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Slayer in a Half Shell

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Half Shell Trilogy". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Ninja Turtle Crossover. Second fic in the Half Shellverse. Shredder heads to the Hellmouth to bring the Technodrome back to Dimension X. The Turtles go after him, already having a friend in Sunnydale, Xander. (B/X)

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Chapter 10

Title Series: Slayer in a Half Shell
Rating: R
Chapter Title: Playtime is Over
Author: White Werewolf
Category: B/X
Spoilers: Up to after Oz left but before Tara
Distribution: Ask and you shall receive
Disclaimer: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer is owned by Whedon, Fox, and UPN. Laird, Eastman, and Mirage Studios own Ninja Turtles
Author's Notes: >.......> denotes thought.


Raphael's first response was, "Ow," then he continued, "that hurt."

"What happened, Raphael? Where is everyone?" Buffy asked the turtle.

Raphael replied, "Shredder struck while you two were in the bathroom. He threw a smoke bomb in here catching everyone off guard. Bebop and Rocksteady or what I thing they were grabbed the book from Giles that had the instructions for the ceremony tonight."

Buffy interrupted, "If a struggle happened, then why didn't we hear it from the bathroom? That and why are you still here?"

Xander turned to face Buffy, "The way of the Foot is silence, Buff. Throw in the smoke bomb and you got a killer combo."

Raphael nodded, "Right Xander. As for me, Shredder needed someone to hold this note for Buffy." He gave it to her, "you better read it."

Buffy took the note and read, "Slayer, That's right, I know you are the Slayer. How do I know you ask? I got an inside source. We may have goofed on your mutation, but we will open the Hellmouth, and send the Technodrome back to Dimension X. We took your friends, and if you want to see them again, give yourselves up. We need more mutants, and you will prove satisfactory for the change. I sure hope you like Vampire Bats. I trust Raphael gave you this letter. See you soon, Shredder."

Xander clasped Buffy's right shoulder and gave it a squeeze. "We'll get them back, and you won't mutate."

Buffy turned to face Xander, "Thanks, Xan. We better get to the high school."

"High school?" Raphael asked with confusion.

Xander said, "That's where the Hellmouth is. It's under the school."

"Oh," was the turtle's response. "We need weapons."

Buffy nodded. She walked over to Giles's closet and pulled out two swords. The blond tossed one to Xander, "Let's go. What time is it?"

Xander responded, "Its 10:50."

Raphael remembered Giles's words. "That means we only have an hour and ten minutes before the ceremony starts. You two better lead the way to the high school because I don't know where it is."

Xander nodded and went into his pocket. He withdrew the keys and held them in his hand, "We'll take my car. Let's drive."

Raphael shook his head, "No, Xander. I'll drive. Just point out the directions. I've got a van anyways."

And then within fifteen seconds, the Slayer, White Knight, and Turtle left the apartment heading for the final battle.

***Sunnydale High School Library Ruins***

Shredder went to what looked like the remains of a table. On the table sat the three items and the book that was taken from the apartment. All of a sudden, Shredder's communicator beeped. "Everything's set, Krang."

"Good, Shredder. I eagerly await the Technodrome's arrival back to Dimension X. Do you have the mutagen?"

Shredder nodded, "A Foot soldier gave it to me when he arrived. Thanks for sending the extra reinforcements. No doubt the Slayer will make an appearance to save her friends."

"Are our guests comfortable?"

Shredder turned to where they sat. "They're all tied up as you suggested. Finally I'll witness the end of the Turtles. Not to mention their new allies."

"How many were you able to capture?"

Shredder returned, "We got three turtles, one rat, one rabbit, and two humans."

"Three turtles? What happened to the other one?"

Shredder simply replied, "Don't fear, Krang. Raphael will be here soon. Not to mention the boy and the Slayer."

Krang rubbed his tentacles together. "Good work, Shredder. Carry on and prepare the chant that is needed." Then the brain flipped off his communicator.

