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Mass Hysteria

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Summary: Willow has some interesting roommates.

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Multiple PartnerCarolFR1511,749146,34423 Feb 0323 Feb 03Yes
Title: Mass Hysteria
Author: Carol (
Rating: PG 13
Pairings: Willow/Gregory & Willow/Stephen
Disclaimer: Willow of BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon and associates.
Stephen and Gregory belong to Laurell K. Hamilton and associates.
I'm just borrowing these characters for a while to play with. I
promise to put them back when I'm done.
Buffy spoilers: AU after season 6
AB spoilers: Narcissus in Chains
Author Notes: This is in response to Jinni’s Quickie Challenge
for pairings #47 and #48.
“Cats and dogs living together. . .Mass

Willow had to wonder at how funny life turns out. Here she was

living in St. Louis with not one but two gorgeous guys. She used to

be the girl that guys only saw the brain. Now, she found herself

involved with twins. How weird was that?

Well, at least it isn’t completely normal. Like her life could

ever be just that? And most people would see being involved with

twins as something definitely not in the realm of normalcy. But she

isn’t referring to the fact that they’re twins. No, she is

thinking of the fact that they aren’t completely human. Willow

laughed at the thought that, ‘you can take the girl out of Sunny

D but you can’t take Sunny D out of the girl.’

Gregory and Stephen are sexy, blonde, exactly her height, and they

are both shifters. She thought she had done away with that when Oz

broke her heart. Obviously not. But at least they aren’t both

werewolves. No, only Stephen is wolfy once a month. His brother

Gregory is a wereleopard. So, she gets to have a puppy and a kitty

without the landlord knowing. She always wanted a pet. They

probably wouldn’t even mind if she wanted to put them on leashes.

They are just twisted like that.

But how did she end up this way you ask? Well, simply put, it was

completely Anita’s fault. She had the pleasure of making

Anita’s acquaintance while updating the office computers for

Animators, Inc. Willow works freelance as a computer consultant

based out of St. Louis.

She had quickly gotten to like the brusque manner that Anita

exuded. Willow was reminded a little of Buffy when around Anita.

It didn’t sadden her like she thought it would. Willow

couldn’t go back to the hell mouth after her rehabilitation. The

temptation to fall back into evil habits was just too strong. So,

Willow chose a new place that wasn’t filled with unhappy

memories. She needed to be selfish for once. Look where all that

self sacrifice led her. She was alone and a recovering magic addict.

Anita quickly bonded with Willow. Anita said that she didn’t

have many human friends anymore with the lifestyle that she leads.

Willow understood completely how unforgiving old friends could be

when faced with new changes. She didn’t judge Anita for her

lifestyle choices. She did find it all very fascinating though.

Since her life was so boring, she enjoyed living vicariously through

Anita. Anita thought that was hilarious when she found out. Anita

didn’t think that anyone would want to live her life. At least,

no one sane that is.

Anita was the one that suggested that Willow find a roommate when

Willow was complaining about her finances. Willow thought that the

idea had merit but didn’t want to just invite any old stranger to

come live with her. What if they were an ax murderer or a crazy

robot? Living on the hell mouth tends to broaden one’s horizons

but not that much.

Anita said that, “I’ll ask around if you don’t mind

supernatural roommates.” Willow said, “That isn’t a

problem as long as they don’t try to sacrifice me in some dark


Anita laughed and went about trying to find the perfect roommate for

Willow. Someone who wasn’t too demanding and would help the

redhead come out of her shell a bit. She figured that someone from

her pard would probably fit the bill. Most of them had been trained

to be submissive so Willow wouldn’t run into too many problems

there. But which one to ask?

Anita came to a solution by bringing Willow home with her one

night. Willow could meet the pard and maybe hit it off with one of

them. Willow agreed reluctantly. It wasn’t because they were

shifters. No, Willow felt a little shy to be meeting more new


Anita insisted and that was how Willow met Gregory. Gregory flirted

shamelessly with Willow. Willow couldn’t help but do a bit of

tentative flirting back. Gregory quickly agreed to move into

Willow’s place. He wanted to take a stab at a little

independence. Anita had been trying to instill that very lesson

into her little band of misfits. It had finally begun to take root

in Gregory.

It was very interesting living with Gregory. He was a stripper at

Guilty Pleasures. He had problems staying completely clothed when

lounging around home. Willow had finally convinced him to at least

wear boxers. She threatened that, “I will burst into flames from

embarrassment if you don’t put something on. Then what will you

do for a roommate?”

