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The Necronomicon Reopens

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Dark Forces Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Evil Dead Crossover. Faith and Xander leave Sunnydale to start a new life and move to Nevada. Faith has an Uncle in Nevada, Ash. Trouble Awaits. (F/X)

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Chapter 7

Title Series: The Necronomicon Reopens
Rating: R
Chapter Title: The Tables are Turned
Author: White Werewolf
Category: Faith/Xander Jenny/Ash
Spoilers: "Who are you?"
Distribution: Ask and you shall receive
Summary: Xander helps Faith redeem at her Uncle Ash's place in Nevada.
Trouble awaits.
Disclaimer: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer is owned by Whedon, Fox, and UPN.
Raimi, Tapert, and Rennaissance Pictures own Evil Dead. The game is
owned by THQ.
Author's Notes: I believe that the game didn't do to well. The only thing I'm using from
it is Jenny. Ash moved to Hawthorne, Nevada. denotes

***Walker Lake***

Micah walked over to where Jenny was sitting. He knelt down to face her.

"How is our precious Jenny doing tonight?"

Jenny glared at him. That was basically the only thing she could do. She tried to speak, but the
gag restrained her. The blond kept wondering where her boyfriend was.

Micah flashed a malevolent grin. "Why don't you say something?"

She did nothing except stare into oblivion.

"Oh yeah, you can't." He then chuckled a little. Micah got back up and lowered his head a little
to see Jenny in the eyes. "It will all be over soon."

Micah spun around and spotted David reclining against a tree.

"Anything to report, Master?"

Micah returned, "Indeed, David. . ." Micah returned. "I'm ready for tonight. I have studied the
Necronomicon, and am ready to arise the deadites. I also found something interesting."

"Oh?" David asked with interest, "do tell."

Micah nodded, "I found a spell in this book. "The spell has allowed me to control Faith. She
should be here soon, if I am correct. I feel that Ash and Xander should be running after her.
Soon, we'll have the deadites, and the end of Ash, Faith, and Xander!"

"And then to the Hellmouth, right Master?" David asked, intrigued.

Micah nodded, "Correct, David. I'll make sure the Dark Forces know that you helped taking
over the world."

"Thank you, Master."

Micah took out the Necronomicon from his under his arm, and opened it up to a folded page.
He began to chant, and soon felt the ground shake.

"Deadites, arise!"

***Streets of Hawthorne***

One Minute Prior

Faith walked down the dirty path alone. She kept chanting Micah's name over, and over. Faith
had no control of her actions. It was terrifying her. Inside, Faith's mind was in agony. She kept
trying to break free of the hold on her. Only two people could save her now.

Xander and Ash were a few yards away from Faith in the older man's car. They kept calling
her name, but she wouldn't answer. Then all of sudden, they felt the ground shake.

"Earthquake!" Xander yelled.

Ash shook his head. "Afraid not, kid. Deadites are coming."

He thought for a moment. "How good are you at guns?"

Xander smirked at the comment, "pretty good if you ask me…why?"

Ash glanced at him a few moments from the road, "Because, we're going to need them. I got
three rifles in the back, daggers, swords, and my chainsaw."

"You brought weapons?" Xander asked, a note of surprise in his voice.

Ash nodded, "Yeah, when you and Faith told me about Micah having the book, I knew that
deadites were on the rise. So, I packed some in the back before we left for Chuck's."

"Oh," was his reply. "at least I can use my new eye now" Xander looked at Ash. "Do you
think Faith will be ok?"

Ash couldn't help but laugh. "If you only knew."

Xander didn't know what Ash was talking about. "If I only knew what, Ash?"

Ash shook his head, "As much as I like you, kid, I believe Faith should talk to you only about

"Okaaay," he drawled out. Xander looked out the window, and soon saw Faith sprinting to
wherever she was going.

"How do we get her back?"

Ash returned, "We'll get her back, Xander", Ash returned, "We'll get Jenny back too."

Xander wanted to try something. He thought for a moment, and soon his vision magnified one
hundred times his normal vision, "Jeez!"

"What was, kid?"

Xander was still getting used to his new eye. "I was looking at the lake, and it was really intense,
but then a buncha people started to rise from the ground."

Ash knew exactly where they were headed. "Shit," he cursed. "We're off to Walker Lake." He
immediately sped up, and soon was driving next to the sprinting form of his niece. Xander?"

"Yeah, Ash?"

Ash gestured towards Faith with his head, "Grab her!"

"What?" Asked a surprised Xander.

"No time to argue, kid. Do it, NOW!" Ash bellowed.

