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Outrageous Fortune

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Summary: Faith wakes from her coma, much sooner than Canon and bumps into Xander while he is on his road trip. Set in Vegas. This is a challenge response from freddyfrmelmst.

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Outrageous Fortune

TITLE: Outrageous Fortune

AUTHOR: Siege (



(Come and join the fun. I post there First and foremost, including stories I won't post anywhere else.)

DISTRIBUTION: Anywhere, Just let me know ‘K

DISCLAIMER: All things BtVS related belong to Joss Whedon and M.E. All other belong to their rightful owners.

SUMMARY: Faith wakes from her coma, much sooner than Cannon and bumps into Xander in Vegas. This is a challenge response from freddyfrmelmst.

FEEDBACK: The more I get, the faster I write, and the more often I'll post.

CATEGORY: Comedy/Romance/Bit Of Action/Adventure

RATING: R as usual because I don't get the ratings systems and I always swear.


SPECIAL NOTE: This is an AU from season Four?

BEWARE: No Warnings other than I'm insane, so are my stories.

DATE: Started: 16/10/2004 - Completed: xx/xx/xxxx

WORD COUNT: 30,000+.


First off, I want to give a huge Thank You for voting me Best Xander/Faith Fic as well as Joint runner-up for Xander/Faith author in the White Knight Awards. I also won a few other awards for which I'd like to shout THANK YOU. Check out for more details.

This challenge just kinda tickled my Muses amusement and this is the product. I don't normally take up challenges as I'm usually bogged down with my own idea's, but as I said, this one just interested Milli, despite the truck load of stories I've already got going on.


Chapter 01

Las Vegas

Xander stalked down the dark alleyway most of his concentration was on the task at hand. Another smaller part of his brain was starting to wonder if the Hellmouth was a myth, if in fact it was he who attracted Vampires and demons to him. It wasn't like he'd had his fair share of demonic encounters, in fact now that he came to think about it he was honestly starting to wonder if he should call the G-man had have him check it out. After all, since graduation he had been on his Jack Kerouacian road trip. He had been to about 20 different towns between Sunnyvale and Nevada and in every single damn last one of them he had bumped into something super natural.

This was by far the most odd though. It was a demon and appeared to be able to walk around during the night without so much as a sideways glance by the population of tourists and workers of Las Vegas. Xander found this very odd because it had to be at least seven feet tall and seemed to be dripping ooze off of its body with every step. Luckily, this meant that it was a simple matter to track the damn thing, but on the other hand, Xander couldn't figure out why no one else could see the damn ugly thing. If this was Hollywood he could almost see that people would think it was some sort of costume, but this was the gambling capital of America, not the filming capital.

Xander hefted his small double headed fighting Axe, it had been a present from Giles, something to keep in the car, just in case. Xander was beginning to think that the G-Man had drawn the same conclusions as he had. Tucked into the long coat he was wearing was a Katana, Buffy herself had given it to him, a thank you for leading the other students against the mayor's vampires. She had told him it was the perfect weapon for non-slayer type demon fighters. He'd been kinda teared up about that, because it finally seemed that she took him seriously.

At first, he had wanted Buffy to see him, 'that' way. Something he had long resigned himself to never happening, then it had become an almost constant battle to get her to see him as someone worthy of her respect. A man that could hold his own in a fight, someone that could fight at her side without her having to worry about saving, as she had often told him that she had to. It seemed, at least to him, that her gift had been the sign he had wanted for so long; the sign that he had finally earned that respect.

Up ahead he could just make out the shambling movements of the large slithering demon and felt his stomach clench in anticipation. That fight or flight instinct in all humans was making itself known. After all, what sane person would ever want to go up against a demon or a vampire. The answer to that one was simple, none would. Xander, however, wasn't the sanest person on the planet. He quashed the feeling and slipped into a calmness that had become customary since the night of the Sisterhood of JHE. He'd found that extra confidence boost he'd needed that night, in two ways. One was the brunette bombshell, better known as Faith, despite the later happening's taking him into her bed like that had helped that night turn him into a man. The second and the nail in the coffin of his boyhood was facing down Jack. If not for that, the other things that happened that year may have broken him. Facing Jack over that bomb, and watching him loose his cool when he kept his was the key to his new found confidence. It brought to mind something that Giles had once quoted to him.

"If you can keep your head while those around you loose theirs, then you sir are a man, amongst men."

That was what had happened to him that night. He'd kept his head and became a man.

