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To Go Again

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This story is No. 9 in the series "Prometheus-Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Prometheus-Verse - 9 - Xander and Voyager are back on earth, how will time flow now?

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Chapter 04

TITLE: To Go Again
AUTHOR: Siege (
DISTRIBUTION: Anywhere, Just let me know ‘K
DISCLAIMER: All things BtVS related belong to Joss Wheadon and M.E. Star trek and all that belong to someone else, not me. Big Sigh.
DEDICATION: To Vincent, my son. May Gene Roddenberry’s vision come true so that you may see humanity the way it could be.
SUMMARY: Part 9 Of the Prometheus-Verse. AAAANNDDD We're Off again.
FEEDBACK: All Feedback is gratefully received and I listen, please check the wall, available at the URL above, because I add those who send me feedback there as a thank you.
KEYWORDS: BtVS, Star Trek TNG, Voyager, DS9
CATEGORY: Adventure/Crossover/AU
RATING: Say Above 18?
DATE: Begun (10/10/2004), Ended ()
WORD COUNT: 70,000+
BETA READ: None at present. Posting live.
WARNINGS: Spoiler's from All Seasons Buffy, Voy, TNG and DS9, plus Track I of Prometheus-Verse.

Part three of Track II.


::Chapter 04::

.:Warehouse District SFC, January 2376:.

K'thall slipped through the shadows like a wraith, her entire mind was aflame with her surroundings, her body was poised like a feline, with the grace of movement to match. At her side, pacing her with less effort than one would think was Xander, his movements were less agile but he was nevertheless keeping up.

Their destination was in sight now, it had taken them some time to cross the warehouse district, slinking through shadows and slipping between buildings. They had remained as hidden as they were able, not wanting to give any more advance notice than had already been dealt out by Carmel.

Xander leaned back against the cool hard surface of the warehouse and signaled to K'thall.

Her eyes alert and shining with the moonlight turned to look at him inquisitively.

Xander smiled at her and nodded at the doorway. There were three guards standing at the door, looking alert and not bored. Their dedication to their work worried Xander more than he really wanted to admit. The first line of defense that humans had over vampires was their impatience. A patient vampire was a deadly vampire. Marshall must have instilled the fear of Lucifer in them.

With a sharp nod of his head Xander got K'thall's attention again and pulled her close to him. Her scent filled his nostrils for a moment and he couldn't help but feel a thrill at her closeness. "Okay" he whispered, "Here's the plan"

As he whispered in her ear, K'thall's smile grew.


K'thall slinked out of the shadows. Her body exuding confidence and sexuality like a cloak. The three vampire guards turned and watched her coming towards them with smiles of appreciation and lust vying with apprehension.

"Hello Boys" K'thall said with a sultry smile.

"Stop where you are Klingon" one of the guards, the largest said.

K'thall just smiled sensuously at him, "Boyd sent me" she told them.

The leader of the trio smiled, "Oh really?" he asked, relaxing slightly. "What are you entertainment."

"No" K'thall said, smiling ferociously. The guard to the leader's left suddenly gasped and exploded into dust. "I've got a message for you" K'thall continued. Moving forward like a shot she punched the right hand guard full in the face. The guard went down hard as the Leader came to his senses and leapt at K'thall.

He managed to lift off of the ground before he suddenly exploded into two halves of billowing dust.

K'thall stood over the final guard and grabbed his shirt front. The guard smiled at her and triggered a small pocket device. Alarm klaxon's suddenly shouted out their distress even as K'thall staked the guard.

The air next to her shimmered for a second and where once there had been nothing, stood Xander with a worried look on his face.

"Come one; we’ve got to move" he said urgently.

"Where you lead; X'nder, I follow" K'thall said with a grin, her battle instincts and adrenaline flowing freely.

Guards started to pour out of the entrance as Xander shimmered back into invisibility. The first guard through lasted not a second, his body falling into two halves before he dusted.

The second guard was propelled backwards at speed as K'thall's foot connected with his chest.

The following guards caught their compatriot before he could send them to the ground. They then propelled him forward back at K'thall.

She pirouetted in a spinning kick that actually took the vampires head clean off of his shoulders. She came to a stop, her leg dropping back to the ground even as her hands went to the stakes on her hips. They came out in perfect unison and she flipped them to face down. Smiling a smile full of jagged teeth she launched herself at the guards.

