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Cupboard Love

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Summary: PWP, CX and a cupboard

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Cordelia/XanderLucifaelFR2111,894124,53029 Sep 0429 Sep 04Yes

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TITLE: Cupboard Love

AUTHOR: Siege (


DISTRIBUTION: Anywhere, Just let me know ‘K

DISCLAIMER: All things BtVS related belong to Joss Wheadon and M.E.

SUMMARY: Ever wondered what Xander and Cordelia Get up to in that cupboard.

FEEDBACK: Feedback gets you on the wall, how about that then :-)


RATING: Big Fat NC -17



AUTHORS NOTES: Very short piece that came to Millie’s Warped mind.

It was gloomy and the air was filled with the smell of antiseptic toilet flush, there wasn’t much room and they could be caught at any moment. But to Xander and Cordelia it was so much more than that. It was their place and theirs alone. They were away from the Scooby’s, demons, and looking in long dead writers work for the latest demon to hit town. Here they could be Xander and Cordelia, two teenagers who were in love and lust with each other. Outside of this room they bickered and fought like cat and dog. Inside they were totally in tune with each other and they never said an angry word or snide remark.

The cupboard was their idea of heaven. They were both young and in the first stages of a relationship that wasn’t what either of them had ever thought would go this far. But here it didn’t matter. Here they were the greatest love affair the century had ever seen, they were together and that was all that mattered.

The woman whose lips were currently pressed against his filled his whole world. She was a goddess to him and Xander had never felt so alive as he did as her lips met his in a scorching passion that made his heart skips beats and the blood pound away from his head. When he kissed Cordelia he was a god worshiping the goddess and she was the same. They had passion in droves, though they had yet to go beyond kissing but they both wanted each other. As they broke from their kiss Xander looked deep into Cordelia’s eyes and saw his own amount of lust reflected in the her eyes. Her fantastic orbs that one moment seemed deepest brown and another flashed with green highlights. As she panted breathing deeply with the passion flowing through her she looked into his brown eyes as her own were flashing with green, a sure sign of high passion.

She wanted him and he wanted her. A Moment that seemed to stretch from one end of infinity to another passed and they leapt at each other. Their mouths met in an explosion of amazing heat their tongues joining and dancing within their mouths. Their breathing increased and heart rates soured.

Xander reached round and encased her in his arms pulling her hard against him and caressing her back. A hand accidentally slipped under her top and he felt bare skin under his hand. The touch was electric causing his manhood to rocket to attention. Cordelia who was leaning hard into him felt his rapid erection and let out a moan of pleasure into his mouth. Her temperature increased and she ground herself against him bulge. Xander’s hand flowed up her back reaching the strap to her bra and flicking it open with ease he shouldn’t posses. The elastic snapped open and her breasts pulled the material of her bra away. He hadn’t meant to do it, he was flowing with instinct and he didn’t even realise his hand was now travelling downwards to her butt. The hand emerged from her top and down to cup her perfectly shaped buttock in his hand. He gave it a squeeze and Cordelia felt something snap with her. Her hands left his hair and still kissing she pulled her hanging bra off leaving her breasts bare under her silky top. The caresses of the material caused her to become even more aroused and she started to work the buttons on Xander’s horrible shirt. Finally she was at his skin and her nails raked across his toned stomach and pectoral muscles.

Xander sighed in pleasure without letting up on the magical kiss that infused their spirits and bodies together. Her skirt started to ride up under his ministrations and he helped it along with one hand as his other started to work up from her toned midriff. It was an agonising journey but the destination was worth it. He finally reached her perfect breast and gently took it into his hand. Under his touch her nipple became erect and her breathing increased to a rapid rate. He could feel the heat of her body and loved the sensations passing through her to him. Her skirt finally worked up and he felt her panty-encased butt. He slipped his hand down the back of her knickers and worked them over the curve of her buttocks and finally off and they slipped down her legs to fall at her ankles. Her naked arse now in his hand he kneaded her whilst his other hand played with her breast and tweaked her nipple.

Not to be outdone Cordelia start working his belt undone and zipped his fly down. She pulled his trousers apart and they fell down to the floor with a slight thunk and jingle. She broke the kiss for a second and glanced down at his tented boxer shorts.

“Oh god” she breathed reaching out and touching him through cotton. It jerked under her touch and she encased it with her fingers still in its cotton prison.

Xander leant his head back and breathed out a pleased sound and of anticipation. His butt hand reached up, cupped her free breast, and started to tweak her nipples. Forgetting herself for a moment Cordelia let out a small squawk at his tweaking of her sensitive nipples. “OHHH Baby” she breathed.

