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Crossing Familar Ground

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Summary: (changed title from Crossing Ground) It wouldn't leave them alone, destiny, even when one of them didn't remember her own name

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CentereddragonfireFR1568,7860125,19811 Oct 0423 Nov 04No

Crossing Familar Ground

Title- Crossing Ground

Author- Dragonfire

Summary- It just wouldn’t leave them alone, destiny, even when one of them didn’t remember her own name

Rating-15 for language and imagery, may rise.

Disclaimer- don’t own either BTVS or HP

Distribution and feedback- ask and you can have it. But only in reviews since I haven’t checked my email in a long time

Timeline- post Gift and OotP for Harry Potter. Yes It’s another Buffy gets amnesia and ends up at Hogwarts. I think this one is taking a different route.

A/N- I’m writing this as I go along if you have ideas or suggestions I might use them

Pairings- I might have Buffy/Snape but it’s not a large part and more for entertainment. The story is more about Buffy and Harry’s journey. That’s why it’s in Buffy general

* * * * *

It was darker now. It was cold but not the chill she had felt before. There was no bright and loud. The old one had promised that. He had promised she wasn’t in Hell or that place she had crawled from. She was safe now, she didn’t feel the pain that attacked her when she had woke up. The old one had said dark magic had brought her back. He had said she had been dead and he had received a sign to help her. The dead part didn’t surprise her. The place she was before didn’t belong to Earth. But something evil had brought her back. It had to be something evil right, why would something good do that?

The old one couldn’t answer. She trusted the old one, something about the way he spoke, said she was safe.

There was another as well. She must have been in his space because the room smelled of him. There was also the scent of young life and things that were stored in jars on shelves. The old one had said it was a school for magic. She knew magic but it didn’t feel like the magic in the place before. The old one had told her many things including his name, but she couldn’t pronounce it. A lot of things were hard, but he said it would get easier. She would also remember more of the before, he had said she had amnesia.

Thing was, she didn’t know if she wanted to remember.

* * * * *

The two she was thinking of were outside the potions classroom discussing her at that moment.

“Well, Dumbledore, who is she? You disappear for two days in such a state that the members were saying you had seen a sign from above. You arrive back with the girl and take her to the school without answering any questions-”

“It was the residue of dark magic in the headquarters. It disturbed her.” Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Order Merlin First class, and leader of the Order of the Phoenix, interrupted.

“Regardless,” Severus Snape, potions master and a few other fancy titles, continued, “who is she?”

“I’m not sure, Severus, and I doubt she does either. Though I get the feeling she may be a great asset to the war, there’s signs of her being a possible Slayer.”

Snape tried to hide his shock. A Slayer! It was almost impossible. Older students were taught about them being warriors against evil, but they were more a Muggle curiosity and a secret even then. There had been no witch Slayers in hundreds of years. The Ministry encouraged thinking they were myths, more out of jealousy than anything else. Of course they refused to admit Voldemort had returned until they were attacked on their own ground. “So what are you going to do with her?”

“She will remain here until a private room is set up for her. After she is sorted into a house I’ll see what I can do. Perhaps this can fit into a few ideas I have for the new school term.” Snape rolled his eyes. Dumbledore’s ideas were the stuff of legends, and not always good. “Unless you have a problem with her staying here?”

“No! I mean no, I understand that she is a little sensitive to light and noise right now. I did hear her sleep murmurings last night. Where was she?”

Dumbledore sighed, “A very bad place, Severus.”

“I meant what are you going to do with her future?”

“Teach her. Whether she had magic before or not, and she wasn’t on an American school list, she does now. We keep her safe in the castle and Headquarters until she remembers or comes of age.”

“Will she remember her past?”

“I hope so. But I get the feeling she’s blocking it. You’ve seen her eyes Severus. She’s seen so much pain, perhaps this is meant to be a safe haven for her.”

* * * * *

She looked up as they reentered. Trying to quell her nervousness, she wondered what they planned to do with her.

Dumbledore smiled reassuringly at her. “Now my dear, I know things seem very strange right now. We’re going to do what we can to help you. In the meantime I want you to consider joining the school.”

“I have magic? I don’t remember having it before. I don’t even know how old I am. ”

“Well you have magic now for sure, quite a lot I might add. As for your age I’m just guessing, but with extra tutoring we can get you ready for sixth year. A few arrangements and supplies and you’ll fit in fine.” She nodded her agreement.

Snape was kind of amused. She didn’t seem hysteric or a blabber mouth as so many her age and situation would be. “But seeing as we don’t know your name, you will have to come up with something to be called,” he added.

Dumbledore mused. She seems so fragile and small, though anyone with experience could feel the power beneath her skin. She was almost beyond human like an-

“Angel?” Snape raised his eyebrow, though privately he agreed with the Headmaster who hadn’t realized he had spoken his thoughts out loud. But the girl shook with the force of her protest. “Not Angel.” There was something about that name, something bad and painful that tried to claw its way onto the surface of her mind that she pushed down.

Snape was intrigued by her reaction. “Well if we’re going to get flowery what about Heaven?” She smirked but considered. A funny feeling rose at it but not a bad feeling.

She spoke up, “Heaven seems good, if unusual.”

The others smiled, thinking it was perfect in a way.

* * * * *

Harry sat looking out his window. It was the middle of the night and he had woken from another dream. Not that this was unusual. He had had dreams about Voldemort before, and the more recent nightmares of Sirius’s death. His heart constricted at the memory of his godfather. It was still painful but he knew Sirius would want him to live.

Not that he was doing a great job of it mind. Everything just seemed so bland. Nothing caught his interest. He barely noticed the Dursely’s normal coldness toward him. He knew his letters to Ron and Hermione were the same. Their letters returned, dripping with concern. The only thing he responded to was any news of when he could leave. There was only a month to school so it should be soon. Privately, he wondered how the other students would look at him now that they knew Voldemort had returned. Would it be a return to hero worshipping and awe, or would they blame him like in second year.

Harry shook himself of these thoughts and returned to his recent dream. This one had been different. For the past two nights he had been dreaming about a girl. The dreams didn’t stem from hormones which was one reason he didn’t tell Ron. The girl was his age, but he had seen images that made her older. She was fighting creatures he had never heard of before, but knew they were evil. It was like he knew her, like she was family. He doubted it, but didn’t completely dismiss the idea. He felt that she was alone as he was. Oh sure, he had his friends and Gryffindor, but none really understood. None had prophecies predicting death.

Something had happened to the girl. Changed her, did more than alter her appearance. Her hair was deep red, almost like blood. Harry shuddered at what she must have seen and knew his own experiences were similar. Her eyes were a pure gold, large and expressive. In his most fanciful imagining he thought she was like a fallen angel.

Which must have been why the word Heaven kept running through his mind.
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