Shredder walked over to where his enemies were tied. He started to pace in front of them. "So, Splinter. You finally reached the end. Tonight, I'll finally have my turtle soup."

Bebop was watching them, "Boss, this old man gives me the creeps. All he does is stare. He won't even talk to me."

Rocksteady chimed in, "Yeah, I know what you mean. Usually the Turtles try to say something to get out of our clutches, but now they aren't."

Shredder shook his head, "That's because they have their mouths taped. They can't say anything even if they wanted to do."

"Oh," was the rhinoceros's response, "that makes sense."

Outside the High School

The Turtle Van made its way into the parking lot. Raphael shifted the automatic gear to the park function and turned off the motor. He opened his door and walked to the back of the van. The red banded turtle opened it, allowing Buffy and Xander to exit.

The trio headed for the school. Xander turned to Buffy, "This place sure brings back memories, Buff." He pointed to the football field, "that's where the mayor turned into the giant snake."

Buffy nodded as she pointed to the quad, "It does, Xand. There's where we always hung out in between classes."

Raphael glanced at his human friends, "Guys, I know memory lane is always fun, but we have to rescue our friends. That and stop Shredder. Wait a minute! Did you just say giant snake?"

***Sunnydale High School Library Ruins***

Leonardo tried to struggle free, but it was no use. He used all his strength and was finally able to get one hand free. The turtle maneuvered his hand to grab hold of one of his katana sword handles. Then the turtle leader cut through his ropes to set himself free, which he did.

Now, free, Leonardo returned the sword back to its sheath and looked around. Shredder was reading the book he stole from Giles. Bebop and Rocksteady were arguing about something, and frankly Leonardo didn't care. Then he saw what looked like fifty foot soldiers training.

This was the perfect time to try something. He quietly walked over to Donatello and Michaelangelo. He cut their ropes and said, "Alright, the time is 11:00. That means we have an hour before the ceremony. Michealangelo, I want you to untie Master Splinter, Giles, Usagi, and Willow. Donatello and I will stall the foot soldiers until Raphael, Buffy, and Xander get here. When they do, we're going full force. Got that?"

Donatello, "No problem. Let's get going. Mikey go and free our friends."


The Turtles and Shredder snapped their heads around to look at Bebop.

"The Turtles are free. What do you want us to do?"

Shredder replied, "I can't be stopped now. Kill them."

"Right." Rocksteady agreed.

"Is this a private party, or can we join?"

Everyone turned around to stare at Raphael as he withdrew his sais. "Now, how about letting our fiends go, Shredhead?"

Shredder laughed, "Not going to happen."

Raphael glared at his nemesis, "Want to make a bet?"

Shredder returned, "You don't have anything to wager."

"Is that a problem?" Buffy said as she and Xander stood next to their turtle friend each bearing a sword.

"Yeah, what she said." Xander complied in agreement.

Shredder said, "Slayer, I'm so glad you made it. Are you giving up?"

Buffy shook her head, "Never." She turned to face her friends that were held captive, "are you alright?"

Giles nodded as he got up, "Yes, quite so, thank you."

"Great! They're all free! Bebop, Rocksteady, Foot Soldiers Attack! I got to prepare for the ceremony. Bebop, bring me the Slayer."

Bebop nodded, "Right, Boss." He charged Buffy at full speed and tackled her. The warthog aimed his gun at the Slayer and was about to shoot it when the blond warrior high kicked the weapon out of the mutant's hands. "you made me drop my blaster. Now, you're going to pay, Girlie."

Buffy right crossed the mutant across the face staggering it back, "Don't call me, Girlie, Pig," then she wiped a roundhouse across its chest followed by another rounhouse with her other leg. The blond warrior finally kneed the warthog in his groined.

Bebop's eyes bulged out as he said in a high voice, "That hurt, Slayer." He immediately placed his hands to feel the groin to make sure it was all right. When it was, the warthog head butted her, "I'm a warthog, not a pig."

