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The Necronomicon Reopens

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Dark Forces Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Evil Dead Crossover. Faith and Xander leave Sunnydale to start a new life and move to Nevada. Faith has an Uncle in Nevada, Ash. Trouble Awaits. (F/X)

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The Necronomicon Reopens

Title Series: The Necronomicon Reopens

Rating: R

Chapter Title: Family’s Never Too Far Away

Author: White Werewolf

Category: Faith/Xander and Jenny/Ash


Spoilers: “Who Are You?”

Distribution: Ask and you shall receive.

Summary: Xander helps Faith redeem while at her uncle Ash s place in Nevada. Trouble awaits.

Disclaimer: Buffy: The Vampire Slayer is owned by Whedon, Fox, UPN. Raimi, Tapert, and Renaissance Pictures own the Evil Dead films. The Game’s owned by THQ.

Feedback: Definitely. Help me become a better writer

Author’s Note: I agree that the game wasn’t the best. The only factor I m using from it is Jenny. Ash deserves some happiness. Also, he moved to Hawthorne, Nevada and still works at a local S-Mart.

Special Thanks: UnHoly Church, Fulgour (You want your name listed, please send feedback)

Extra Special Thanks: Mims, Ozmandayus, King Xander, TC

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

Faith Williams sat up feeling a little disorientated from the return back to her body. She looked to the center of the room, and saw Buffy and Riley hugging. They made her sick. She slowly got to her feet and let her balance come back to full ability. Faith knew that she couldn’t stay in that church. Then she looked at Buffy again, and knew exactly what she needed to do. Faith needed to head for Los Angeles.

The rogue slayer ran out of the church and headed for the highway. She wanted to hitchhike her way there. Faith put up her thumb, trying to get a driver’s attention. Unfortunately there was no one coming.


A sudden chill went down her spine as she heard her name being called. Faith started to run, expecting to run into Buffy, or the police.

“We need to talk, Faith.”

Faith then realized who the voice was coming from. She turned around and saw who exactly she thought it was. However, she just wanted to go to LA and kill Angel, “I’m in no mood to talk, Harris.”

Xander yelled at her, “Please stop running, Faith. I want to talk to you. I know what you did in Buffy’s body.”

Faith came to a halt and stormed toward Xander. She pointed her finger at his chest and stated, “How did you know I was in Buffy’s body, Xander?”

Xander returned, “Willow did a spell and found you out.”

Faith was surprised that Xander wasn’t trying to get away from her. “Tell me, Tiger. What do you want from me? I just want to be left alone.”

“Listen, Faith. I saw what you did in Buffy’s body when you helped that girl. I know there’s some good inside you, and I want to help you.”

Deep down, Faith knew that if anyone could help her, it would be Xander. “You think there’s good in me! Fat chance!”

Xander stared at the dusty path alongside the highway, and then looked back at her. “I do, Faith. I can prove it.”

“Prove it.”

:::::::Flash Back:::::::

Xander walked along the sidewalk leading to the Bronze. All of a sudden, he heard a struggle going on behind the Bronze in the alley. He saw a vampire attacking a young woman. Xander wanted to help the girl in trying to kill the vampire. However, he just saw what he thought was Buffy approaching the undead attacker. He knew she could handle that one by herself. So, he just stayed there, and watched.

The vampire grabbed a girl from behind and buried his fangs into her neck. The young woman struggled but was too weak to fight back.

Faith while in Buffy’s body stepped through an exit of the Bronze carrying a cue stick and broke it in half as she came closer, “Hey!”

Faith clubbed the vampire in the back and the young woman fell to her knees and then faced Buffy/Faith.

Buffy/Faith blocked the vampire’s punches and kicked him in the side of his knee. She took hold of him by the back of his neck, and brought him in close before slamming the stick into his chest, thus ending the vampire’s existence.

Faith walked over to the girl and looked down at her. The girl’s neck was bleeding, but it didn’t look too serious.

