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Tomboy in Trouble

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Summary: While investigating a newly activated potential in a sleepy town in Colorado, Faith makes a disturbing discovery.

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Television > EverwoodBrendanMFR1524,3260203,67826 Sep 0420 Nov 04No

Prologue: Reconnaissance

Title: Tomboy in Trouble
Part: Prologue (1/?)
Part Title: Reconnaissance
Author: BrendanM

Response to "Tomboy Challenge" on TTH (#298).

Rating: PG-13

Buffy the Vampire Slayer through “Chosen”. Everwood through the end of Season 2.

* Timeline for this installment:
* Season 9 of BtVS and “Season 3” of Everwood.

Feedback: If you have something to say, say it. Please. I like feedback.

Archive: If you like. Please let me know.

I don't own this stuff. Joss Whedon and Greg Berlanti do. No cash made, just fun had. I promise I won't break 'em, and I'll put 'em back in the case when I'm done.

I started this before season 3 of Everwood started running, so the Everwood part is going to be slightly AU. I don’t have this one mapped out very far, and it’ll probably end up being sort of season three-ish.

I am fairly sure that Dawn was a starting her Sophomore year in “Lessons”, which would mean that she’s starting her Senior year.

I am a geek. I happen to know that you can do that thing that Dawn is doing with the phones because I do it myself. It really is a cool toy.


Faith uneasily examined the enchanted map. She was really starting to get a bad feeling about this assignment. The little yellow-orange dot moved out of the shaded block that signified the school and into the street.

Where it stayed put.

She looked onto the street. Where the dot was sitting on the map, a large yellow school bus was sitting on the road.

She had about fifteen seconds to decide what she was going to do. The school busses were starting up.

The dot continued to stay put.

Faith shifted the rental car into gear and followed the school buses until she was sure she had the correct one. As she drove, she picked up her cell phone and dialed the switchboard for the Council’s Los Angeles Office.


Dawn Summers was watching the switchboard for the L.A. office.

This was not necessarily a strange occurrence, except for the fact that she was doing so from the kitchen table of the apartment in Rome that she and Buffy shared with Andrew.

Willow, in a fit of geek mania, had worked some technological magic with the Voice over IP functionality that had come with their new phone switch, and each of the council’s agents had the client program installed on their laptops.

It was a very cool toy.

Usually, one of the newer slayers based out of the London Office manned the switchboard in a similar fashion, but Kennedy had wanted to patrol en-masse – something about a nest of vamps – so Dawn had volunteered to keep an eye on the phones while they were out of the building.

It was just a good thing that school didn’t start up again until next week.

She’d been on duty for about two hours (since about nine o’clock at night local time) when Faith’s call came in.


“Hey D. I’m in Hicksville, Colorado and I am pretty sure I’ve found her. Can you get Giles and Willow for me?”

“Hey Faith. Willow’s watching the phones in the London office tonight, so that shouldn’t be too difficult. If you wanna hold on, I’ll get them for you.”

“Okay, thanks D.”

Dawn hit the conference button on her virtual phone and dialed up London’s Switchboard.

After getting a hold of Willow, and explaining what she was after, she waited until the redhead came back on the line.

When she did, Dawn hit the conference button a final time. “Faith?”

“Yeah, D.”

“I have Giles and Willow on the line.”

“Sweet. Hey Guys.”

The Witch and the Watcher greeted the Slayer.

“I think I found our girl.”

“Excellent,” Giles said.

“Actually, I’m thinkin’ not so much.”

“Why ever not?” Giles sounded surprised.

“’Cause she’s like in the third grade.”

There was a long pause.

Giles finally spoke. “Surely you must be joking.”

“No Joke, G-Man. I got into town about noon, and the dot on this map that Red gave me was sitting at the elementary school until about five minutes ago. Then, it came out and got onto a cheese wagon. I’m following it right now.”

“Elementary School?” His voice had an inquisitive quality. “It is possible that the slayer could be in the sixth grade and be...” Giles trailed off, doing the calculations. “Eleven or Twelve. It is quite young, but not unheard of.”