Buffy recoiled from the impact and returned with a powerful uppercut sending Bebop flying to the back wall. "Ok, who's next?" The Slayer spun around see what looked liked six foot soldiers, "this is just great."

Usagi Jimbo and Leonardo soon found themselves in the middle of ring of foot soldiers. The soldiers charged forward.

Leonardo withdrew his swords drove one of the sharp edges of a sword into a nearby crate. He then used his strength and threw the crate with the sword as the handle. The crate flung from it and hit one of the foot soldiers. Then the turtle and another foot soldier began sparring. They sparred for about a minute when the turtle leader punched him in the jaw breaking it.

The turtle grabbed hold of the soldier by the right arm and glared at Usagi. The rabbit knew what Leonardo was telling him. The samurai grabbed hold of another soldier. The two friends then threw the two foot soldiers together and they fell to the ground from the impact.

Leonardo dusted his hands off when another foot soldier attacked him. The foot soldier wrapped his arms around the turtle's neck to try and choke Leo. The mutant grabbed the soldier by the area under the armpit and threw him over Leonardo's head and onto some oncoming foot soldiers.

The samurai rabbit brought two of his hands behind two foot soldiers' heads. He then brought the hands together to crack the skulls. The rabbit then foot swept one of the foot soldiers he flung together and sat on its chest. Usagi then pulled the leg back to try and break it at the joint.

Donatello meanwhile was on his back and forced himself to spinning around in circles. With his bo in his hands, he used it to let the charging soldiers trip on it. The turtle successfully tripped four of them. He then sat up and waited for his equilibrium to come back to normal. The purple banded turtle then sprang to his feet and headbutted another soldier.

That same foot soldier came back with a right cross, but Donny intercepted with his left hand and then returned with a right punch knocking him to the ground.

Donatello was about to enjoy his victory when he soon found himself on the ground. The turtle looked up at the source and soon found it to be Rocksteady. The rhinoceros grunted and said, "No more, Turtle," he pulled Donatello by the arm and threw him across the room. "take that."

The thing is that Donatello actually landed on some foot soldiers who was fighting Michaelangelo. "Sorry guys," Rocksteady said as he witnessed the flight of the turtle.

Donatello rolled to his feet and rubbed his soar spot with the back of his right hand. "That hurt."

Michaelangelo replied, "I'm sure it did, Dude. Now, help me with these foot soldiers."

"A little busy here, Mikey," then Donatello charged back to where he was fighting Rocksteady.

Michaelangelo just sighed, "Fine. Just go." He then ducked an incoming high kick from a foot soldier. While he ducked, Mikey punched him in the gut knocking the wind out of his lungs. "I guess I took your breath away."

Xander shook his head. That joke was lame, he thought. Then the White Knight scissors kicked the foot soldier crashing him to the ground. From the ground, Xander jumped back to his feet and foot swept him while he was trying to get up, "Oh, no you don't"

He soon found two arms wrap around him and drag him on his heals a few feet back. Then with a surge of strength Xander brought him up to face him with one right hand, "this is what I call a close encounter of the lackey kind," then the young man headbutted him.

The soldier staggered back a few feet and shook his head to get rid of the pain. After a few seconds, the lackey swiped a roundhouse across Xander's face, but before the foot make the impact; Xander caught his leg with his right hand. Then he returned with another kick. This time, Xander shot out a swift kick to the side forcing the foot soldier to fall to the ground.

Xander soon found a foot soldier charging at full speed toward him. When the foot soldier reached the young man, he sent a flying punch to Xander's stomach. The former teenager stepped a few feet back from the impact. However, Xander returned the favor with a swift foot sweep.

Within the next half-hour fighting occurred. A mix of punches, kicks, uppercuts, and weapon usage took form. It was total chaos. The scene looked like a blur to anyone who would walk into that area.

All of a sudden, the ground began to shake.

Then the fighting came to a halt when some words began to be spoken. They all turned to the source of the speaking and it turned out to be Shredder.

