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The Gauntlet

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Summary: Rupert Giles has been informed that Britain's wizarding world will become more involved in America's magical issues, notably the Hellmouth. To be blunt, they're sending Aurors. Buffy/Ron, W/T, Harry/Hermione, Rita Skeeter/Riley. AU. PG-13. Post-Voldy.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > DramaEvermoreFR151055,52711811,4592 Oct 0429 Nov 04Yes

Author's Notes

This story was based on a pair of challenges.

Challenge Number One: the Rita Skeeter and Riley Extended Mega Challenge of Death was posted by muchafraid to the Twisting the Hellmouth website on December 6, 2003. This is pre-crash, unfortunately, so the challenge isn't listed any longer.

It reads as follows:

I have been enjoying reading odd pairings -- and my friends and I were
trying to think of some of the more -- shall we say "difficult"? -- pairings
possible. Rita Skeeter came to mind, as she is a completely delightful
character, and also completely horrible. Who could she be paired with? The possibilities are virtually endless, but my mind goes straight to Riley.
They have so little in common on the surface, but oh, the passion that boils just beneath the surface. Rita and Riley. Both their names begin with 'R'. Mere coincidence? I think not. Clearly, these two are meant to be together.

The only absolute rule is that both Harry and Buffy must make at least a
cameo appearance. Include feathers in their outfits and you get a cookie.

Extra Points given for including the following words: Cinderella, poultry,
prison riot gear, gramophone, snickerdoodle, tulle.

Extra Extra Points given if you can work in the following actions: baking a cake, shaving the cat, and calling Buffy "that blonde chick".

You are a complete crossover god if you plausibly include with the following accessory characters in your story: John Crichton (Farscape), and Seth (The O.C.).

You may do to Riley as you will, but if you give him a spanking, I will kiss
your feet.

The gauntlet has been tossed. Takers?

Challenge Number Two: the Buffy/Ron Challenge was posted by Kamali to the TtH site around the same time. This challenge also no longer exists on the site. It reads:

Posted this on the other forum, thought I'd post it again here. If someone could write a Buffy/Ron Weasley fic, I would love you for life.

I have a few ideas, like Ron is an Auror helping to rebuild the Watchers'
Council, but any type of concept that is not stupid is acceptable.

The only thing I ask, however, is that Harry and Hermione be paired.
Anything else is of your choosing.

What do you think? Did I complete them? Let me know.

And thanks for reading!

The End

You have reached the end of "The Gauntlet". This story is complete.

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