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The Coma

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Summary: Faith is still in her Coma, Willow and Buffy have been called ( with Faith ) to Hogwarts. Can they imagine what fate has in store for them.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherSlayergirlFR131310,3180179,32710 Oct 0422 Jul 05No

The Coma

I don't own the characters only the story line
- - - -
In the small Californian town of Sunnydale things were quiet.

Well as quiet as a hellmouth can be.

" Good morning," Chirped an all to chipper nurse as Buffy walked in, still

rubbing the sleeping dust from her eyes. " May I help you."

" I'm here to see Faith Wilkins." She announced trying to sound as

annoyingly chipper as the nurse at the reception desk and she plastered a

fake smile on her face. " Which room please."

The nurse nodded causing her hat to wobble dangerously, she then smiled as

she stood up, " Are you family? "

The slayer found herself on a short fuse and answered through gritted teeth

" A friend."

A few seconds later Buffy let herself into Faith's room, " Hi Faith," she

greeted as she shrugged her coat off, throwing it over a chair nearby and

flopping into a chair next to Faith's prone form.

~ ~ ~ ~

Lindsey sat across from Wolfram and Harts new client, " Wolfram and Hart are

prepared to support and help in any decision you make, my lord," his

personal assistant handed his some papers " please just sign here."

A skeletal hand crept out from among the black robes that sat opposite him,

" I have your word? " asked a shallow gravely voice from somewhere inside the

seemingly endless hood of the cloak.

" Wolfram and Hart are at your disposal My Lord." The ambitious

young lawyer confirmed as he snapped his briefcase closed.

" Good! "

~ ~ ~ ~

Faith lounged back in the mayor's chair, " I like your chair boss." She grinned

then leaned forward to grab one of the chocolates on the plate before her.

" Now Faith," The Mayor stepped up behind her, his voice filled with smiles

" No more chocolate. I have those for the little nippers who are coming this


Faith smirked, " Maybe they could do without." She said, sticking another one into her mouth, licking her lips after she devoured it.

The Mayor chuckled and sat on the desk beside her. " You're too young

to start eating chocolate." He informed her, " One every now and then is

good, but you have to watch how many you eat." Faith grinned but then she

sat up when the mayor froze.

Her father figure toppled forward revealing Buffy behind him holding the

knife Faith had been given. She said nothing, but when her eyes met Faith's

the dark slayer felt perspiration begin to trickle down her neck.

She jumped up, charging across the room so quickly that a normal person

wouldn't have been able to keep up with her. Faith watched desperately as

Buffy began to walk towards her. Her movements were stiff, almost robotic as

she neared but her eyes were cold and Faith felt dread began to creep into

her gut.

" No! " in a desperate frenzy Faith dived out of the window and into the

street below, she knew that Buffy would follow, she turned and ran.
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