“And it’s bad, ‘cause my hackles have been up since I got here.”

Dawn could hear Giles removing his glasses. She could imagine him vigorously polishing the lenses.

“Dawn, Willow, have either of you been able to find anything on the people who live on the street where she seems to live?”

Willow spoke up. “It’s all pretty normal stuff,” she told him, “Except for one guy that stands out. His name is Doctor Andrew Brown, and he was a neurosurgeon until a few years ago. Then his wife was killed in a car accident and he dropped everything and moved himself and his kids to Everwood. According to the township clerk’s office, he purchased the old train station and according to the town paper, he set up a general practice.”

Dawn spoke up, filling in the holes. “I looked into the land parcels, and compared it to the map. The best we can figure, the slayer lives with Doctor Brown. According to one of the articles that Time did on him, he has two children, a boy who would be sixteen or seventeen, and a girl who would be ten or eleven. With what Faith said, my money’s on the daughter.”

Giles considered it for a minute. “And Faith, you say that you’re sensing something?”

“Understatement of the year, G.”

The watcher sighed. “Dawn, when do you expect Buffy’s return?”

“Who knows,” she replied. “She’s out with The Immortal.”

“And Andrew?”

“He’s out clubbing with a couple of girls he met at the market.”

Faith sneezed. Or pretended to, anyway. It sounded like she was covering up the word “beard”.

Dawn snickered.

Willow, sensing that the conversation was moments away from straying into subjects better left not discussed on a recorded phone call, she asked her boss, “So, what are you thinking, Giles?”

“Well, if a hellmouth truly is opening in this town as the coven in Devon fears, one new slayer won’t be enough to keep tabs on it. I have something in mind, but I’d like to discuss it with Buffy and Willow before I announce it to everyone. Dawn, could you have her call me sometime tomorrow?”


“Faith, please follow the School Bus to the Girl’s stop and verify that she goes into Doctor Brown’s house. Then, if you could do me a favor and see if there are any houses available in the area. Four or five bedrooms would be best.”

“Will do, Chief. I’ll give you a call tomorrow and let you know what I find out.”
“Excellent. Well, Good Night, Ladies.”

“’Night, G.” Faith Snapped her phone shut.

“Goodnight Giles.” Dawn disconnected.

The rest of the evening was quiet until Buffy came home at about three in the morning looking angrier than she’d looked in quite some time.


About eight hours after Buffy’s explosive entrance in that little flat in Rome, Italy, another explosive entrance was occurring.

In this case, it was the explosive entrance of screams into Ephram Brown’s not so innocent dream about Amy Abbot.

Having Delia’s screams of terror violently rend him from his sleep was beginning to occur nightly. It was getting very old very fast.

He jumped out of bed and met his father in the hall. They both ran into Delia’s room, and were greeted with the sight of the girl thrashing around in her bed.

This had become so routine that the Browns had a system worked out. One of them would shake the sleeping girl awake, and the other would deflect her fist from the other’s head.

Well, that was the way it usually worked. Sometimes, she surprised them and used her left hand and got the one charged with waking in the gut.

But that almost never happened.

Tonight, it was Andy’s turn to be the shaker. He shook. She swung. Ephram managed to pull her fist off course and into the vacant space next to his father’s ear.


Delia, upon waking, scuttled up to the headboard clutching the sheet in front of her like it was an impenetrable shield. As her breathing slowed, Andy asked, “Are you okay, sweetheart?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“You wanna tell me about it?”


The both of them stayed there until Delia dropped back off to sleep. Then, they went out into the hall.

“Any of your doctor friends call back about Delia,” Ephram asked.

“A few. But none of those know anything about this.”

“You know, Dad, this is starting to look more and more like demon possession.”

“Nah. With demon possession you get projectile vomiting and that weird thing with the head rotating three hundred and sixty degrees.”

With that, the Brown boys chuckled and went back to bed, neither knowing just how close to the truth Ephram had been.


End Prologue.

To be Continued.
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