Xander slashed Q round in a cleaving blow that dissected with a vampire's neck and killed in a flash of steel. His cloak dropping away as he triggered the shield. It wavered to solidity a foot out from his body, moving back and curving around the contours of his body.

The area around the two vampire hunters started to fill with vampiric guards even as they pressed their way closer to the door. K'thall started to laugh as the full flow of the battle washed over her and Xander found himself smiling. The mixture of her laughter and his own heady adrenaline making him feel almost light. Q flashed up and round in a complex figure eight-like pattern. The end result of which was three dead vampires dropping down to the ground as dust.

Xander's foot work increased pace and a shiver flowed down his back and Q started to move in a more fluid manner.

"What the hell?" Xander said as the vampire's around him seemed to slow ever so slightly.

#Concentrate!# Q admonished, #I'm just boosting you slightly# the non-corporeal being informed him.

#what, you didn't tell me you could do that?#

#it’s merely a function of my form# Q told him tartly, #Vampire's now, chat later#

Xander laughed and continued to press forward towards the door. The flow of vampire's had come to a stop now. He and K'thall had the advantage of funneling the vampires to just a few exiting at a time. Xander knew that it wouldn't last long. If he were Marshall he would be sending vampire's around to their rear.

With a yell K'thall twisted off a vampire's head and reached into the doorway. Grabbing the nearest vampire she turned and threw the demonic being flying across the asphalt. It landed with a crunch and didn't move.

Xander took out his assailant and stepped into the warehouse for the first time. K'thall was at his back. Now that their advantage had been removed they had to fight on more sides. K'thall took left as Xander took right. Working together they managed to keep their head's above water.

K'thall's foot lashed out, sending a vampire into the air and above the head's of its compatriots. Xander watched it go out of the corner of his mind and marveled at the sheer power of her. Buffy had been the strongest slayer he had ever seen. K'thall was something else entirely. She seemed ten times stronger than Buffy had ever shown herself to be.

Xander jumped up and round, lashing out with Q as his foot kicked a vampire in the face. The stunned vampire backed up a step, hitting it's back into the other vampires pressing forward. The tip of Q hit another vampire in the eyes making it back away hands on face.

Xander paused slightly as the press loosened. He glanced around and saw that there were finite numbers of vampire's after all. He sure as hell didn't feel like it. He and 'Thall must have taken out twenty vampires already. There was at least that many left and who knew how many backups on the way. He had to end this and end it quickly. As they fought with the vampire's here, Jacinta could be being killed. He did also note that neither Carmel nor Marshall were anywhere to be seen.

Taking a step back Xander launched himself sideways away from the fight. Once he landed he took to his heels and ran around the vampires as quickly as he could.

K'thall watched him go in the peripheral of her vision. She wasn't concerned, even though she hardly knew Xander in real terms she trusted him with her life. The female Q had shown her things, things that had made sure that she was honor bound to protect the human with her life. Although, from what she had witnessed so far this night. Xander needed very little protection. She almost absent mindfully back fisted a vampire back and lashed out with the same hand. The stake held there dropped with mechanical precision and dusted the vampire.

There was a strange clang shing noise that drew hers and the remaining vampire’s attention and her eyes widened. Xander was standing with his sword dripping blood, around his body there was a strange form of armor.

Xander walked forward with impunity, his sword flashing in the dim light's of the warehouse. Several vampires did try to attack him, only to have their attacks ignored. Instead Q moved and removed heads left and right.

K'thall took advantage of the vampire's consternation and started to implant wood into heart with ever increasing speed. Xander was seriously thinning the numbers of surviving vampires and with K'thall's methodical staking of un-dead blood suckers, the tide turned within moments.

Eventually K'thall and Xander came face to face. Or face to mask. There was that strange clang shing noise again. The armor surrounding Xander folded back, peeling away from his body and disappearing back into the nothing it had come from. Once it had disappeared Xander staggered slightly. K'thall put out a hand a supported him almost lazily as his head swam.

"X'nder what is wrong?" K'thall asked with concern in the depths of her blue eyes.

"Power" Xander said taking a breath, "The armor takes a lot of power out of Q" he said taking another breath. "Tires us both out" he finished then smirked, "Plus the boost Q gave me is a killer!"