Hefting his Axe one more time Xander stalked through the shadows silently.

Xander became as still and intent as a pointer dog as he finally spotted the demon at the end of the alley way. It was shuddering slightly, as if it had come to a sudden stop. It's gelatine like makeup was swirling angrily. Then in a voice like molasses it said, "Be gone little one!" It’s deep voice reverberating around the quiet alley.

Xander was about to answer the demon, thinking that in some way it had realized his presence when a hauntingly familiar voice broke through the night.

"Sorry, no can do big guy" a smoky voice said with a smile audible in its Boston accent.

"Move pest, or I will remove you" the demon demanded moving round slightly to get a better angle on the interloper.

Xander's breath caught as the demon's 'pest' was revealed in her stunning entirety. Her hair was longer than when he'd last seen her, down past her shoulder's to the small of her back, but then being in a coma will do that for you. She can't have been awake long and yet she still looked a million dollars and change. Her luminous eyes visible even from his hiding place, one hand on cocked hip, leather jeans and crop top flashing navel. Xander swallowed past a suddenly dry throat when he saw her, a phantom of fingers around his throat making it had to swallow for a moment. He quashed the feeling ruthlessly. He knew that she'd been in a bad place when that had happened, hell he'd wanted to kill Buffy once, and would've as well. Luckily for Buffy and himself willow had come through the situation without being hurt. He wasn't sure, to that day, what would have happened if she had been seriously hurt. So, he couldn't in good conscience hold Faith's actions against her. For that was who was stood in front of the demon with an almost amused expression on her face.

Xander briefly wondered how she had got this far, and how long exactly she had been awake. He'd been gone for about a month, and she was still in the land of the blissfully unaware when he'd visited her just before leaving town.

The demon's colors flashed around, it's jelly like body, a sign of anger if Xander had ever seen one. Then it seemed to just 'move' one second Faith had been standing tapping a foot lazily waiting for the demon to make its move. Then she was flung against the wall with slime dripping off of her.

Xander winced as she let out a squawk of pain and slid forward out of the shadows. "Hey, don't you know its bad manner's to hit a lady, well female anyway?"

Faith shook herself and watched within something akin to almost pleased shock as a dark haired figure from her past walked out of the shadows with an Axe in one hand as the other reached into the vamp-ish leather duster.

The Demon, if it could've would've rolled its eyes. "Another pest. Be gone, I am busy."

"Sorry dude, no can do" Xander said parroting Faith's words, "Besides, you... erm ... slimmed my fri ... erh, ah fuck it." Xander gave up and ran for the demon his hand coming out of his jacket with Japanese sword along for the ride as his Axe flew threw the air and straight through the demons body. It made a strange squelching noise as it entered and exit the demon's body.

The demon laughed, a very wet and thoroughly unpleasant noise as the Axe embedding itself in the wall behind it and the hole it had caused closed up almost immediately.

In the meantime, Faith had slipped slowly down the wall until finally her feet had come in contact with the floor. Once that happened she ripped herself free of the slime and leapt into a flying kick going straight through the demon as well.

Xander managed to move his sword out of the way as Faith appeared his side of the demon, still moving fast and hit him instead. They went down on the floor in a tangle of limbs with the demon's laughter a mocking accompaniment.

"Okay, this guy's pissing me off" Faith growled disentangling herself from the strangely silent Xander, until her knee found a part of him that no man likes to have knelt on.

With a high pitched yelp Xander pushed the slender brunette off of him and grabbed his wounded genitalia. In an uncharacteristic move Faith turned and winced at him, "Oh hell sorry."

Xander forced his voice into a more normal octave and nodded at the approaching demon, "Apologize later, kill demon now" he suggested forcing himself to first his knees and then finally his feet. He reached down as Faith faced off with the demon and picked up his sword.

Faith kicked the demon with a wheel kick that once again did little except over balance her and make the demon laugh again.

"Ohh tickles" it said laughingly.

Faith growled as she got back to her feet and swung a few horrendously powerful punches at the demon. It let them pass harmlessly through its body and then retaliated by extruding an arm from its body and hitting the slayer with the force of a fast moving truck. She flew back against the wall with a groan of pain, landing next to where Xander was leaning casually against the wall.

"Some help would be nice" she commented as she pulled herself back up.

Xander smirked, "Oh! Now she wants my help" he said with an ironic lilt to his voice.

