeling incredibly bold, "but I'd rather taste YOU".

The low moan of arousal from him in response sent shivers down her spine.

Once again, they rolled around so she was in the dominant position. His pupils had darkened, and his eyelids were fluttering closed as she worked her way down his body, worshiping his skin with her tongue along the way, until she found herself confronted with the last article of clothing which separated them.

She studied it for a moment, until she saw that it was merely artfully tied around him, and she felt a certain sense of satisfaction that she was able to remove it without assistance. The marble hard column of flesh that was revealed was certainly the most perfect male organ that she had ever seen, and she couldn't help but look at it with wonder.

"You're perfect," she mumbled, as she nuzzled her nose against the silvery down that surrounded his organ, and he hissed when she lightly sucked on the sensitive skin at it's base. As she worked her tongue up the vein on the underside, her hand explored and softly kneaded the sack underneath of it, causing him to revert to Japanese once more as he cried out in pleasure.

When she reached the top, she took all of him inside her mouth in one quick stroke, earning a sharp gasp from him, and another growl, as she worked her way feverishly up and down his organ, tongue occasionally darting out to taste the salty fluid at the tip.

His whole body was tense, he was breathing heavy, and his lips were sensuously full and parted when he stopped her; the scent of musk and sex enveloping them and causing her body to sizzle. He was pulling her upward, against his chest, and she was only to willing to comply. Once she had crawled back up his body, she straddled him, placing her entrance right above his throbbing member.

He pulled her down to him, sheathing himself in her, and growled as he sat up and wrapped his arm around her back.

"You are mine now, my Buffy, my mate. You belong to me and no other," he said, and buried his full length inside of her. She arched her back, her nipples rubbing against the satiny skin of his chest, and as she did so, she noticed that they no longer were on the ground.

"I belong to no one she whispered, even as she knew she was his, and then she was spiraling, curling, rapidly downward, toward a goal which was infuriatingly out of reach as they moved together in a perfect rhythm. 'I must be dreaming,' she thought to herself, because, hey, Tuesday, and Tuesdays were filled with apocalyptic dangers and death, not fallen angels who played her body like a violin.

Angel... something tugged at her heart, and she felt unexpectedly guilty for a moment as she tried to place the name.

His eyes flew open, as he grabbed her chin delicately, and looked at her so possessively that she lost her train of thought.

"Mine," he said, and pushed into her so deep, she momentarily forgot how to breathe..

"Am I dreaming?" she asked, as she moved with him and brought his lips back to her own, all the while feeling the gentle breeze beneath them.

He did not answer her; instead he brought them higher, above the trees, until she could see the very forest below her as she rocked back and forth against him. The loss of gravity was as liberating as it was frightening, and that along with the feel of him hot and hard inside again was enough to bring her arousal to a feverish level, and she started moving against him in a frenzy.

Right when she was about to lose control again, he brought his hand between them and pinched on her already swollen clitoris, sending her once again into the only bit of heaven that mortals can reach with a cry. As her walls pulsed around him, she felt his muscles tighten as he pulsed within her, shouting out his completion so loud that his cry surpassed her own.

Her limbs were quivering from the aftershocks and she collapsed against him, as they gently returned to the forest floor and the comfort of his soft white pelt. He placed one last tender kiss against her mouth, and then spooned her to him, his arm around her both protectively and possessively. Feeling secure if not exactly safe, and incredibly fatigued, she felt her eyes fluttering closed.

"I would know more about you, my Buffy, The Lady of the Western Lands," he whispered into her ear, as sleep fought to possess her.

"Later... sleepy now," she answered, and with a contented sigh, allowed sleep to overtake her.

When she woke again, it was night time; the stars above were bright and could be seen through the tops of the trees. She felt rather than saw the absence of warmth around her and shot to her feet, still completely naked and deeply hurt by the loss.

His clothes and swords were also gone, leaving only the pelt on which they slept.

"Well at least he was a considerate asshole," she mumbled to herself, her sarcasm rising as a desperate attempt to defend herself against the painful and constricting knot that was squeezing her heart in two.

Then it hit her - the reason she was where she was and how she got here, and she cursed herself for allowing him to distract her, even if he was the most beautiful and sensuous creature she had ever known, and she wanted nothing more than to be by his side forever.

She had to shake her head clear of those thoughts. After all, it was for the best that he left -- she had an apocalypse to attend to anyway, and had to get home.

Still... she could have loved him. She felt something wet against her cheek and was surprised to find that she was crying. The fact that she was crying only made her angry. Anger was a good thing, she could deal with that, and she mumbled a few curses under her breath as she gathered the remains of her tattered clothing. Her panties and bra were decimated, which left her with only her tattered blouse and jeans.

She heard footsteps approaching her, and a girl speaking Japanese and by the tone, she was reprimanding someone. Buffy hastily dressed, and was shoving her feet back into her boots when they burst into the clearing.

It was hard to tell who was more surprised; Buffy or the couple that found her. Immediately she recognized them as the demon who she followed into the well and his captive. The girl was looking at her with an expression of disbelief, while the dog eared demon was sniffing the air and staring at her, the state of her clothing, and the pelt she was sitting on, and looking most decidedly queasy.

His expression infuriated her and she jumped to her feet. Okay, so he obviously picked up on what had happened here. It shouldn't make him sick. Buffy considered herself quite cute, damn it, and she lunged at him, grabbing him by the front of his shirt. Lifting him the ground, she gave him one of her best 'cross me and die' looks.

"Alright buddy, here's whats gonna happen. YOU are going to let the girl go, and show us how to get back through the well, or I am going to seriously Kick Your Ass. I wouldn't cross me right now, either, as I am in A Very Bad Mood." she said, emphasizing the last few words by poking him in the chest and then threw the dog eared demon against the same tree she had damaged earlier. Normally she wouldn't of thrown him, but he looked too much like the other one, and that was reason enough to do it.

The girl by this time had finally gained control of her vocal cords because she spoke to her in very broken English.

"Please, Miss. I'm Kagome. He is... Inuyasha. Inuyasha and his... brother have a... feud. Inuyasha not come here to fight you, but Sesshoumaru whose... scent he followed. Also, I am not his... captive but friend. I take you home through well after Inuyasha fight Sesshoumaru."

At this, Buffy shook her head. She had jumped into a strange portal for apparently no good reason, ripped her brand new blouse, had the most incredible sex of her life with a powerful and beautiful demon who she tried to kill, was abandoned in the middle of the forest by said demon after said amazing sex, and was now being rushed at by the sexy demon's brother, who she had just threw into a tree. Because it was a Tuesday.

And now she was feeling a profound sense of loss.

'Stupid Tuesdays.'

She was so lost in her own thoughts that she didn't notice that Inuyasha was rushing toward her with his sword drawn.

"Inuyasha! OSUWARI," Kagome screamed, her hands in little fists. At that, the demon plunged face first in the ground, leaving an Inuyasha sized crater.

"Handy," Buffy said, impressed. "Does that little trick work with his sleaze ball brother?"

The girl smiled at her.

"No, Unfortunately. Where is Sesshoumaru? You have his pelt!"

She looked at the girl, deciding whether or not to tell her what exactly went on. She was about 15 years old. Far younger than Dawn, and she doubt she'd even tell her.

"He's gone," she answered, her voice tired, and more than a little pained.

The girl just nodded her head, and went to go explain things to her companion. Buffy watched them both carefully, and by the heightened flush on the girl's cheeks and the bitter tone of the demon's voice, she just knew that he was saying some mighty colorful things about her in Japanese.

The girl sat him a few more times with that word of hers, to Buffy's great amusement, until the demon finally accepted whatever she was saying and they approached her; Kagome with a smile and Inuyasha with a scowl.

Kagome offered to take her back through the well -- an offer which Buffy quickly accepted, determined to put all this behind her as soon as possible. Her heart was breaking over a one night stand, and it was confusing her. All she wanted to do was get back to her reality and to a hotel and a nice, soft, plushy king sized bed. Besides, she wouldn't be surprised if Willow didn't try to blow the damn well up in the process of looking for her, and that would be very, very bad.

It was then when she noticed that dog boy was looking wide-eyed at the bite marks on her neck, and the part of her shoulder that the rip in her blouse exposed.

"Eyes off, pervert!" she said. He didn't understand her, but the girl - Kagome - she certainly did, and she sat him again.

Buffy could really get to like this girl.

When they reached the well, Inuyasha scowled one more time at her for good measure, and jumped into the weird looking tree. Kagome took her hand and squeezed it once, for reassurance, before the two of them jumped in together. The last thing Buffy heard before the starry void engulfed them both was an anguished howl, and someone desperately calling her name.

