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Dino Drabbles

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Summary: Buffy Meets Jurassic Park - be afraid, be very afraid.

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Dino Drabbles

Dino Drabbles –or- Jurassic Sunnydale

Author: Anime Ronin

Rating: PG – 13 unless otherwise noted

Summary: Buffy’s Halloween ’97 meets Jurassic Park – let’s see the chaos commence.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Feedback: Yes, please.

Drabble One

Ethan watched the young man shake his head disgustedly as the bottle blonde young woman and her friend gushed over the gown of a noblewoman – knowing what he knew was going to happen, Ethan couldn’t help but smile as the young man was right in shaking his head, so he walked up with an idea in mind, “Excuse me, young man, but can I help you with something?”

“Nah, I just need something from the bargain bin to finish off my costume. Call me the two-dollar costume king, man.”

Ethan frowned as the young man picked up a toy rifle, “A soldier? Oh, no, that will never do. Come with me, I have something that would fit you much better. He’s a scholar, a paleontologist, to be precise, but believe me he’s rather … unique.”

The young man followed him and Ethan handed over the costume, with the hat, but also saw claw that he’d picked up some time back from a druid in England, shrugged and threw it in for free – the chaos spell would most certainly turn the boy into the character he envisioned, but as he had also pissed off the druid, Ethan wasn’t sure how the druid’s own magics, if they were in the claw, would effect the spell, but shrugged it off, as it would probably not be anything big.


Alan shook his head and took off his hat – where in the hell was he? He’d just walked into the dig trailer behind Ellie and was about to check on some fossils when he felt nauseous and suddenly was … wherever he was, “Why me? After what Hammond pulled, why me?” It had been a solid month since the whole fiasco on the island and Alan had yet to have more than two nights of dreamless sleep - he still remembered the roar of the Rex and the sounds of the jungle, but what had him most scared was the creature who’s claw rested in his pocket.

“Speaking of which.” He fished his hand into his pocket and removed the fossilized Velociraptor claw, smiling slightly as it had been one of the few things that, oddly enough, comforted him at time. It was at that point that the claw began to glow, “What the hell?” Instinctively, he dropped the claw.

The claw fell and finally landed on his boot, but it then came to rest in an upright position, which it would have been on a Raptor, and then his boot began to glow, followed it as the pain set in. He let out a scream of agony as the world went dark around him.

(Unknown place)

Janus looked down upon the town of Sunnydale, which sat upon the Mouth of Hell, and smiled at the sweet chaos that was happening there – whoever had invoked his power would definitely be getting a nice bonus this time around, especially with the amount of pure terror that was being caused.

It was then that he felt it – his own power was coursing through the entire town, along with the energy being put out by the Hellmouth, but also now there was another energy, but this one was far more primal than anything he had ever felt before. It wasn’t black magic, nor was it white magic, but it was just … dark in nature, something that made him shiver as his view focused on a young man who began to glow. At first the change was barely there, but then it became more pronounced as his arms shortened and became clawed, a long tail, muscled thickly, sprouted out of the back of his pants, his boots exploded to reveal clawed feet, one claw on each foot that was retractable and positively lethal, and finally the head elongated and the teeth became serrated.

Janus blinked as the power intensified and his mind placed it – Druidic magic was not something to be trifled with under the best of conditions and combined with the effects of the chaos spell that had been used, he knew that something bad was going to happen in the near future. He growled, mentally making a note to fillet the person who invoked his power as the Velociraptor sniffed the air and took off with terrific speed towards some unseen prey.

(Sunnydale – later still)

Spike looked around and smiled at the pure chaos that was being reeked around him and his sire, Drusilla – she had been on and on about some darkness and fun that would be happening that night, which he had completely blown off as the concept of Halloween was just too hokey even for vampire to take a lot of stock in, but now he knew that she was right, “Well shag me stiff, ducks, you were right!”

His Dru smiled and went back to running a knife over the exposed stomach of a pirate who had tried to take her, causing the young man to scream in agony as she spilled his guts, “Miss Edith says that tonight will be a night of pure glee for us, Spike.” She dropped the knife then and began to whimper, “But Miss Edith and the stars say that one of us will not come back tonight, Spiky. She and the stars say that my kitten is a lizard now, and he’s hunting us.”

Spike rolled his eyes – she had been on and on about some kitten of hers, but he hated cats for any reason other than to play poker with, so he ignored her ranting until something struck home, “One of us will not come back, ducks? What’s gong to happen?”

“My kitten-lizard is hunting us, Spike, and he’ll chomp us all up, he will.” She began to cry and snapped the neck of the pirate before falling to the ground and sobbing her eyes out.

Spike looked around as his nose twitched, smelling something that was off, even for this shit berg, and continued to do so until he saw it – it was about six feet tall and on two legs, watching him from some bushes with beady dark eyes as it’s lips curled back to show razor-sharp teeth as it pulled back into the shadows, at which point Dru began to cry even harder, “Ducks, we’re leaving.”

“It’s too late, Spiky, he’s already here! My Kitten-Lizard is already here!”

By Dru’s warning, though, it was already too late – Spike felt a clawed weight slamming into his back and felt teeth surrounding his head. Maybe his ending would be more or less painless.

(Next morning)

Willow was still crying and Buffy was doing her best to console her after Cordy delivered the news – Daniel ‘Oz’ Osbourne was dead and so was Larry, though by different people as Larry had been cut open by a knife and Oz appeared to have been torn apart by a wild animal, but not a vampire or anything that was normal for them. Xander himself felt more than a little sick as he walked away from the library, digesting what he had been told.

“HARRIS!” Great, just what his day needed, a troll. “My office, NOW!” Xander growled slightly and gripped the claw in his pocket – he didn’t remember anything, but something about the claw apparently made him feel better, so he kept it.

The School secretary watched as the young man walked into the Principal’s office, shut the door and went back to work, blithely ignoring the sudden flash of light, a deep snarl of pure hate and the tearing of cloth that she heard and the screams of fright from the troll principal. She reached over to the phone and dialed a number as a body slammed into the closed door and fell to the ground, followed by another snarl and a wet tearing sound of flesh being rent from the bones of a person as someone picked up on the other end, “Yes, this is Mary at the High School – Principal Snyder has had a terrible accident and I think he has expired. Please send someone to clean up the mess and select a new principal, preferably one that has a brain. Thank you, Mister Finch.”

AN: Okay, the first few will center around Halloween, but after that it's a 'what happens later' for a few chapters. R&R.
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