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Dino Drabbles

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Summary: Buffy Meets Jurassic Park - be afraid, be very afraid.

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Chapter 5

Drabble 5 – R for sexual references

“Oh please, do you REALLY think you can stop me? I’m a Hell Goddess for Pete’s sake!” Glory was really starting to get on his nerves and when that happened, the getting on of the nerves thing, things generally got more than a little out of control.

Xander had since learned just how to control his transformations and while it wouldn’t necessarily kill Glory to be hit by a dinosaur, it would so seriously screw up her dress, so he merely smiled and put his hand into his pocket, grabbing the triggering talisman he’d gotten from Ethan all those years ago, “Yeah, well, you don’t impress the hell out of me, Glory Hole Goddess.” Anya snickered off to one side, as did her boyfriend, Andrew Wells, and he could feel Willow blushing along side of her girlfriend, Tara, behind him even as he felt the change begin, “But you see, that doesn’t matter – you want to hurt my Dawn Patrol and I can’t allow that to happen.”

“And what are you going to do, mortal? Yak my ear off?”

He grinned even as he felt his clothes begin to give way and his body shift, “No, I’ll split you up the middle.”

“And he’s equipped to do it too, girl. My boytoy is all man and ten yards long.” Faith was so kind to him, she really was, but he was still having to fight off an amorous Anya Jenkins-Wells, as she wanted threesomes and orgies with herself, him, Faith and Andrew and, well, Xander didn’t trust Andrew at all and, the whole another guy thing was eww!


Xander was all-out pissed when he finished transforming, and it showed with the way he ducked his head, opened his jaws and hissed menacingly; the first time she’d seen that was when B’s jerk-off boyfriend with those military GI-Jokes had tried to take her for testing and he’d transformed in front of her for the first time. She’d been a little freaked about it, but they’d fleshed it out that they both had secrets early in their relationship back in high school, so it was all good once she found out the whole story.

Glory looked like she was about to give birth to full grown cats, no, fuck that, mountain lions, but didn’t have too much time to react as she had a pissed off Velociraptor on her hands, tearing away at her body and dress even as B, Tiger and Red began to nuke the minions left, right and center. Faith herself found that she and Baby D got along well, as she had been assigned to be her babysitter since Glory had shown up – D had a mouth on her at time that reminded Faith of herself, but since finding out about who and what she really was, she’d been a little more distant than normal.

“STOP IT!” Faith’s mind snapped back to reality as Glory flung a snarling Raptor-X back into a wall, but he landed alright and began to click his claws against the ground in a classic dirge as the Hell Bitch snarled, “I’ll make a handbag out of you, you lizard.” She started forwards and then froze, a look of horror on her face as her body began to twist and contort, “NO! Not … now!”

Faith watched in mute fascination, as did the others she was sure, as Glory changed into a guy, Ben something-or-other, and he stood there in the shredded red dress that Glory had been wearing, “What’s going on?”

Those were his last words ever as Raptor-X launched himself at Ben and tore him apart in a bloody display of anger.


Xander opened his eyes and immediately hated what he saw – Faith was over him, looking very worried and he hated it when she looked worried, so he just weakly smiled and sat up a little, “Glory?”

“Toast. How do you feel?”

He frowned for a second and then summed up his feeling, “Oddly full. Last time I felt like this I … oh hell.” He looked over and saw the remains of the remains of what had been Glory and sighed, “Well, I guess red meat is off of the menu tonight.”

Faith smiled and sat in his lap, “Don’t worry, stud – we’ll find something you like to eat at the house.”

Of that, Xander had no doubt.

AN: Alright, that’s it, at least for me – if anyone else wants to take on the Dino Drabbles, do so with my blessing.

The End

You have reached the end of "Dino Drabbles". This story is complete.

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