.:In Orbit:.

Gabriel sighed and rubbed a hand across his face. He was watching a monitor a safe distance away from the enraged brunette in his holding cell. Judy looked as if she was looking over his shoulder at the feed. When in fact she was reviewing the monitor internally. She wasn't enjoying the damage the brunette was doing to her interior.

"These slayers are feisty" she commented wryly.

Gabriel snorted softly in amusement, "That's putting it mildly." he replied. "I'm wondering how our new friend handles them."

"He has a certain charm" Judy told him, "He managed to make me feel safe with him quite quickly really."

Gabriel looked up at her, "What would you say to him being your captain?" he asked her.

Judy looked at him seriously, "I would miss you terribly; but I know that you want to retire."

Gabriel chortled slightly, "That's not really answering my question now is it?"

Judy smiled at him enigmatically, "Not really no." she told him, then a slight frown marred her holographic perfection for a moment. "We don't know much about him yet. But if I had to choose another captain. It would be someone like him. You and he seem to have a lot in common."

Gabriel quirked an eyebrow at her inquisitively so she continued. "This is only from what I've been able to observe to far; of course. I've noticed that you are both brave, and believe strongly in your causes. You're both attractive according to human norms and seem to have a way with people. Both of you are somewhat distrusting, but once you trust and make friends you hold onto them for life." Judy said airily, dissecting their personalities with rapier like effectiveness.

"Hmm" Gabriel replied, glancing back at the monitor. "She's quite beautiful" he said.

"Yes" Judy said a little stiffly.

"Not a patch on you of course" Gabriel added with a sly smile.

Judy beamed at him, "Of course"

They laughed together for a moment before Gabriel became serious once again. "I suppose I should tell her what's going on."

"That would be advisable. Do you want company?" Judy asked, leaning on his shoulder and nodding at the screen. "She may need to be held back."

Judy may appear slight, but her photonic status allowed her inhuman strength. Match for just about any alien they had encountered.

Gabriel nodded, "That's a good idea" he said, smiling.


The two demon hunters moved through the warehouse on silent feet. Once Xander had recovered enough to carry on and K'thall had been happy that he'd been ready. They had started to systematically search the large building. There seemed to be an inordinate amount of rooms for a warehouse but in each there was an eclectic selection of items including Federation banned items such as Romulan ale and a few other contraband items.

"'Thall" Xander said in a hoarse whisper. "Put that back"

K'thall just turned a baleful look at him and totally ignored him. Instead; tucking the emerald encrusted gold pressed latinum blade into one of the many sheaths about her person.

Xander rolled his eyes to the heavens that did little but hide the amusement held in their depths. He liked K'thall, he really did. There was a kindred spirit deal between the two of them, sure she was wilder than he was, less 'refined' but then she was from a wild time and a wilder planet. Other than that she was brave, loyal and fought with a fierce sort of berserker rage that wasn't unlike his own unleashed fighting style. He knew that having her around as his personal 'body guard' was sure as hell going to be interesting.

A clang attracted both their attentions and they were sudden as sharp and focused as pointer dogs. It was the sound of a heavy metallic gate being banged by what could've been anything from a fist to a foot.

Xander indicated in the direction from where the sound had come from and K'thall led the way her blades out and ready for battle as Xander watched her back all business his own somewhat more magical blade ready for action.

The place was very, very quiet except for an occasional repeat clang as solid object met solid object. Other than that Xander swore he could hear his own heart beating in strange quasi-synchronous to the banging metal.

The sound continued to grow louder as K'thall's super sharp senses led the way through the labyrinth like warehouse until finally the sound of crying muted buy a thick wall was audible to her. She looked back at her rear guard and nodded towards a doorway. There where finally at the source of the banging.

Xander could only hope that they had finally reached his slayer.

.:In Orbit, January 2376:.

Brown eyes met blue grey as the forcefield dropped between the erstwhile Captain Black Heart and his 'captive' the woman that Xander had requested that Judy go and pick up. He'd suspected that since Marshall had gone for one, perhaps he might go for the other. However, that at least, didn't appear to be true.

"Do you have ANY idea who I am?" Zandra Cove demanded with an almost regal air even as her eyes spat fire.