Faith narrowed her eyes at him and then turned her back on him, ignoring what could be a hindrance. She had expected more of him, she should've known better. She was used to being let down by guys, she wasn't sure was she was so surprised that Xander had let her down.

Xander chuckled slightly, his eyes, however were serious as he watched the fight. He knew the slayer could take a few more licks like that without even bruising in the morning. He was another thing entirely. A knock like the one Faith had just had would've broken something, possibly knocked him out. So, instead, he leaned back against the wall fishing in his pocket and pulling out a cigarette and lighter.

He flicked the Zippo open and drew a lungful of smoke into his body, breathing it out through his nose as he watched Faith being tossed back towards him, with a spray of demon goo.

As Faith bounced straight back at the demon a globule of goo hit lit lighter, making it flare up tenfold. Smiling lazily Xander drew another toke on his cigarette and walked slowly forward.

"Faith, back off" he ordered.

She glared back at him, wondering briefly when he started smoking before her distraction cost her in the form of a punch to the midsection. She once again flew back against the wall with an explosion of her breath as she was winded. She shook it off and watched horrified as Xander walked over the demon where it was currently stalking her. Then calmly as you like he pushed his lit Zippo straight into the demon's side.

The effect was both impressive and immediate. The demon's entire body exploded into a roaring flame that burnt right luminescent orange and towered above the demon to a height of about ten feet from its head.

The flame was both energetic and short lived. Xander was standing back slightly from the flame and when the pillar suddenly seemed to suck in on it's self he looked down at what appeared to be a miniature version of the demon.

Smirking, Xander walked forward, making sure to stand on the tiny demon whereupon its existence was ended with a horrible little crunching noise.

"So, Faith" he asked the shocked brunette with a cocky smile. "How's it going?"


Faith turned the shot glass over with a triumphant smile and slammed it on the table before her. They had come to a casino, for a drink and a chat. So far, there had been less chat than drinking. "Then I blitzed out of there."

Xander smiled a little fuzzily, "So, you must have woken just after I left."

Faith nodded a little unsteadily, "Yep! Saw you leaving" she said.

Xander lifted his head wearily from the table and fixed her with a swimming gaze, "Wha?"

"You came to see me" she said, smiling slightly, "I w'tched you l(hic)eave"

Xander pointed at her, "You're drunk" he accused.

Faith smirked and watched his finger waiver around, "AM not! 'm a slayer, we don't get thingy, whatsit(hic)drunk"

Xander laughed, "Are, you went HIC!"

"So, got hicc. Hiccy, hicpupies" Faith said frowning slightly, "that's not right?"

Xander guffawed, "Hicpuppies. You funny drunk"

"I'm not drink" Faith insisted seriously, "Don’t' say it 'gain"

"Or else wha?" Xander slurred blearily focusing on his drink and making a few grabs at it.

"Dunno yet, think of someit" Faith declared threateningly.

Xander made another grab for his drink smiling triumphantly when he finally managed it, "Got ya!"


"Me drink!" Xander said gulping it back.

"I'm bored" Faith declared.

"You're a broad" Xander told her seriously.

"Nah, I'm BORED" Faith over enunciated swaying slightly a she sat up straight.

"Nah's youse not... Not wooden" Xander told her, "You're Faith, I like ya! Not like forehead guy, he was Dubloon"


"Yeah, you know like a Frank" Xander blinked "Ha! I mean plank"

"I'm not wooden?" Faith said leaning forward a leering at him myopically.

"Nah, youse passionate!" Xander said smiling at her and poking his finger onto her forehead, "Like that!"

"Buffy's Passionate" Faith said, sounding surprisingly lucid for a moment, before her eyes crossed. She swung around in her chair, "Barman, MORE!"

"Nah, she's misserbubble too much, not happy or said, just miserhubble. Din't used to be though" Xander said leaning forward and fixing Faith with a secret look, "Used to enjoy it, like you."

"Enjoy wha?"

"Slayage, used to ya know quip and slay. Now it's brood and lay."

Faith guffawed her drink up through her nose. When she had regained her breathing she smiled at him lecherously, "I like you, youse alright!"

"Thanks, like your four too" Xander said pointing to the different Faith's he could currently make out. Or at least the ones that weren't dancing around in his vision.

"Wanna roll?" she asked leaning forward flashing her cleavage at him.

Xander shook his head, "Nah, spect you too much!"

