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Distant Evil

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Summary: After a strange encounter during patrol, Buffy ends up on an adventure she never saw coming…In Middle Earth.

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Theme: FellowshipRogueAngelFR1313,3880132,1175 Oct 045 Oct 04No

Buffy the vampire slayer faced down her newest threat bravely, trying not to show how utterly unprepared she was for this attack. She gulped slightly as she prepared herself to face down...the bills. The kitchen table was covered with them. She sighed and shoved the papers away. Climbing to her feet, retreat never worked for Buffy but at the moment she could think of no other course of action.

She was out the back door and down the pathway on to the street before anyone could say the word 'patrol'. The town was dead, even for the undead. Buffy crossed the blokes without of much as a good staking. She gave an aggravated sigh, and loathed the thought of going back to the empty house. Dawn was at a friend's, the others off somewhere. That left Buffy to herself, and her own slayer duty.

Almost on a whim she headed towards the outskirts of the town, down towards the docks. The smell of fish and seaweed making Buffy to wrinkle her nose. She always hated coming down here, but it was a large vampire breading area.

The sound of scraping down a near by ally caught her attention. Frowning slightly she changed her direction and went in investigation. She paused at the entrance of the ally as she spotted three vampires rummaging around in some trashcans. She planted her hands on her hips and struck a poise of an annoyed parent.

"I mean really," she says to catch their attention, "I never thought you guys could get anymore disgusting. But I guess you proved me wrong. What are you looking for anyway?"

Together the snarled and charged her. The slayer threw a punch at the first one, using its own momentum to throw it backwards. She reacted to pull a stake from her belt loop of the jeans where she usually kept them, only to realise she had forgotten to get any. Her momentary lapse of concentration, gave the vampires a perfect opportunity to attack. One tackled her, sending them both back into a pile of wooden crates. They shattered under them and Buffy grinned, the idiot vampire had given her weapons against them. Snatching up a nearest piece of wood she drove it into the heart of the vampire on top of her, flipping to the feet as it turned to dust around her.

The others seemed to have learned from their late companions mistake, being more careful and attacking together. Buffy grabbed hold of one, throwing a kick at the other. Pivoting she threw the one she held into the other and they both went down. Buffy took her chance stepping forward to dust them both while they were both down. Moments later all that was left was their dust floating on the soft breeze.

Buffy stepped out of her fighting stance and headed back onto the dock, only to pause at the ally opening as a new sound reached her ears. It sounded like hooves on concrete, as if a horse was galloping down the dock. Just them a large black horse came into view heading straight towards her, its rider of tall figure wearing a flowing black cloak. Buffy froze her mouth slightly a gap. The large horse snorted and the rider seemed to squeal pulling a long rather cruel looking sword. No longer frozen on the spot Buffy turned and run, knowing this area was not a good place to fight such a thing, not that any place would be. The sound as hoof beats and jingling metal told her the thing was in pursuit, she dove aside rolling out of the way as the black horse thundered past attempting to run her down. She stood just as the rider turned his horse and headed back towards her.

Right at that moment Buffy wished she was back home doing the bills, or hell even in high school doing a math test instead of here facing down this thing. The black-rider came towards her, but this time the slayer stood her ground. Stepping aside at the last second as the thing past, she reached up to pull it from its mount. Only to it out a small cry of surprise and pain as she came in contact with it. She stepped back clutching her hand, feeling as if she had just dunked it in freezing water. She looked up with a new fear as the thing circled around about to make another pass.

She quickly glanced around for a weapon, spotting a metal poll laying not that far away amongst some cargo boxes. Buffy dove after it, snatching it up and turning. The thing came after her, it sword held for a ready strike. Again Buffy stepped aside at the last moment, this time swinging the poll like a bat at the horse legs. It connected with a crunch and the horse screamed in pain as it went down head first into the ground, throwing the cloaked rider.