Buffy/Faith simply said, “You'll live.”

The girl was frightened. “He was so strong! I—”

“Yeah, well . . . he's gone now.” Buffy/Faith said nonchalantly.

The girl touched her neck and as Buffy/Faith headed back for the exit, she grabbed the slayer’s arm, “Thank you. Thank you.”

For the first time, Faith felt gratitude. It was like nothing she felt before, and it wasn’t Buffy related. “Yeah. It's cool.”

Xander saw the look on her face and knew that she was happy. He wanted to go talk to what he thought was Buffy, but Giles wanted him. The watcher was really the only person anymore in the group that fully appreciated him.

:::::::End of Flash Back:::::::

“Why should I let you help me, Xander? I mean, I did try and kill you before.”

Xander remembered that experience and it wasn’t pleasant. “Because, Faith. I know that part of the reason why you’re so like this is because you never really had anyone in your life that cared about you. You had the mayor, but he turned out to be a demon that wanted to have the Ascension. I care about you, Faith, and I want to help you.”

Faith looked into Xander’s eyes and could see the compassion in them for her. She felt horrible inside though. There was so much turmoil and confusion. “So you want to play hero, Xander. You want me to become a Buffy- clone so that I can go back to Sunnydale and work with all you Scoobies?”

That hurt Xander a little, but she was right. Buffy had always tried to make Faith like herself. There was a problem though. Faith was only Faith and she needed him. “I don’t give a crap about them! I care about you.”

Faith couldn’t believe that Xander actually said those words. Throughout the two years that she has known him, he was always hanging with them. “Why the sudden change, Tiger?”

Xander hated talking about his past, but Faith needed to hear it. She needed to know that she could trust him, and that meant telling her everything. “They think that I’m a zeppo. Everyone was fighting the Sisterhood of the Jhe, while I had to disarm a bomb. I’m always the doughnut guy or Research Boy, and I’m sick of it. Then there’s this year. Willow, Buffy, and Oz go to college while I’m a townie. I get ostracized and my girlfriend uses me for sex. My life is just peachy.”

Faith remembered that night, and the way she used him for her pleasure. “So what do you want me to do?”

Xander placed his hand on her right shoulder and gave it a squeeze. “How about you and me go somewhere. We leave Sunnydale. No more Buffy trying to ‘protect’ me or making you one of her. I care about you Faith and I want to help. Tell me, is there anyone you know that could help you.”

At that moment, Faith remembered her uncle. He was the only person in her life that treated her well growing up. Her uncle had a place in Nevada and it was far enough from California. No one would know her there except for Xander and her uncle. It would be the perfect start for her. “I have an uncle in Hawthorne, Nevada.”

Xander knew that he was making progress with the rogue slayer. He understood that if anyone could help her, it would be her. Xander had to admit that she was attractive and there could be a future between them. He went inside his pocket and pulled out a cell phone. Xander gave it to Faith, “That’s good, Faith. Call him and see if he can help us.”

Faith opened up the phone and dialed her uncle’s number, not knowing how he would react.

***House of Ashley J. Williams***

Five Minutes Prior

Ash was in the kitchen cooking a dinner for a romantic evening home at night with his girlfriend, Jenny.

Much has happened to Ash since his visit back from the cabin. He had to fight numerous deadites and his evil version. Ash was looking forward to a normal life again and, he couldn’t wait for Jenny to come over, which was supposed to be in about ten minutes.

He had prime rib frying outside on the grill, and he was inside making mashed potatoes. Corn on the cob was boiling on the stove as well. He looked over to his right and on the counter was a small jewelry case where he had bought something for her to celebrate their one-year anniversary. In the case was a gold necklace.

The two of them just wanted to spend a quiet evening at home by the television and watch their favorite movie, Back to the Future. Ash went to Blockbuster and picked it up for them earlier that night.

He already had enough experience with time travel when he went to Medieval Europe where he fell from the sky and landed in around 1300 AD. He had to battle his evil version and that put a strain on him. The deadite version again came forward when he went to face his fear of the cabin a couple months ago.

