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To Go Again

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This story is No. 9 in the series "Prometheus-Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Prometheus-Verse - 9 - Xander and Voyager are back on earth, how will time flow now?

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Chapter 03

TITLE: To Go Again
AUTHOR: Siege (
DISTRIBUTION: Anywhere, Just let me know `K
DISCLAIMER: All things BtVS related belong to Joss Wheadon and M.E.
Star trek and all that belong to someone else, not me. Big Sigh.
DEDICATION: To Vincent, my son. May Gene Roddenberry's vision come
true so that you may see humanity the way it could be.
SUMMARY: Part 9 Of the Prometheus-Verse. AAAANNDDD We're Off again.
FEEDBACK: All Feedback is gratefully received and I listen, please
check the wall, available at the URL above, because I add those who
send me feedback there as a thank you.
KEYWORDS: BtVS, Star Trek TNG, Voyager, DS9
CATEGORY: Adventure/Crossover/AU
DATE: Begun (10/10/2004), Ended ()
WORD COUNT: 70,000+
BETA READ: None at present. Posting live.
WARNINGS: Spoiler's from All Seasons Buffy, Voy, TNG and DS9, plus
Track I of Prometheus-Verse.
AUTHORS NOTES: Part three of Track II.


Chapter 03 The Diablo - Earth, January 2376

Gabriel looked at Xander with a smile as they reached the bar, "I've never seen someone take out a Klingon that quickly."

Xander shrugged, "When you've been fighting vampires since you were 15; a Klingon is not much of a challenge, besides he was drunk." he looked around the bar his eyes taking in every single person within sight. He looked at the various 'Staff Only' type exit's and saw nothing untoward, "I don't think they are here." he commented with a sigh.

Gabriel looked around in much the same manner, "I think you may be right."

"Now what?" Xander asked rhetorically.

An exotic voice spoke to the left of him and Xander turned as the feminine tones were still in the air, "You could try asking me." Carmel said with a sultry smile.

"Carmel?" Xander breathed in shock. It had occurred to him that Dee would be alive, but for some reason the idea that Carmel wouldn't be dead hadn't occurred to him.

Carmel smiled, flashing perfect white teeth in the process, "I was told that you'd know me." she said moving closer to Xander.

"Carmel" Xander said again, his voice a little stronger.

"Xander" Carmel breathed, slipping into the chair next to his.

"Do you two want to be alone?" Gabriel asked with a note of irony.

Xander suddenly stiffened as Carmel laid her hand on top of his, "I was told to pass on a message" she purred softly.

Xander was as stiff as a board, "What's that" he asked woodenly.

Carmel smiled, "Now how did it go?" she asked herself; then smiled radiantly as it came to her, "Surprise!" she said, slipping into demonic guise.

Xander remained unimpressed, "So, Marshall got to you, I take it you didn't fight it this time."

"Fight it, why would I ever want to fight it" Carmel said slipping back to her normal face and crossing one lithe leg over the other.

"Urh ... I'm no expert but isn't she a vampire."

"Yep" Xander said wearily, "that she is"

"I thought the idea was to kill vampires? Or did I miss something?" Gabriel said slowly.

"It is, and Marshall knows that, so I'm surprised he wanted you to deliver the message Carmel. Perhaps he has grown weary of providing your excitement" Xander said, leaning back out of the way, as Carmel launched a slap with claws to his face.

"Who do you think you are boy?" she asked scornfully, "To presume to say that?"

"Marshall didn't tell you?" Xander asked with a slight, and annoying little smile on his face, "I'm the man you slept with before being turned last time."

Carmel narrowed her eyes at him, "I DON'T think so" she drawled with a nasty sneer. "I like my men to be men."

Xander shrugged, "Whatever. So where's my slayer?" Xander asked in a bored voice.

"Oh yes" Carmel said smiling again, like she hadn't been angry a moment before, "The Slayer. That's the last part of the message" she said pushing her glass off of the bar, where it smashed into a thousand pieces. A look out spotted the signal and set to work. Walking around the club and opening the doors that led to the back. In the meantime Carmel kept talking, "He told me to tell you, that once you're done here to come to see him in the warehouse district, unit 5b"

Xander nodded, "That's very nice of him. So what is it I have to finish?" Xander said sliding off of his stool and sharing a quick glance with Gabriel who got the clue quickly. Xander had tooled him up with a stake and a silver dagger from his own personal armory before they even set foot on the planet.

