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10 Things D'Hoffryn Didn't Do

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This story is No. 1 in the series "They Didn't, Right?". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: 10 drabbles of 100 words featuring D'Hoffryn in assorted crossovers.

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Multiple Crossings > D'Hoffryn-CenteredLucindaFR15111,1170118,12912 Oct 0421 Nov 04Yes

Van Helsing

Gabriel Van Helsing chased after the vampire. The hunter had no memories of his past, no friends, and only the faintest hope of the Catholic Church telling him something of his past.

“He’s changed so much.” D’Hoffryn murmured, intently watching the chase.

“Is he one of ours?” Halfrek asked.

“We granted a wish that affected him.” D’Horrfyn spoke, purposefully vague. “He’s changed a lot.”

The hunter fired his crossbow, the bolt sinking into the vampire’s shoulder. He’d missed the heart, and the resulting fight was bloody. The hunter staggered as he walked away.

D’Hoffryn chuckled. “Soon, it will get worse.”

End 9 – Van Helsing.
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