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The Girlfriend Problem

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Summary: Batman/BtVS drabble. An answer to the 1000 Drabble Pairing challenge.

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DC Universe > Batman > Buffy-CenteredPaBurkeFR1391,26225946,5436 Oct 0413 Jun 08Yes
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The GirlFriend Problem

The Girlfriend Problem
By PaBurke

Batman/BtVS 100 Drabble. An answer to the 1000 Drabble Pairing challenge. If I could find that webpage, I'd post this there but instead I'm posting it at Twisting the Hellmouth. I own neither universe. No spoilers.

Author's Note: In my mind, Dick Grayson is the best chance at a healthy relationship that Buffy can get. He's the right age, has a painful past but is well-adjusted, a bit of a bad boy, trains hard, has lots of neat gadgets that could help him keep up with the Vampire Slayer, and he doesn't kill humans. I'm not the first person to come up with this pairing. Someone else did a very nice, long, story with it and if I could remember whom or where, I'd tell you. Alas, you'll have to make due with my 100 words.


Dick Grayson smiled as he watched the gentle sway of his date's golden hair and the sexy sashay of her hips. Buffy turned and waved flirtatiously before letting herself into her apartment.

"She was the main suspect in a murder and was expelled from one high school for burning down the gym." The familiar voice spoke from the shadows to Dick's left. "Her second high school exploded on her graduation day under mysterious circumstances. You cannot tell her about Batman."

Dick had done his own background check. "Mind telling me how she unanimously got voted Class Protector?"

Silence answered him.
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