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Fortune's Fools

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Summary: During the lead up to the final battle with Voldemort, Harry receives an unexpected ally in the form of a little-known Slayer.

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Chapter One - It Begins

TITLE: Fortune's Fools
DISCLAIMER: Harry & Co. belong to JKR. The other side belongs to JW. My imagination that glues these things together belongs to me. As far as I know.
SUMMARY: During the lead up the final battle with Voldemort, Harry receives an unexpected ally in the form of a Vampire Slayer.
NOTES: I had this idea, while watching season two, with a character I adore writing, and simply couldn't resist using it, since the timelines matched up so perfectly.


"I’m still not quite sure I understand this," Harry Potter said quietly.

Sitting in Dumbledore’s office, in front of the Head Master, his eyes kept drifting to the girl who was seated in the other seat in front of the desk, her hands folded in her lap and her eyes down demurely.

Late spring sunlight was pouring in through the windows around the round room, several of the occupants of paintings on the walls erecting sunshades with materials within the portraits.

The light also silhouetted the girl’s face and gave her a strangely ethereal glow that Harry was trying hard not to notice. He had been unable to really see her features because of the light and knew that had to be a good thing, because if she were pretty, he would only be distracted.

"Ah have been sent ta help ye," she mumbled, looking at him. His vision adjusted and he had to blink several times, staring at her in dismay. The girl ducked her head, a dark glow spreading across her cheeks.

The Head Master nodded to Harry. "This young lady has been provided by one of the muggle councils to help you in the impending battle with Voldemort," he said. "She will be capable of fighting the supernatural elements."

His eyes moving from Dumbledore to the girl uncertainly, Harry couldn’t help thinking it had to be some kind of joke. "Is... I mean, are you magical?"

"Ah-Ah-Ah am... that is... Ah am di Slayer..."

Oh wonderful.

Someone who resorted to using an acronym of ‘a homicidal maniac’.

"The Slayer?" he echoed, looking at Dumbledore, wondering if the old man had finally gone around the twist entirely.

Blue eyes twinkled at him and he couldn’t help feeling that he had missed something along the line. "I see you haven’t had a chance to finish your Defence Against the Dark Arts studies."

"Well, seeing as there’s an impending war coming up, sir," Harry hoped he sounded more sincere than sarcastic. "I thought that preparing myself to fight for my life was more important."

Dumbledore chuckled. "Ah, Harry," he murmured, rising to his feet. "Perhaps I should have explained a little earlier that this young lady is no mere muggle. And no mere mortal for that matter. She is the Slayer."

"Um... yes, we had covered that..."

"Perhaps," Dumbledore directed his words at the girl, who was fidgeting nervously in her seat. "You would be kind enough to explain to Mister Potter what a Slayer is and how it will benefit him."

"Of-of course, sir," the girl replied, shyly looking at Harry. "In every generation, dere is one. She alone will stand against di vampires, di demons an’ di forces of darkness. She is di Slayer. Ah-Ah am di Slayer and Ah have been sent ta help you fight dis Voldemort."

Harry gave her a look. "I still don’t understand how you are meant to fight."

"Ah am stronger dan Ah look," the girl said stubbornly, lifting her chin. "Ah have been fightin’ vampires an’ demons for a year an’ Ah’m still alive."

"When you say fighting vampires and demons..."

"She means it quite literally," Dumbledore answered for her, beaming. "She had acute senses and superhuman strength on her side, which means she is physically able to defeat subhuman creatures in hand-to-hand combat. Assuming that the demons have hands, that is."

A feeling of disbelief washed over Harry and he stared at the girl, who immediately went a deep shade of scarlet, her head down.

She looked so delicate and pretty, so utterly incapable of swatting even a fly. Black hair was braided elaborately over a tawny-hued, heart-shaped face, her almond-shaped eyes dark brown and intense.

However, it was the sad maturity in her face that he finally noticed, her expression serious and contemplative.

"’re a Slayer... how long does that ability last?"