Faith looked like she'd been shot for a moment. It occurred to her that no one had ever said that too her, "Wha?" she asked focusing on him.

"Did ya wrong 'fore" Xander said with the seriousness that only the truly drunk can managed, "Shouldn't 've taken the thingy, the whatchamacallit. Advantage of the situ ... situa ... situation!" he said with a smile once he'd managed to get the word out, "Like you Faith, wanted to be nice, not another natch, nitch, ah hell thingy on your whatsit."

Faith felt her eyes get suspiciously wet but shook it off and leaned backwards in her chair and ordered another drink, upside down.

She looked around once the drinks were slammed down in front of them, "Sits getting quiet in here" she commented.

Xander flicked out his wrist sending a stake flying. With good reactions despite her advanced state of drunkenness Faith plucked it out of the air. "Ooops!" Xander said laughing, then he glared down at his wrist, "its late" he said sounding almost sober. "Should get some sleep"

Faith looked down at the stake nestling in her palm, "'s good work" she commented.

"Thanks, did meself" Xander said, moving to get up, and slamming his last drink down. Faith followed suit and tossed back her final slammer. They both stood at the same time and virtually fell on each other, the only thing stopping them was the other, so they ended up in a triangle shape.

Xander focused for a moment, "Ohh, pretty" he said looking at a large flashing lot machine. He grabbed Faith and pulled her after him.

Las Vegas

Pain was the first conscious thing Xander registered, pain and a feeling like an entire construction crew was in his head trying to build a new empire state. Complete with cranes and earth moving equipment. "Ow!" he commented to himself, "Agh I'm never drinking again."

Then he realized in a belated way that he wasn't on his own. There was a feeling of soft curves pressed against him and he realized that he was naked. The form pressed against him was also in a similar state of undress. "Wha?" he asked the world, still not quiet daring to open his eyes. Then he realized that he couldn't hear the horrible whir of the air conditioning unit at his cheap motel room. In fact, now he came to think about it, there was a distinct lack of itchy sheets as well, he felt comfortable, a far cry from the horribly lumpy and hard mattress in his hotel.

Finally deciding it was worth the pain, Xander let his eyelids fluttered open. He slammed them shut again as soon as the light assaulted them, letting out a pain moan as he did so. Then after a deep breath he tried again. The bright light hit him like a jackhammer again, but this time he forced himself to keep them open. The light dimmed and he realized he was in a fairly dark room, the sunlight shooting through the curtains was the only illumination. Then he looked to his side and smiled into a raven haired head, "Huh" he thought. It wasn't often that he got to wake up next to a beautiful woman. Then the woman's identity hit him again and his entire body became rigid. He was in bed, in bed with Faith. With the woman that not too long ago had tried to kill him. He gave himself a little shake and then peeked under the covers.

Okay, he was also naked in bed with a very naked Faith, all except what looked to be a white garter on her thigh. Shaking himself again, the woman who was snuggled against him let out a small whimper of complaint. "What the fuck happened last night" he asked the room at large. It wasn't so much that he minded waking up with the raven haired slayer, but there was the small fact he could not remember how they had ended up in a strange bed. In fact his last memory was saying that they should go get a drink and talk. Faith had been reticent at first then she'd said yes. Then...

... Nothing, he couldn't for his life remember what happened after they got to the bar. Or was it a casino. He honestly couldn't recall. He DID know that it felt like a giant gorilla had shit in his mouth and then thrown him around a bit. Faith shifted slightly on his chest and made a muffled snoring noise, forcing him to smile slightly. He'd never mentally tagged Faith as making cute noises in her sleep, but there she was snuffling. He relaxed slightly, after all, he may as well enjoy the feeling. It wasn't like he'd been allowed to stay with her that first night they had been together.

He should be scared, he supposed, after all he doubted that Faith would be as sanguine as he was about waking up in a strange place, and he had no idea where she was mentally speaking. After all, she had been working for the mayor. At the thought of the mayor Xander growled slightly. There was one man that Xander would like to take out to the woodshed. As far as he was concerned he had taken advantage of Faith's position. He wasn't naive enough to think that Faith wasn't at fault, but perhaps if he'd been more successful in his intervention, if he had just not slept with her in a hormone drenched moment, then thing may have been different. Faith, did, at the end of the day, do wrong, but how much of it could've been avoided was a matter for alternate dimensions everywhere.

Faith shifted in her sleep, her leg covering both of his, the strangeness of her single piece of clothing hit Xander again before he started to drift off, her soft breathing and comforting presence lulling him back into sleep.