The thing came up slowly, menacingly. But Buffy wasn't about to let regain any ground. Taking another batters swing, this time at its head, she sent it rolling sideways. It lost it grip on sword, which Buffy snatched up. Thrusting the weapon towards the thing, but it was its turn to dodge. The sword pieced its shoulder, and Buffy clenched her teeth was she used a large amount of her strength to hold it there.

The thing threw its head back and squealed, the sound seemed to echo around to dockland. It drew its hand arm back and backhanded her, sending Buffy reeling. Her cheek stung, and Buffy reached up and touched it, drawing her hand back she saw blood on her fingertips. She looked up regarding to thing with a cold fury. The thing seemed unaware as it threw back its head a squealed again. Suddenly a light surrounded them, all most as if a spot light was illuminating them. It was to blinding for Buffy and she shielded her eyes from the light.

It was almost like being underwater, as things seemed to loss gravity. Movement was slow and hard as her feet left the ground. She glanced around in a panic, noticing the same thing was happening to the black rider. Was it the cause of this? She wondered, as the light seemed to fade and become replaced with flashing greens and blues, shades of red. Black joined in until it surrounded her and suddenly it was all she could see. Then nothing.

Stars swam in Buffy's clouded over mind, and the world around her span fiercely as her eyes opened as slits. She clammed her eyes shut, as the desire to vomit almost over came her. Ether that or just faint again. A sudden unnatural and all to familiar piecing scream filled her ears, and Buffy's eyes shot open to the bright sunlight glare. It took only a second for her eyes to focus, before she could make out the figure standing over her. The black-rider screamed again, and struck out. The slayer rolled to the side, narrowly missing the creature's armoured fist as it hit exactly where her head had been.

Moving all her weight to the shoulders, Buffy used her legs and kicked out. Flinging the thing away from her as she flipped to her feet. She kicked it again, sharply before turning to the pick up the sword it had dropped. Another scream and Buffy whipped around, watching as the thing rose menacingly in front of her. It was the first time Buffy had seen the creature in proper light. It was huge compared to her, the long black robes making it look even more so. She gulped, as her eyes widened.

Buffy stood for a moment poised with its sword, before she turned and fled. She wanted to know, as much she could about is thing, so she knew how to fight it. But that meant getting out of this alive. It was only then that she noticed the change in scenery, the docklands where she had been the night before were gone, replaced by a forest of ancient looking trees. Vines, moss, ferns and other forest litter covered the ground causing Buffy the trip every now and then. She cursed under her breath, and redoubled her pace. How long she had run she knew not, but her breath was starting to come short, each gasp like an icepick in her lungs. Slayer though she was, she know she would not last.

Risking a glance over her shoulder, she noticed the thing wasn't in pursuit. Must likely realising that it couldn't catch her without its mount. But not wanting, to risk everything on a guess she continued on ignoring the burning for air that was building in her chest.

It was sometime later that Buffy stumbled to a stop, falling to her hands and knees, gasping for breath. She felt slightly light headed, from the exertion of energy. But she forced it down, and focussed on her surroundings. The faint sound of running water, was the most beautiful sound Buffy had every heard. Her head whipped around in search of the noise. She spotted a small waterfall trickling in to a small river of the clearest looking water Buffy had ever seen. She didn't dwell to long on that thought as she scrambled to the edge.

Remembering not to drink to fast, she took slow, small slips. Occasional dripping her hands and wiped it across the face and over her hair. She sat back, and enjoyed the feeling the cool breeze against her damp skin. After resting for a time, Buffy climbed to her feet sighing. She bent to retrieve the black-riders sword, maybe Willow could use it to look up what-ever-the-hell that thing was at the magic box.

She glanced around amount, before starting up again. She climbed over the dark rocks that surrounded the water, leaping from one to the other as she cross the water. She paused on the other side, and glanced back the way she'd come. She needed to find a phone or even a road, so she could tell where she was. Taking a deep breath she turned and continued on, there didn't appear to be any roads anywhere near.

