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To the Rescue...Again

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Summary: Daniel is in trouble again and it’s SG1 to the rescue, drafting Angel to help.

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Stargate > Angel-CenteredStormdancerFR131583294,35528 Sep 0428 Sep 04Yes
Title: To the Rescue…Again

Author: Stormdancer

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Not mine, not a one of ‘em.

Summary: Twenty minutes with Angel (challenge 212). Daniel is in trouble again and it’s SG1 to the rescue, drafting Angel to help.


Angel froze as that familiar tumble of syllables reached his ears. He’d only met one person in his long life that used that phrase and ran it together just like that. What was Jack O’Neill doing in Los Angeles? The last he’d heard, the Air Force colonel had retired. Knowing Jack, that meant he was parked beside a pond, fishing.

Angel turned, his dark eyes scanning the bar. Cordelia’s vision had sent him here tonight, but the vision hadn’t been very clear. The only thing Cordelia could tell him of any use was that he needed to be here. So here he was, waiting for…whatever.

Jack sat at the bar, turned to face the room and drinking a beer. A tall, muscular black man stood at his left, silent and stoic, watching the flow of people in the bar. A blonde woman who’s intelligence overshadowed her prettiness was at Jack’s right. Her eyes moved purposely from one face to another, looking for something.

“He was here, sir. The trace was clear.”

“We know that, Sam. That’s why we’re here,” Jack said. He waved a hand when the woman gave him a look. “Ah, don’t worry! How many times have we come rushing to save Daniel’s life just to have him pop up in one piece?”

“Sir, even Daniel’s luck has to run out,” Same said impatiently.

“Captain Carter is correct,” the black man agreed evenly. “Doctor Jackson’s situation seemed precarious.”

“Teal’c! Carter! Relax, would ya? It’ll be fine. See tall, dark and brooding over there? He’s going to help us out. Aren’t you, Angel?”

Angel wasn’t surprised that Jack had noticed him. Jack noticed everything, whether or not he’d admit to it. Moving away from his shadowed corner, Angel approached the trio. His hands stayed in his pockets as he sized them up. “Jack.”

“Angel.” Jack cocked his head to one side, his dark brown eyes steady on Angel’s. “Been awhile.”

“A few years,” Angel acknowledged. “What are you doing in Los Angeles?”

“Oh, checking out the sights, enjoying the smog, change of scene, that type of thing. You?’

Angel shrugged. “It’s my city.”

Jack nodded. He knew what that meant. “So. How’re the stakes here?”

Angel’s mouth quirked. No, Jack wasn’t a stupid man. “Sharp,” he answered. “And sharper outside of town. You said you needed help?”

“No,” Jack corrected with a grin. “I said you were going to help us. One of my team is missing and the last place he was seen was here.”

Angel’s eyebrows rose and he just looked at Jack. Jack looked back at him, still smiling that quirky grin. Finally, Carter broke the silence. “Sir! We – “

“Ah, relax, Carter!” Jack cut her off. “Look, I talked to him, okay? He’s fine! You know how excitable he gets.”

Teal’c glanced at Jack and then nodded his head once, a single dip of his chin. “Indeed.”

“Okay, Angel. My pal Daniel – Dr. Daniel Jackson, and not the turn-your-head-and-cough kind – came to Las Angeles for a conference. We got a phone call last night from him telling us he was in trouble and then the call was cut off. Danny has a habit of getting into unfortunate situations. We figured we’d come rescue him. Again.”

“Daniel Jackson?” Angel repeated. He smiled. “I know exactly where he is, but I can’t help you.”

“Why not?” Jack demanded.

“Even I don’t cross Cordelia when she’s decided she wants something, and right now – that’s Daniel.”


The End

You have reached the end of "To the Rescue...Again". This story is complete.

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