Ash slowed down the car so they could be next to her. Xander knew that Faith was too strong
for him, and he knew that she would be hard to control. "Faith, can you hear me?"

Faith didn't respond. All she did say was, "I'm coming, Micah." However, her mind was
screaming just the opposite, a unending loop of

Xander didn't know what to do. The only thing that came into his mind was to grab her. Then
he remembered something. Ash told them that the only way to comeback from being a deadite
was love. Xander realized that this magic or whatever took control over her had to be from the
Necronomicon--and if love can bring back people from being deadites, then maybe, just
maybe, love can break the spell.

Xander had to think, and fast. "Was it true? Was he in love with Faith? He had to think
carefully. Xander realized that Faith was the only one that didn't take him for granted.
Recently, she has found to give him appreciation. He remembered the 'almost kiss.' He
certainly was attracted to her, and how could he forget her taking away his virginity. He
enjoyed her company the last few days and he knew that she cared about him too. Xander
realized that he was in love. He was in love with Faith Williams. That was what he needed to

He turned to Faith again. "Faith, I don't know if you can hear me, but I love you."

Faith slowed down a little, but she didn't respond.

He tried again. Xander grabbed her and swung her body over the car door and placed her on
his lap. She tried to struggle free, but couldn't. "Must go to, Micah." Inside Faith's mind, she

Ash looked at the two, "Come on, kid," Ash knew she loved him, and if anyone can get her
back, it would be Xander.

Xander wrapped her in his strong arms. He forced her to look at him. Xander placed his
hands on each side of her face. "I love you, Faith. I'm in love with you."

Tears started to emerge in her eyes. The spell was starting to die. "Xander. . . " She said in a

Xander nodded. He kissed her on the lips. It was a gentle and innocent kiss. He pulled back
a little, "Come back to me please, Faith. I love you."

That was enough for Faith. Her mind soon found permission from her mouth to speak. "I love
you, too."

And with that, Faith pulled Xander into her embrace. She just enjoyed the feeling of being held.
The Slayer loved it. So, did Xander.

"Uh, kids," began Ash, "Its great to have you back, Faith. But we have Micah to stop."

Faith pulled away from Xander. She got off of him, and sat down in the back "Right, guys.
Let's do it!"

Ash flashed a smiled. He pressed harder on the accelerator, and drove. All of a sudden,
something jumped on top of the hood. "I'll swallow your soul," it screeched.

Ash knew exactly what to do. "Xander, get the gun from the glove department. Shoot it!"

"Right," Xander did as he was told, and pulled out the revolver. He pulled the trigger and the
bullet exploded from the gun to puncture straight through the deadite's ragged neck.

The deadite grabbed hold of Xander's neck and brought him to face its face. "You shall never
get the Necronomicon."

"Shoot again!" Ash yelled.

Xander shot the gun. Three more times. Three more bullets exploded which left a ringing in
Xander's ears, and the deadite lost it's grip on his throat; Despite detaching the deadite! Xander
still had to take a minute or two to catch his breath.

Ash parked the car, and said, "Everybody out, and load up!"

The three jumped out of the car, and headed for the trunk. Ash opened it, and pulled out a
dagger for his pocket, and placed his rifle on his back. Then he attached his chainsaw. Faith
grabbed two daggers, and a sword with a sheath. She wrapped the belt with the sheath
attached around her waist. Xander grabbed a rifle, and two daggers. Ash looked forward and
saw deadites coming. "Come get some."

Deadites were coming from all directions. Xander scanned Walker Lake, and soon found
Micah holding on to the book.


Ash spun around at the mention of his name. He had just decapitated one of the monsters.

"What's up, kid?"

Xander pulled the rifle from its holster, then aimed it at a large group of deadites that were
quickly approaching. One tug and a kick later, two rounds soared through the air, one hitting
and knocking down an unlucky corpse, "I see the book."

Faith grabbed hold of one of the monsters by the head and threw it against some charging
deadites. "Where, Xander?"

Xander gestured with his head to their enemy. "Micah's got it."

Ash only had one thing on his mind. And that was Jenny. "Do you see Jenny?"

Xander sighed as he kicked a deadite in the guts. "Nope. Sorry Ash."

Faith slapped one hand behind a deadite's head, and another with her other hand. Then she
brought them together so fast, that the two skulls cracked. The brunette warrior smirked, "I like
the sound of that."

Xander soon found himself being swarmed by deadites. The young man was in trouble. He
thought the rifle was too much of a hassle. He dropped it, and pulled out his two daggers.

