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Summary: After Dawn sees the dead bodies of her mother and step-father, she goes crazy. Her friend's and sister's only choice is to call in Drucillia. The crazy vampiress isn't so crazy anymore. Dawn then sets them on a jouney that will change the world.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: OtherGldnlqrFR1532,4530103,57625 Sep 048 Oct 04No


Cutiepie: Thanks for reviewing. Ok, first, Hank is ½ muggle, his mother was one. Two, Severus and Joyce did not become friends until his second year. As I said, Severus knew who Lucus was, he was most likely already in line for the mark. I noticed they seem to rather raise the people they chose as Death Eaters. It was because his best friend was a Malfoy that caused problems. Basically, they used her as leverage to get him to join. He told Joyce after he took the mark and he joined as a spy. Oh, also, I really will try to correct more of the spelling.

CPTSkip: Thank you for reviewing. I will try to make more sense in the future.

“How do we get to Hogwarts, Dawn?”
“…Platform ¾…cross of a king…train…wall…”
“Michele means the King’s Cross Train Station, platform ¾. It is has a common wizarding portal.”

- - - - - -

“I still don’t see how you’re sane, Dru.”
“Michele is drawing it out. She was insane before, she knows I can understand and translate what she is saying because I spoke in riddles.”
“And you were crazy.”
“Slayer, if you got visions of all your friends and family killed and it happened, you’d be insane, too. I was told my visions were the work of the devil and he would go away in the light of Christ. Next, I was made to think that my god, who I had given my life to, had betrayed me, just given up and cast me aside as evil. I still had visions as a nun. I saw my own death.”

- - - - - - -

“Spike, you are still my Childe, my only Childe. Only one other is connected to me that closely.”
“No, Michele.”(I was tring to point out how important Dawn is to Drucilla here. *shrugs*)

- - - - - -

“No…train…tracks…walk careful…Dru…take care…”
“Yes, lovey, I will.”
“What did she say, Dru?”
“We walk, Lizzy. We go after the train has left and follow the tracks to Hogwarts.”
“How will we know which track?”
“We still walk through the portal, we just hide until the train is gone.”

- - - - - - -

“Willow, how are you and the new Watcher getting on?”
“Hey Dru. He keeps ordering me around. I’ve been doing this longer than he has.”
“Andrew is worried about Michele. She is safe, in her mind. She will only come out when she knows Harry Potter is safe.”

- - - - - - -

“Michele? I can feel my mate near. Help me find them?”
“Who, Michele?”
“…Sire of your Sire…”
“DARLA?! Angelus is going to kill me…again!”
“Dru…Darla…new again…needs you…Syphilis…dying…Angel not know…”
“My mate is dying of Syphilis in London as a human who used to be a vampire and my grandsire? My life is -so- odd.”

- - - - - - -

“Me and Michele need to take a quick detour.” (I know, why are they taking a detour when Dawn is so anxious to get to Harry? Simple, if they weren’t, I wouldn’t have my story. Now, to continue.)
“Why, Dru?”
“Childe, can you not feel? My mate is so close.”
“Dru, Christ. Who?”
“Grandsire, William. It is Darla. She is to be my second Child and Mate. She is dying of what almost killed her last time.”
“No. Angel is going to bleeding kill you, Dru.”
“He kept her from ME!”

- - - - - - -

“She is so skinny and dirty, Mich. She is grandsire, but not. She is so sad and scared.”
“Before…Master…Angel…like this…”
“Can you help her Mich? Make her better? I know now. I can’t lose her. Please, help us Mich.”
“I don’t want her how I was. I am.”
“Not…turn her…”

- - - - - -

“Angel? Is that you?”
“No, Grandsire. It is Drucilla.”
“I felt my mate. Even human, I can feel the pull.”
“I am here, Childe. Sire. Mate.”
“Dru? You are my mate?…I’m going to kill him.”
“Must not kill Childe. You know that, Dar.”
“Yes, you will turn me.”
“Yes. Look into my eyes. Be me. Be in me.”
- - - - - - -

Please, review. Thanks.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Pack" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Oct 04.

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