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The Destroyer

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Summary: With the First gone, what of its rivals?

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Movies > GhostbustersmatthewFR131549012,10815 Oct 0415 Oct 04Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing, much as I’d love to.

Author’s Notes: Spoilers though the end of Buffy and a bit of the first Ghostbusters movie. Oh, and the capitalizations aren’t a mistake, they’re because I’m talking about gods. I'm calling it complete for now, but we'll see where inspiration takes me

Summary: With the First gone, what of its rivals?

“I want to see how this ends,” Spike repeated softly to himself as Buffy raced for the stairs. He could feel the pure, concentrated sunlight burning through his dead flesh, flowing in his withered veins. He watched as the Turok-han burst into flame, burning to ash as the pocket dimension collapsed in on itself. He smiled, thinking how he’d always known he’d go out with a bang. What he hadn’t expected was reaction of the First. As the brightness touched scowling mockery of his slayer, She gasped in shock and dismay. Spike’s last thought as his disintegration into dust spread from his chest outward was one of great satisfaction. It looked like Buffy had gotten her wish, after all. The First was definitely hurting.

The First gasped in disbelief as She felt it. Her army burning to dust, She had been about to leave, ready to plot revenge. Then She felt the light. It tugged at her, grasping, clinging, keeping her in place. She brushed at it with her power, only to have its hold grow stronger, absorbing and transforming the power She sent against it, such that the harder She strove to break free, the stronger its hold became. She was trapped. It was impossible, unthinkable! She was the First Evil, the thing the darkness itself feared! And yet the light held her in its cacoon, smothering her attempts at escape, holding her fast. Her screams of denial shook the very foundations of the world, carried on the wind to the corners of the Earth and beyond.


The sleeper stirred, consciousness coming returning at last. It had been over a millennium since it had last awoken, but now it stirred again. Tentatively, stealthily, it tested the chains which held its power fast, the chains inflicted upon it my the Mother of Darkness, the Queen of Dread, the First Evil. Oh, how they had battled, that fateful day millennia ago! He, for it was undeniably male, strengthened by the might of thousands of worshippers, a mighty god of chaos and destruction. She, the whisper on the wind, insubstantial, yet possessed of the might of the universe itself, who knew, who was, all secrets of the dark. In the ancient land of Sumeria, they had fought, magic against magic, power against power, strength against strength. The skies stormed and boiled, the land itself had erupted into fire as they raged one against the other. Finally, She cast him down, binding him in Her darkness and imprisoning him in the Outer Void.

The sleeper tested his bonds and found them gone. Still ever cautious, He sent His gaze throughout the Void, but saw no trace of his jailer. Emboldened, he stretched his consciousness across the gap between the planes, seeking the Earth from which he had been banished. He found much changed. The great demons had passed, the gods no longer walked among men, and even such magic as mere mortals could wield was relegated to the shadows, only the smallest hint of its former glory. Best of all, he found his captor Herself captured, bound in light and prevented from interfering. Nothing could oppose him. Gozer the Destroyer laughed as he fixed His gaze on the city whose inhabitants called it New York. His day had come at last.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Destroyer". This story is complete.

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