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Four Rooms of Requirement

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Summary: Four separate short stories written as winnings for four people who participated in a contest on my livejournal. More details inside.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > OtherechoFR1558,7720305,97328 Sep 0411 Oct 04Yes

I Believe in a Thing Called Luna

title: I Believe in a Thing Called Luna
summary: Blaise has a secret admirer who's not so secret about her admiration. B/L
disclaimer: Not mine. These characters belong to JK Rowling's.
note: This is the fourth of four promised ficlets as a result of a recent contest held on my livejournal.
shout: smokeline and starry_sunrise, some Blaise/Luna.


It had started out as little anonymous notes.

But the girl had the scrawl of a serial killer. She also didn't hide. There was something compelling about a woman, er girl, who knew so little fear. She didn't seem to worry about being embarrassed, or people gossiping about her... or her little obsession.

It had started last year. Somewhere between after September first and the end of the school year. He could not be sure when. He couldn't recall the date of the first note. Only that it had been before that winter holiday. It was escalating though. The closer he got to graduating Hogwarts, the worse she became. Even the professors were talking of it. He knew it was her. They all did. Hell, she'd quit being such a Weasley fanatic. That was proof enough.

He'd no sooner sat down to his breakfast when an owl swooped in and dropped a letter before him. He sighed when he noticed the pale blue parchment. Always sky blue. The ink on it a dark indigo. The seal of blue wax was pressed in with a little half moon and some stars. It was always so. He ran his fingers over the script of his name.

Blaise D. Zabini

He wondered, not that it was such a hidden thing, how she had come to know his middle name. He was certain she did. She seemed to know all things about him. Her ability to dig was staggering. He knew she wished to be a reporter. A journalist. She would make a fine one.

He broke the seal and read the short missive.

I see you always. Will you see me today?
- an admirer

Blaise sighed. Always the same. Sometimes more words, sometimes less. Pansy Parkinson snickered as he stuffed the letter into his robes.

"Your little Ravenclaw girlfriend send you another love letter, Zabini?"

Several Slytherins laughed. Only Draco didn't. Draco never laughed. Not anymore. He had at first, until he noticed it bothered Blaise. They were friends. This was one of the things Draco knew not to laugh about. What he did now was sneer at Pansy.

"Well, at least someone's getting the love, Parkinson. What's the matter, sweet, you jealous? I'm sure if you strutted about nude before Crabbe or Goyle one of them would be tempted... maybe."

Pansy's eyes went a bit wild with anger. Crabbe and Goyle didn't even know they'd been insulted. Not so with Pansy though. She was so easy to manipulate. No wonder Draco wasn't as interested in Parkinson as his father would like him to be. Draco Malfoy needed some fire to match that bad and nasty temper he had. He needed someone who would sit there and silently fume the way Parkinson was doing currently. Draco need a girl who'd hex the piss out of him for treating her the way he treated Pansy.

Blaise suddenly couldn't stand any of them anymore. He rose in jerking, angry motions and stormed out of the great hall. He ignored Malfoy calling after him. Despite what other people said, Draco Malfoy was a good friend. Well to Blaise anyhow. He rounded the corner and noticed a group of Ravenclaws crowded around something. He heard a girl's voice yelled 'no' and 'stop it'. It occurred to him that he knew that voice.

Well, his limit had been reached finally.

Blaise just started hexing. The hall cleared fairly quickly that way. If Filch wasn't such a repulsive and cantankerous old fart of a squib, Blaise might have suggested this method of clearing halls later. What he saw upon clearing made his blood boil for some unknown reason.

His admirer, stalker, was sprawled on the stone floor with her hands thrown up before her face. What in the bloody hell? What were they doing to her?

Not that he cared. Not really.

The next thing he knew, Blaise had snatched a wand he knew not to belong to the Ravenclaw Michael Corner from the other boy's socked fingers before hexing the whole rest of the lot of them. Prats. Ganging up on a girl. That was so Slytherin. Ravenclaws had no business doing something so Slytherin. And even if it had been Slytherins doing it, they'd have more class about it.

And now the hallway was littered with bodies.

"Are you going to do something or just lie there and tremble?" Blaise asked.

She looked at him then and whispered. "What did you do?"

"Saw you."

He held out a hand to help her up. Her. Luna Lovegood's hand shook like crazy when she placed it in his. He pulled her rather effortlessly to her feet.

"Good heavens! What is the meaning of this? Mister Zabini, Miss Lovegood, explain yourselves."