She shrugged, twisting her hands together nervously. "Until Ah die," she replied, so matter-of-factly that he was convinced he had to be hearing things. "When Ah die, di next Slayer is called."

"Die? You mean die-die? As in dead?"

"It is di way of tings," she replied nonchalantly. "A Slayer is called and sooner or later, she will die, like di one before me. Den anudder is called ta take her place. It is di way it has always been."

"You don’t care that you might die?" Harry was stunned.

"Ah do mah duty," she replied. "If Ah die to save someone or someting, Ah have served me purpose."

Green eyes narrowed. "You do realise you’re mad, don’t you?" Brown eyes stared at him in confusion. Harry winced. "I didn’t mean to say that out loud, but honestly, you’re ready to die because you’re this... Slayer-thing?"

"Ah am not afraid ta die," she said, raising her chin proudly. "It doesn’t mean Ah plan ta let it happen any time soon. If Ah die, it happens. If Ah don’t, As will keep fightin’ as long as Ah can. It is mah destiny. I can not fight it."


Suddenly, Harry understood where she was coming from.

All his life had been leading to the point that would come in the final battle, where he would face Voldemort for what would - hopefully - be the last time. It was the final destination of his journey as he knew it.

If he defeated Voldemort or if he was defeated himself, then he would have fulfilled his purpose. That was all that had ever been in his future. He had no idea what he would do, if he came out on top.

"You’re willing to help us?"

The girl nodded. "Mah Watcher said dat Ah shouldn’t get involved wit’ battles between wizards, but dere are very dark powers risin’ and Ah have ta fight dem. Mah Watcher doesn’t know dat Ah have come here."


"He is mah guide and teacher."

Dumbledore cleared his throat. "Where does he believe you are?"

The girl shifted uncomfortably in her seat. "Ah was meant ta be goin’ back ta Sunnydale ta help di odder Slayer dere, but Ah could feel di dark powers gatherin’ here and t’ought dat Ah should help."

"Hold on... did you just say ‘other slayer’?"

"Ah-Ah did," she replied, ducking her head again.

"But you said there could only be one after the other one died."

She nodded. "She died...but she had a friend to-to revive her. Ah have fought wit’ her before. She doesn’t need me wit’ her right now. Ah t’ought Ah would fight here, den go and help Buffy."

"Your help will be gratefully accepted," Dumbledore said gently. "And now, I’m sure you’ve had a long journey. Perhaps Harry can show you to your room and get you something to eat?"

Standing up, the Slayer bowed at the waist. Harry couldn’t help noticing that she had a very good figure with a surprising amount of curves for such a tone figure. "Ah am grateful, sir," she said. "Ah hope Ah am not seen to be imposing."

"Of course not," Dumbledore replied. "Harry?" Harry blinked, jerking his attention away from checking out her tightly-clad figure. "Perhaps you can show our guest to one of the rooms and then show her where she can eat?"

"Of-of course, sir," Harry parroted dutifully, getting to his feet, mentally screaming all manner of obscenities at the Head Master, who beamed at him.

Damn it!

The year he finally had been able to get over Cho and focus completely on what was coming at school and in relation to Voldemort, Dumbledore had to go and find a girl who was even prettier than Cho.

"And Harry," the Head Master added. The seventeen-year-old wizard could swear his saw a wicked glint of mischief in the Head Master’s blue eyes. "I would be very grateful if you could keep an eye on our guest."

Damn, damn, damn!

"I-I don’t know, sir... shouldn’t someone else...?" Dumbledore flashed a penetrating look at him and Harry sighed internally. "Very well, sir, I’ll take care of... um..." At that moment a rather embarrassing thought struck him. "Er... I don’t think I caught your name, Miss..."

Raising her incredibly dark eyes to him timidly, she nervously wet her full lips with the tip of a pink tongue. "Ah...Ah am... Dat is..." she mumbled, twisting her hands together. "Mah name is Kendra."
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