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Four Rooms of Requirement

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Summary: Four separate short stories written as winnings for four people who participated in a contest on my livejournal. More details inside.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > OtherechoFR1558,7720305,97428 Sep 0411 Oct 04Yes

notes and disclaimer

Four Rooms of Requirement
by echo
rated: 15
disclaimer: I do not own these characters. The BtVS ones belong to Whedon. The HP ones belong to Rowling.
note: This is a collection of four promised ficlets as a result of a recent contest held on my livejournal.


featuring the ficlets:

"Blame It on Bunny" - A Willow/Snape piece in which they meet with Sheila and Ira Rosenberg.

"Vindicated" - Willow and Snape's first date.

"Other Other Pervert" - A Blaise/Anya piece. What do two perverts talk about?

"I Believe in a Thing Called Luna" - A Blaise/Luna piece laced with odd humor.


Happy reading.

- e
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