Carmel smiled, looking at her most beautiful before shifting faces, "The Party, you've got to join in. We've got a drink, food, vampires!" she said with a sweep of her arm.

Someone saw the deformed faces pouring into the building and let out a shriek of terror. Nightmarish countenances from the deepest part of the id flowed through the now open doors.

Xander looked around him and let out a sigh, there had to be at least 50 vampires arrayed around the club, hundred's of hostages and he was virtually on his own. "I'm so screwed" he commented under his breath.

"Marshall also said that he hopes you like his present" Carmel said jumping up on the bar and walking calmly down it as the vampire hit squad shepherded the humans into the center of the club in a clump of anger and fear. There were a few minor skirmishes as one person or another objected, but the blood that was spilled from those unfortunates was enough to deter any more heroics.

"This sort of thing happen often?" Gabriel asked calmly. His eyes calculating the odds. They were currently somewhat stranded, he'd triggered his recall when Carmel had said vampires, but he knew it would take Judy a while to get the signal, whilst she was on her errand for Xander.

"Seems like every other day" Xander said his voice devoid of emotion, "What I wouldn't give for frank and his marines about now" he added.

Gabriel ignored the remark, he had no frame of reference to know what Xander was actually talking about, but the word Marine had struck a nerve. He knew where Xander was coming from in that regard.

"I'd love a slayer right now as well" Xander added in his normal voice.

"X'nder?" a frighteningly familiar voice asked.

"Hey, where do... urk" a vampire guard managed to say just before he became airborne and flew across the club.

"No way!" Xander breathed as Carmel started to yell out orders to her clan. "No fucking way" he said again as he watched a vampire walk towards an area of the club he couldn't make out and burst into ash as a large stake was thrown into it's dead heart. "This can't be happening?" Xander said.

"What can't?" Gabriel asked.

"In the past, I met someone that called me that. But she died 300 years ago!"

"She sounded Klingon" Gabriel said as he ducked under a vampire that leapt at him.

Almost without thought Xander drew Q and started to hack and slash as the entire club exploded into chaos. "I know, that's why this isn't possible. Kronos exploded a long time ago, it's Hellmouth went along for the ride. So this can't be who I think it is."

"Get HER!" Carmel yelled, stamping her heeled foot into the glass topped bar.

Then Xander almost dropped Q when a form walked around the corner of the wall, "X'nder!" she called out as she punched a vampire in the face when it faced off at her. The vampire dropped back shock written across the smear that had been its face before the long haired Klingon laconically span kicked it's head clean off of it's shoulders.



Long red hair shook as the Female Q laughed more than she had since Q had been imprisoned in Xander's Katana. She watched with glee as Xander's face dropped in total and utter shock at the sight of the female Klingon warrior.

Normally, she wouldn't dream of doing something like this, but the Creator himself had pulled said Klingon from the other time line, had sent the confused woman to her for reeducation and told her that it was a little bit of punishment for not abiding to the letter of the law for Marshall.

THAT alone had made her laugh, because it had been done in front of the conclave of the Powers with Lucifer glaring at the Creator the entire time. It wasn't until afterwards that she'd got the biggest shock though. She frowned as she remembered it.

"Q" The creator said, who had retained his Alice cooper form, even to Q.

"Yes; My Lord?"

"There's a new wrinkle. Marshall, has done something, I won't tell you what, I'm as bound by the law as you are, but..."

"Go on, My Lord?"

"The time line has shifted, A LOT! He's made a change that has changed the outcome for almost every minor and some major events in the next few years, linear time."

"Oh god, Xander" Q said without thinking.

"Yes Xander, he is in even greater danger than normal. Lucifer himself has taken against him, being a champion isn't the protection it once was. He might not be bound, but he can be killed. You know what happens if Xander dies."

Q sighed, "Q dies too."

"Exactly. Do you know what happens if Q dies?"

Q shook her head, "No; My Lord, I would think nothing. Quinn didn't effect us as greatly as we'd feared. Even the civil war was short lived."