Ash looked at his watch on his arm with his natural hand and noticed that the prime rib was just about finished. He walked outside with plate in hand and opened up the grill finding two juicy stakes. Ash took his fork and picked them up when he heard the phone ring.

Ash placed the stakes on the plate and walked back into the house. He placed the plate on the table and went over to the phone and picked it up.

“Hello, Ash Williams speaking.” He said, placing the receiver next to his ear.

Faith took a deep breath and looked at Xander who just nodded. “Uncle Ash?”

The voice sounded familiar to him, even though it has been a long time since he heard from his niece. “Hi Faith. It’s been awhile.”

Faith returned, “I know Uncle Ash. I need to ask you a favor.”

Ash with the phone still on his ear walked into the kitchen again and looked at his mash potatoes and corn to make sure they were all right. “You know you can tell me anything, Faith.”

Faith breathed easily knowing that this might be all right, “If it’s okay, can a friend and I come stay with you for awhile. We need to leave Sunnydale and there’s nowhere else to turn.”

Ash looked around his house determining whether if there was enough room for two more people. He didn’t know if letting two people live here would work, but his heart went out for Faith. Ash knew about his drunk brother in jail and his sister-in-law dead. He decided that maybe it would be for the best. “Who’s your friend?”

Faith looked at Xander and ran her free hand down her dark hair. “His name’s Xander Harris.”

Ash couldn’t believe that she was trying to let a boy live with her. “I don’t know, Faith. I mean you’re talking about a guy living here.”

Faith understood what he was talking about. “I know what you mean, but understand. I need Xander to be there. He’s helping me with a lot of problems.”

Ash sighed and by the tone in her voice, he knew that it was necessary. “What kind of problems though?”

Faith sighed and returned, “It’s a long story. Xander and I will talk to you when we get there. We just need a new start, and Nevada’s what we need.”

Ash couldn’t help but let them stay. He understood that Faith has had a bad past, and it sounded like this Xander character was important to her. “You two can stay with me.” Ash then looked at his mantle where he had hung up his chainsaw. “I’ve got some stories to tell you, anyways.”

Faith nodded and felt relief. “I’ve got some stories too, Uncle Ash.”

Ash turned the stove off when he realized that the food was done cooking. At that moment the doorbell rung, “Listen, Faith. My girlfriend’s here. I have to go.”

Faith replied, “You’ve got a girlfriend? How serious?”

Ash walked over to the door and opened it revealing a blond woman. “It’s very serious. Jenny’ s the type of girl that’s amazing.”

Faith nodded again. “We”ll be there tomorrow afternoon. I love you, Uncle Ash.”

Ash ushered Jenny inside the house and closed the door behind them. “I love you too, Faith. See you tomorrow. I’ll have things set up. I have to go.”

“Later.” Faith closed the phone and handed it back to Xander.

Ash hung up the phone as Jenny said, “Are you cheating on me, Ashley J. Williams.”

“Not at all, honey. Faith’ s my niece and she’s coming to live with me tomorrow. She’s also bringing in a friend.”

Jenny looked down to the floor in shame. Then she looked back at her boyfriend. “I’m sorry Ash. I didn’t know you had a niece.”

Ash nodded, “I thought I told you about Faith.”

Jenny put her bag and coat by the coat rack. Then she remembered that he did a while ago, “You did, honey. I’m just playing with you.”

Ash immediately pulled her into his arms. “Give me some sugar, baby.” Then he lowered his lips onto hers. She wrapped her arms around his waist. The kiss was perfect. It was like Heaven was in their grasp and neither of them wanted to let go. Even though, they’ve been going out for over a year, the kiss was just as great since the first kiss they ever had. Unfortunately, they had to break free when breathing became an issue.

Jenny looked into his eyes and replied. “I love it when you speak your one liners, Ash.”

Ash let go of his girlfriend and responded, “Groovy.”

