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The Hellmouth Never Dies

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Summary: YAHR - With Xander dressing as a famous Spy.: No Longer Working

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Chapter 03

TITLE: The Hellmouth Never Dies
AUTHOR: Siege (
DISTRIBUTION: Anywhere, Just let me know ‘K
Not mine I didn't do it; well the main characters at least all belong to joss Wheadon and pals, and long may they. Other Brand Characters Belong to Their Owners.
SUMMARY: What if Xander didn't dress up as a soldier on that fateful Halloween? What if he rented a suit got a gun and pretended to be Jack Ryan of the CIA, but what if the suit belonged to a real superspy by the name of Bond.
FEEDBACK: All Feedback is gratefully received and I listen
CATEGORY: Action.Adventure
SPOILERS: All Seasons Of Buffy


Side Alley, Sunnydale California

He moved quickly as the first Vampire came into range a fist lashing out and nailing the undead American straight in the face. Then Xander backed away shaking out his hand with a slight smile on his face. "A little hard headed aren’t we?" he commented mildly.

The vampire glared at him with hate filled yellow eyes. "You'll pay for that blood bag, I'll kill you"

"Blood bag, how very…unpleasant" Xander said looking singly unimpressed with the vampire's protestations of his death.

"I'll rip your head off and shit down your neck"

"Charming" Xander, muttered before his gun spat death and lodged a small chunk of metal between the vampire's eyes. It may not have killed the beast, but it did spread most of its brains on the alley wall and send it to the floor. It's two companions looked into the cold brown eyes of the blue suited man. Something went through them, a strange feeling for an immortal being. It was fear, fear of their death, which is what they saw, reflected in Xander's chocolate eyes.

"Now, do we really have to do this, or are you going to be good boys and run along?" Xander asked, casually aiming his weapon between the next vampire's eyes.

The vampires growled and moved as fast as they could. Xander stepped backwards as a supernatural fist whipped where his jaw had just been. Then he took two steps in and slapped the arm along its course. Getting as close as he cold to the vampires he took a hold of the beings arm and reversed it's course and locked the shoulder. Then with deceptively little movement the vampire was sailing through the air.

Xander felt a pair of powerful arms go round his chest and start to squeeze, with considerable power. Ignoring the pain with the ease of a pro Xander sent his head backwards. The move smeared the vampire's nose across its face and freed Xander up. Moving down and round he leg swept the vampire.

His eyes cast around quickly and alighted upon the brunette girl, who was looking at him with shock. "Would you be so kind," he asked nodded towards the broken packing crate.

Aura Chambers was a woman who thought she had seen it all and that she had life in her full control nodded dumbly at the man she had thought of as a geek. There he was looking cool and calm having just taken down three super strong monsters. Not a hair was out of place.

"The wood, these chaps are becoming annoying," he pressed.

Aura reached out and grabbed a piece of wood and tossed it to the man. Xander flashed her a smile that sent her heart racing and he knees knock together, before looking back at the rousing demons.

Ten seconds later there were three piles of dust on the floor and he was smiling at her again she did the only thing that came to mind and launched herself into his arms, her lips mashing against his.

He kissed her back for a full minute before pulling away with a slight smile, "Why thank you, that's one of the better thank you's I've ever received"

Aura beamed at him, "Thank you Xander I won't forget this" she said before bolting, somewhat shakily, out of the alley.

The man in Xander's body frowned slightly, "Xander?"


Willow came to a full halt as she watched Aura running out of the alley her eyes wide in shock as Xander calmly walked out, still with Aura Chamber's lipstick on his face. She felt a hot pulse of jealousy run through her as well as a spike of ice-cold fear at what she had seen. That hadn't been Xander in that alleyway. There was no way it could have been, she had known Xander for years and he just wasn't that smooth, that good at fighting and generally he would have dropped to the floor in a puddle of goo if a girl like Aura had even winked at him.

Yet there he was smiling slightly his eyes alive with both merriment and intelligence and looking like he didn't have a care in the world and nothing weird had happened.

Perhaps, to, what was it Jack Ryan it wasn't? She should really get the book out and read it.

"Eh, Xander?" Willow called out.

Xander frowned again, that was the second time someone had called him that. Then he spotted the attractive red head and smiled at her, "No, I'm afraid I'm not the lucky man that you're looking for, although I wish I was"

Willow blushed slightly, "Eh no, urm. Jack?" she tried again.

"Close, You can call me Bond, James Bond"

The End

You have reached the end of "The Hellmouth Never Dies". This story is complete.

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