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Summary: After Dawn sees the dead bodies of her mother and step-father, she goes crazy. Her friend's and sister's only choice is to call in Drucillia. The crazy vampiress isn't so crazy anymore. Dawn then sets them on a jouney that will change the world.

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Title: Pack

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of them, I’m just playing with the characters and plot. They all belong to their respective creators.

Rating: NC-17 to be safe

Pairings: I have them all chosen. All I will tell you now is Faith/Wesley, Giles/Joyce, Oz/Rouge (X-men), and Xander/Anya.

AN: This is my first time writing. Please, be kind and review.

AN2: This is not in the original cannon. HP is the same on the surface, pretty much to OOTP. BTVS is the one that is very not the same on the surface. The main differences that I can see are: 1) Willow is the slayer. 2) Buffy and Dawn are witches. 3) Angel went crazy in L.A. 4) Oz and Cordillia left L.A. after Angel went crazy, they went to New York. 5) Dawn is NOT the key. 6) Tara is NOT dead. 7) Willow and Tara are NOT together. 8) None of the Connor stuff happened. 9) Faith was adopted by Giles and Joyce. 10) Hank died. 11) Andrew and Dawn are best friends (he never did the evil thing). 12) Joyce is Willow’s watcher, Giles is Faith’s, Wes took Faith from Boston to Sunnydale -I may think of more in later chapters and I will add them.

AN3) I will briefly mention characters from X-men and Charmed. Only Rouge (from X-men) will make an actual appearance. I hope to write other stories elaborating about the connections to them.

The story (this is a series of visions by Dawn):


“Malfoy, Lucius”


“Malfoy, Joy”



“Hello, my name is Joy.”

“Hi, Hank.”

“Nice to meet you.”


“Snape, Severus”



“I thought you are a Ravenclaw?”

“I am, but my brother is Lucius. So, want to be friends?”

“Yes! I mean, yes.”


“Black, Sirius”


“Evans, Lily”


“Lupin, Remus”


“Petigrew, Peter”


“Potter, James”



“My, you boys are mean to Sev, aren’t you?”


“Yes, they are! I’m Lily, and you are?”

“Oh! Joy Malfoy. Best friend of Sev since I can remember. My twin brother is that git, Lucius.”


“BOYS! HUSH! I could certainly use your help studying. I hope you and Severus will help me.”


“God help us from annoying, bigoted gits! Sev, what do you think?”

“I…I want to help. Are we friends?”



“James, Sirius, Remus, Peter? Meet Joy. I told you about her. She wants to be my maid of honor, like I was hers.”

“It’s the Malfoy!”

“No, I am not anymore.”


“I am a Longbottom. I married Hank. I am now never a Malfoy. Lu has been horrible lately. The only reason I even see him anymore is to see Narci.”

“Not a Malfoy…Well, I guess you’re OK, then.”

“Yes, welcome to the family, Joy.”

“That’s a little far, eh, Lils?”




“Mommy! Mommy! Lookit! Uncie Jams an’ Sirs made me an hunrry Merroudur!”

“James! Sirius!”

“Joy, it isn’t our fault she can do that.”

“No, but, you could try not to encourage her.”

“It’s the oddest thing, though, Joy. It seems to come naturally to her. She can change better than Sirius. She seems to be so natural in her other form. Even Remus can feel that. He spends more time with her than with any of us anymore.”

“I just don’t like the motto.”

“Don’t be such a worrier, Joy. We won’t teach her any tricks till she’s at least four.”


“You will take the mark, Joy.”

“NO, I am not a power hungry fool like you. My children are part Muggle! Your nieces! Would you kill them in your quest for power? Kill Lizzy and Michele?”

“YES! If I was told to, yes!”

“…God help you, Lu. Say goodbye to Narci and my little dragon as well.”

“Joy! Don’t leave!”

“You made your choice! Goodbye, Lu!…’pop’”


“‘Hello. I hope James and Sirius let this letter get to Sev. We had to leave. I am so sorry. Lily, say goodbye to Harry for me. Remus, make sure the rest don’t get into too much trouble. Siruis, settle down, you mongrel. Have kids. Peter, you need to relax once in awhile. Go on vacation. James, take care of Lils and Harry for me. Sev, I hope you survive this war. You deserve rest as much as the rest of us. You are my best friend, never forget that.

Now, the reason I am leaving. Lucius has joined ‘His Dark Lord’. He told me he would not hesitate to kill any and all muggle-born. Including my children. He threatened Lizzy and Michele. Lils, please hold down Padfoot and Prongs when you get to this part. He will get his in time. As will Voldemort. I will watch over you, I will teach my children to as well.

Goodbye, Joy Longbottom.’”


“I…This isn’t working Hank!”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean her eyes, look at them.”

“You changed her hair color, that is the important part. I will not seem so odd. All three of your hair is the mark which classifies you as Malfoy’s.”