“You can say that again.”

“You only get to hear that word once in a while, Jenny. I have to get the food to the table.”

With that said, the couple headed into the kitchen and gathered the rest of the food from atop of the stove. They made there way to the table and sat down across from each other.

Ash gave Jenny one of the prime ribs and some mash potatoes, not to mention a husk of corn on the cob. “I hope you like the prime rib.”

Jenny cut a piece of prime rib and brought it to her mouth. She then took a bite and ate it. Her taste buds loved the sensation of the meat. She smiled at her boyfriend. “That’s good, Ash.” He grinned at her response, “Tell me, Ash. What’s Faith like?”

Ash ate a scoop of mashed potatoes and responded, “Faith’s had a lot of problems in her past. Her father, my brother, is in jail and her mother died a while ago. I looked after her every now and then while she was growing up. The last time I saw her was before my whole Necronomicon bullshit.”

Jenny looked over to where the chainsaw was hanging and then back at Ash. “Are you going to tell her about that?”

Ash sighed and looked at his gauntlet hand and replied, “Faith told me that she has been having new problems in her life, and that her friend, Xander Harris, has been helping her. I think that maybe I should tell her. She needs to know the truth. Talking about it might sound unbelievable. I’m going to need your help to tell them.”

Jenny could understand that she was needed. “Of course I will help, honey. But I think she’ll believe you with your chainsaw attachment over there on the wall.” She stated while gesturing to the chainsaw.

“I hope you’re right, Jenny.” He said as he placed his normal hand on the table.

Jenny clasped it with both of her smaller hands. “I’m sure I’m right. If she’s anything like you, I’ll know she will accept it as the truth.”

Ash nodded and got up to his feet. “I’ll be right back. I have to get something from the kitchen.”

Jenny pouted, “Why do you have to go, Ash?” Then she gave her best set of puppy dog eyes.

Ash looked at his girlfriend and grinned. “I’ll be right back, honey.”

With that being said, Ash left the table and went inside the kitchen. He came back after about a minute or two carrying the jewelry box. Ash walked over to his girlfriend and knelt down beside her. He placed the box on her lap. “Happy anniversary, Jenny.”

Jenny looked at the box and saw the gray felt covering of the case. She opened the box caringly and saw the gold necklace. Jenny picked it up and looked at it in awe, “It’s beautiful, Ash. Help me put it on.”

Ash rolled to his feet and walked around her to the back of her chair. He took the necklace that he bought her and unclasped it before placing it around her neck and clasping it. Then he walked around her to see how she looked with it on.

“How does it look?”

Ash smiled even wider than before. “I didn’t think that you could look anymore beautiful then you did before I put on the necklace.”

Jenny blushed. “You say the sweetest things.” Ash flashed his infamous grin in response. “I didn’t bring my gift tonight.”

Ash was a little hurt, but understood that sometimes people can forget things. After all, he forgot the three words to take the Necronomicon and awoke the army of the dead. “That’s okay, Jenny. Just give to me tomorrow when Faith and Xander get here. Right now, Let’s go watch Back to the Future.”

***Walker Lake***

A strange man came walking out the trees under the night sky. It was pitch black except for the light from the stars above. He walked cautiously around the shore of the lake looking for his master.

He took a few steps carrying a book and soon felt the presence of a tremendous evil force. “Master, I brought the book as you requested."

Another man appeared out of the trees from behind them and walked over to the strange man. “Well done, David. It appears that the dark forces have told me that a slayer’s vast approaching Hawthorne. The reason the dark forces chose me is because of my past with Faith Williams.”

David took a few feet back in shock at the name, Williams. “Doesn’t the chosen one from years past live here too. His last name’s Williams.”

The Master nodded in acceptance. “Yes, Ashley J. Williams is Faith Williams’ uncle.”

“Here’s the book, Master.”

The Master took the book in his hands and said in pride, “Excellent, David. I now have the Necronomicon Ex Mortis: The Book of The Dead.”
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