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Visions Through The Gate

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Summary: Angel/Stargate SG-1 X-over. Set before Cordelia becomes part demon and before Daniel ascends. Cordelia has a vision of a man falling ill to radiation poisoning. Can she prevent it from happening? Cordelia&Daniel Pairing. R&R please.

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Stargate > Cordelia-Centered > Pairing: Daniel JacksonspikefanFR1548,1960136,47117 Oct 0424 Oct 04No

Visions Through The Gate


She stumbled into her apartment; dropping her purse on the floor next to the door as she held a hand to her aching head, her eye-sight blurry from the pain. She placed one hand against the wall as she slowly headed for the bathroom. She turned on the light switch and the sudden bright light made her wince in pain as she quickly hit the switch again; darkness flooding all around her once more.

As she walked in front of the darkened mirror; a dim light came on from a corner of the bathroom. She looked at the tall lamp’s reflection in the mirror and a small smile crossed her tired face.

“Oh, thank you Dennis.” She whispered just before she heard water running from her bathtub faucet.

“You read my mind.” She breathed as she undressed and slowly stepped into the steaming water.

She exhaled; relaxing against the tub as the warmth of the water took away most of her pain. She closed her eyes; forgetting all her problems at the time being. She just wanted to enjoy the comfort of her liquid blanket that surrounded her.

Just as she felt she were about to drift into a dreamless sleep; a sharp pain pierced through her brain, causing her to quickly sit up grabbing her forehead with her left hand as she gripped the side of the tub with her right. She screamed in pain as images filled her mind. Flashing from one scene to the next. She jerked backwards as the final image flashed before her eyes; causing her to smack the back of her head on the hard tub that was just previously comforting her.

“Dennis.” She faintly called out as the darkness tried to overcome her, “phone.” The words barely escaped her lips before the image of her bathroom was swept away by the darkness that was all too familiar to her.

“I… I think she’s waking up.” A voice sounded in the distance.

“Cordy? Cordy, can you hear me?” She heard as she slowly opened her eyes to be greeted by a worried look.

“Angel.” She whispered as she closed her eyes once more. She felt her friend’s hand stroke her hair away from her face as she looked around the room she was vacating.

She smiled when she saw Fred standing at the foot of the bed; her hands clasped together in front of her. Her hair in messy pigtails with a smile also on her face as their eyes locked.

“How ya feelin’?” Fred asked; her accent not fully dispersed.

“Like I just hit my head on the bathtub.” Cordelia replied sarcastically; Fred’s smile slowly turning into a frown from her comment.

“Here’s some tea for you, my little crumb cake.” Lorne said as he handed Cordelia a small cup of herbal tea.

“Thank you, Lorne.” Cordelia replied with a smile as she took the hot liquid from the green demon.

Just as she swallowed the tiny amount of tea she had taken; she jerked forward as memories of her vision came flooding back to her. She gripped Angel’s wrist as her eyes grew wide.

“My vision. Angel. It was terrible.” Cordelia whispered the last few words as she slowly scanned the bed spread; as if watching the visions all over again.

“What? What did you see?” Angel asked as he watched the young brunette.

“Uh… it was different. It didn’t seem all that demonic this time. I, uh. I saw a man. He wore a, what looked like, a… a military uniform.” Cordelia pressed the fingers of her right hand to forehead as she tried to remember the vision clear enough. “He bore some sort of symbol on his sleeve.”

“What did it look like?” Angel asked as he handed Cordelia a note pad. She took it from his grasp, along with the pen, and drew the symbol as best as she could remember it while as she continued with the description of her vision.

“He, uh, he wore glasses. And… and he’s in a place that looks like a lab of some sort. I don’t know what for. They’re building something. A bomb… it looks like it’s about to go off. He runs in to stop it. His… his hand. Oh, god. Angel. He… he’s going to get radiation poisoning. We have to do something.”

“That’s unusual. Your vision being of that sort.” She heard Wesley say as he walked into her bedroom.

“Your tellin’ me.” Cordelia retorted as she finished her drawing. “In my vision I saw where they’re at. Angel. They’re in Colorado. I saw a military compound and it said Cheyenne Mountain.” Cordelia spoke the destination while handing the picture to Angel.

“This is it?” Angel asked as he looked at the symbol without any recognition.

“That’s it.” Cordelia replied with a slight head nod.

“Wes. Do you think you could figure out what this symbol means?” Angel asked his colleague while handing him the pad.

“I’ll do my best.” Wesley replied as he slowly scanned the picture Cordelia drew. The symbol looked like the letter ‘A’, but without the line through the middle and above the letter was a small circle. It looked somewhat familiar to him, but from where he’d seen it he couldn’t say. But he knew it meant something. And that something was very, very big.
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