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The Coma

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Summary: Faith is still in her Coma, Willow and Buffy have been called ( with Faith ) to Hogwarts. Can they imagine what fate has in store for them.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherSlayergirlFR131310,3180179,32710 Oct 0422 Jul 05No

Illusions cleared

disclaimer-I only own the story line
- - - -
Then she was gone, leaving Buffy with a horrible sense of dread in the pit of
her stomach as she knelt in the mud "I'm not a front seat driver anymore...."
she muttered "damn it!"
~ ~ ~ ~
" Keep talking, someday you'll say something intelligent," snapped Hermione
as Ron yelled at her across the common room.

Ron's face was red as he tried to make his point " I'm just saying there's
something majorly wrong with what's going on here," he turned to Harry "lets
review shall we-first we get two brand new teachers from little old America
and some strange girl appears in the hospital wing, second girl wakes up and
madame Pomfrey is killed but apparently has no mortal injuries, third some
weird platinum guy shows up and keeps asking for fags. Whatever they are,
are we getting how strange this is!!!!!! "

Harry sighed " Ron we've been told not to leave the common areas we can't
get out."

" Since when did that stop us? " demanded the red headed boy exasperatedly
marching around the empty common room.

" Since I had to rewrite my essay so its five pages long," exclaimed
Hermione standing slamming her books shut and storming towards the girls
dorms " FRONT AND BACK! "
~ ~ ~ ~
Willow explained the situation as she saw it to Buffy " their keeping things
from us Buffy and the way I see it we cannot allow that!," the witch began
to explain what she had heard when she left Blaise at the bottom of the
stairs to Dumbledore's office.

" Albus! that girl must be eliminated! " Fudge hissed across Albus' desk
urgently " you know it, I know it, the Aurors knows it...."

Dumbledore gazed unblinkingly at him through half moon spectacles " Killing
her could destroy half of England," he said calmly " And I won't kill her
just to save you." Fudge faked looking shocked
" What! To save me!!! I'm thinking of these children..."

Dumbledore nodded " This girl has power, Voldermort (Fudge shuddered) wants
it, I'm doing all I can to try and obtain the girl but not being able to
tell the slayer and her friend because you forbid it isn't making it any

Fudge snorted " we're wizards..we don't need some witch and a slayer to
help us." He leaned across the desk to speak to Dumbledore " find her!!!"

" So the minister of magic isn't allowing him to tell us," spat Buffy
scowling while Willow nodded taking a bite of chocolate frog " looks that

" That is so mean," Will gave her friend an amused look " I mean....who does
he think he is?!" Buffy stood " I'd like to give that no good fatso a piece
of my mind," Will giggled grabbing her friends hand and standing " we need
to find Faith, fast!"

" On it."
~ ~ ~ ~
Lucius watched as the hell hound ran before him, if he found this girl he
would gain bountiful rewards from his master and having no mudblodds and
muggles around would be reward itself. But he doubted the girl had
spent all these years as a slayer without learning some amount of stealth.
~ ~ ~ ~
Sirius bent his nose to the ground his dog brain thought as he
sniffed again he sniffed the
footprint again and stood growling
~ ~ ~ ~
Xander fidgeted as he sat down beside Anya in the magic box " Stop
twitching! " his girlfriend shrieked " You're annoying me with all your
twitching! "

Xander gave her an annoyed glance " Thanks for the big comfort Ahn! "

Anya cast him an annoyed glance as she picked up Cosmo " you could be giving me many orgasms right now an instead we're here to see Giles," the Watcher came in just in time to hear his name mentioned but shrugged it off, used to Anya's complaints now " Buffy sent me an owl."

" I know," Xander said standing us nervously " she sent one to me saying
they were in deep doo doo."

Anya rolled her eyes as Giles cleared his throat " Yes well, she asked me to
send her any books related to slayer mysticism and wizard myth I can find
through muggle post," he handed them to Xander " I just need you to send
them for me."

Xander gave a nervous grin " glad I could help."

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Coma" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Jul 05.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking