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Visions Through The Gate

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Summary: Angel/Stargate SG-1 X-over. Set before Cordelia becomes part demon and before Daniel ascends. Cordelia has a vision of a man falling ill to radiation poisoning. Can she prevent it from happening? Cordelia&Daniel Pairing. R&R please.

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Stargate > Cordelia-Centered > Pairing: Daniel JacksonspikefanFR1548,1960136,47117 Oct 0424 Oct 04No

Health Issues

Chapter Three

“I’m guessing you all have already seen the stargate.” General Hammond stated.

“Are you talking about that big stone ring thing that was in that room?” Cordelia asked to be certain.

“That is correct, Miss…” Hammond replied.

“Chase. Cordelia Chase.” Cordelia introduced. “And yeah, we noticed. Incredibly tacky, if you ask me.” She finished as she wrinkled her nose.

“Well, it’s not really there for decoration purposes.” Daniel said with a slight laugh, feeling a bit offended that such a wonderful, once an artifact, device was… insulted, for lack of a better word.

“Yeah, but still.” Cordelia said quickly, not much in the mood for arguments. She was tired, hungry, and in desperate need of a shower.

“That big stone ring, as you put it, also known as the Stargate, is basically a teleportation device.” Sam started her explanation.

“To where?” Fred asked; intrigued.

“Oh, here we go.” Jack said quietly.

“It’s used to transport matter from…” Sam started.

“Oy.” Jack sighed as Sam expanded on her explanation.

“one place to another. In the case of the Stargate; it is used to transport matter from one planet to another. Creating a wormhole which connects two planets together for a certain amount of time. Which, in turn, allows us to explore other planets.”

“Are you serious?” Cordelia piped up, not really believing what she was being told.

Sam looked around at the group while nodding her head, “Yeah.”

“And they wouldn’t believe me for having visions?” Cordelia said to Angel who just continued to look at the SG-1 team.

“Well, according to the laws of physics, it’s not at all possible for someone to have…visions.” Sam replied.

“Try telling that to the Powers.” Cordelia retorted with a roll of her eyes.

“The who?” Daniel asked; curiosity, again, getting to him.

“The Powers. Short for the Powers That Be.” Wesley answered.

“Be what?” Jack then asked with a bored tone.

“We don’t know. But what we do know is they send visions of what will happen to Cordelia so Angel can, hopefully, prevent it from happening.” Wesley explained.

“And they sent her a vision of me in trouble?” Daniel asked.

“Yes. Which is very peculiar.” Wes answered as he furrowed his brow.

“Why is that?” Hammond asked.

“Again, if we told you, you wouldn’t believe us.” Cordelia stated.

“We would like to hear more of an explanation.” Hammond said with his hands clasped together on the table.

“And you know what I’d like?” Cordelia asked with a sigh as she turned her attention to the General.

“And what would that be?” Jack asked with a tone which showed he really didn’t care.

“A shower. I’m sitting here in green blood which is getting all crusty by the minute. I’m tired, I’m hungry, and I have an extremely bad headache. So. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to, maybe, do this some other time. Maybe when I’m feeling a little more up in my mood department.” Cordelia answered as she stood up.

“Very well. But I can’t allow you to wander the base without an escort. And if you go see Dr. Fasier, she’ll give you something for that headache.” General Hammond stated; ignoring her heavy sigh.

“We just saved your asses and you still don’t trust us. That’s military for ya.” Cordelia said as she headed for the door.

“Uh, Miss Chase…” General Hammond started; stopped by Daniel.

“Uh, if you wouldn’t mind, General. I’d like to be her ‘escort’.” Daniel said as he slowly stood from his spot at the table.

“Alright.” General Hammond said with a head nod as he quickly motioned Daniel to Cordelia with his hand.

Cordelia sent Daniel a glare before walking out of the room with him in tow. She still wasn’t liking this man. His first impression wasn’t all that wonderful and he still didn’t seem to believe her. Even after the demon or whatever it was attacked the base exactly like she envisioned it.

“So, shower first or doctor?” Daniel asked so he knew which way to take her.

“Do I really have to answer that.” Cordelia answered rudely; not even attempting to hide her feelings from him.

“No. No, I guess not.” Daniel answered with a laugh while looking around the hallway before his blue eyes stopped on her brown ones.