Xander’s cock jerked under her touch at her words and a small smile graced her luscious lips. “Ohhhhh” she sighed and it jerked again. “FFFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK” she drawled as his ministrations increased this time it nearly leapt out of his boxers.

“Let me see it” she said going down on her knees removing his hands from her breasts. He felt their loss keenly but didn’t have time to mourn them as she pulled down his boxers in a single fluid motion. His cock sprang free and she gasped in surprise.

She wrapped her hand around it marvelling at the texture and a look of lust fixed onto her face. Xander looked down at the kneeling goddess holding his cock and nearly came with the sheer erotic image of her. Her top was mussed upwards over her perfect breasts and her skirt was around her waist revealing her in all her glory her dripping pussy glistening slightly in the gloom of the cupboard. Her nipples were standing out in stark contrast on her breasts and most amazing of all she had her elegant fingers wrapped around his rigid cock. He had fantasized this moment since her had been old enough to think in such ways about her.

Taking him by complete surprise, she suddenly leaned in and licked his throbbing cock. All thought went out of his mind at the feel of her hot and slippery tongue wrapped around his head as she played with him. Her hand slowly pumped along his length and she continued to lick him, never taking him into her mouth but licking all round the mushroom shaped head of his penis and slowly dragging her tongue across the length of his shaft. She was moaning in pleasure as she did it and Xander thought he was going to die. He was already in heaven after all. She kissed the very end of him pursing her lips. Pre-cum appeared on his cocks very end and she licked it off without thought. “hmmm, you taste good” she said and her mouth was suddenly full of Xander’s throbbing manhood. She worked him with her hand and started to rock her head back and forth tossing him off with her lips. Then she started to gently suck and Xander let out a growl of pleasure his balls tightening already.

“Oh shit, you keep that up I’m gonna co…”

He was cut of as her sucking increased and he was rendered incapable of speech. She pumped his shaft with her hands and mouth sucking the entire time.

“Gonna come” Xander ground out trying not to cry out in pleasure.

Cordelia didn’t heed his words and through he struggled mightily against it she was working his cock so hard an orgasm hit him like a truck and he groaned out in pleasure.


She continued sucking his cock ignoring the spurts of hot come hitting her in the throat. She was totally into her task some base instinct had taken her over and she was sucking him to destruction. She wouldn’t give up on her blow job until finally she had to stop for air.

“Hmmm, fuck that taste’s good” she said her eyes alight with lust.

Xander was only able to nod dumbly.

“Come on, we are going to be late for class” she paused a smile lighting up her face, “But I have a free later. And you owe me one” she said a wicked smile on her face.

Xander smiled looking at her naked and wet pussy, “It would be my pleasure, but there is a problem”

She looked at his questioningly.

Xander smiled lazily and sexily, “You can’t leave” he said kneeling and pushing her backwards. Before she had a chance to object he had descended upon her pussy and all thought of going to class went out of her mind her head lolled and a slow mew of pleasure emitted from her lips.

He kissed her mound to begin with just small ones trailing up and down its length before he used his tongue to push apart her lips. Licking his way round the edge he found her clit, he knew from the gasp of pleasure she let out when he hit it. Then he flicked his tongue around it and finally took it into his mouth and sucked.

Cordy threw her head back and moaned in a drawn out way thanking the gods for her boyfriend as he sucked the sensitive point. Electrical surges went through her body and she clasped at the floor. The only sounds were her occasional gasp of pleasure and the slurping from between her perfect thighs. His hair was tickling her legs and adding to her pleasure just as surely as his ministrations to her clitoris were. The whole package, his sucking, the hair her nakedness and the location were sending her wild. She knew that she should be in class but that didn’t matter. All that mattered was here and now as she jerked slightly in pure ecstasy. She had thought that sucking his member had been good, the sensation of her clit being sucked went beyond that, beyond anything in her experience.

He slipped two fingers into her dripping pussy causing her to go into over ride. The single deep stroke was enough to send her straight over the edge because he had sucked hard on her clit as he did so.

She almost screamed with the intensity of her orgasm as it thundered through her body.

When she finally sagged Xander looked up from between her legs with her juices still on his face. He gave her a self satisfied smile, that screamed I did good. Before crawling up her body and kissing her passionately.

No matter what, she vowed she would never be nasty to this man for as long as she lived, well not whilst she was in this cupboard anyway.

The End

You have reached the end of "Cupboard Love". This story is complete.

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