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Hunter Is Just Another Word For Slayer

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Summary: Sunnydale has been destroyed, and the Scooby Gang are headed, for the most part, to St Louis.

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Anita Blake > GeneralZiraFR1521,7900106,14520 Oct 0410 Apr 05No


Disclaimer: NOT MINE. BtVS = Joss Whedon, Anita Blake = Laurel K Hamilton

“Buffy, we appear to have a problem.” The petite Slayer rolled her eyes.

“Well, yeah. I mean, it is a Tuesday.” Her Watcher glanced sharply at her.

“Just because you implemented the plan that defeated the First, doesn’t mean…” He stopped, as if mentally reviewing what he was about to say, while Buffy waited, one eyebrow raised, and a stake held loosely in her hand beating a subtle tattoo on her leg. “Actually, you all deserve a rest.” Giles finally admitted.

They were in a deserted house on the outskirts of the crater-that-had-been-Sunnydale, one that the owners had fled when the town’s occupants had. With the electricity still cut off, everyone had gathered in the fairly large sitting room which was at least three times the size of the one in Buffy’s old, and now destroyed, house.

“What’s wrong?” Willow asked, her head cradled in Kennedy’s lap. The witch was exhausted from the spell that they had done.

“With the destruction of the Sunnydale hellmouth and the Turok-Han, the world has changed.” Giles began bluntly, if a little unsteadily. He had been outside listening to the news on the radio for any mention of any further apocalyptic activity. Just because the First had been defeated in Sunnydale, he reasoned, didn’t mean that the rest of the world was safe. “Unfortunately this situation does not currently extend outside the United States. It is quite unprecedented, but a reality.”

“What?” Xander asked, sitting to one side with Andrew and two of the younger Slayers. All four of them were sitting on the floor, the former-carpenter flanked by the two girls, who had seemed to have decided to adopt him as a pseudo-father, and Andrew was lying with his head in Xander’s lap, and the bigger man was stroking his hair absently. Ever since the bus had stopped, and Xander had been told by Andrew about Anya’s death, the smaller man had gone into delayed shock, refusing to talk to anyone, and only acknowledging Xander and ‘their’ two Slayers existence.

Right now, Giles would have given anything for a return of Andrew-babble, as Dawn had dubbed it, which would have been a sure indication of normality and that the young man was on his way to healing. Giles sighed.

“The world is aware of vampires.” He continued, glancing around at all of them in turn. “While they are still, for the most part, hunted in the majority of the world, the United States had given them legal status.” Gasps of shock and outrage greeted his remarks.

“Why the hell did they go and do a stupid thing like that?” Faith asked. She was sitting near Buffy, with one of Robin’s arms wrapped tightly around her. It was moments like this, Giles reflected, when it was possible to see the scared child under Faith’s tough-girl mask. Her eyes were wide with fear, and she was shaking – but then, so was everyone else, to some degree.

“It appears that only on a hellmouth do vampires and other demons become so…rabid, for want of a better word. The magical influences change and distort their minds and features. Prolonged contact changes a vampire, and the results are…less than comforting. Vampires like the Master, and the Turok come into existence, their faces twisted into a mockery of nature. Only the stronger-willed are able to survive the mindless violence that their demons wish to pursue. Angel, Spike, and to some lesser extent Angelus and Drusilla, are some of the very few that retain constant control over their actions.”

Buffy had flinched slightly at the mention of Spike, but stopped it from being visible to all except those who had known her the longest.

“So what are the vampires like outside the hellmouth?” All the Slayers turned expectantly to him, as well as the original Sunnydalians.

“Generally as close to normal human behaviour as their demons will allow. Their demons seem to be a lot more civilised than those in or around a hellmouth. The Watcher’s Council suspected that the mix of magic and the close proximity to Hell distorted a vampire, or a demon’s, perception of the world. Their demon’s became completely obsessed with killing and destruction.” He removed his glasses and wiped them. “Of course, there is always the odd exception, both on the hellmouths and off…”

Author's Note: Who do you wanna see in it? Review and tell me, otherwise it's liable to get out of control!
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