"The continuum would be taken. You son would be put to death by Lucifer himself and he will take over your dimension. He has been systematically doing this in the demon dimensions. If he were to gain a foot hold in the continuum."

"Our power source would be his for anything he wanted"

"Including wiping out all other races, the Q, the Organians, everyone of the higher races would be wiped out like that!" the creator punctuated with a loud click of his fingers. "He's using the demons as cover, the treaty as protection. This human is now important to us as well. We must protect him."

"He must still be seen to be doing the work of a champion though." Q laughed, "I doubt we'd be able to stop him anyway."

"That's why I've sent you the most powerful slayer in history" the creator said, his dark eye boring into Q's. "The Balance Must Be Maintained" he said with a slightly evil smirk. "Xander must never know, the pressure... My Lord, it would break his mind."

The creator nodded, "Then you'll just have to come up with something to cover then won't you."

Q laughed, "Yes My Lord."

"Pfft with this My Lord stuff, when we're alone like this call me... Alice" *****

Xander was floored as a vampire took advantage of his momentary distraction to flatten him with a devastating hay maker even with Q's shouted mental warning.

He rolled as soon as he hit the floor kipping as soon as his back hit floor , his sword leading the way and spearing the vampire in the heart. It dusted in a particularly explosive way and Xander smirked through the pain and slight fuzziness induced by the vamp's powerful blow. He span under a spinning kick, his sword spiking the vampire's leg and pushing through until it exploded out of the top. Xander's wrist activated stake shot out. He caught it just in time and stabbed the vampire in the heart. It dusted, freeing his Katana to cut off another vampire's arm at the elbow as it tried to punch him.

He glanced over to find that the blue eyed and strangely beautiful Klingon was virtually walking through vampires. He didn't let himself worry about how she was here, but his prayer's had been answered with her arrival. He didn't KNOW who to thank but he had a good idea.

Looking around after side kicking a vampire back Xander spotted Gabriel getting into trouble by the bar, our vampires ganging up on him. There was blood running down his face from two sets of claw marks and he was obviously tiring. As good a fighter as he was, it was a whole different ball game melee fighting vampires. Xander didn't even look as he tossed a stake into the vampire he had just kicked heart. It exploded into dust behind him, but he was already running, vaulting over a vampire that got in his way.

Gabriel took another nasty blow to the face that mashed his nose and Xander put on another burst of speed. Using a vampire as a spring board he leapt into the air, arm's outstretched.

Gabriel looked up, thinking his time had finally come, knowing that another hit from a vampire and he was going down. His eyes shot wide open as Xander flew towards him looking like a bird in flight his Katana already starting to move.

As Xander passed over the top of on vampire, his sword sliced down and to the side. Dusting the vampire and putting him slightly off balance, he twisted in mid air like a cat, trying to get his feet back under his body. He managed it just, hitting the ground hard he stumbled slightly, but forced himself to jump back up and round in a flying wheel kick that sent one vampire flying and another ducking.

As he hit the floor once again he allowed gravity to push him to the floor, where he kicked up and out at the vampire, hitting it in the face even as it was starting to straighten up.

He threw a stake underhand into it's heart as the vampire was forced to lean back with the force of the kick, leaving it's feet slightly. The stake embedded true to target and it exploded into fine powder.

Xander pushed himself onwards and upwards once again, coming up into a fencing stance he moved to an en-guade position with his Katana and lunged. His sword slicing instead of stabbing, Katana's are not the best for stabbing motions without a lot of power behind the blow it was far better suited to slicing as was proved when it cut through the vampire's throat sending blood and saliva flying through the air in it's path. As the vampire was distracted Xander skipped forward a step and stabbed hard into the vampire's heart with his wooden dagger, pulling it back out quickly to avoid it getting caught when the vampire dusted.

Xander looked around and had to smile. The patrons of the club had faired better this time around. With someone to learn from they were fighting with broken tables and a host of other materials found around the place. One Klingon was using his ceremonial blade to kill vampires, so central to their way it had the force of belief behind it, making it a religious icon.