Luna's pale eyes went even larger as Professor McGonagall approached. Despite her nervous and stiff manner, Blaise pulled her closer to him in almost a protective manner. She was his stalker. HIS. Blaise Zabini, if he was anything, was a very possessive person.

"Miss Lovegood's house mates were being a bit overzealous in their teasing of her. I ended it."

"Ended it?"

"I hexed the figurative pants off of them, professor."

"Miss Lovegood." McGonagall asked. "Is this correct?"

"Are you suggesting that I would lie to you, a teacher, Professor McGonagall?" Blaise said, feigning more innocence than he had ever had in his entire life. "I'm insulted."

"You're laying it on a bit thick. Don't play up your innocent good samaritan, Mister Zabini. It doesn't suit you. Miss Lovegood?"

Luna shivered. "I... I didn't see."

Blaise unconsciously pulled Luna closer. "She was lying on the floor with her arms covering her face."

"Miss Lovegood?"

Luna swallowed nervously. "It's true. I was."

Professor McGonagall sighed. "Mister Zabini, see Miss Lovegood to Professor Dumbledore's office. I would like the both of you to wait for me there. The password is canary creme."

Blaise nodded at the professor. He took Luna's wand and tucked it behind her ear. McGonagall was a bit startled. She'd noticed Luna Lovegood's habit of tucking her wand there, but she would not have bet on the Slytherin boy knowing it. Blaise then grabbed Luna's arm and hauled her off in the direction of Dumbledore's office.

"Professor McGonagall?"

She turned at the sound of Snape's voice.

"What is the meaning of this?"

"I think Luna Lovegood's efforts in regards to Blaise Zabini are finally paying off."


"He hexed the entire hallway for her."

"I'm sorry... WHAT?"

"Blaise Zabini hexed the entire corridor... defending Lovegood's honor if I am not mistaken. Then he tucked her wand behind her ear for her and escorted her off to Dumbledore's office."

"Oh bloody hell."

McGonagall smirked. "I believe you owe me ten sickles."

Snape glared at her.

"It is before the end of the year, Severus. No weaseling out of paying up on our wager."

"I never weasel, Minerva." Snape hissed nastily.

"Of course not. Don't try to slither out of paying up."

He glared. "I despise you."

Her facial expression didn't even change. "About as much as I despise you. Help me counter-curse the Ravenclaws?"

"If I must."


Luna was sitting in a chair fidgeting. Blaise was poking around Dumbledore's office. He rarely got the opportunity to be in here. He tried not to get himself in trouble or be involved in trouble in any way. Getting caught was not a Slytherin thing.

"I was wondering..." Blaise finally said when he was tired of the only sounds in the room being her shifting about.


"You. Would you come with me to Hogsmeade next weekend?"

"What?!" She practically shouted at him.

"You've been trying to get my attention for well over a year, and now you have it, Miss Lovegood."


He turned and pinned her with that stare he had. "Luna."

She swallowed nervously.



"I asked you a question."



"Why would YOU want to go with ME?"

Blaise folded his arms across his chest. "Are you serious?"

"I seldom joke."

"Unbelievable." He said before throwing his arms away from his chest and starting to pace.

"Ask anyone. I-"

"No." He spun on her. "You practically stalk me for months. Then when it produces results, you question it. Why?"

"I... never thought you'd come 'round."

"Why not?"

"Have you seen me?"

"I'm looking at you right now."

"But do you SEE me?"

Then he knew what she meant. She wasn't the sort of girl he'd been known to have hang off his arm. "Like I said, I'm looking right at you. Next weekend... yes or no?"

"All right, but I think it's a mistake."

Blaise nearly growled. But that would not have been very dignified. "If you don't want me, why chase me?"

"I never said I didn't want you. I just didn't think you'd have me."

"Well..." He said coming close to her and leering a bit. "You're about to experience a bit of the 'be careful what you wish for' here."


"I'm not at all manageable." He whispered as he braced his hands on the arms of the chair and leaned over her.

"I did not suspect you would be."

He just stared for a moment.

Her eyes were wide. She was as pressed back in the chair as she could be. He was completely fascinated. If he had known she would be this interesting, he would have let her catch him months ago. But honestly, who chased someone they didn't think they'd catch? He didn't understand that. He was completely enraptured now, and an enraptured Slytherin was a very dangerous thing.

"I kept all of them."

Luna blinked. "All of what?"

