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Siblinghood and Dorkiness

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Summary: Ginny Weasley visits the new LA branch of Wolfram and Hart. Her magical "accident" from the evening before causes some unusual reactions.

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Harry Potter > Angel-CenteredcheesereaderFR1311,392062,36728 Sep 0428 Sep 04Yes
Title: Siblinghood and Dorkiness

Author: cheesreader (

Rated: PG

Characters: Ginny Weasley, Angel, Wesley, Lorne, and Fred

Disclaimer: Angel: the Series belongs to Joss Whedon and company and Harry Potter to J. K. Rowling. I am making no profit with this work.

A/N: This is based off of and inspired by my first photo manipulation fanart (also posted here), which sat around for a long time before I finally wrote this to explain the random picture and text.

This fic is set post-Voldemort with an adult Ginny and post Angel season four, but not including the events of season five. This fic assumes the Harry Potter books don’t exsist in Angel/Buffyverse.


“Um, isn’t she kinda . . . young?” Angel whispered to Lorne. Lorne just shrugged in response.

“If the point your whispering is to avoid informing me you didn’t listen to my introduction at all, perhaps you should lower your voice.” Wesley didn’t look up from the folder he was reading to tell Angel this important message.

“I’m very certain you didn’t say anything about twelve year olds,” Angel answered staring across the lobby.

“And I’m very certain you didn’t hear a word I said. Oh my.” Wesley finally looked up, closing the folder with his last notion completed. “She does look, er, very young.”

Across the lobby, the girl was obtaining a guest card from the main receptionist. It seemed to be taking a very long time in her estimation. Probably running all sorts of background checks to make sure such an out-of-place person was truly meant to be there.

“My information did indicate that wizards can live up to two hundred years, perhaps they simply age slower,” Wesley sounded rather doubtful of his theory.

“Thank-you,” said Ginny Weasley when she finally received her badge and hung it around her neck. She turned to the direction the receptionist indicated and spotted Angel, Lorne, and Wesley.

Walking quickly up, with Lorne and Wesley trailing behind, Angel approached their Ministry Contact and Evaluation Officer.

Before he could introduce himself, she started in. “You must be Angel, head of this branch of Wolfram and Hart. I apologize for my appearance; there was an unfortunate accident that de-aged me approximately ten years. It should wear off in twenty-four hours, best not to mess with magical accidents. I trust that won’t be a problem?” Ginny barely waited for any acknowledgement, merely opening her bag and removing a notebook and quill.

“No, no, of course not,” Angel replied after a moment. Somehow her tone, not to mention her accent, reminded him of a scary combination of Giles and Cordelia at their respective heights of authority. “Ah, I guess you know I’m Angel. This is Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and Lorne . . .” here Angel trailed off, because he really couldn’t think of Lorne’s full name, but it seemed like the place to say it.

“Yes, I’m aware. Very nice to meet you.” Ginny pulled out her wand and efficiently applied a self-inking charm on the quill, as Wesley watched carefully. “I’d like to get started with the evaluation right away, as there is limited time.”

“Well, ah, I was thinking that maybe Lorne here, could give you a tour of the place. Show the . . . highlights . . .” Angel trailed off as Ginny lifted an eyebrow and tested out her best McGonagall stare-because-you-aren’t-supposed-to-be-wandering-around-at-this-time-of-night impression. It worked.

“The Ministry is allowing me a full day only because of the long travel time and rest needed. In fact, they are little interested in such an institution. It’s muggle, historically evil, not proven to be of any interest whatsoever. On the other hand, you probably have little use for Ministry contacts either.” Ginny stared steadily at Angel as she spoke, ignoring Wesley and Lorne.

“Well, you know, we’re all fighting the good fight and . . . all that,” he trailed off again. There was a moment of silence. “So, where do you want to start?”

Ginny smiled applied a constant levitation charm to her notebook.


An assistant of some sort walked Ginny over to the last department head’s office. “Charles Gunn” read the nameplate next to the door. She was quickly led in where a man, whose height and build reminded her strongly of her brother Bill, invited her to sit.