Shredder successfully spoke the chant one time, and the three items began to glow.

The Turtles and the Scoobies eyes widened as he continued the chanting. Shredder repeated himself and said, "Juspotic kelix borenzy lunus funeus abata clactu varacta nickto."

Xander couldn't take it. He had to do something or the Hellmouth would open. He charged Shredder with full speed with his eyes narrowed.

But before Xander could do anything, Shredder noticed and twisted his body so fast that it was almost a blur. The head of the Foot smacked Xander out of the way, "Get out of the way, boy."

Leonardo and Buffy exchanged glances and knew what to do. The two leaders followed Xander's pursuit and headed for Shredder. "This end's now, Shredder," Leonardo interjected withdrawing his kitana blades again.

Shredder returned to the book, "I can't be bothered with this now. Stop them." But before he could read the chant one more time, the book was gone. "Where's the book?"

Usagi Yojimbo smiled, "I got your book right here. I'll make sure of that." Then he found himself in a fighting stance.

Shredder laughed, "I don't think so." He then went into his cape and pulled out a handful of ninja stars and threw them at the rabbit. Usagi was got off guard and the ninja stars pinned against the far wall.

"Argghh!" Usagi Yojimbo yelled.

Shredder laughed in response as he yanked the book from Usagi's right fury hand. Then he thought of something. He turned to his now standing foot soldiers. The ninja master pointed to two thirds of the group. "Hold them off." Then he pointed to the other third, "come with me."

That third went over to Shredder and they talked. Within five seconds, the foot soldiers circled Shredder to build a barricade. Shredder then continued his chanting.

Buffy and the others were too busy fighting the rest of the foot soldiers. Not to mention Bebop and Rocksteady.

Shredder was finally finished his chanting and blue light surrounded him.

Xander's eyes widened at what he saw. The sword, jewel, and ring seemed to be doing something. The three items floated into the air and started to circle around each other. The top of the sword handle stretched out to about five inches in length. The jewel fastened to just above the handle with the ring and the ring's band stretching to wrap around the end of the handle.

Shredder flashed a malevolent grin under his mask as the now finished key slid into his hands. "The key is mine," he said with pride, "according to Krang, all I have to do is drop this into the Hellmouth which is underneath this floor."

Bebop nodded, "Right, Boss." Then he took his blaster and shot the floor creating a hole in the ground.

Shredder tossed Bebop the key, "Good, now toss this in."

The warthog nodded as he caught it, "Sure," then he dropped it in.

Xander screamed, "NOOOOO!!!!" With the utmost strength, he managed to get lose of his foot soldier and ran to the hole, "I won't let the Hellmouth open." The next few seconds seemed like time stood still as Xander dove into the hole to catch the key before it was too late.

Buffy's heart stopped at what she just saw, "Xander!!!"

Leonardo knew what to do. He turned to his brother, "Michaelangelo, give me your grappling hook."

The turtle nodded as he went behind his shell and pulled it out, "Here you go, Dude." Then he tossed it to him.

Leonardo swung the hook above his head to gain momentum. "Buffy, get behind me, and hold the rope. Donatello, stop Shredder. Everyone else help him," then he threw the rope into the hole and left it fall.

The rope went into the hole fast and nonstop as it went deeper and deeper into it.

After a few seconds, the rope came to a stop. "Buffy, pull!" Leonardo ordered.

And she did with all her might. She couldn't lose Xander. He met so much to her, not to mention the chance of a future relationship with him. She pulled and pulled while she choked down tears.

All of a sudden, a hand popped out of the hole. Soon, another came out carrying the key. Xander pulled himself out of the hole with the hook securely around his free hand. "Playtime is over, Shredder. No open Hellmouth tonight."

Shredder knew his mission was a failure. However there was a chance. "Get the key, and drop it back in."

Then all of a sudden a foot soldier tackled the now standing form of Xander at full speed. The tackle made Xander lose control of the key and it flew into air. The key accented into the air and at the reach of its climax, the key decanted and landed into Shredder's back.

