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Surprise, surprise

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Summary: post Gift. Buffy isn’t brought back to life, Willow and Tarra take over protecting Sunnydale using magic instead of hand-to-hand weapons, Giles leaves them his library and returns to England, Anya and Xander break up and Xander leaves Sunnydale.

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Highlander > Xander-CenteredunicornzviFR1554,0560168,79513 Oct 0416 Oct 04No

Ch 5: Phone calls

I don’t own any of the characters or concepts in BTVS or HL
(although I may twist them to my own evil ends) and I’m not
making any money out of this

Buffy/HL X-over

post Gift. Buffy isn’t brought back to life, Willow and Tarra
take over protecting Sunnydale using magic instead of hand-to-hand
weapons and bring in a couple other Wiccans to help, Giles leaves
them his library and returns to England, Anya and Xander break up and
Xander leaves Sunnydale.

Duncan didn’t kill Richie. Duncan, Richie, Methos, Casandra,
and Amanda together defeated the demon. Casandra Hasn’t
forgiven Methos and still can’t stand to be anywhere near him
but has acknowledged that he isn’t the same person and she gave
up any homicidal intentions towards him

you like this please Review so I know you do. If you don’t
please review so I know what not to do next time.

the Story:

surprise Ch 5: Phone calls

half a dozen rings Methos fumbled for the phone, picked it up and
hung up. The second time Methos snarled into the phone “Go
Away!” before hanging up. The third time the phone rang he
decided to actually answer the phone since someone thought it was so
urgent to get hold of him. “Who ever you are you better have a
good reason for calling me so early in the freaking morning!”
He snarled into the phone.

I need a lift from behind the Seacover municipal recycling center.”
Richie said quickly before Methos could hang up the phone again. “I
got in some trouble and my back's broken. I need you to give me a
lift home.”

gamal h'olea calevet!” Adam cursed. “Why couldn't you
wait to get into trouble when McClaud's here to rescue you. Or at
least wait till a more reasonable hour.” Methos complained

I'd waited the insane new immortal would have had a very public death
and the way he acted when he recovered from his first death an even
more public waking which would have had you, me, mac and every other
immortal in the city running around for a week doing damage control.”
Richie answered acidly. “So you going to pick me up?”

... I'll be there in fifteen minutes or less, if only so that you can
tell me the entire story about the insane newbie you found.”
Adam replied much more cheerfully. “This sounds like the kind
of story worth getting out of bed for.”

that note the two Immortals hung up the phone.

took Xander nearly ten minutes of random turns, stops and starts to
become convinced he wasn't being followed. As soon as he was he
stopped the car and looked it over. The back seat was torched but the
fire extinguisher he kept under the seat was gone and there were
remains of powder from the fire extinguisher on the front seat
suggesting that someone had put out the fire. The Equipment in the
trunk was untouched and Xander pushed aside his bags and pulled out
his ax and three stakes from the hidden compartment in the trunk. He
put one of the stakes in the special sheath he'd sown into his jacket
and stuck the other two in his belt along his back where they
wouldn't be seen unless someone was looking for them. The ax he
placed against the passenger seat next to him with it's head on the
car floor. It would be a bit difficult to explain if he was stopped
by a cop but better that then not having it if whatever that thing
that was interested in him caught up to him.

Xander was satisfied with his weapon arrangements he started off
again this time in search of a cheap motel. After more then an hour
and a half Xander finally managed to get to the section of the city
where he could find a cheap motel and another ten minutes to find one
he liked. Three hours after he'd run over whatever the thing that had
caught him Xander was sitting in a motel room trying to figure out
what to do next.

Willow or Giles were obvious possibilities but since he didn't have
Giles's phone that left Willow and Xander was reluctant to call her
early in the morning as he knew she'd have been up till nearly dawn
either preparing magic traps for demons and vampires around
Sunnydale, clearing up those which had been rather messy, or running
her new Internet software company. For some reason both computer
geeks and demons seemed to work mostly at night.

unless the creature or one of it's buddies caught up he'd wait till
noon to call Willow. In the meantime he'd try and sort out what he
knew. He'd had his car break down but it was now working fine, or as
fine as it ever had since he got it. This didn't mean that there was
anything 'hellmouthy' about the break down as the car had acted up
before and then started working again just fine after it had cooled
down a bit.

he'd gotten into a fight with some gang which in hind sight was
because the gang leader picked up on the fact that he didn't think
they were a danger and took it as an insult. “Humans can
also be dangerous”
Xander reminded himself. Forgetting that
was what got him in this trouble. The gang leader shot him in the
shoulder and... Xander's internal review of past events stuttered to
a halt. He remembered being hit in the shoulder. He remembered the
pain and the spray of blood and the wrenching agony as he used that
arm to fight the hoods. He didn't however feel like someone who'd
been shot should feel.

His shirt and jacket Xander found two holes in the shirt. One in the
shoulder and one in the middle of the chest and one hole in the
jacket's shoulder. The shirt was also soaked in blood around the hole
in the shoulder and a few stains around the one in the chest. What he
didn't find was any scars or signs he'd been hurt. Not even the
bruises he'd have expected given how he felt when he ran away from
the creature that had taken him.

changed the situation. He could no longer afford to wait until a
reasonable hour to call willow. Picking up the phone he dialed the
number he still thought of as Buffy's number. The phone was answered
on the first ring and Dawn's voice began to inform him he'd reached
the offices of Will o' the Wisp computer resources. Xander didn't
bother waiting for the message to run through telling him their
office hours and offering to get back to him if he left a message.
Instead he hit the asterix sign three times then 666 then the number
sign. The automated phone system Willow and Dawn set up accepted the
emergency code and after only two rings a breathless Willow answered
the phone.

What happened? Xander? Are you ok? Where's the apocalypse?”

down Willow.” Xander told her. “I'm in Seacover, I don't
think there's an apocalypse but something really weird happened and I
don't know what's going on.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Surprise, surprise" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Oct 04.

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