“I dunno how this wizard stuff works, but that’s gotta be some wacky magical accident,” Gunn started off.

Ginny found herself grinning, as this was the first interview that wasn’t meticulously polite and ignored her appearance to the point where it seemed to be taking up most of the room.

“Well, technically, it wasn’t an accident,” but Ginny had to amend this statement, “I mean, it was on my part, but . . .” She laughed to herself and shook her head.

“What?” asked a curious Gunn.

“I made the mistake of going home for a family dinner right before this assignment. I’ve got these twin brothers, total troublemakers!” Ginny laughed out loud for the first time that day. “They’ve got a joke shop and think the perfect test subject is their little sister. They forgot I’m grown up and got a job to do in the morning!”

Gunn laughed with her this time. “I hope you’re going to get them back. I mean, dude, sisters gotta kiss ass.” He winced slightly in memory of his own sister’s death, but smiled too.

Ginny smiled back. “No worries there! I’ve got as much practice as they do. When they find themselves alone in the company of certain witches, they’ll suddenly find that certain commonplace words just seem to change in their mouth . . . to more inappropriate language.”

“Now that’s just evil!” Gunn stared. She looked like she was twelve . . . which on second thought seemed to be the just the right age for such an action.

Ginny took in his expression and started to giggle. Before long both of them were laughing wildly. “It’ll wear off . . . eventually!”

Gunn shook his head in disbelief again, “That’s just cold. What if they get dumped?”

“They test experiments on them too. If they get away with that, the worst they’ll come away with from this are some serious slaps to the face.” Ginny and Gunn broke out giggling again. When they finally stopped, they cleared their throats and turned to business.

“So, this report, it really gonna do anything?” Gunn asked.

Ginny sighed deeply. “It’s hard to tell. I did get to come here, so that’s something. Most times they don’t even respond to correspondence with non-wizarding magic institutions. Got a serious stick up their . . .” here Ginny clenched her jaw in frustration and couldn’t finish her sentence. “However, there have been a lot of changed recently; they should start having more of an effect. And I also know just who’ll be reading the report and how to write it appropriately. I’m confident I can get some departments interested, maybe start with some information exchanges. It’ll be slow going though.”

Gunn nodded his head, familiar with the stubbornness of tradition and sluggishness of administration. “Well, what d’ya need to know?”


That evening, Angel, Wesley, Gunn, Fred, and Lorne all gathered to discuss the daily workings of Wolfram and Hart. At the end, Angel theatrically cleared his throat, as he obviously had no practical reason for doing so, and asked, “So, what’d you guys think of Miss Weasley?”

“Very efficient young lady,” Wesley said, smoothly closing his folders and removing his glasses.

“Very young,” muttered Lorne. “I mean, very focused,” he added louder.

“Sure wrote down a lot with that quill. Oooh! The little floating book was cool!” Fred grinned.

“You mean none of you, none, asked why she looked twelve?” Gunn asked in disbelief. Wesley, Fred and Lorne turned to look at the others and then shrugged, almost in union. Angel didn’t even notice, looking down at the table.

“Kinda intimidating wasn’t she?” After his question he looked up. Four blank faces looked back. “I mean, she just kept writing and looking and didn’t say a lot and . . .” He trailed off.

“Sort of like she was doing her job?” Wesley asked.

“It was a very intense stare!” Angel protested.

Wesley shook his head in disbelief and stood up. The others followed suit and headed towards the door.

“She told me he said “What?” in a defensive tone seventeen times in his interview. She counted.” Gunn gleefully told everyone else as they left.

“What! I mean, I wasn’t defensive!” Angel protested as Fred and Lorne giggled softly and Wesley seemed to cough. “I resent that remark,” Angel finished.

“You resemble that remark, honey,” Lorne told Angel with a pat on the back and then filed out of the meeting room.

“What?” muttered Angel as he followed them out.

The End

You have reached the end of "Siblinghood and Dorkiness". This story is complete.

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