They walked to the shower in silence; Cordelia noticed Daniel glancing over at her every once in awhile but she decided to ignore it. That was her plan, but she didn’t expect it to annoy her to no end.

“What?!” She finally exclaimed; stopping to look at the man.

“Nothing. Nothing. I was just… curious is all.” Daniel answered as he pushed up his glasses.

“About?” Cordelia asked slowly as she waited for him to expand.

“Oh, just that vision you say you had of me. You never did finish.” Daniel explained hesitantly.

“Why does it matter? You don’t believe me anyway.” Cordelia replied. “I take it this is where the showers are?” She then asked when she read the sign on a door that said ‘women’s locker room’.

“Uh, yeah, but…” Daniel started.

“Great.” Cordelia replied before walking past him towards the locker room.

“Wait I…” Daniel tried to finish but Cordelia just ignored him as she opened the heavy door and stepped inside.

“Okay.” Daniel said to himself slowly before leaning against the wall to wait.

“By the way.” Cordelia said as she poked her head out the door.

“Yeah.” Daniel said quickly; pushing himself off the wall.

“You people wouldn’t happen to have a change of clothes here, would ya?” Cordelia asked with a hesitant smile.

“Actually we do. There should be some in there.” Daniel answered.

“Thanks.” Cordelia answered quickly as she pulled her head back in; allowing the door to close behind her.

Daniel took his place against the wall again; shoving his hands into his pants pockets. Wondering whether these strange people were telling them the truth about a vision. A vision that had to do with him. Is that what they did? Are they supposed to be some sort of heroes? Rescuing people from danger? He was still suspicious of them. He had to be in this line of work for the SGC. He was determined to get some answers out of her. He knew they weren’t telling them everything, but then again the SGC wasn’t either. She had battling experience; that was for sure. She didn’t hesitate once to pick up Teal’c’s staff weapon and plunge it into that things head. She’s done this sort of thing before. And more than once; he figured.

Half an hour passed and he was now sitting on the floor; still waiting for Cordelia to walk out any minute. With a sigh he slowly lifted himself off the floor and walked up to the door of the locker room.

“Cordelia?” Daniel addressed with a soft knock to follow. He waited a second for an answer but when he didn’t get one he tried again.

“Cordelia?!” He said a little louder, but again, no answer.

As he wrinkled his forehead; he turned the knob of the door, slowly pushing the door in. He peaked his head around the corner to check for any signs of the brunette but saw none. He fully stepped inside and his nostrils were instantly filled with that of shampoo and moister from the steam.

“Cordelia?” He called again; getting worried with each step.

He saw rows of gray colored lockers with various names on the front; dimly lit from the lack of light which emanated the room. His booted footsteps echoed throughout; giving a sense of eeriness. He walked past a wall that was placed in the middle of the room; a doorway on each side, leading to more lockers and the showers.

“Cor…” Daniel started to call out once more but his words caught in his throat when he saw the brunette sprawled across the floor face down. She was wearing an SGC uniform and her damp hair was webbed across the wet floor. He quickly ran to her side and instantly checked for a pulse; relieved to find one. He then noticed a small puddle of blood flowing out from under her head and a small amount on the corner of the bench she lay by. Not sure what else to do, he scooped her up in his arms and left the locker room as he rushed to the infirmary.

“Janet!” Daniel exclaimed as he entered the infirmary.

Dr. Frasier quickly turned her attention away from the Colonel; who had a bandage on the back of his neck from the claw marks the alien had caused, to Daniel. Her eyes bulged when she saw the unconscious girl in his arms and the blood that dripped from her scalp.

“Lay her down.” She instructed and Daniel did as was told.

Dr. Frasier checked her pupils with her pen light and instantly saw she had a concussion. She then gently wiped the blood away from the wound to determine how much damage had been done.

“This cut is deep. I’m going to have to do a cat scan to determine if there’s any brain damage.” Dr. Frasier announced as she wheeled Cordelia out of the room with the help of a few nurses.

“I guess I should go tell her friends, huh.” Daniel said as he released his breath while Jack walked up beside him.

“Probably.” Jack agreed as he slowly walked out of the room, “And I’ll go tell Hammond.” Jack then volunteered.

“Oh, Jack!” Daniel exclaimed as he chased after his friend. Jack turned around to face his friend. “Where are they, anyway? Her friends?”

Jack smiled slightly before tilting his head; turning his back on Daniel. “This way.” Jack spoke as he walked in the direction Cordelia’s friend’s were being held.