How long she had been going she didn't know. She had stopped running some time going, and started walking. Deciding that since there didn't seem to be any roads, or building around it would be best to try and keep her energy. When day shifted to night, and the stars came out to play Buffy started to panic. Where had that creature teleported them to? If at all, the black-cloaked thing had been behind the lights display the night before, she thought frowning. Unless I've been abduced by aliens! She added with a smirk.

Buffy's strength had long since given out, and yet still she couldn't bring herself to stop. Occasionally she tripped over a protruding root or fallen branch only to continue to stumble on. She came across no road or sigh of any kind of civilisation, and her hope of finding any anytime soon begun to fade. She slipped in her footing, and fall to the ground, to tired to keep her balance. She landed flat on her back and let out a groan. Grumbling slight about how stupid trees, shouldn't let stupid roots stick out of the ground, she climbed to her feet, bending to pick up the black riders with another groan.

Taking the moment for a much needed break Buffy glanced around. Making out no familiar sights, her heart sank lower. Then a thought came to her, if the others had realised she was missing, surely they would come up with a way of finding her. She felt slightly better at this thought and quickly started moving again, only to come to another total stop as another thought came to her.

What if the bright lights that black rider summoned, was some kind of portal. She had heard all about Angel's adventures in another dimension. Buffy felt her stomach drop at the thought.

She had to find someone or something that could tell her the truth about where she was. Buffy started walking again a new determination in her stride.


The air seemed to get heavy, and the trees felt like they were beginning to close in on her. She could feel the age and power surrounding her, yet she also sensed the anger. Swallowing she tightened her grip on the handle of her sword, but she didn't raise it, thinking it might not help the situation.

She stood still for a moment, her eyes scanning the surroundings. Her slayer senses screaming for her for her to defend herself. But against what? What was it that created these feelings? It was as if the forest was alive around her.

"The sooner I get out of here," Buffy whispered to herself, "The better!"

She started to walk, going keeping her eyes on the trees around her. She rounded a corner, when suddenly a shout issued from before her. Buffy's head whipped around, eyes widening as she spotted the owner of the voice.

A short man, with a long red beard, wearing heavy looking armour. He hefted an axe menacingly. Bufy's eyes widened again in shock, as she took in the sight of him. Definitely not human, Buffy thought, and what the hell is he wearing? All such thoughts fled her mind as the little man hefted his axe and as if making ready to attack her, Buffy raised her sword, prepared to defend herself.

Gimli stumbled occasional, his short legs not long enough to step over the large roots that marred his path. He gripped his axe fearfully as his wide eyes took in the surrounding forest. Never would he have ventured in amongst these trees if he didn't have to, but he didn't have a choice, he and his friends search for their lost companions had led him into this accursed place.

The dwarf had heard stories of this place, of the evil that dwelled with Fangorn, and he resigned himself to being extremely cautious.

Movement caught the corner of his eye. Pausing he shouted ahead for whoever it was to identify themselves. No response came from behind the large trees, he planted his feet and gripped the handle of his axe tighter. What kind of creature would wonder the forest of Fangorn? He thought to himself, preparing himself for whatever came around the tree.

His jaw dropped when he caught sight if the figure. He schooled himself and hardened his expression, he knew from experience that things were not always what they seemed. He watched the girl, no woman came to an abrupt stop before him, her eyes growing wide.

"Who are you?" He demanded, "Are you a servant of Saruman!"

The girl blinked in confusion, her brow drawing together in a frown. The Dwarf repeated the question, his irk growing by the moment, and her silence wasn't helping. In Gimli's opinion, silence could be taken as an admission of guilt.

