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Crossing Familar Ground

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Summary: (changed title from Crossing Ground) It wouldn't leave them alone, destiny, even when one of them didn't remember her own name

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CentereddragonfireFR1568,7860125,19811 Oct 0423 Nov 04No


A/N- To mention something about Buffy’s amnesia, she does remember a lot about the world in general, but doesn’t remember anything associated with Slaying, friends, family, or her life in detail.

From now on Heaven Claude is Buffy until she gets her memory back- and I’m not planning that until around Christmas at Hogwarts. The story will be long since I want to cover at least her two years at school.

I had planned to write Harry’s stay at the Burrow and do Sorting next time, but I had trouble writing tense but not overly depressing parts. So I skipped it and you get the awaited Sorting now. I never saw anyone do this type.

Please tell me how I’m doing, I don’t have much experience writing humor.

Harry took a great breath of air as he stepped through Platform Nine and Three Quarters. He was relieved to be going back to Hogwarts. The Burrow had been nice, but he had felt everyone was tiptoeing around him for two weeks. Mrs. Wesley was overly mothering. Mr. Wesley tried to smile, but never asked him about Muggle things as he was wont to do. He hadn’t seen Fred or George too much since they were busy with their business. The family’s relationship was still strained with Percy. Ron had been jumpy and awkward whenever he actually had to talk to Harry alone. All in all everyone felt it was best they were returning to school. The only Wesley not acting different towards him was Ginny, who had been busy with something most of the time.

Ron headed off to the prefect car after they said goodbye to the family. Hermione had gone a few days early for her new duties. There were no eligible seventh years for Head girl this year. Many students weren’t returning for term since Voldemort had returned, Gryffindor wouldn’t be the only house. So Dumbledore had taken a chance and given the position to Hermione. Harry had a feeling not many others would be too keen on being one of the lines of Hogwarts defenders.

Heaven owled him saying she would be in the last car. Harry couldn’t wait to see what the others, especially Gryffindor, would think of her. The professors seemed to like her, except Trelawney. Heaven had rather annoyed her by snide remarks and Hermione’s attitude. She had confided in Harry that she didn’t need an overgrown mantis telling her she was going to die considering her first memory was of standing on her grave. Even Snape seemed to like her. Of course Snape probably had as big a crush on her as she did- shudder.

He found her alone in a compartment and sat down. “So did you miss me?”

“No,” she deadpanned, but Harry could see a smirk.

He slapped a hand across his forehead like some Muggle heroine. “Tell me how you just didn’t wither away without my presence.”

“Harry, are you alright?” Ron had rushed into the doorway.

Harry rolled his eyes. “No, I was not having a vision, I’m fine.” Ron’s eyes darted to Heaven. “Don’t worry, she knows everything.” He looked at Heaven who had stopped giggling. “Ronald Wesley, Heaven Claude. She’s a new sixth year.” Harry looked at Ron who was staring open mouthed. Bloody Hell, it was Fleur Delacour all over again. “Ron, sit and close you mouth. Your fly catching techniques got old a long time ago.” Ron looked at him hurt. Harry shifted uncomfortably. Heaven mouthed harsh. He shrugged. He didn’t act foolish like Ron when a pretty girl was around…did he? He was deliberately blocking the Cho Chang fiasco.

They had been talking for an hour, with a few friends dropping by, when Draco Malfoy made his annual appearance. “Well, well, what do we have here? Potty and his friends… And who is this vision that must have walked in by accident? Allow me to introduce myself, I am Draco Malfoy of the London Malfoys. Who are you beautiful?”

“You look familiar,” Heaven smiled while Harry paled. No, no she could not like Malfoy, what about Snape? “This is the ferret I was telling you about.”

Heaven’s smile widened into a smirk when she heard Malfoy growl. “Oh, I wondered what I did with my vibrator. Harry, you must tell me when you see a pale white phallus shaped object walk by.” Malfoy stalked off without a word. Ron look at her in awe. “You out Malfoyed Malfoy. And I’m not sure if you insulted or complimented him.”

“And he’ll wake in the middle of the night wondering the same thing. I love confusing people, they make such lovely squeaking sounds.”

They all joined in the laughter. “She’s right about that. You should have seen her with Trelawney, Ron. I haven’t seen the old bat huff that much since Lee Jordan put an extra dose of Pepper-Up Potion into her tea last year. All Knowing Eye my ass.”

Heaven agreed, “Reminds me of what I believe Jay Leno once said, ‘How come you never see a headline like Physic Wins Lottery?” Ron was confused.