Gabriel shook his head, his eyes dancing merrily, "No; not really. A ... Friend, just asked me to take you into what was it he said... protective custody"

"Oh really and does this FRIEND know who I am?" Zandra said hands on hips.

"I assume so" the infamous Captain Black Heart told her. In truth he did know who she was, and whose daughter she was. It was a sign of the man he was that he was doing as Xander asked and not taking a more 'direct' action to the woman's father.

Zandra looked at the friendly face of her captor in confusion, she'd assumed this was some sort of hostage deal to get at either her mother or father, both powerful figures in their respective ways. Yet... This wasn't clicking to her own personal thoughts on what that might be like.

"They'll pay you for my release" Zandra said, her tone silky all of a sudden and body language changing totally.

Gabriel rose and eyebrow just a fraction and smirked taking a sharp step back as Judy took a sharp step forward. "I DON'T think so."

"Then they could pay you're friend."

"He's not interested in money. Trust me, if he's done this, it's to keep you safe."

"Why would anyone want to hurt me?" she asked, "I've done nothing."

"I'm sorry; that makes very little difference to what's after you" Judy told her, she'd got the full report from Xander and Gabriel.

"What's after me?" Zandra asked in confusion.

The slight but attractive woman that the larger man appeared to be almost hiding behind, much to Zandra's amusement, just shrugged, "its best if Xander explain everything to you." Judy's eyes seemed to un-focus for a moment as she scanned the last known area of Xander. "He I think will not be long" she said, "Though from what he has told me I can't scan the area with any reliability"

Zandra looked a little closer at the slender, but attractive woman. She couldn't get a handle on her yet. The guy seemed to be perhaps ex-fleet. Her long association with the fleet allowing her to be able to spot the subtle signs of their training. It was fairly obvious he no longer was, just because of the situation she now found herself in.

"I demand to be released" she tried; to no avail.

"I'm sorry I can't do that yet." Gabriel told her. "I'm sure when Xander gets back he'll explain everything and set you back on Mars, if you still want to go back by then."

"What?" Zandra asked confused.

"I wish I could be more help. Basically I just wanted to check you were basically okay, and if there is anything I can get you" Captain Masters asked. Looking at the beautiful young woman carefully.

Her shoulder's slumped, "Some water would be nice, and perhaps a little freedom of movement" she said indicating the cramped 'cell'

"We can do that." he replied shocking her, you can go where you like. Judy will make sure you don't... accidentally do anything to endanger yourself." He told her and with that backed out to leave the woman and photonic representation of one alone.

.:Warehouse District SFC, January 2376:.

Jacinta dropped to the floor, exhausted, her foot sore from all the kicking she had been doing, with a strange natural grace that she'd picked up almost over night and closed her eyes just for a moment. She needed to regain some strength, and then she was sure if she persisted, then maybe, just maybe she'd get through. She had already surprised herself by managing to bend the bars significantly. So perhaps she could bow them out and then slip through.

Who knew, her eyelids fluttered slightly as she took a heavy breath. The constant badgering had finally ended something like an hour and a half ago and since then she had been working on the cage in which she was trapped.

Her exhaustion and sudden need for her body to take a rest took over and she slipped unconscious over to the floor. Even slayers could take only so much and she'd been taken before her calling, in fact several days before. As such she had been beaten and pushed and physiological tortured as a human for that time. She'd not been allowed sleep or even basic nutrients. Only some water to keep her alive had been allowed to her. Strangely the monster's, for that is surely what they were had only beaten her to a point, pulling back before doing any serious harm to her, but it had of course still hurt her and the worst thing of all was that she had no idea what it was all about.

At the very moment her body made her rest there was a riot of noise as the thick wooden door exploded into fragments and a suddenly very pissed off Klingon slayer and one Xander Harris came through the opening to find Jacinta Adolpha Bali slumped down onto the ground.

The Klingon slayer of legend looked down at her earth counterpart and felt rage at seeing one of her 'sisters' in such a bad way and immediately set about the cage. Her great strength was both fresh and due to her somewhat unique status the bars lasted all of a second before the cage was torn a new gateway.