After forever and just a moment, they were at the bottom of the well again, back in her own reality. If the ceiling above didn't convince her, the sight of Willow desperately hovering over the rim of the well would have. She climbed out of the well, Kagome right behind her.

And then it started -- Willow launched her interrogation like Tigger on speed.

"Buffy! Goddess! You're back! Where on Earth did you go? What happened to your clothes? Are you hurt? Did something bite you? Do you know how many spells I tried to find you? None of them worked, and I was freaking and Oh! The indicator started going crazy again, and pointed at the well, and then there was a weird blue light, and the well went all portally, and you popped out of it with the potential -- see? Indicator working now, pointing at the girl -- mission accomplished, and in one day too! I'm so glad you're back - we should probably take her back to the hotel with us and fill her in on what's going on and -- why is she aiming an arrow at me?"

But Buffy couldn't answer her; She had tuned out her babbling completely. Her complete attention was focused on the figure standing behind Willow.

The man. That man. The one that was staring at her before, but this time, minus the glasses. It was him. HIM, him. Unbelievably, impossibly and most definitely him. Obviously with a glamour since his eyes were ice blue and not gold, and the markings on his face was gone, but it was him.

And she had gone nonverbal, once again.

He was looking at her with such longing and desire and another emotion, one that she did not dare to put a name to, that it floored her. She was about to fling herself into his arms - he now had both of them, it seemed - when something Willow said registered.


She heard a twang, and time seemed to freeze for a second.

The arrow whizzed by her, over Willow's shoulder, and straight for his heart. He was focused on her, and didn't notice the arrow until it was too late for him to move, even with his inhuman dexterity. The arrow itself was glowing with some sort of strange magic, and Buffy had a sinking feeling that it would fatal to him, much like sunlight and holy water would be to a vampire.

Willow, stunned, took in the situation immediately, and flung her hand out with a spoken word right before it pierced his chest.

He stumbled backward and Buffy screamed, running toward him and throwing her arms around him.

Buffy pulled the arrow out, and placed her hand over the wound in an attempt to stop the bleeding. She was scared; she didn't know how, but knew that he had come for her, and the want and need and.. love.. for him was overpowering. She couldn't lose him now. Her eyes felt suspiciously wet as she pulled him against her.

When an arm made it's way slowly around her back, she let the tears fall.

"If you could tell the Miko to stand down, I would very much appreciate it," he said, as he nuzzled his face into her hair, breathing heavily of her scent.

Buffy whipped around and faced Kagome, who already had another arrow notched and ready, and pointed at the two of them. She also looked incredibly confused.

"Stand down, Kagome," Buffy said softly, as she was pulled back in a fiercely possessive embrace.

"But.. you.. he... Sesshoumaru... here... demon...bad.. arrow.. how did he not die?" she said and then dropped to the floor, shaking her head in disbelief.

"I negated your magic," Willow said, striding over to help her to her feet. Kagome seemed to be in a state of shock.

"Did she just go nonverbal on us?" Willow asked with a grin, and then shot a questioning look toward Buffy who was currently sitting in Sesshoumaru's lap.

Buffy didn't answer - her attention was for him and him alone. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Willow taking Kagome with her and exiting the building, and felt immensely grateful to her, even though she knew that she'd have to do some explaining later. Speaking of which...

"Explain," she said, her pulse racing, as he had pulled her into such a tight embrace that she could barely breathe.

He pulled back to look into her eyes for a moment, as if reassuring himself that she was really there, and then let out a soft sigh before beginning.

"I had always been curious as to the origin's of my brother's Miko, and I was watching them the day that you came out of the well behind her. Your scent was as intriguing as it was alluring. Not quite human, yet not demon either, and your clothes were even stranger than those of the Miko. I did not intend to confront you, but I was surprised when you sensed me; not even another taiyoukai like myself should be able to find me when I do not wish to be found, and yet you looked directly at me, even though you saw me not."

He turned her around and pulled her back into his arms with her back now against his chest, and placed butterfly soft kisses at the base of her neck.

"Curious, I confronted you. Your scent engulfed me. I found it maddening, and it angered me that you, a mere woman, caused me to lose my control. When you fought with the strength and speed of a youkai, I only wanted you more. I had never felt such a strong desire for a woman, and I was determined to make you my mate; regardless of your human heritage," he paused for a moment to lightly graze his fangs over the spot where he had bitten her.

