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Outrageous Fortune

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Summary: Faith wakes from her coma, much sooner than Canon and bumps into Xander while he is on his road trip. Set in Vegas. This is a challenge response from freddyfrmelmst.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Faith/XanderLucifaelFR181043,924355859,64716 Oct 043 Nov 04Yes

Chapter 10

TITLE: Outrageous Fortune
AUTHOR: Siege (
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DISTRIBUTION: Anywhere, Just let me know ‘K
DISCLAIMER: All things BtVS related belong to Joss Whedon and M.E. All other belong to their rightful owners.
SUMMARY: Faith wakes from her coma, much sooner than Cannon and bumps into Xander in Vegas. This is a challenge response from freddyfrmelmst.
FEEDBACK: The more I get, the faster I write, and the more often I'll post.
CATEGORY: Comedy/Romance/Bit Of Action/Adventure
RATING: R as usual because I don't get the ratings systems and I always swear.
SPECIAL NOTE: This is an AU from season Four?
BEWARE: No Warnings other than I'm insane, so are my stories.
DATE: Started: 16/10/2004 - Completed: xx/xx/xxxx
WORD COUNT: 30,000+.
BETA: Graham Hands

First off, I want to give a huge Thank You for voting me Best Xander/Faith Fic as well as Joint runner-up for Xander/Faith author in the White Knight Awards. I also won a few other awards for which I'd like to shout THANK YOU. Check out for more details.

This challenge just kinda tickled my Muses amusement and this is the product. I don't normally take up challenges as I'm usually bogged down with my own idea's, but as I said, this one just interested Milli, despite the truck load of stories I've already got going on.


Chapter 10

Las Vegas.

"You son of a bitch" Vincent growled, almost vamping out.

"What?" Max asked innocently, sucking the flame from his odd shaped 'lighter' into the rod of tobacco leaf.

"I thought you were going to kill them!" Vincent said with burning anger on his tone.

"Oh I am, I am." Max said with a disgustingly cheerful smile. "I just sent the signal, for my team to move in. Now, forget the humans think about me" Max said with a sharks smile. "We've got your club to talk about"

"There's nothing to talk about" Vincent raged.

"I've got a large bomb that says otherwise!" Max told him pulling out the real detonator.

Hoover Dam

Xander span around as the air seemed to move all around them, blurring into shapes at first and becoming more distinct with every passing moment.

Within moments there were at least 30 demons standing around the small group of four with blood thirsty smiles on their faces.

Faith and Xander somehow managed to end up back to back within a flash as Buffy and Willow did the same, off to either side of Xander and Faith. Creating a star shape with their bodies. Xander's Katana appeared out of his duster in a flash and both Buffy and Faith pulled out nasty looking daggers. Willow started to chant in a low hair raising voice immediately.

Then the stand off ended with the demons stepping forward as one with a strangely metallic noise.

Xander's Katana leapt out to meet the first demon that came within range, scrapping across the creature’s neck in an explosion of sparks Xander winced, wishing that he had spent out for the always sharp spell.

Buffy kicked out with a powerful side thrust kick that sent one demon flyi9ng backwards, only to land on its feet and leapt back at her. She punched it with a powerful thrust of her arm and again he went back and came forwards again. Only this time her fist hurt slightly.

Faith used a scissor motion of her hands with the dagger leading the way, grabbing the demon's head at the same time as drawing the wicked blade across its throat. Again, there was a shower of sparks and not much else. Except that the demon growled low in its throat.

Willow sent out a fireball that exploded around the demon leaving it standing in the magical wake without so much as a scorch mark.

The four compatriots risked a glance at each other and by unspoken agreement they all sprinted away from a central point in a star burst pattern.


Faith glanced around herself, checking to see if any of her compatriots had been snagged. Off to one side she watched a flash of red hair fall to the floor and three of the metallic demons converge on her position. Without a single thought Faith turned around and started towards the fallen Wicca. Some demons of her own were chasing her so Faith did the simplest thing she could. At a full run she leapt into the air. Taking to flight gracefully she flipped the length of her body straight over their heads, landing on her feet and taking to her heels without the slightest pause.