"Your letters. Even the one with the Quibbler article tucked inside about the vampire goat thing in Mexico."

"El chupacabra"

"That's the one."


"It amused me. It fed only on goats. Very selective. It was like reverse snobbery. I would have fed on human girls. Virgins."

"No. Why'd you keep any of it? You always seemed so... annoyed when you'd get them."

"Perplexed perhaps. Not annoyed. Why'd you send the article?"

"It was about sucking blood. I thought you'd like it."

"I'm uncertain if I am insulted or not."

"I only wanted to... interest you."

"No one's ever admired me in secret before."

"But it wasn't secret. You knew."

"You're very infuriating. I like it already. I do so hate being bored, and I am interested. Your ploy worked."

"You feed on virgins anyhow."

Blaise actually laughed. "Oh the things I can imagine coming out of your mouth already. Best I put something in first."


In the next moment, he'd lifted her by her arms and was kissing her. She was different from what he was accustomed to. Blaise liked a change every now and again. Luna Lovegood was definitely a change. She was his stalker. His. The other thing unique to Blaise besides his complete possessive nature was his way of moving rather quickly into any sort of relationship area. Then again, if one considered her 'anonymous' letters, this wasn't moving all that quickly. She'd been flirting with him for over a year. He was just responding.

Blaise maneuvered her about. He sat in the chair and pulled her into his lap... without ever breaking the contact of their mouths. That was talent. It was also a bit helpful that despite her innocence, Luna Lovegood was quite enthusiastic about being kissed.

The door behind them opened.

"Good heavens! Stop that this instant!"

Luna tried to pull away from him, but he didn't allow it. Blaise cast a lazy smirk at McGonagall over Luna's shoulder. She was still in his lap despite all her current efforts to remove herself. Professor Dumbledore was standing behind McGonagall. His eyes were twinkling.

"Ah, Mister Zabini, I understand we have you to thank for the hexing of most of the older Ravenclaw students."

"They were bothering Luna."

Professor Dumbledore smiled. "Miss Lovegood, perhaps you could find your own chair instead of sharing with Mister Zabini."

Luna scrambled off of his lap. Blaise grinned. He hoped soon she would not be so quick to leave him. It always amazed Blaise how quickly he could take to a person sometimes. Then again, her little stalkerish notes had been seducing him for months. She also had a soft touch. Smooth skin. Lots of hair that smelled good.

"Is this true, Miss Lovegood?"


"Very well then. Mister Zabini, I would appreciate you seeing Miss Lovegood to wherever she wishes to go on this fine Saturday morning. Thank you for assisting her. Perhaps next time you would be so good as to not hex EVERYONE in the hall."

Blaise nodded once before grabbing Luna and dragging her out of the office.

Dumbledore chuckled. "Mister Zabini seems to be coming around on Miss Lovegood's affection... for him."

"Indeed. I won ten sickles from Severus on the matter."

Dumbledore snickered again.


Blaise yanked Luna along behind him to where Draco was sitting on the grass reading his Potions text.

"Hello, Malfoy." Blaise said as he sat and pulled Luna down onto the grass next to him.

A lot of people were staring.


"This is Luna."

"I know."

"She's the one who's been owling me. My stalker."

"I'm aware."

"She's agreed to go to Hogsmeade with me next weekend."

Draco looked at Luna. "I commend you on your persistence, Lovegood. I hope you know what you're getting with Zabini."

Suddenly a shadow fell on the three of them.

"You all right, Luna? Are they bothering you?"

They all looked up. Ginny Weasley was standing there with her hands on her hips.

"She's fine." Blaise snapped.

Ginny ignored him entirely. "Luna?"

Luna smiled. "I'm fine. Blaise asked me to Hogsmeade next weekend."

"Weasley." Draco said.

"Malfoy." She glared at him meanly, then looked back to Luna. "And?"

Luna shrugged.

"Well, I'm going with you then."

Blaise made a face. "You are not."

"Like I'd really let you alone with one of my friends right off."

"Fine. Then I'm bringing Malfoy."

Draco made this choking sound that was topped off with a face of horror.

"Ooooo, a double date." Luna whispered.

"It is NOT a date!" Draco and Ginny shouted in unison.

Blaise grinned slyly as a VERY bad idea for next weekend formed in his head. Who would have believed that the little matter of Luna Lovegood sending him love notes could produce such interesting results.


end ficlet

The End

You have reached the end of "Four Rooms of Requirement". This story is complete.

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