Faith opened a single brown eye, a large masculine chest filled her vision. The feel of a hard body was under her own softer curves and she felt 'safe' for the first time in a long time. A pair of surprisingly strong arms were wrapped around her, holding her tight and securely. She smiled slightly, still drowsy and not yet fully awake. This was the first time in her life she had woken up like this. Normally she awoke in less than salubrious of surroundings and never, ever, had she woken up feeling comfortable and warm with someone there. In fact, even though she had played the field, she never slept with her conquests.

Her hands spread out across hard muscle and then, as her hand moved, she felt the tell tale signs of a scar. A scar that she knew from past experience. Another thing about Faith and the men she had 'been' with was that they never got a second invite. She liked her freedom and the thought of more than one night standing with a man was not in her book of things to do. However, that scar, a scar that had been put there sometime ago buy a vampire was a sure sign to her that she was with someone who had indeed been with her before.

She looked up into the sleeping face of Xander and felt a rush on panic flood her system. She then realized that she couldn't actually remember how they had gotten to this point. It then registered that they were not at some two bit hotel, or a cardboard box, which had been her occasional home in Vegas. This was a class place. She cast around with her eyes, her long hair tickling the man under her and making him chuckle slightly in his sleep.

It was, a very nice hotel, if she was any judge. She looked back at the smiling Xander and smiled a little herself, in the privacy of his slumber she could allow herself a little softness. One or two things floated up to the top of her memory. Like him stepping in and fighting the demon, then killing it after observing it for a moment. Or the things he had said the night before, and which was one of her final memories of the night. Him telling her that he respected her too much to sleep with her again. She smirked as she realized at some point that night, he had obviously been persuaded otherwise. Not that she minded in the least, but it was still kinda funny.

"Hey" she said softly as one of Xander's soulful brown eyes opened.

"Hey yourself" Xander said, his voice still thick with sleep.

Nothing was said between them for a moment, but it was strangely not uncomfortable. Faith almost relaxed back against him, but caught herself and pulled away. Sitting up straight, the sheet falling away from her shoulders.

Xander gasped as Faith was shown in her full glory, naked as the day she was born. Faith smirked as she felt something come awake, her hand nearby felt the sheets shift. "Like what you see?" she asked with a sensual curl of her lip.

Xander looked into her eyes, "More than you'd believe" he said. Faith felt her breath stolen by the intensity in his eyes. She quickly retreated into her hard girl persona, it was safe and secure and the things she was feeling were not.

"So" she said shattering the moment, "Where the fuck are we?"

"No clue" Xander admitted, his voice strangely wistful, "But it's nice" he commented looking around as Faith covered up.

"Yeah, suppose the owners will mind if I take a shower."

"Hope not, because I want one too" Xander said with a smile.

Faith slipped out of bed and padded naked over to the bathroom, visible through the open door. "Well, I don't want to hear no cracks about saving water" she shot back over her shoulder, adding an extra swing to her hips as she kicked the door closed behind her.

Xander breathed out a long breath, trying to calm his raging hormones and turned his mind to the problem at hand.


Faith got under the pelting water and smiled slightly. She wasn't sure what had happened the night before but she was that interesting type of sore that said something 'good' had happened the night before. She suddenly realized that the water wasn't running properly and looked down at her thigh. A white garter was in place there, frowning and smirking at the same time, she slipped it off and glared at it.

"What the fuck?" she asked the world at large then shrugged and tossed it over her shoulder and ran her hands through her raven tresses.


Xander got out of bed and slipped on his trousers from the night before, noticing that they felt strangely heavy. He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a card key.

"At least the rooms ours!" he commented, then he pulled out a few rolls of quarters.

He looked at them with a confused look on his face for a moment before shrugging it off and tossing them on the bed. His mobile phone came out next and he tossed it onto the bed, then he finally tried his other pocket and pulled out what looked to be a cashier's receipt. He looked at it absently and tossed it on the bed, before moving off into the room, trying to find some clue as to what had happened the night before.

He got two steps before suddenly stiffening, his entire body like a board. Then he turned in a flash and dived towards the bed, grabbing the small piece of paper and glaring at it for a long moment before his face cracked into a huge smile.


As the hot water cascaded down onto her body Faith let out a groan of pleasure. It had been some time since she'd managed to have a decent shower. The motel's she had been staying in recently were not the most amazing of places to stay.