"Much better," he said as one corpse lunged at him. Xander drove a dagger into the deadite's
chest and used its strength against him. The young man threw the deadite over his shoulder and
it landed onto another deadite. Ash's new friend used the daggers again to de-limb his

Three more were charging towards the 'one-eyed-wonder' as he cleared away the two other
deadites. Xander did a somersault a few feet back and picked up the rifle. "Fire in the hole,"
and he rattled off six shots.

Then two more deadites came from behind Xander and took him by surprise. They each
grabbed an arm, and one started punching him in the head.

"Swallow your soul," they kept chanting, "we'll swallow your soooooul!"

Xander felt like a ton of bricks kept landing on his face. He needed help, but his two friends
were already occupied. With a surge of strength, the former Cyclops took a dagger and swung
it backwards until it hit something. Then with the now free arm, Xander was able to grab the
other deadite by its neck and threw it over his shoulder.

Faith missed the action. Lately, it seemed that her slayer skills weren't getting used. However,
the deadite infestation was what she needed. The Slayer twirled the sword from her right hand,
and got into a fighting stance.

Five deadites ran to the slayer. One fell to the ground thanks to a leg sweep from Faith. Faith
grinned as she straddled the deadite. She took the sword and drove it into the chest captivity,
"I always liked the top." Then she quickly decapitated it, just to make sure the deadite was
done for.

Two deadites grabbed hold of the Slayer. One grabbed her right arm, and the other grabbed
the left. Together, they tried to pull the arms out of the sockets like if she was a wishbone, and
the deadites were trying to get the better half. Faith smirked, "Easy boys.
"Don't want to overstrain yourselves. Here, let me help you unwind." She then managed to
curl up her arms, and then opened them up really fast. This sent the deadites spinning.

Faith then jumped kicked a still spinning deadite, and knocked it to the ground. She picked up
one deadite by the wrists and flung it to the other one that was spinning. The two crashed
together a few feet away from her. The brunette warrior took out her two daggers after she put
her sword away, and jumped in mid-air. Faith threw the daggers and they imbedded the sharp
end into the deadites' foreheads.

Detecting deadites approaching from behind, Faith retrieved and then threw the daggers over
her shoulders. The squelching noise from behind assured her that her weapons hit directly in
their abdomens. Then she unsheathed her sword and decapitated them. Their heads rolled off
their shoulders and crashed into each other. Faith picked up a head and said, "I knew this guy
would fall head over heels for me."

Ash revved up his motor. Four deadites were circling him like a pack of Veloraptors did before
they killed their prey.

"Come get some," he said as he beckoned with his normal hand for the creatures to come
closer. "I could use the exercise."

The four deadites looked at each other, and then back to Ash. They charged the older man
fists first. Ash swiped the chainsaw's sharp edge through the chests of two of the deadites
splitting them in half. The remaining two deadites that circled him said, "Swallow your soul."

"Don't you say anything else?" The deadites didn't show a response.

"Guess not. Anyway, meet my friend, Buzz." Ash used the chainsaw and decapitated them
easily as if they were made of tissue paper.


Ash then scanned the area. A whole group of deadites had formed a huge circle. The problem
was that Ash, Faith, and Xander were in the middle of it. The deadites edged closer making the
circle tighter. Our heroes soon found themselves with their backs touching.

"Shit," Faith cursed, "They're everywhere." She unsheathed her sword again and placed her
hands together at the handle. "Just like the way I like it."

Xander smirked, "You two really are related."

Ash showed a confused look. "So, what's your point?"

Before Xander could answer, the deadites charged inward. The deadites charged toward them,
each one screeching discordantly yet with an odd hive-like similarity that they would "swallow
their souls."

Xander shook his head. "Damn, they're so predictable."

He took his rifle and shot wildly amongst the deadites. Some deadites fell to the ground like a
ton of bricks. He soon found a third of the circle approaching him. One of them came forward
faster and began sparring with Xander. Due to the sparring, the rifle was dropped, and the
deadite took that as its advantage.

The deadite shot an uppercut sending the metal-eyed Xander a few feet back. The flying
Xander landed on Faith. "Get off of me, Xander. We have deadites to fight," she said.

Xander nodded, and pulled himself off of her. He helped her up, "Sorry, Faith. Wasn't my
fault. A deadite sent me flying."

Faith shrugged, "S'okay. It's clobbering time." With that said, she sped off, and headed for
more deadites.

Xander shook his head. "Whatever you say, Thing." He magnified the lake again, and this time
saw nothing. Xander didn't like the sight of that.

