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20 Minutes With Andrew (aka the Italian Love God)

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Summary: After 'The Girl in Question', Andrew goes on his date with a rather special witch... If only he knew it. Added Prequel: Andrew gets sent on a top secret mission to LA...

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Harry Potter > Andrew-Centered > Pairing: Hermione Granger(Past Donor)KiaraFR722,532062,03621 Oct 0420 Jun 07Yes

20 Minutes With Andrew (aka the Italian Love God)

Response to Challenge 211 on TTH.

A/N: This (obviously) hasn’t been beta-ed so please forgive me! The challenge was to write Andrew in any crossover for exactly 20 minutes.

Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns HP, Andrew belongs to Joss.

Timeline: The Angel episode ‘The Girl in Question’

20 Minute’s with Andrew (a.k.a. the Italian Love God)

Start time- 16:44

Andrew was squinting at the TV. He was watching Starwars, no surprise there, but it had been dubbed over in Italian. While he knew enough to get by with the laydees, he wasn’t really fluent. Luckily he’d seen all the episodes in English millions of times and knew what happened in each by heart.

He looked to the clock on the wall. He still had time before he was meeting the girls. There was a knock on the door so he went to answer it, straitening out the crinkles in his robes and patting his dishevelled hair down.

When he saw who it was, the nerd of the Scoobies clutched his hand to his heart dramatically and hugged the bleach blond vampire in the doorway tightly.

“Spike! O mio dio! E come un sogno incantevole. What are you doing here?”

The blonds companion was giving him a funny look. “About to ask you the same question, Andrew. “

“Buffy and Dawn are letting me crash. My casa was incinerated when that thing happened.“ He told them, sounding very camp.

“What thing? “

Andrew chuckled nervously. “Cultural misunderstanding. Let us speak of more pleasant times. Entrate pure. I part my threshold. I mean my apartment. Obviously.” He clarified seeing the looks Angel and Spike were giving him.

“So, um, I had plans later this evening, but I can change them if you guys wanna hang. Uh, I could show you Rome at night, a city of contrasts. Anywhere you want to go, anything you want to see.” Andrew said, straitening up the apartment as he spoke.

“Buffy.” The vampires commanded simultaneously.

“Right, because you two both—Yeah. She's not here.“

“Where'd she go?” Angel asked.

Two minutes later the over questionable vampires were on their way to try and find the slayer.

They’d be lucky.


The door knocked again. Andrew answered it once again to see Spike and Angel standing there. He invited them in and went into the bathroom to finish changing, answering the vampires questions as he straitened his outfit.

He rolled his eyes as Angel ranted on about his love for cookie dough. If this is what Angel had been like when he was dating Buffy then he didn’t blame her for sending him to hell.

“May want to hold the waterworks, big guy. The Immortal's cool and all, but he ain't all that. He's got his flaws.“ Andrew called out to the vampires.

“Really? “ “Wh-what are they?” Angel ans Spike asked hopefully.

In the bathroom Andrew sighed exasperatingly. “The point is she's moving on. You guys do the same, and you might catch her one day. One of you, anyway. But you keep running in place, you're gonna find she's long gone. Buffy loves both of you, but she's gotta live her life. People change.”

The former geek appeared from the bathroom dressed in a sleek black suit and with his hair neatly styled. “You guys should try it sometime.”

There was a knock on the door which Andrew opened to find two beautiful women on the other side. One had stereotypical long blond hair and blue eyes but the other had wavy brown hair with deep hazel eyes.

“Ah, Caprice, se belle come la notte. E tu, Hermione... superi perfino le stelle.” Andrew and his dates moved towards the door, but before he went he turned around to the vampires one last time. “Ciao.”


He should have known this was to good to be true. Caprice had already gone off with another man and Hermione hadn’t said anything all night. He didn’t really know Hermione; he’d been introduced to her by Caprice briefly after they left the apartment, but apart from that…

He tilted his head back to the ceiling. If he wasn’t careful, he’d be left on his own with all the horny Italian girls fawning over him until Caprice wanted to go home. Not that he minded the attention, and there was a lot of it, but he wanted someone who could string a sentence together.

“Come on Andrew, pull it together.” He muttered to the ceiling.

“You’re English?” Hermione spoke, seemingly surprised.

“Yeah, well American.”

She smiled warmly. “It’s nice to finally meet another English speaking person.”

“Likewise…well, apart from Buffy and Dawn.”

“Buffy and Dawn?” Hermione asked.

“Uh huh, I guess they’re my friends. Dawn’s very sweet. She’s doing her last year of high school by correspondence so she doesn’t have that many people to talk to either. And Buffy, well Buffy’s just scary!”

Hermione raised an eyebrow. “You know someone called Buffy who’s scary?”

“You should meet her; she’s only about five foot tall but she’s super strong. So, what brings you to Italy?” Andrew said changing the subject away from the slayer.

Hermione wrinkled her nose. How to get around this one? “Well the last year’s been really stressful for me. There was this big…problem that came to a head. What about you?”

“Err, same!”

There was a small awkward silence. “So where are you from, apart from America?”

“I used to live in Sunnydale, but there was a…earthquake so I’m travelling with Buffy and Dawn.” Andrew said, giving the answer that everyone outside their group had been told.

“Oh yeah, I heard about the… earthquake. Was it scary?”

“You have no idea.” Andrew flashed back to the battle; hundreds of uber-vamps storming towards them. “I was on the very last bus out.”

Hermione smiled indulgently. The wizarding world had cover the ‘earthquake’ of Sunnydale extensively, they’d heard about the slayers closing the hellmouth and then getting a muggle school bus to safety; there was no way this rather weedy muggle had been on the ‘very last’ bus! Besides, an earthquake, scary? She was willing to bet she’d seen things that this muggle could never dream of!

The two chatted for the rest of the evening, neither of them realising how much the other were missing out or glossing over.

When Andrew went to kiss her goodnight as he walked the girls to their hotel, he couldn’t help but wonder if one day he would meet a woman who could understand his weird life.

Yeah; in his dreams.


Finishing time- 17:04

A/N: Sorry about the abrupt ending! I ran out of time :-S

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