There were, however, massive casualties still the floor of the club was awash with blood. Xander looked around picking Carmel out of the crowd and watching her stand on the stairs and look back at him. Their eyes met across the club and she winked at him blowing a kiss before suddenly shouted, "RETREAT!" and bolting from the club.

Then, to his horror Xander watched the vampire actually obey the command and fight their way out of the club. "Ahh hell" Xander muttered kicking a broken table out of his way and walking over to Gabriel. "Ah HELL!"

"What? We won?" Gabriel said leaning heavily against the bar. Something caught his eye and he smiled, reaching over he grabbed a bottle and pulled the cork out with his mouth. With one arm hanging limply at his side he took a long swig of the liquid. "We should be celebrating" he said in a wheeze as the Romulan ale hit the back of his throat and burned it's way down. He offered the bottle to Xander how shook his head, to both his comment and the offer.

"No, we're in big trouble."

"Why?" Gabriel asked pushing himself upright.

"Because that was an organized retreat. Vamp's don't DO that!" Xander said kicking a chair flying into the air.

A heavily gauntleted, but still strangely feminine hand grabbed it out of the air and tossed it over a bare shoulder, "X'nder!?"

"K'thall?! What are you doing here?"

"You look different X'nder. Human, I preferred the other look" she said with a saucy smile. "But I know it's you." she continued thumping him on the back and nearly sending him to the floor.

"Oh yeah, It's you alright" Xander said managing to stay standing, "How?"

"I've been given a task of honor by the concubine of the Q" K'thall said proudly thumping her chest and making it move in a very interesting way.

Xander shook his head, "Mrs Q sent you? Why?"

"I am your body guard!" She said pulling him into a one armed hug. "We will have an ale to celebrate?"

Gabriel looked at Xander's face and despite the pain exploded into laughter. Wincing ever so often as his ribs complained.

Xander took a deep breath, promising himself to curse out Q when he saw her, his on board deity was laughing his ass off and making it hard to be too made at anyone. "Come on, we've got to book." He said freeing himself from the Klingon beauty and putting Gabriel's arm over his shoulder and helping the other man to stand.

"Pah! I dislike books, they scratch!" K'thall said, "But should we not go before the authorities find us here?"

Starfleet Head Quarters.

Admiral Alexander Cove looked over his highly polished desk, the other side there was a nervous looking man who appeared to be standing on a hotplate.

"Say that again?"

"We've just managed to pull up the Voyager's Vid feed." the analyst said nervously.

"Not that Part!"

The analyst fidgeted again, "urh ... urm ... We ran it backwards."

Cove rolled his eyes, "You said something about this Lieutenant Harris exhibiting signs that he had knowledge of the future?"

The analyst smiled in relief, "Oh yes, he did." he nodded, "That's right... sir!"

"And how did you come to that conclusion?"

"Be.Be.Because of what the Admiral was saying to him in his quarter's. The feed was kinda fuzzed and we've not been able to get a full log, but some of the things she said made it appear that she knew that he knew that urh ..."the man trailed off confused.

"Damn it man! Spit it out."

"I'm sure he knows the future sir!" the man said in a rush.

"Dismissed!" Admiral Cove said sharply and the man virtually bolted from the room. "huh, interesting." he said to himself once the door had closed.

He then tapped his desk and a panel slid out in front of him. He studied it for a long moment before cursing to himself. He wasn't sure how he had managed it. But it appeared that this Xander Harris had the two most powerful captains of the fleet protecting and protesting for him. He was a full member of the fleet with a ratified field commission to Lieutenant. There was something about a special unit, and a time release capsule, but it was sketchy at best. He was currently floating around with little to do and no actual chain of command above him.

Cove dug a little deeper and let out a groan as he noticed both captains were due for promotion. He knew that Jean Luc Picard would never take an admiralty, but Janeway might. That would add even more power to this Xander's elbow. It was no good, he was going to have to use more subtle methods than he usually employed for Information extraction.

Alex Cove smiled, this Xander Harris looked to be a ladies man from his record. That, and the display he'd put on during the welcome home party with that scientist. He knew just the woman to deal with this situation.

He punched a control on his desk, "Get Lieutenant Commander Amara in here on the double." he said terminating before receiving a confirmation of his order.