Buffy froze for a moment, before she willed herself to calm down. The little thing had begun to speak to her. His tone gruff and demanding, but Buffy couldn't understand a word he was saying. She had no clue what language he was speaking, - it didn't sound it anything she was familiar with, almost like it wasn't for her world-, yet having failed French in high school Buffy knew her grasp of languages wasn't a good basis.

The little man seemed to be getting more and more aggravated with every passing moment.

"Great! Just great!" she muttered, "I know I was looking for someone, but couldn't it have been a someone who spoke English!"

She shifted her stance slightly, trying to appear non-threatening yet it appeared that the effect was lost on the other. The way he was glaring at her was kind of unnerving, and the way he was gripping that axe of his was really wasn't helping the situation either.

"Hey," she said finally, holding up her hands in a gesture of peace, "Look I'm kinda lost maybe you can help me?" Then added as an after thought, "That is if you put that axe away?" The little man didn't reply but he did seem to become slightly disturbed.

"No?" she asked with a sigh. Damn, she realised. He can't understand me!

She stood still for a moment and took in his appearance. Once again struck by how odd he looked, in his almost medieval getup. Plus on top of that his dwarf stature. "Someone eat a poison apple?" she quipped, with a wiry half smile. The dwarf didn't reply, instead he continue to glare. "Great I had to get stuck with Grumpy!"

The girl was confusing him, she spoke a language he had never heard before, and appeared to act in a way that was taking him completely off guard. Gimli, more troubled than before, shouted over his shoulder for the attention of his companions, Aragorn and Legolas.

This girl was no mere girl, he thought, she acts in away no maiden would, and speaks a language non have heard.

"You our a servant of Sarumans!" he declared, "Tell me what have you down with our friends!"

Gimli watched the girl give an irritated sigh. He had to do something quick before she put a spell on him and the others. Hefting his axe, he sprinted towards her, intending to subdue her so she could answer their question. But he missed the action of the girl, tensing ready to defend herself.

Buffy could only gap as the little man began to sprint towards her, his axe held ready. He was within arms reach when he swung at her. Buffy moving with slayer reflexes ducked the powerful move rolling away. She flipped to her feet, and spun around, the black-riders sword held up in front of her. The dwarf's eyes widened at the slightly of the blade, Buffy felt a smirk beginning that promply faded when a snarl appeared on the dwarf's grizzly face.

He was infront of her again, swinging. Buffy blocked, attempting to knock the handle from his grasp. They stood weapons locked, testing each others strenght. This little guy is strong, Buffy realised. She wrenched her sword back and spun away, delivering a sharp roundhouse kick to the back of the dwarf head, he staggered his heavy helment taking most of the blow. Buffy backed off, she didn't want to fight. All she wanted she to find her way home.

"Look," Buffy said firmly "I don't want to fight you. But if you force me, I assure you, you will get a slayer style ass kicking."

Just then something slammed into her, sending her crashing to the ground. She heard yelling, as her head struck a rock and she was out like a light.


Hammer and tongs! This girl was strong! Gimli thought, strenghtening resolve that this girl was not what she seemed. The blow to the back his head, had made his ears ring, and it had taken all he had not to face plant the ground. He shook his head to clear it, when he noticed she was speaking again. For the first time it sounded like she was getting mad.

He was lucky, when his companions appeared. Aragorn tackled the girl, to the ground as Legolas stung his bow. It wasn't needed, the girl had hit her head and was knocked out. Legolas appeached Aragorn, gazing down at the girl.

"What happened?" Aragorn questioned glancing up at Gimli, who hovered coruosly near by.

"I spotted a shimmer of a moving object," Gimli begun to explain, "Between the trees, and then this girl appeared. She spoke a language I have never heard before, nor anyone else I would think.. I called for you two....and were the in all of the glittering caves have you been...." He glared at the two before moving on, "We fought, and then you came. She was strong Aragorn, very strong."

Aragorn seemed to notice something, and slowly reached out to pick up the girls sword. "A Nazgul sword." he observed.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Distant Evil" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Oct 04.

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