All the deadites collapsed to the ground. Faith, Xander, and Ash exchanged confused looks.
Smoke appeared in the middle of the circle. When the smoke cleared, Micah teleported in.
Beside him, sat a gagged Jenny.

The heroes started to move for Jenny, when Micah pulled out a sharp knife. He placed it along
her neck with it, "Doesn't this look nice, Ash. We have the love of your life in our hands, and
you can't do anything to save her."

Ash grunted, "Want to make a bet?"

Micah laughed, as he picked Jenny up by the neck. "Sure, Ash. I bet you can't stop me in less
than ten seconds to save your lover." But before Ash could make an attempt. Micah twisted
Jenny's neck so fast that it broke. Killing her instantly. "You lost! Now, pay up with your life."

"Jenny!" Ash screamed. He immediately charged Micah and fought while choking the tears
down his throat. Rage ran wild in his body. It flexed with complete anger. Ash just lost
another girlfriend to that damn book.

During the charge, Ash took off his chainsaw attachment, and threw it on the ground. He pulled
out his dagger and was about to ram it into Micah's chest when the young villain waved his hand
as he chanted a quick spell.

Ash immediately found himself in mid-air.

"What the hell?" He didn't understand what was going on. He tried to get to the ground, but
couldn't. Ash was floating. He tried to say something else, but soon realized he couldn't

Faith and Xander looked up at the form of the floating man in awe.

"What the?" Xander asked, stunned. Then Xander found bright light surrounding him. Within
the next few seconds, Xander disappeared.

Faith's eyes widened as Xander vanished. She had no idea where he went. "Bring him back,
NOW! Also, let my uncle go."

Micah shook his head. "Sorry, but no. The only way that you could have broken from my spell
earlier was if somebody that you loved told you that they loved you. So, that means Xander
and you love each other."

Faith knew that was true. "So, what's your point?"

Micah walked up to Faith and grabbed her arm. She tried to struggle free, but couldn't. Micah
was too strong for her. "It means, that you got over me, doesn't it?"

Faith glared at him. "I got over you a long time ago, Micah." She took her free hand and
grabbed her dagger. The Slayer launched her armed hand at her enemy. But Micah
intercepted it. He took the dagger out of her hand, threw it to the ground, and forced a kiss on
her lips before she could defend herself from it. She tried to get loose, but Micah brought his
hand to the back of her head, and pulled her in.

He withdrew a few seconds later, and stared at Faith. "God, I missed your taste."

As her response, Faith spat at him. "I haven't missed it. Now, let them go!"

Ash could only watch and winced. It hurt him that he couldn't help his niece. He didn't even
know where Xander was.

***Unknown Cave***

Xander fell to the bottom of a pit. He got up and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Damn," he muttered to himself. He looked around and his night vision started to function.
Everything was in green, but he could see clear as day. He saw someone standing in the

He magnified his eyesight twenty times its normal vision, and soon found out who it was. "What
are you doing here? I thought you would be with your precious Master."

David shook his head, "Micah flipped."

"Really?" Xander asked with sarcasm. "Why are you here?"

David returned, "Let's just say that he went power happy, and thought he could do with you
alone. Deadites were just too weak."

"Too weak?"


Xander shook his head, "So, Micah thinks he's omnipotent." David nodded, "Where are we?"

David shrugged, "Don't know."

Xander remembered something. "Can't you teleport?"

David nodded, "Only when the Master gives me power. I only have enough for one more trip,
but I don't want to waste it." He then saw Xander's new eye.

"Like the new eye."

"Thanks," Xander answered, his tone dismissive, "But back to the problem…don't you know
where to go? I mean, you were with him at Walker Lake."

"True, but he knows when his powers are getting used. And if he senses that I'm close, he'll
teleport me somewhere else, and what I had would be gone. So, it would be a waste."

Xander thought of something, "If I can help you get out of here, will you take me with you? I
have to help Faith and Ash."

David nodded, "Yes, Xander. I will. Plus, I want to see Micah dead."

Xander was surprised, "What? I thought he was your friend."

David decided to tell Xander the truth. "It wasn't my choice to work with him. Micah wanted
to come back to Earth, but the Dark Forces needed someone to work with him. Nobody
wanted to do it. So, he brainwashed me into coming. I volunteered while under the influence.
They needed someone to watch him, and when that someone is brainwashed, Micah could do
anything. I was needed because they felt Micah would become mad with power. And he did.
As soon as he found the spell for body control in the Necronomicon, he went into overload. I
started to remember things and he was in a hurry. So instead of re-brainwashing me, he sent
me here instead for the time being. I don't know where here is."