Xander led his new friends into his sparse apartment and pointed to the couch, "You" he told Gabriel, "Lay there, I'll get the medkit."

Gabriel nodded and wincingly walked over to the couch.

K'thall meandered into the apartment and looked around, "Huh" she said licking her top lip nervously. "Humans have done well."

"Klingons too" Xander commented from the replicator.

Gabriel smirked as Xander walked over to him, "I thought you hated Klingon's?" he asked innocently and somewhat stupidly.

Xander smirked at him, then jabbed him in the ribs. "I do, but 'thall is special."

K'thall smiled at him, "X'nder" she said in a purr.

"No!" Xander said looking down at the medical tricorder, a smile flickering around the corner's of his mouth, "Damn Slayer's and their funny Hormones."

"I sense you don't mean that" Gabriel commented, "So doc, what's the prognosis"

"I'm going to have to amputate you sense of humor" Xander said shooting him a smile, "And this WILL hurt like hell." Xander continued poking a hypospray into Gabriel's neck.


Xander chuckled, "Wimp. Come on lift your shirt, I need to check those ribs."

"X'nder? Are you two about to mate?" K'thall asked.

The two men glared at her, "No!" they said together then cleared their throats and said in a lower voice, "No!", against the same time. They glared at each other and Xander smirked running the medical bone knitting device over Gabriel's ribs.

"One day, I'll figure out why people always assume I'm gay!"

K'thall pouted slightly, "Shame, I wanted to join in." she commented sitting astride a chair and leaning forward, flashing an expanse of cleavage at Xander and looking him right in the eye.

Xander gave a shudder, "Moving swiftly on. I've got to get Jac back." he said snapping the tricorder shut and standing up. He looked at Gabriel as he walked across the room back to the replicator, "Stop flashing Gabe, it's embarrassing"

Gabriel smirked at him, "You realize of course, that if I didn't owe you my life, I'd more than likely just kill you to shut you up?"

There was a creak of leather and suddenly Gabriel didn't dare even breathe as a sharp point between his legs, "I think not!" K'thall said calmly. Her eyes deadly.

"Chill 'thall he's just kidding"

"Am EYY!" Gabriel grimaced as the pressure increased, "so kidding" he finished with a charming smile, the knife moved away and K'thall shot him a smile filled with malice.

Xander chuckled, "I think I'm going to enjoy this having a body guard milarky."

"Milarky, who the hell says stuff like that!" Gabriel commented, trying to check he still had the required number of genitals without being indecent.

"I am 375 year's old. 376 if you count the loop."

"I am 400" K'thall said after moving her mouth wordlessly for a blink of an eye. "This is a strange time"

"You're telling me" Xander commiserated. "They don't even have twinkles."

"Are we going to do any planning?" Gabriel asked.

Xander raised an eyebrow, a habit he had picked up, "Plan?"

"Yes a plan, to get Jacinta?"

"Like her hey?"

"The Plan" Gabriel said with a smile and deliberate pronunciation.

"We go in, kill vampires, and blow some shit up! That's sound's like a plan to me."

K'thall beamed, "I LIKE this plan!"

Xander glanced at his watch, "So, when is Judy due back?"

"Any minute, why?"

"Because I kinda need you to do me a small favor?"

"Certainly, I owe you after all." Gabriel said.

"I need you to baby sit the cargo."

Gabriel didn't look happy at all, "I suppose I walked into that."

Xander nodded, "That you did, but you'll know for next time."

"Next time, who say's there'll be a next time?" Gabriel asked. Xander just smiled and started to pack replacement stakes, tossing a few to K'thall in the process.

K'thall snorted, "Come X'nder. We must go" she paused, "Unless..."

"No!" Xander said walking out of the door, "See you later Gabe, I'll call you."

"Make sure you do, and if you need help too." Gabriel said to their departing backs. Vowing to get Judy to keep a lock on them both when she arrived.

"God, you truly do look after fools and drunkards." he quoted with a smile, realizing that Xander had come thought the fight without so much as a scratch.


Gabriel smiled, "Yes Judy?"

"I am in Orbit, and our ... guest is rather angry!"

Gabriel rolled his eyes, wondering what he had done to bring Xander Harris down on himself.

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