“Who’s Jay Leno?”


Hermione passed Malfoy stalking from the back of the train and somehow just knew Heaven was responsible. The girl had a knack for gaining the like of half the people she meets. And pissing off the other half.

Her theory was proven right when she opened the compartment door to find Harry, Ron, and Heaven looking smug. “Heaven Claude, what did you say to Malfoy that he’s acting like a rampaging hippogriff?”

“I called him a penis.”

A silence. “I have nothing to say to that,” Hermione sat down next to Heaven. Dumbledore had introduced the two when Hermione had arrived. She knew most of Heaven’s story; the Headmaster wanted her there when/if Heaven started to remember her past. Hermione hoped, but really doubted, that her new friend would be sorted into Gryffindor. “So how was everyone’s summer?”

Ron leaned forward, “Yeah you must have loads of story’s about America, Heaven. Tell us.”

Heaven got edgy, “Well, we kept to ourselves and I was privately taught. So I couldn’t really tell you much.” Harry changed the subject to Quidditch, hoping Ron wouldn’t notice. Heaven obviously didn’t want anyone else to know about her amnesia.


The quartet walked towards the castle after they’d arrived with no more incidences. Malfoy had shoved passed them still angry at Heaven’s remark. Harry whispered to her, “Actually, you called him a vibrator. I don’t think he knows what to do with a penis.”

Heaven snickered, “I’m sure he’s noticed it. After all, he does ride with a broom between his legs.”

“Heaven, do not sully the noble sport of Quidditch.” But she wasn’t paying attention. Heaven was staring at the carriages.

“What are those?”

Harry’s eyebrows raised. “You can see them?”

“Mean the scary horses with bat wings, check.”

“They’re thestrals. Nice, but still weird. Only people who’ve seen death can see them.”

Heaven tried to smile. “Guess we know something I’ve seen, huh?”


The carriage ride was quiet until Heaven suddenly sat up in her seat. “Heaven, what is it,” Hermione asked concerned.

“I just remembered something that according to the stories Harry told me, you might not like. I met the Defense Against Dark Arts teacher. Because Remus Lupin is a werewolf Dumbldore hired a teaching assistant so parents wouldn’t complain. Not sure why they would. But it’s, or should I say he’s, bad.”

Ron snorted, “Can’t be as bad as Umbridge. Or worse Lockhart.” Something about her face alerted him. “What?”

“It is Lockhart.”


McGonagall called Heaven away when they reached the entrance. They were still bickering about Lockhart as they took their seats. Neville had joined them shaking his head. “Apparently, something hit him on the head and he started to remember. There was no one else who wanted the position.”

“Well I think it’s wonderful news.” Lavender Brown had overheard. “To think what that poor man must be going through.”

Harry lowered his voice. “I agree, Lupin must be in Hell.” Lavender ignored them muttering something about infantile children. Harry looked around the great Hall noting how many seats were missing. Dumbledore must have noticed as well, but tried to keep a twinkle in his eye. There were only twenty first years. Hufflepuff had gotten over half, Slytherin the least. Harry nodded when someone said, “Small classes, huh?”

Dumbledore stood up when the Sorting was finished. The hat had sang a rather cryptic song. It said the same things as last year, but Harry got a weird feeling all the same. “Before start of term announcements, we have a special honor. Five exchange students will be joining us for most of the year. May I present from Salem Witches Institute: Doreen Hanners and Aimee Morgan. From Drumstrang: Gil Wulf. And permanent students: Victor Pryce and Heaven Claude, both privately tutored.” Harry’s eyes swept over the new students, but he noticed most eyes stayed on Heaven. Many in lust, but not a few with some jealously. He eagerly listened as Dumbledore called Haven first.

“Claude, Heaven.”

She sat anxiously on the stool. Heaven wasn’t sure she really liked everyone staring at her with something she couldn’t identify. When McGonagall placed the hat on her head ti began to whisper.

“Ah, interesting. Haven’t had one like you in many years. Oh plenty of courage and honor. A fierce loyalty to friends as well. Hmm. I put the last one like you in Slytherin. I see a darkness in your power as well as great ambition. I also see a keen intelligence. You would do well in Gryffindor or Slytherin. But I think it best you have a neutral place to prepare. You have a great destiny and there are qualities about yourself you have yet to realize. Yes, the best pace is,”


Relieved she went to her new table. How did the Sorting hat know all that about her when she could barely remember a thing. Vaguely, she also she noted the applause for her was one of the greatest yet, other tables had joined in.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Crossing Familar Ground" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Nov 04.

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