“I just wish her eyes weren’t the same color as…”

“Lily’s? Yes, they are. I find it interesting that she is the first Malfoy relative to have green eyes in a long while. But she does have the exact eye color of Lily and baby Harry’s.”

“God have mercy on that boy. He was sent to Lily’s sister. The one who glared at all of the witches and wizards at Lils wedding…”


‘Joyce, Hank is dead. You need to get your children to the Hellmouth. You have been activated.”(here, what I meant is I believe that watchers are activated as well as slayers)


“Buffy… What do you mean, you know the Slayer?”

“I mean, she is in most of my classes. Her name is Willow Rosenburg. She looks like a Weasley, I would bet my wand she is adopted.”

“You are sure she is my charge?”

“Hmmm, let me think. Vamps, stake, red blur, dust, and Willow with stake in hand. I’d go for the ‘duh’ option.”

“You have been watching too much television. Read your second level Charms book. I will quiz you tomorrow.”

“Fine, fine. Stupid book…Stupid Dawn(Dawn is very good at spells and such, as I explain later)…Stupid slayer…”


“You are the Slayer…”

“The one girl in all the world… yada, yada. I have had a Watcher before, you know?”(Willow got Merrick as her first watcher)

“Yes, he died.”


“Dawn! Change the slayers’ hair back.”

“Sorry, mom. Sorry, Faith, Wills.”

“No problem, D.”

“It’s ok, Dawnie.”

“Mom? Can I go to my room?”

“Fine, why?”

“I want to check on Harry.(Dawn can 'see' what is happening in the wizarding world and can sometimes affect people's emotions in extreme situations) He had a hard time of it so far this year.”

“Ok, don’t stay on too long dear.”


“Giles? Mom?”

“Yes, dear?”

“Yes, Dawn?”

“Lucuis is in Askaban. Draco is getting the worst of it.(he's getting picked on) I’m afraid he’ll do something stupid, mom.”

“Oh dear!”

“Dawn, how is Narci? Harry?”

“Narci was killed by Lu,(ok, this it is perfectly logical why I left this out of the A.N., They didn't mention what happened with Narci, so I killed her. *shrug*) that’s why he is in Askaban. Harry is getting to be rather like James. He teases Draco constantly about it. I’m afraid of what will happen!”

“What can you do?”

“The best I can do is try to reach and comfort both of them. Hopefully the tension will settle somewhat.”


“Mom, It didn’t work. Mom?”

“Mom, Oh god!”

“Giles…Got to find Giles.”


“Giles! Mom is at home and she isn’t moving and I think it’s an unforgivable and…”

“Giles…It was…killing curse…you too…Belltrix Black… Oh gods and goddesses…”

(Ok, this will be briefly explained later, but basicly, Giles and Joyce are dead and Dawn got there first and kinda retreated into her mind.)

“I can’t get her to speak. Not a word.”

“Buffy, she got to them both first…”

“Wills, you’re the slayer, go slay something.(hehe, thought it was ironic.) My mother and stepfather are dead. I want something done.”

“Buffy, she can’t, we don’t know anything.”

“Oh, Xan. What do we do?”

“We wait for Dawn to snap out of it.”



“Dawn, what is it?”

“Bella Black…Giles…Mom…Luna…Harry…Ron…Ginny…Hermione…Neville…Draco… Pansy…Danger… Hogwarts…Dumbledore…Sirius…”

“What about Sirius? What is wrong with Padfoot?”


“No, Sirius! Harry…Suicide! OH MY GOD! NO! Where is he Dawn? Where is Harry Potter?”

“…England…home of Falwkes…”

“Falwkes…What, Dawn, I don’t understand…”


“WHAT!!! You want me to get an insane vampiress?”



“Hogwarts…Dru…Can you see it?”

“Yes, All the pretty stars. I see them Michele. They bow before the princess.”

“Dru! Stop with all the princess and stars shit. Dawn won’t snap out of this!”

“I am not the princess”


“Michele is. I wish to help her. She told me such wonderful stories.”

“Drucillia…Are you sane?”

“Yes. Michele helped me. She is like me, you know. A seer. She helped me…I never joke about the stars. You should know that, Slayer, Childe.”

“Bloody HELL! She is sane!”

“Spike, be a dear and get Lizzy. Tell her Michele needs to get to Hogworts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”


“Oh, really, Spike. I meant Buffy. Her real name is Elizabeth. Her nickname of the Marauders was Lizzy.”


(Ok, Dawn has retreated into her mind, right? Well, she can still 'see'what is happening. Because she has gone into her mind, she has a better access to the 'window', which she usually uses a mirror for. The 'window' is just the portal connecting the wizarding world and the muggle one. Witches usually need a refective object to 'see'. Dawn is also a seer, she gets 'glimpses' into the future as well as into the past, kind of like Drucilla.)

That was all for this chappy. The next one will be longer, hopefully. I will explain more about Dawn later. Review, please.
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