Xander used his thermal detection so that if he lied, his body temperature would go up. It
didn't. That meant he was telling the truth. He then used his x-ray function to see where they
were. He saw what looked like a road with buildings surrounding it. Xander realized where
they were. They were in a cave on the way to Hawthorne.

"We're in a cave that's next to the road Faith and I came from Sunnydale on. Just teleport us to
Ash's house. I have a car there, and we can use that."

David nodded, and chanted some magic words. Smoke appeared and the two disappeared.

***Walker Lake***

Twenty Minutes Later

Micah right crossed Faith and she intercepted with her left hand. "I'll tell you again. Let them
go. You really don't want to make a slayer mad."

"Fine," he waved his hand again, and Ash fell from the sky. Then he foot swept Faith. This
caused her to fall to the ground. Micah stood over her and grabbed her by the collar. He
brought her face to face with him, till they nearly were touching. "Doesn't matter. Ash isn't

Ash picked up Xander's rifle and aimed it at Micah's back. "Don't do anything stupid. Let
Faith go, and bring back Xander."

Micah shook his head. "I don't think that gun will do you any good." He took Faith and threw
her on her uncle. Micah glared at the two. He picked up them both up by their collars, one on
each arm.

"This ends now!"

He was about to crack their skulls together when he felt something puncture his back.

Micah screamed in pain. He let go of the Williamses and soon found the tip of a sword poking
out of his chest. Micah spun around and soon saw the killer to be…David. "What? I sent you
two away."

David smirked, "Xander and I had a talk, Master. You're right. It does end now, but for you."

Ash got up first, and helped Faith. He turned to David and Xander.

"I don't know what happened, but if you want Micah gone, I'm okay about it." He picked up
the rifle again and aimed it for Micah's brain. He pulled the trigger on the rifle, the kick hitting
him as the bullets met their mark and killed Micah instantly.

Faith ran and hugged Xander. She kissed him. "What happened?"

Xander returned the kiss, and answered back. "I'll let David tell you."


One Month Later

Xander stepped back to enjoy his work. He just spent two weeks constructing a new wooden
chest. It was made in oak, and it had golden hinges. It was about three feet high with a width
about six feet in length. "Perfect," he muttered to himself. Then he fastened a padlock in front
to lock it.

Someone opened the door to the basement, and walked down the old steps. The person
reached the bottom, and trotted into Xander's workshop. She immediately went up to her
boyfriend, and wrapped her right arm around his waist, '"Even more perfect then me."

Xander shook his head, "Nothing is more perfect than my Faith."

Faith grinned, "You better believe it." Then she kissed him on the cheek. "Do you think that the
chest will keep the book safe?"

Xander returned, "I believe so." He walked over to it and placed each hand on the correct
handle he made that were on the chest's sides. He picked it up and looked at Faith. "C'mon,
let's go upstairs to show your uncle and David."

Faith responded, "What do you think of David?"

Xander shrugged his shoulders. "David was brainwashed, Faith. He didn't have control of his
actions. I know someone else who was under Micah's power."

"Oh," she blushed. "Forgot about that. Anyway, I'm proof people can change."

Xander placed the chest down, and turned to Faith. He rewarded her with a soft and gentle
kiss on the lips. "That you are. C'mon, let's go upstairs." She nodded, and they went upstairs.

Ash stared at the book in his hands. So much torture has come from it. He lost two girlfriends
to that damn book. He lost Linda and Jenny. Ash was surprised by David's suggestion.

David suggested that they keep the book with them. To make sure no evil would try and take

The door to the basement opened, and in walked Xander and Faith. Xander carried the chest
he built. "Here you go, Ash."

Ash turned around and saw what Xander created. "Nice chest, kid." He handed the book to
David as he went to inspect it. "You did good work, Xander."

"Thanks, Ash."

David placed the book under his arm and went over to Xander. He took the chest and placed
it on the ground. "I'll put the book inside." He opened the chest and placed the book inside.
"There," then he locked the chest. "Good work."

Ash smiled, "Well, the Necronomicon is safe now. Let's go out for some dinner."

Xander, Faith, and David nodded in agreement, as they walked outside and jumped into the
car. Ash started the ignition, and drove off.

If they stayed any longer, they would have realized a new presence was near the house. "So,
the book is inside." The strange man said. Then he walked over to the cabin. "Better leave
them a note for where to find me." He punched a hole in the top of the chest, and withdrew the
book. "See you four in Sunnydale."

The End

You have reached the end of "The Necronomicon Reopens". This story is complete.

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