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That Hocus Pocus Nonsense

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Summary: Carlos finds himself in a place not all that different from his hometown of Sunnydale, CA. 'Cept that it's a little too much like his hometown. (cross with Hocus Pocus)

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Movies > Hocus PocusJmariaFR1555,1450183,3604 Oct 043 Feb 05No

5. The Candle

Title: That Hocus Pocus Nonsense

Author: Jmaria

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Season 7 and the movie

Disclaimer: No, I don’t own them. Someone else thought ‘em up, I’m just jerking the puppet strings about. They’ll be returned as good as new, promise.

Setting: Ten years after the movie, mid season seven.

Summary: What they didn’t tell you. .

A/N: Ok, this story is only going to be ten to fifteen chapters long, mainly due to the fact that I lack the capacity to write something over fifteen chapters. Other than that, nothing new. I’m really not sure when the next chapter’ll be up.


5. The Candle

“A virgin clause?”

“Yeah, like if a virgin lights it on Halloween night when the moon is full, the witches come back to life.” Dani said, pushing through the front gates of the museum.

“In case you haven’t noticed - it’s the middle of November.”

“Well, yeah, but the book has loop holes. It could find a way to bring them back.” Dani murmured, remembering the thrall the book had put on them when they went to destroy it.

“If it’s so dangerous, then why don’t you just destroy it ?” Carlos asked.

“It can’t be destroyed.” Dani opened the door.

The crowd wasn’t as big as it had been yesterday. Dani led him through the museum to the back room, which was a converted closet. A mini-fridge, card table, microwave, and a coffee maker stood in one corner of the expanded room. Two folding chairs were tucked under the table. On the wall was an old fashioned time clock. Beside it was card holder, with each name labeled and a key hanging from the hook beside them.

“It’s real simple, you take this card that has your name, slip it in. Let it punch, pull it out and pick up the key on your hook.” Dani said quickly. She sighed. “Your basically gonna follow Ernie around today and get the info on the museum.”

“Wait, so this thing could be set off at anytime?”

“Well, you’re scheduled at three forty-five, and the clock turns off at ten. But I guess you -” Dani pushed the door back open and made her way out into the museum.

“Dennison, I’m talking about the book and the candle.” Carlos sighed.

“Yeah, it can still be set off, or they can be brought back another way. It’s really hard to say, because Max locked that book up the second we found it. He won’t open it, and he thinks it’s better locked up than in the hands of a potential evil witch.”

“Excuse me, is there a tour group going through today?” A tall brunette woman interrupted their conversation.

“Yeah, if you go over to the counter, Jay should be able to tell you when the next one starts.” Dani smiled brightly at her.


“So, are you gonna finish telling me what I have to do?” Carlos asked.


Amy Madison watched the two teens out of the corner of her eye. She plastered a big false smile to her face as she headed over to the dippy looking clerk. He was quickly replaced by a tall, dark haired man who looked a lot like -

“Larry?” Amy demanded.

“What was that?” He asked.

“Larry - from Sunnydale High, gradutating class of ‘99?”

“No, it’s Ernie. I graduted from Jacob Bailey High, Class of ‘95.”

“Wow, you look just like this guy I went to school with. Except he’s dead and was gay, unless you’re gay?”



“What can I help you with?” Ernie said flatly.

“I was told that there was a tour going through soon?”

“Yeah, in about fifteen minutes. Feel free to take a peek at our shop while you wait.”

“Thanks, I think I will.”

Amy glanced around the shop. The two teenagers were talking quietly, Amy tried to hear what they were saying. She needed to get to that book. Her safety depended on it, and if the Larry look alike here wasn’t going to cut it, the impresionable and gulliable ‘Miguel and Charity’ couple over there were her next likely means of getting it. Then she’d rule the world, or at least keep the slayer off her back for what she’d done to Willow last year.


Ernie stared at the freaky California girl. Then he got an eyeful of Hollywood Jr. and Dani giggling. Oh yeah, the Half-pint really wanted to make sure he was ‘well-adjusted’ to Salem. Ernie called Jay back to the coutner and made his way over to the two of them.

“Allison’s newest batch arrived, go stock em.” He told Dani, turning to face Carlos. “Come on kid, tour group.”

Ernie clapped a hand on his shoulder and led him over to the group of tourists. He put on the big phony smile and began the spiel.

“Welcome to the Sanderson Museum. My name is Ernie and this is Carlos.” He smiled and said quietly. “Wave Hollywood.”


“We’ll start off with the History of the house. Over here, is the cauldron the sisters used to make their ‘magical’ potions. If you’ll all follow me, we’ll head upstairs where the sisters used to sleep and conduct ‘wicked’ business of the times. Several liasons between the wealthy forefathers of Salem and the sisters took place right up there.” Ernie made his way up the stairs.

“Carlos.” Dani hissed.


“You dropped your key.” She handed it to him before going back into the shop.


Amy smiled as she watched the teens. This was gonna be like taking candy from a baby.

Ernie stuttered as he caught the look the crazy chick was giving the two teenagers. He had a bad feeling about this.

The End?

You have reached the end of "That Hocus Pocus Nonsense" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Feb 05.

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