Faith soaped her hair, massaging her hair for a long moment before frowning as her finger's once again got caught in her hair. She pulled them out impatiently and using her other hand wiped the soap away from her face. Tilting her head up into the shower for a second she washed away the worst of it then glared at her hand.

Her mouth worked for a few moments, on her hand was a band of what looked to be silver colored metal. With an expert eye picked up whilst fencing hot jewellery from her mother's 'friends' Faith realized what she was looking at. It could be white gold, it could've even been silver but Faith knew, through some half fuzzy memory that it was neither. On her finger was a platinum ring, her favourite precious metal and something she had always sworn to get herself one day. It was however, in the form she had also sword she would never have it. A wedding ring was on her ring finger on the left hand.

She was about to call out for Xander when he bounded into the room with a large smile on his face.

"Hey!" she said, hiding her hand behind her back, she wasn't sure why.

"Sorry!" Xander said turning quickly like the gentleman he often pretended he wasn’t, “but Faith, just had to tell you what I found out."

"I think I know" she murmured.

Xander apparently didn't hear her, "We're Rich!" he said turning again and diving for her, and picking her up into a large hug. "We're Millionaires!"

Faith suddenly forgot that she was being manhandled whilst naked instead she pulled back and looked into Xander's eyes. "What?" she asked.

"We're rich! Millionaires. 5 Million dollar's to be exact" he said dancing around with the dripping wet naked woman in his arms.

"5 mill?" Faith asked the first twitching of a smile starting on her face.

"5 Mill, wee hee!" Xander said dancing around again.

"Let me down, ya big goof" Faith said laughing. "How do you know this?"

"Come on" he said, dragging the still sudded up Faith out of the bathroom into the bedroom, "There look!"

Faith picked up the piece of paper he was pointing at. She smirked, "This say's ten"

"Yeah 5 each" Xander said still excited.

"But it's in your name" Faith said in a dead tone.

Xander stopped skipping round and looked at her, "So?"

Faith looked at him aghast, "What?" she said stunned beyond belief.

"I'm willing to bet I didn't win that alone Faith, besides what am I going to do with Ten Million dollars!"

Faith beamed at him and dived at him, she then kissed him passionately.

It started as a sort of thank you and then built into something more. Faith broke the kiss still feeling giddy and Xander had joined her in the giddiness, "Wow!" he said with a laugh, "I'm going to have to give you 5 million more often!"

"I'm rich!"

"You are!" Xander confirmed. Then he beamed back at her, "So am I!"

Faith danced around a bit and now the original shock had passed Xander suddenly noticed she was naked, "Oh boy" he breathed.

Faith stopped dancing and looked down at herself, "Oops!" she said, tossing him a sultry smile she disappeared back in the bathroom. It wasn't until she got back in the shower and started to rinse her hair off that she remembered the band on her finger.

"Ah shit!" Faith said quickly finishing off.

One she had done she walked out of the bathroom, and much to Xander's disappointment was now wearing a hotel bathrobe. "We need to talk" she said in a heavy voice.

"Sure thing Faith, take a seat" he said patting the bed beside him.

"Okay here goes" Faith said after a long sigh.

"What is it Faith?" Xander asked in worry, "Is the receipt a fake?" he asked suddenly worried.

"I hope not" she admitted. "No, this is something else I can't remember doing."

Xander cocked and eyebrow at her, "Go on?"

Faith took another deep breath and held out her hand.

Xander looked down at it and smiled, "Hey nice ring. Is that Platinum, that's your favourite isn't it?"

Faith blinked, wondering how the hell he knew that, "Yeah it is, how?"

Xander smirked, "Heard you and Buffy talking, it kinda get stuck in the ole noggin" he admitted. "Well it's nice and all, but you can afford it, so I don't see a problem."

Faith rolled her eyes, "Typical Man!" she accused.

"Well in defence of me, I'd say urh ... Yes" Xander said with a smile, nothing was going to destroy his mood today.

"Okay, well if I had to guess I'd say you brought it for me." Faith said leadingly.

Xander shrugged, "Oh, okay, but you know I can afford it to, so no worries, I must've wanted you to have it. Even drunk I wouldn't have blown that sort of money without good reason."

Faith sucked in a breath, wondering if he knew just what he was saying, "So sure stud?" she asked mockingly, "What if I told you this was a wedding ring."




"Xander?" Faith said with worry in her tone.
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