Xander, for his part, was uncharacteristically silent. Inside he was seething, real hot boiling rage was going through his body at that moment and to even speak would be to unleash it. He didn't want that. Not yet, he wanted to put it carefully in a bottle, and then later when he was ready he would take that bottle and smash it open in Marshall's face. Strangely enough, he and the master vampire had no 'real' hate relationship. In fact in another life they may have been friends. At least, up till the moment that Xander walked in to find his slayer a puddle of soiled clothing and looking like she'd been to hell and back. Now, Marshall had personally pissed Xander off.

He calmly and still with that odd silence walked over to touch both K'thall and Jacinta where upon he trigged the transponder. K'thall had enough time to turn and look into his eyes before the transporter picked them apart and sent their quantum's flying towards Judy's waiting arms.


As soon as they arrived Judy shifted Jacinta's body into a separate buffer and sent her straight to the small but well appointed sick bay where she herself was waiting to work on the slayer, with Gabriel waiting at the transporter pad for their other guests who she allowed to arrive there.

Once the battered form of Jacinta formed on the medical bed Judy felt a rush of something almost alien to her, anger, anger at the one's who had taken this frail looking and beautiful young woman and turned her into a large bruise with inner and outer bleeding. There was some sort of field around her that appeared to be blocking most of her scans and before Judy's somewhat shocked 'eyes' she watched the bruises start to heal and fade. It would take time and whilst she was sure that the girl would be fine, Judy decided to help her recovery along a bit anyway and started to work on her.

In the transporter K'thall's normal reaction might have been surprise that Jacinta was no longer with them, however, strangely it wasn't that odd little fact that bothered her. It was what she had seen in Xander's eyes. It had been like looking into the fires of hell. He appeared to perfectly calm as he stood fluidly when the confinement let them go, but K'thall knew differently. Despite his outer appearance now being that of a human she found that she had difficulty thinking of him as anything but Klingon, there was just something about him that screamed warrior, she'd seen that look in people’s eyes before, her own on more occasions than she cared to mention.

The strange little oddity about her situation and herself was that not all of the Power's That Be handled the calling of a slayer in the same way. They were all kept within certain doctrines, her gender and appearance were testimony to that. But in her beautiful head she held the memories of every single lifetime she'd lived up until the moment that she'd finally been 'defeated' and then whisked away by the female Q. The dreams of say, earth’s slayers were very similar. A way of preparing the slayer for her duty. However, the Klingon deity, had chosen to implant those dreams/memories directly in the same 'spirit' over and over and again. As such, she had honestly seen far too much, lost her life dozens of times and lived lifetimes, most of which had been short and brutal.

So she did know the look in Xander's eyes, and had to admire the way he was handling the pure white hot rage he was currently experiencing. It was one of the small things that reminded her, so far, that he wasn't Klingon and was in fact the human he appeared. A Klingon would've been howling with rage, ripping through the ship and generally working out the rage somewhat. She wasn't sure it wouldn't be a better thing if Xander did some of that. It was never good to bottle emotions that strong up for any long periods of time.

"You got her?" Gabriel asked them as they stepped off of the transporter pad together. K'thall keeping a wary eye on her charge.

"Yeah, I expect Judy has her now; but you should go and check" Xander said, a ghost of a smile flirting around the corner's of his normal jovial lips.

Gabriel nodded, missing the odd double meaning in Xander's words and set off to do just that. Xander and K'thall hung back slightly at Xander's insistence.

Once the doors slid shut behind the captain of the ship K'thall looked at her charge curiously. "What is it? X'nder?"

"Nothing 'Thall. I just want Gabe to be the first thing she see's when she wakes up"

K'thall frowned slightly but shrugged, what did that matter she didn't know, "I am thirsty" she announced.

Xander did smile then, "You're always thirsty. Besides I saw you steal some Romulan ale. Drink that"

She flashed him a set of crooked teeth, "We will drink"

Xander shook his head, "Another slayer to see first. But you go ahead. I'll be safe with this one"

She quirked him an odd look but did as she was asked and allowed the young man to be by himself as she walked from the humid room to her assigned quarter's. Something Gabriel had done whilst he'd been waiting for them.

Xander let her leave before leaning against the cool bulkhead and letting out a long slow breath. Q's soothing voice in his head and his own control slipping into place. The night had been long, hard and wearing and he had a suspicion that it had yet to end.
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