The demons actually ran on for a short distance before it registered in their minds that the slayer had evaded them in such a way. In the meantime Faith was running with the speed of an Olympian sprinting. She reached the felled Wicca and still at a run took to the air again. This time in a perfectly executed flying kick. Her foot impacted with a demon sending it hurtling into the other two, who in turn took to the air and away from the scared young woman on the floor.

Willow looked up as she sensed the demons had left her, the air above her now no longer full of doom. She was startled to see Faith offering her a hand up.

"Come on red, we ain't got time to lie around" Faith said with that smirk of hers.

Willow smiled at the brunette woman and allowed herself to be dragged to her feet. They both spied Buffy and Xander meeting up with plenty of demons' on their tails. Faith's heart leapt into her throat when she watched her possible husband suddenly stop.

Xander then turned and with a roar rammed the chisel tipped Katana at a demon's mid section with all his might. There was a sharp resounding clang as the metal met metallic resistance before the demons natural body armor finally gave way and the sword slipped into it. Xander smiled feraly and pressed his advantage, angling his blade upwards, his eyes flashing angrily he heaved the sword up into the demons heart.

The demon dissipated in a sudden, bright flash of flame leaving a slightly scorched but none the worse for wear Xander breathing hard with fire in his body language. Faith had seen this new side to his fighting style only recently. She had to wonder what the hell sort of martial art seemed to require letting out his inner fire like that. It was, however, highly effective.


Buffy heard the clang and then turned in time to watch the demon disappear into a nova like flash with her mouth dropping in shock. It galled her no end that the normal human had scored a death when the mystical warriors and witch had faired so badly. She watched as Faith and Willow sprinted over to them. Willow's long skirt flapping around her legs as she ran, Faith's more sleek clothing didn't even creak as she ran.

"Hi" Xander said, smiling, but with dark humor.

"Nice" Faith complimented, "Got another sword on you?"

"Not a metal one" Xander said with a lascivious smirk.

Faith rolled her eyes fondly but kept her attention on their surroundings as the demon tried to catch back up with events.

Meanwhile Buffy walked over to a metal fence and cast her eye over it. It was of the solid pole design, topped with nasty looking spikes. "Faith" she called out, "Hand?"

Faith nodded and moved to help her fellow slayer.

Las Vegas

"What do you mean?" Vincent asked horrified.

"It's really very simple. This detonator is hooked to a bomb under this very club." Max said slowly, "I have a dream, me Vegas and lots of money. This is my first step. I want Vegas for myself, you are in the way of that."

"You want my club?" Vincent asked incredulously.

"Now you're getting it."

"Or you'll blow it up?"

"Yes" Max said pedantically.

"Fuck it, go for it." Vincent said with a smile.

"I thought you might say that" Max replied laughingly, "That's why there is a second bomb"

"Second bomb?"

"At the Hoover dam" Max Explained. "I'll blow it and your friends to hell and back. That is if they actually managed to get past my demons of course." Max smiled again, "I know you're a betting man, do you think they would survive the demons. I think they may, don't you?"

"Uh huh" Vincent said tiredly, "What makes you think I care what happens to a bunch of hunters?"

Max smiled again, "I've been watching you, what's the mans name? Xander Harris-Lavelle isn't it?"

Vincent snarled, he wasn't about to let the only friend he had get killed, not now, not ever. However, he was just as reticent to let this bastard win either.

"Now, now" Max said condescendingly, "There's no need to become angry, this is merely a business deal. Here, I even brought a lawyer," Max said waiving a hand. A good looking man with brown-blonde hair was brought forward.

"Mr Capone" he greeted the master vampire cordially, "My name is Lindsey MacDonald and I'm here from Wolfram and Hart on behalf of our client."

Vincent snarled again, "Lawyers, the true bloodsuckers of earth"

Hoover Dam

Buffy twirled the metal fence post in her hand with an expert ease and smiled a truly feral smile, "Now, that's better" she said with a shared grin with Faith who was also twirling her metal stake.

"Let's get it on" Faith said moving forward with her sister slayer. Xander backed them up, his Katana flashing in the artificial light and creating a glinting reflection in his eyes.