He laughed heartily and sauntered slowly back into his room to put

something on. Willow was glad and sad that she had finally beaten

that into his thick skull. He was very nice to look at but it was

completely mortifying when he gave her knowing looks at her lust.

It just wasn’t fair living with a lycanthrope. They can smell

when you’re aroused.

Willow enjoyed having someone to live with. It was comforting

knowing that someone worried if she was a little late getting home

at night. True, Gregory is far from domestic but he tries and that

is all that counts. He would cuddle with her on the couch on his

nights off. She could get him to watch chick movies as long as she

kept her promise to caress him. It wasn’t really sexual.

Shifters are just very tactile. Gregory needed the comfort of

touch. And Willow enjoyed being needed.

Also she got to meet more people having Gregory as a roommate.

True, they were all shifters also. Willow had to wonder at the

strangeness of some of Gregory’s friends. Cherry and Zane always

looked like they had walked off the set of some really kinky

pornographic movie. How much vinyl is really needed in one’s


Vivian was nice and lady like which was quite the opposite of

Cherry’s slut wear. At the time, she was dating Stephen,

Gregory’s twin brother. Stephen and Vivian came over quite a bit

to hang out. Willow got used to them always being there.

This of course changed when Vivian got tired of living with

Stephen. She felt stifled and wanted to date other people. It

might also have been the fact that Vivian is a wereleopard while

Stephen is a werewolf. Shifters have a tendency to only hang out

with their individual groups. This had to have put a strain on

their relationship.

Gregory convinced Willow to allow Stephen to come and stay with them

on a temporary basis. Willow readily agreed. She hated to see

anyone homeless. It didn’t hurt that Stephen was good looking

either. So, that was how Willow found herself living with not one

but two shifters.

They had put up a cot in Willow’s home office. She had to

rearrange things so that he would have some small amount of space to

call his own. He didn’t mind the cramped quarters. He seemed to

relish in getting to hang out with his brother full time.

Willow’s life became much more entertaining having both of them


They liked to play practical jokes on poor unsuspecting Willow.

Like one time, they managed to unscrew the shower head and put blue

Kool-Aid in it. That joke made for a very wet, irate and slightly

blue Willow. She verbally berated them a good ten minutes before

she realized that she was wearing only a towel.

She quickly blushed down to her toes and ran back to her bedroom to

the sounds of her dear roomies’ laughter. They called her

Smurfette for the longest time until she threatened them with her

mojo. They decided it was better for their health if they behaved.

That and they really didn’t want to be transformed into a kitten

and a puppy.

Stephen’s temporary stay turned into a more permanent basis.

Willow didn’t mind at all. One more person to help with the

bills. Of course, Xander disapproved heartily that she was living

with male strippers. She didn’t have the heart to tell him that

theyweren’t human either. No need to bring down the wrath of an

overprotective Xander. He would probably enlist Angel’s help in

bringing Willow to her senses. Willow didn’t want to be brought

to her senses. She liked it here. She wondered how she ever

managed before without her precious roomies.

But all good things come to an end or at least Willow thought so.

The light fun loving atmosphere in the apartment had taken on a

tense undertone. Willow wasn’t sure what to make of it. She

didn’t think that she had done anything to offend Gregory and

Stephen. They seem to be off by themselves more. They were having

secret conversations and Willow wasn’t privy. She became more

self conscious in light of that.

Willow was about to tie them down and force a confession out of them

when something finally clued her into what was really going on. She

was so used to being overlooked by the opposite sex that she

didn’t notice when she was getting looked at. She was pleasantly

surprised in the middle of the night after going to bed.

Willow woke up to Gregory curled behind her and Stephen wrapped

around the front of her. She was amazed that she hadn’t woken up

when they crawled into bed with her. She guessed that vampires

weren’t the only ones with a corner on the stealth market.

Willow felt very safe between her dear roomies so that she just

drifted off to sleep in their arms.

The next morning she surprised them both. She gave them a sleepy

smile and didn’t act at all surprised to find them in her bed.

She did give a demand though.

“If you’re going to make this a habit then you better buy me

a bigger bed. I would hate for you to get cramped or fall off the

bed in the middle of the night.”

So, they did.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Mass Hysteria". This story is complete.

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