Everyone stood up from the sight of the door opening and saw Daniel enter the room; running his hand through his hair in a hesitant manner.

“Hey, guys.” Daniel said nervously. Cordelia’s friend, Angel, made him extremely nervous after his eyes had looked right through him earlier in the infirmary.

“Where is she?” Angel asked as he took a couple steps towards Daniel.

“Uh, who?” Daniel asked; knowing too well who he was talking about.

“Cordelia. Where is she?” Angel asked again with a glare.

“Actually, that’s why I’m here.” Daniel explained slightly. “She’s in the infirmary. Unconscious, too.” Daniel continued.

“What happened? What did you do?” Angel asked roughly; not fully trusting the military compound or the people in it.

“We - I didn’t do anything. She passed out in the locker room after her shower. I think she may have hit her head.” Daniel explained.

“I need to see her.” Angel said as he walked toward the door but was blocked when Daniel stepped in front of him.

“I’m not sure that’s such a good idea.” Daniel said as he looked Angel in the eyes. Receiving the same icy stare as earlier.

“Move out of my way or I’ll move you myself.” Angel demanded slowly and quietly.

“No. You see I don’t think General Hammond would…” Daniel started to explain his reasoning but stopped mid sentence when Angel grabbed the collar of his green jacket and lifted him up with ease; setting him down gently on his feet away from the door.

“Okay, yeah. I’ll move.” Daniel quickly said as he tried to swallow a lump that formed in his throat.

When Angel opened the still unlocked door the guards instantly tried to sustain him. Without looking at them, Angel grabbed the hair on the back of the guards head and smacked them together; knocking them out instantaneously.

“Look, if you enter that area they’re going to start suspecting you of something. What, I don’t know. But seeing as you have now once again escaped a supposed-to-be locked room, then General Hammond is going to have no choice but become suspicious of your reasons for being here.” Daniel tried to stop Angel but instead he got hung in the air again and pined to the wall.

“We’re here to help you. But in order to do that, we need you to help us, first. And being locked in that room, there is no way for me to stop what will happen to you.” Angel said; getting very irate.

“Okay.” Daniel choked as he tried to loosen the grip Angel’s hand had around his neck.

Angel quickly pulled his hand away from Daniel’s neck; letting him fall to the hard cement floor below. Not waiting for Daniel to get to his feet, Angel continued down the hall to the infirmary; Fred and Wesley walking quickly behind him to catch up with his fast pace.

“I can’t explain it, sir.” Angel heard Dr. Frasier say as he walked into the infirmary.

“H-how is she?” Angel asked quickly; getting surprised looks from everyone as he walked to Cordelia’s bedside.

“Not good.” Dr. Frasier answered as she turned around to face the bed.

“Daniel?” Jack asked suspiciously.

“I-I tried to stop him Jack, but he sort of moved me out of his way.” Daniel explained as he averted his eyes away from Jack.

“He moved you?” Jack asked with a look of disbelief.

“Uh, yeah.” Daniel replied.

“Mr. Angel.” Dr. Frasier started; ignoring the conversation between Jack and Daniel.

“Uh, just Angel.” Angel said; quickly looking up at the doctor and down at Cordelia again; cupping Cordelia’s right hand in his.

“Angel. Miss Chase is, well. She’s brain dead. And according to the CAT scan, she’s been this way for quite some time. Before we’ve ever met. The thing I don’t understand is how? How is it possible for her to be brain dead, yet walk around as if she were completely healthy?” Dr. Frasier explained.

“It’s not.” Sam answered.

“Well, apparently she broke that law.” Dr. Frasier pointed out.

“No. There’s no way.” Sam argued.

“Unless it were the visions.” Daniel suggested.

“Oh, come on, Danny. You’re not actually buying this whole ‘vision’ thing, are ya?” Jack asked as he made quote marks with his fingers when the word vision past his lips.

“Why not, Jack? It would explain how she knew about the alien. And it would explain how she’s brain dead but still walks around acting as healthy as ever…” Daniel explained.

“And that would explain the headaches.” Wesley interrupted as he looked down at the sleeping brunette.

“She may be brain dead without the symptoms, sir. But if she keeps going like this, it will kill her.” Dr. Frasier said to the General with worry in her voice and flashing across her face.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Visions Through The Gate" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Oct 04.

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