Willow took a step back from the three and began to concentrate her energies on the fence. It started to wobble a little as the three warrior leapt forward into battle. Now that they had a way to kill the demons they had purpose and moved like it as well.

The first demon that was unlucky enough to be in the way was dispatched when Buffy thrust forward with all her might. The fence post piercing the Demon's body armor with a flash of sparks and appearing the other side of its body. It followed its predecessor back into hell with a flash of brilliant light. Faith caught the next as Buffy recovered her equilibrium moving the long weapon like a pike.

Then Xander covered her as she was snarled up with the demon and it flashed back to hell.

"DOWN!" Willow yelled out, her voice taught with concentration.

To their credit, all three warriors were face down on the floor in a blink. There was a whoosh over their backs, wind kicking up their clothes a little. There was a horrendously bright flash of light as Fence post after Fence post flew into the demons.

Xander looked up and smiled at the sight and then looked back to see Willow wavering on her feet. Rolling off to the side he quickly got to his feet and ran to the red haired Wicca just as she started to slump. He caught her in his arms and cradled her protectively against his chest.

Buffy and Faith were on their feet next as the barrage of posts stopped. The looked back at Xander protecting Willow and then towards the remaining demons. There weren't many left and with a war cry the two mystical women dived into the fight with relish.

Xander called out as the last one stood surrounded, "Faith! Hold!" he called out as the brunette was about to do the honors.

She held and looked back at him, "What?"

"We need answers" he said, a grim smile twitching his lips. "I think he'll give them to us."

"Never" the demon rumbled, "Kill me now" he said baring his chest.

Laying Willow down gently Xander walked over to the demon and glared into its eyes. "Who sent you?"

"I will not say" the demon rumbled again.

Xander's sword flashed out and down, spearing the demon in the leg. "Sorry, what was that again?" he asked as it screamed in pain.

The demon shakily looked back up from the wound into to dark brown orbs of unforgiving death and gulped.

Las Vegas

Vincent glared at the lawyer who had the audacity to look completely unperturbed at his furious gaze. "What are you getting out of this?" Vincent asked.

"Our law firm is committed to providing the best service it can to all of our clients" Lindsey replied with an even one.

"Even to a crook like Max here?" Vincent asked glaring at exhibit A.

"What our clients do for a living is besides the point Mr Capone" the lawyer told him with an oily tone. "Now if you would just sign these papers we can move on."

"This is against the law!" Vincent said in lieu of anything else to say. For the first time in a long time he was totally caught and he hated the feeling. "And with that in mind, what would happen if I just tore your throats out?"

Max smiled and Lindsey just looked at him with no flicker of fear. "That would be a bad idea Mr Capone. My Firm takes a dim view on any harm coming to their staff."

Vincent glared impotently at him, but truth be told he was at an utter loss as to what to do next.

Hoover Dam

Xander glared down at the good seeping into the cracks in the pavement his chest rising and falling at a rapid rate. He'd finally got some information out of the demon, and what he'd found out had caused him to get very angry.

All this had been about power and not the sort that the dam pumped out. This max was greedy for it, the sort of power that seems to corrupt the easiest. The type of power that comes with money. From what he had been told max wanted to do this with most of the smaller clubs in Vegas. Even he wasn't stupid enough to go after the corporations, but Xander knew, it was only a matter of time before he became that dumb.

The others were all looking at him with varying degrees of shock. He wasn't sure if it was his compressed training, the unusual sensei he had been taught by. Whatever the reason his anger was a quick to flare, and when it did, the thing that angered him usually died a horrible death.

Faith, who had at least seen flashes of this new rage like anger of Xander's, was the first one to snap out of it. "What's the plan hon?" She asked soothingly.

Xander looked at her, the fire fading from his eyes, "hon?" he asked softly, "I like that" he commented with a growing smile, "We need to get back to Vincent's Casino, then we'll have a TALK to Max"

"Okay then hon', let's get going" Faith said with a smirk as Buffy and Willow shook themselves free of the shock.


Getting back to Vegas had been easier than they had believed to be possible after the night they had been having. A quick 30 mile car journey and bingo they had entered the outskirts of Vegas. It was only then that things started to go down hill.