Shredder screamed in agony, "Damn you turtles," he whispered, as his body became limp. The ninja master's eyes widened as the pain got worse, and soon knelt over with his hands over the tip of the sword that punctured through his body. Shredder than fell flat on his face with the key sticking out of his back.

Bebop looked down at his master and knew that they failed. He turned to Buffy and saw her coming for them. "Rocksteady, let's get out of here."

"But the Hellmouth?" Rocksteady asked.

Bebop shook his head, "But nothing. Forget the Hellmouth. We better head for the Technodrome."

With that said, Bebop, Rocksteady, and the remaining Foot Soldiers headed for the Mutant Modules and went back to underneath the surface.

"We're not going to let them go, are we?"

The heroes turned to Giles. Leonardo said, "Don't worry, Giles. With Shredder dead, they can't do anything."

"Are you sure?" Willow questioned.

Michaelangelo replied, "Yeah, dudette."

Splinter thought about this past week and was very proud of his former student, Xander. He knew exactly what to do, "Mr. Giles, can I ask you a favor?"

Giles nodded, "Of coarse, Splinter. What can I do for you?"


Three Weeks Later

Splinter walked into the training room to the Magic Box and saw Xander training with Leonardo, Raphael, and Buffy.

Leonardo was the first to notice Splinter, "What do you need, Master Splinter?"

Splinter smiled, "Xander, can you come over here please? I have something for you."

Xander nodded slowly, "Did I do anything wrong, Master Splinter?"

Splinter shook his head, "No you didn't, Xander. Raphael, would you please get everything in here. This is something that we would like to witness."

"Yes, Master Splinter." The turtle left the training room and soon came back in with the others.

Splinter began, "Good, you are all here. Please sit down. I have called you all in here today before my sons and I head back to Manhattan to witness Xander's right of passage."

Xander gulped, "Right of passage?"

Splinter nodded as he went to Giles. Giles knew what to do. He handed Splinter the package. Then the rat returned to Xander. "Xander, this past visit you have proven to have some extraordinary quality. You have proven yourself to be compassionate, loyal, brave, resourceful, and well trained. It is my privilege to award you this gift." He handed it to Xander.

Xander immediately replied, "Thank you, Master Splinter." He opened the white box and soon found a pair of weapons and a white bandana. He recognized the two weapons from his past, but they were polished and new. "I won't forget this."

"Kneel, Xander." And he did. Splinter walked over to him and took the white bandana and wrapped it around Xander's forehead, "This white bandana represents your rightful place among your turtle brothers. White represents purity which your heart has proven to be." Then he took the weapons and handed them to him, "these kamas are to be your weapons. Use them and cherish them, my son. They will prove to be very useful."

Xander looked at the kamas. The kamas were a pair of weapons. The blade was made of steal. It looked very much like a sickle. The staff of it was made out of wood. The staffs were about one and a half feet long. The blade was about eight inches in length. "Thank you, Master Splinter."

"Your welcome, my son. I am very proud of you." He turned to their families, "I would like Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michaelangelo to meet their new brother, Alexander LaVelle Harris."

Cheering filled the room at that very moment. Xander received hugs from Buffy and Willow while Giles, Splinter, Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo, and Donatello shook his hand.

All of a sudden, a beeping sound was made.

Leonardo pulled out his communicator and fipped it open. Soon a picture of Casey Jones came into display. "Casey, what's up?"

Casey returned, "Leo, you better come back to Manhattan. We have a problem?"

"Problem?" Leonardo repeated. This turned everyone's attention to the communicator.

"Who you talking to?"

Leonardo asked, "Who's there with you, Casey?"

Casey Jones returned, "That's just my girlfriend, Faith."

Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles exchanged glances.

"We're going with you, guys. Faith's trouble." Buffy said.

"On our way, Casey." Leonardo said. Then he flipped his communicator shut.

The End

You have reached the end of "Slayer in a Half Shell". This story is complete.

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