"What? Whoa... regardless of my what??" she started to push away from him, but he pulled her back.

"Please, let me continue... I have learned much in the past several centuries, and have recognized that my prejudices were unwarranted," he said, a desperate and pleading note to his voice, and she hesitated.

She wasn't entirely convinced; the whole 'humans are inferior thing' reminded her way too much of, well, every big bad she'd ever faced off against, but when he nibbled so deliciously on her earlobe, she decided she'd stick around and hear the rest of what he had to say. Because, you know, everyone deserves a second chance.

"I had sensed my servant and ward in the vicinity, searching for me, so I dressed and went to intercept them. When I returned, you were gone. By the time I traced your scent back to the well, you had already jumped through to your own time. I was... affected deeply by the loss of you," he said, tightening his embrace.

"After a time, a situation arose where I was needed to fight with my brother and his companions to defeat a powerful enemy. During my travels with my brother and his companions, I learned of the Miko's origins, and therefore was able to deduce your fate. At first, I was angry. I ordered Kagome to take me back through the well so I could find you, but she would not. So I waited," he looked at her for a moment, just to reassure himself that she was actually there.

"Hmm. So, I guess we kind of need to leave Kagome here, and not drag her stateside to fight the First with us. Too bad. That girl has spunk," she said, offhandedly, as she waited for him to continue.

"You cannot take the Miko with you, for she is needed here, in both the past and the present. I will fight by your side; now and forever," he said, in a tone that allowed no room for argument, and Buffy was stunned by his dedication to her.

She turned her head and placed a kiss along his jawline; she couldn't help herself, and the low growl she received in response was assurance that he remained as passionate as ever; perhaps now even more so.

"Please... continue," she said, as she pulled her lips away from him with no small amount of difficulty.

"I intend to," he said, with a dark look in his half open eyes, and she swatted him.

"I mean, with the story!"

His expression was still as stoic as ever, but she could swear she saw him grin for just a moment.

"At any rate, I knew your name, and the date that you would fall through the well. I lived for the day when I could be with you again. I wanted you, and I desired no other. I lived in solitude, watching and waiting as the world changed, and my kind became fewer and fewer, until I was one of the last in this land," he placed a soft kiss against the bone of her jaw.

"I had heard from another youkai of a new land, and a place were youkai thrived, and took to the skies, traveling east over the great sea. When I reached my destination -- boca dell'inferno -- I heard, for the first time, the tales of the slayer...

Buffy jumped.

"...and I then knew who and what you had to be..." another soft kiss was placed behind the shell of her ear.

"Time passed, and I used magic to disguise myself from humans, in much the way others of my kind continue to do, in order to live in what has become a world controlled by humans."

She couldn't help but to notice that his nose twitched just a tiny bit, as if he found the idea distasteful. He took a deep breath and continued.

"It was in this way that I was able to watch you grow once I found you. Sometimes I was a classmate, other times I was a stranger. But always have I been aware of you, awaiting the day when I could hold you once more. It was maddening for me at times. Oft have I followed you into the darkness at night and watched you fight, fearless and powerful and just. My desire for you only grew stronger, and it was torture for me to see you and yet not touch you"

Buffy could feel him shaking behind her, and had a sinking feeling she knew what was going to come next.

"When the vampire claimed you, I found myself mad with rage. I wanted to KILL him. I had to step back, lest I alter the course of actions that would bring you to me. I returned to Japan, knowing that it would only be a matter of years until the course of your life would lead you to my past, and then and only then could I claim you as my mate," he turned her so that she was facing him.

The look in his eyes unsettled her so much, she nearly wept. His eyes were filled with years of repressed desire and filled with love, as he reverently fingered her golden hair between his fingers.

"I have waited 500 years to love you again, my Buffy, and I can wait no longer," he said, his voice low and guttural, and as he dropped the glamour, his familiar markings returned along with the silver tint to his hair. His golden eyes were focused on her lips, and as he slanted his mouth over hers for the 100th time that day, and for the first time in 500 years, she had but two thoughts about her whole ordeal. The first was that it didn't look like she'd be getting any uninterrupted sleep for a long, long time, and the second was that Tuesdays weren't so bad after all.

~end fic~

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