A demon teleported in front of the car, its metal body impacting with the speeding vehicle and not budging an inch. The car's entire bonnet area folded inwards with a horrible crunching sound. The windscreen exploding outwards with the pressure. Spewing glass across the remaining bonnet and spitting some back at Xander and Faith who were in the front. All of the passenger's of the car were thrown forwards, Xander hitting his head on the steering wheel as Faith's slayer reflexes saved her buy bracing herself on the dash. Willow's head banged into the back of her seat, luckily the soft area saved her a concussion. Buffy's reflexes also saved her, her hand tearing off a chunk of Xander's chair in an effort to still her forward motion. Then the forward motion spent the car coming a full stop threw them back into their seats.

Xander's head flopped to one side even as Faith undid her belt and dived out the front of the car, taking the demon with her. It flashed into the ether even as they hit the floor, the car's metal bonnet having pierced its hard shell. Faith hit the floor with a groan, bouncing once because of her speed and then bouncing to her feet and glaring around her.

Buffy was also out of the car fast, but she went straight around to Xander's door and ripped the mangled apparatus off of it's hinges and reaching out to the man inside. There was a nasty gash on his temple, but it looked as though his seat belt had taken the most of the force and limited the damage to his head. But there was still a worrying amount of blood free flowing down his face.

"Xand?" Buffy said her voice a little desperate.

Faith looked round at her voice and walked quickly over to join her. Willow groaned slightly, her ribs somewhat bruised, but otherwise in good condition. She, also, quickly joined the two Slayer's who were fussing over her oldest friend.

"Xander; hon?" Faith asked, reaching out and brushing away some of his bloody hair from his face. Her voice was tight with repressed emotion and tense anger. "Hon?"

Xander's eyes flickered open as he groaned, prompting worried smiles from all of the women present, "Faith?" he asked groggily.

"Hon?" Faith repeated her smile growing as he became more alert.

"Man, my head hurts"

"I'm not surprised" Buffy said with a laugh, "I should have known though that your hard head would be okay."

Xander mustered up a slight smile at her and blinked rapidly to clear his eyesight, which was still a little blurry. "Demon?" he asked after a few moments.

"Demon" Willow confirmed.

"They really don't want us to get back to Vincent do they?" He asked with a slight smile.

Faith just smiled at him, feeling a weight releasing her heart. She didn't want to think about how much it hurt to see him out like that, the blood of his body on the outside instead of in. She shuddered slightly, feeling more than a little wound up.

"Faith; Baby are you okay?" Xander asked, reaching out and cupped her face, with a blood covered hand.

Faith laughed slightly with tears stinging her eyes, "Am I okay, he says" she said, "I'm fine, what about you?"

"Pissed" Xander said curtly, "Very; Very pissed" he told her moving to get out of his seat.

"Whoa, you shouldn't be moving" Willow said, trying to push him back in his seat, "You took a nasty bang on your head."

"We gotta get back to Vincent" he said with iron in his voice, "This Max is pissing me off."

Faith looped his arm around her neck and helped him out of the car.


Vincent let out a long sigh, "Let's go to my office" he said with a defeated tone.

Max just smiled and Lindsey merely nodded as Vincent led them back towards his office.


They stood looking at the entrance to Vincent's casino. There were a couple of things worthy of note about the entrance. Firstly, there were guards, secondly, they weren't human in great number. Xander briefly wondered how no one was seeing anything strange until Willow gasped slightly.

"What is it Red?" Faith asked.

"Spell, powerful one too." Willow said nodding her head at the casino. "I'm betting that you and everyone else can only see a normal looking casino" she said almost smugly.

Faith nodded, "Yeah, B?"

"Me too, X?" she said tongue in cheek.

"I see a good 15 demons like the ones we were fighting standing guard outside of a casino that looks to be closed." Xander said squinting at the entranceway.

Willow gasped again, "How?"

"Jenny didn't just teach you" Xander said with a slightly pained smile, "Come on"

Faith sidled up to him as they walked across the street, "Is there something you want to tell me about you and this teacher?"

"Not really; no" Xander said, his voice tense with both pain and anger. "We were friends! I can be friends with a woman without being attract... okay so I was attracted to her, but it was just friends, honest"

Faith smirked, deciding that she'd have to get the full skinny later on. For now she just followed her husband across the street twirling her fence post. As Buffy did the same, they'd brought them along just in case, and she was now glad they had.

