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Summary: Willow waits for a certain guy at a party, she has somthing to tell him, but will she get the chance? (Willow/Cash) re-edited

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Television > Kindred: the EmbracedblackfireFR1521,883072,65822 Feb 0324 Feb 03No


title: Telling
author: Blackfire
spoilers: up to cabin in the woods for K:TE and untill the beginning of season 7 for buffy.
Ships: Willow/Cash
rated: pg 15 for violence
disclaimer: I don't own anything but the vauge idea for this.
notes: so far this is a one shot. i might finish it.

"well this time I'm not going to watch myself die" -Used- buried alive

Willow scanned the party anxiously. It was almost over. She swayed to the music, and sighed. He wasn't here. He said he'd be here and he wasn't. Mr. Luna, their boss was there but he wasn't. Cash, head of security for Luna Corp., and body guard for the CEO wasn't there yet. It was almost 1 am and the party was winding down. It was december 20th, and this was the Luna Corp head office christmas dinner and dance.

The dinner had been good. Some sort of chicken or something. Willow had been too busy watching the head table waiting for Cash to show. She'd chatted with Luna comfortably for a few minutes, aware that he was assessing her in more than one way. She was after all dating his head of security.

Willow pulled at the sleeve of her long black dress. It didn't feel right, and then she froze, something was watching her with more than just eyes. She figeted, fighting the urge to check and re-check her sheilding, but that would let the watcher know that Willow wasn't an ordinary girl.

Willow Giles, was head of computer security with Luna Corp, and had been since she graduated from Edinburgh University with a masters in computer sciences. She was also a witch, and one time scooby. She'd helped save the world several times, and once, almost destroyed it. She'd been an addict, but she was better now. She shook her head, and played absentmindely with her cross. The presence went away and she fought the urge to turn and see who might have scanned her.

Sasha Luna, the CEO's neice and second in charge of Security sauntered over to Willow, greeting her with a firm kiss. They'd been lovers once, but Willow had seen something dark and wild in Sasha, it reminded her of a place she'd been. So she'd broken it off.

"You look troubled." Sasha said with a soft frown.

"He's not here yet." Willow replied, gazing around the room once more.

"He will be, after all he promised you and me dances." Sasha joked. "I'll kick his ass and you can cheer from the sidelines if he doesn't show."

"Which sounds like fun." Interjected a smooth cultured voice, the voice belonged to Lilly, the owner of the club the party was in. "Who are you discussing?"

"Cash isn't here yet." Sasha replied waving a hand at her skin tight black dress, and then at Willows long and sleek black dress. "He's missing out a lot."

"Cash will show." Lilly said, slipping past them in the direction of Luna.

"Well that was fun." Willow said tiredly. Sasha nodded and slipped away. Willow was alone, in a room full of people. It wasn't the first time, so she was used to it.

She sighed and looked at her watch again. 1:15. She grabbed her tiny jacket and with a wave at Sasha headed for the door. The winter air was cool against her skin as she slipped her coat on.

She lived close by and held no thought to walking. After all she knew what was out there. Vamps, werewolves, demons, fairies. She'd seen and fought them all. It was one of the reason she had waited so long for Cash. She had choses tonight to tell him. She knew about his dirty little secret. He was a vamp, and that was ok, she was, after all a witch. As a matter of fact, half of the people most closely connected with Julien Luna were vamps. Sasha, Lilly, Cash, they were all vamps. She just didn't know what kind. They weren't like the hellmouth vamps. She seen them all in the daylight, even gone for a picnic with Cash.

The problem was, she mused, how do you tell some one that you know that sort of thing. Just slip it out. 'hmm very nice wine, by the way how long have you been a vampire? What about your boss?' Then there was the other. 'Oh yeah and on top of that I'm the worlds most powerful witch at the moment and i once tried to end the world. Cake?'

"Leaving so soon?" The words came from behind her, and she spun around, hand in her purse. "What about our dance?" It was Cash.

"How did you do that?" She asked, annoyed, then the thought flashed in her head.' vampire!!' "Oh right." She said, then stopped dead, blushing.

"What do you mean?" Cash said, moving forward slowly.

"Your a vampire." Willow whispered awkwardly. "All vamps seem to have the silent 'appear behind you and scare you' walk down pat."

"How do you know that?" Cash asked, and suddenly his hands were around her throat.

"Good question." Came a deeper voice from the shadows, and a man appeared, or not a man as Willow guessed, an other vampire. This one was slightly ugly, his face and bald head a mask of wrinkles. Cash dragged her into the alley way.

"What do you want Daedalus?" He asked the other vamp.

"She is not what she seems." Daedalus intoned. "I've heard about her for months and only just pulled two and two together." He smiled darkly. "Cash meet Willow Rosenberg, witch, friend to the slayer, and one time almost ender of the entire world." Willow blinked.

"Well that solves my problem.." she wheezed, Cash blinked at her.

"She's just a human." Cash said, stepping back a little. Willow laughed and dropped her sheild. Her hair was black, her eye devoid of pupil, black and filled with falling stars. After her brief stint with world ending, the colour had never gone away. Her shields carried a glamour, one powerful enough to fool anyone. Cash jumped back, and Daedalus took a step forwards.

"Just a human, you really need to be more careful with your paramours Mr. Cash." The bald vampire chuckled.

Thats when all hell broke loose. The alley was was suddenly flooded with light and smoke as several figures filled each end. Cash dropped Willow and turned to face one group, while Daedalus turned the other way. Willow blinked against the harsh light and then her eyes magically adjusted.

"This ends here." Came a voice she knew very well. The others didn't move at all, but one man stepped forwards his face lit in the harsh lights. "Game over Willow Rosenberg" The guns started firing and as several slugs cut through her body Willow sobbed one word.


end (maybe)
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