Buffy looked at a perturbed Willow, "What's up?"

"Xander learnt some magic?" she said with wonder. "He never said before"

Buffy shrugged, "So, is that a bad thing?"

"We never used to keep anything from each other,. Besides, he said Miss Calender taught him"

Buffy frowned, "Actually he said Jenny"

Willow glanced at her, "That's kinda weird don't ya think?" she said then as they approached the entranceway acting nonchalant she decided she'd get the entire story later.

Xander suddenly dived at a demon, his sword leading the way; taking the entity by surprise all it saw was a glint of metal and then the bright explosion of it's body losing cohesion. As he did that, Faith and Buffy both did the same, then began a dance of death between the demons and the three warriors. Now that they had the knack of it, killing the demons wasn't as hard as if first appeared to have been. It was however, still hard work, and by time the last demon fell to a well placed Katana blade Xander was dripping with sweat and blood, his breathing somewhat ragged. In fact, he was briefly day dreaming about having a nice hot and long bath and sleeping for a week.

They charged through the now cleared entranceway and flew into the Casino like avenging angels. They ran straight into the main part of the casino and found, to their horror what looked to be hundred upon hundreds of vampires.

Faith plowed into the back of her lover and let out a gasp, "Holy fuck Batman!"

"I'm thinking it's time for some pow, kaboom." Xander said calmly.

"What; there's, there's too many" Faith said her voice aghast, "We'd be dead within seconds."

Xander walked down the steps leading to the main casino hall and twirled his sword like Christopher Lambert. "They're not all real Faith!" he said with a sure voice.

"Oh great! So now he's got second sight too!" Willow cursed under her breath, strangely not feeling as bad about competition for her role was magic user ass she would; had it been anyone but Xander. She didn't know the level of Xander's training put him somewhere around an ant on the general scale of things. Miss calender had taught him a few tricks, all of which had been defensive, with no offensive capabilities at all. In fact, his defense pretty much sucked too.

There was however a major floor in Xander's vision. He could see which one's were and weren't vampires. However, behind each and every single false vision there was a human. He could indeed see that fact, so could Willow. The two Slayer's however, were screwed.

"Which ones' are which?" Buffy asked.

Xander paused and glanced back at her, "Shit" he said succinctly. There were still about twenty vampires inter spaced throughout the crowd and they would be a real problem if were just he doing the fighting.

"I hope Master Takagi wasn't lying" Xander said continuing his walk forwards. "Willow, try to get around with Buffy. Faith I need you to watch my back, if any charge assume they're vampires." he told the blonde slayer succinctly. Then without waiting to see if she was following his orders he started to move towards the vampires in the crowd.

Buffy led a terrified Willow around the crowds, keeping her wits sharp whilst at the same time a small smile graced her face. From their position, Buffy could just make out Faith and Xander fighting back to back. It was a strangely beautiful to behold. Xander's savage almost animalistic grace and Faith's still furious but more slick style were a perfect counterbalance for each other. As a vampire dived at Xander's back, Faith struck out with a stake and poof'd it, whilst Xander walked up to the braver Vampires and took them out. Or, if they were less brave they dived at him and he took them out anyway.

Buffy wasn't sure who Master Takagi was; but she was sure as hell going to thank him when she met him. Of course, she had no idea that he'd died, she just knew the name because her sensitive hearing picked it out of the crowd as it were. Just then her hearing fed her some vital information.

Buffy dropped to the floor as a large sword flew over her head. There waiting in the shadows was a tall man, with blonde hair and flashing blue eyes. "Slayer" he growled out.

"Max I presume?" Buffy asked.

"Yes; I was just wondering what the noise was and low and behold, I find some cockroaches in my new club."

Buffy smiled at him with that, watch-out-you're-dead-but-I-look-like-butter-wouldn't-melt-so-you'll-never-see-it-coming, look she had perfected over the last few years and sunk down into a fighting stance.


Xander ducked as yet another innocent bystander was thrown at him. This was becoming more and more difficult as time went on and the vampire number's dwindled. Faith could not tell the good from the bad and he was having to guide her, tell her which flying body had to be caught and which was to be staked. Though, normally he stuck with loping off a vampires head, flying or not, and letting the humans fly over them to hit something else. Time was becoming a more pressing issue. He wasn't sure how he knew that, he just did.

"This is fucking crazy" Faith commented after tossing another human aside.

"Darling I love crazy" Xander said with a feral smile.

Faith laughed, "You must do if you love me" she said, her smile growing as he turned back, in the middle of a fight grabbed her chin and pulled her in for a quick kiss.

"You must be crazy too then!" he told her before turning back to decapitate a opportunistic vampire.

"Ain't I ever" Faith said with a smile and guarded her husbands back.


Buffy ducked under Max's sword sweeping the larger mans legs from under him as she did so. Max hit the floor, flying over backwards with the force of the blow, landing on his head which made a horrible SNAP as he landed, suddenly becoming as floppy as a rag doll.

Buffy put her hand to her mouth feeling physically sick as she look down at the felled human. She was given her power's to help humans and not to kill them. Her leg's gave way and she dropped to the floor at the exact same moment as the final vampire died.

Xander and Faith's head's snapped round at Buffy's harrowing sobs coming from off to one side and wasted no time in getting over to her.

By time they had arrived, Willow was already hugging the blonde slayer for all she was worth and rocking her. Faith, knowing how it felt to kill a human quickly, and without thought, joined her in hugging Buffy and calming the distraught woman.

So it as it stood; Xander was the only one to watch it happen.

A green mist surrounded Max's body, twirling around in a disgusting miasma and lifting his body silently from the floor and back into the air. Xander's position shifted as Max's body stood upright to the floor and watched the ugly sight as his head slowly lifted back from it's unnatural angle with another loud crack. The noise shifted the concentration of the three women huddled at Max's feet back to the stunning sight of him surrounded in mist and smiling at them in a sickening manner.

"Hi Honey, I'm HOME!" he yelled out, his eyes flashing the same shade of green as the mist.

Xander leapt into the air, straight over the huddled women his foot hitting Max in the face and toppling the large man back over the balcony like fencing between one area and the next. Max didn't land on his head this time and tucking into a backwards roll. He then sprang back onto his feet and reached out a hand.

His sword leapt across the floor into his hand and he just looked at Xander with a smile on his face. "You ready to die boy?"

Xander vaulted over the same railing and landed like a cat on his feet, his jacket flaring out behind him as he did so. His sword came en-guade with pedantic placement and dark eyes glared at the obviously inhuman presence in front of him. "They who fear death, never truly are alive" he said quoting an old book with a smile.

Faith glanced at Willow, "You teach him that?" she asked.

Willow smirked, "Not me!"

Buffy smirked as well, "Maybe Miss Calender did." she said tongue in cheek. Her eyes merry as she watched Faith's cheeks flood with blood, and a little green appearing in the other woman's eyes.

Xander parried the first thrust and countered en-passant. In other word's his sword sliced across Max's kidneys as he dove past the much larger man. The wound bled freely for a whole ten seconds before the wound was covered in mist and closed up again.

Xander snarled slightly with anger as he saw that feat of magic and prepared himself for another volley. "What are you?" he asked, conversationally as he easily parried a low cut from Max.

"Human actually" Max said, "I just have a few tricks"

Xander nodded, "Seems like." he answered and then let out a yell as a long cut was opened up across the front of his jacket, straight through his shirt and causing a fine line to open up across his pectorals.

"I see you haven't" Max said with a sneer. "Shame, I was hoping for a challenge."

"So; all this for a few lousy bucks?" Xander asked, trying to buy some time to think.

"Not at all" Max said surprising Xander no end. "All this for an astoundingly large amount of bucks!" Xander growled, he actually growled anger flooding his system he did something supremely dumb. He dived at Max.

Max just shifted his sword to one side and impaled the human on the point. Xander essentially ran himself through, a shocked expression crossing his face. "Ohh Nasty!" Max said mockingly as he pulled out the sword. Xander's hand immediately went to his side, where the sword had pierced him.

Faith screamed and tried to jump at Max but he waived his hand and sent her and the other's flying with his magic. Then like a good bad guy he stalked around his victim crowing his victory.

"Such a waste" Max said his voice clouded with mocking, "So much potential in you boy. Now; it will all be mine" he said drawing back his sword for a killing blow.

"No-one hurts my friend!" Vincent said before opening up with a classic Tommy gun.

Max shuddered under the barrage of bullet's staggering back, step after step as Vincent forced him away from Xander's prone form. Once Vincent reached the young human he had befriended he hooked an arm under Xander's and pulled him painfully to his feet. "You okay kid?" he asked.

"Yeah, sure" Xander said with a laugh, his eyes glazing slightly before he used the full force of his will to concentrate on Max's prone form.

"Is he dead?" Vincent asked.

"I Wish" Xander said scooping down, painfully, to retrieve his sword. Then leaning on the master vampire he walked across to the large man's body and glared down at it. Even as they watched they could see the mist starting to do it's work. "You know, not long after I got into this gig. We encountered a witch." he said almost conversationally. "The only way's to end her spells were to destroy her spell book." He stood free of Vincent and hefted his sword, "And that worked for her. In the end. But there was another way, a way we didn't use." he said swinging back like he was taking a golf shot and swinging down with all of his might. Steel met neck, cutting through skin, muscle and bone, flying out the other side with a shower of blood and gore and spinning Xander round on his axis. He dropped to the floor even as Max's body began to shudder and shake, the mist turning a dark arterial red.

Vincent bodily picked up the wounded human and leapt over the railing to relative safety just as Max's body exploded into bits and pieces of flesh and bone.

Vincent, being the least injured was the first to stand, he was shoved out of the way when Faith came hurtling over to them and dived to her knees sliding the last few feet to Xander and picking his head into her hands.

He opened his eyes, "Off with his head" he said with a giggle before blacking out.

Two Day's Later,
Las Vegas Hospital

Xander smiled as he slipped on his leather dust jacket, wincing as his stitches pulled slightly. He'd been lucky. The sword had passed through the fleshy part of his side, not hitting anything major. A Little cleaning up and some stitching up and he was, virtually as good as new.

"So, how do you feel Kid?" Vincent asked. It was night, but being who he was, he had a lot of contacts. The same contacts had helped him get rid of the lawyer and luckily had hadn't signed anything so the Wolfram and Hart lawyer really had nothing to stay for anyway. He still had his club, and he was shocked to find out; more importantly he had his friend too.

"Like Shit, thanks Vincent" he said getting up with the help of Faith. He smiled down at her, she hadn't left him once, the entire time he'd been in hospital.

"Good, you start work in a week" Vincent said with a charming smile.

Xander frowned, "What?" he asked.

Vincent passed him a piece of paper, "I've given you a job. I don't take no for an answer."

"But Sunnydale" Xander said weakly.

Faith smiled up at him, "Sorted. B tells me she and red have it covered."

"College?" Xander asked.

"Do it here." Vincent said with a shrug

"Not me; you!" He said looking at Faith.

Faith shrugged, eliciting a wince from Xander, "I'll do it here. If you make me" she said adding the last part with a saucy smile.

Xander looked from the two to the paper and slipped it in his pocket. "Okay, I'm in on a trial basis. But I'll need to talk to willow and Buffy"

"They had to go back to the dale, school and all. But they promise to come up this weekend with G too"

Xander frowned.

Faith bit her lip nervously, "What is it X Don't ya want to stay with me?"

Xander pulled out a long slip of a paper with a growing smile on his face, "Yes, and even if I didn't you could make me with this" he said brandishing the folded document with an ever growing smirk.

"What is it?" Vincent asked reaching out for the document. Xander handed it off to him with Faith watching him closely. Vincent's smile grew as his eyes flicked over the official document. "In your pocket. So very safe" he said sarcastically.

Xander shrugged, wincing again. "I was drunk"

"What?!" Faith demanded.

Vincent just turned the certificate around, a certificate of marriage.

Faith let out a surprisingly girly squeal and jumped up into Xander's arms and kissed him passionately.

Vincent rolled his eyes and glanced down at his watch with a muttered, "Here we go again!"


The End

You have reached the end of "Outrageous Fortune". This story is complete.

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