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To Go Again

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This story is No. 9 in the series "Prometheus-Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Prometheus-Verse - 9 - Xander and Voyager are back on earth, how will time flow now?

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Chapter 04a

This part by Marc D., so send him feedback on this fantastic part.

TITLE: To Go Again - (Talk with Zandra)
AUTHOR: Marc D. (
DISTRIBUTION: To Be Decided by Siege
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing, BtVS belong to Joss Wheadon and M.E. Star Trek and all that belong to someone else, And the Prometheus Verse as a whole is owned by Siege
SUMMARY: To quote Siege, “Part 9 Of the Prometheus-Verse. AAAANNDDD We're Off again.”
FEEDBACK: Any and all feedback is welcome
RATING: Siege has it at above 18…so I’m going with above 18
WARNINGS: Spoiler's from All Seasons Buffy, Voyager, TNG and DS9, plus Track I of Prometheus-Verse.
-I would like to humbly thank the creator of this universe, Siege, for allowing me to play in it. I hope I don’t muck it up too badly, but then again, I need to give him something of a challenge.

-Also, as this is my first attempt at writing in someone else’s
Universe, we thought it would work better to start of small. So here’s a small part dealing with Zandra, starting up where Siege left off.

::Aboard Judy, in Earth Orbit::

To say that she was confused would be quite an understatement. Here she was, apparently in orbit around earth, if that holographic ‘Judy’ was to be believed. She had been told that she was free to roam around the sleek, and somewhat humid, ship. And once she had parched her tongue, she had done just that.

There was a part of her that wanted to run around the ship, locate the bridge, and force her way out of here. But something stilled her hand. Perhaps it had been the restless nights she had recently been experiencing. Or perhaps it was the unexplained restlessness she felt at night. A restlessness that could only be quenched as she patrolled, actually patrolled, the streets and communities around where she lived.

What had she been searching for on all of those restless nights? She was afraid of the answer. A voice in the back of her head whispered what, deep within; she knew to be the truth. But, she couldn’t fathom it. What she was searching for, what she was hunting for, they simply didn’t exist.

But, if that was the case, what was she still doing here? Could all of this really be explained? Explained by someone she didn’t know; someone that she had never even heard of? Was that even why she was here, or was this some deluded attempt at a ransom, a political point to be made?

She was a girl, a woman, who had everything she needed, and could easily get more. Zandra’s mother still believed that spoiling her would get her mother back in her good graces. It was a delusion that Zandra had no intention of dissuading her mother from. If there was anything else her little heart desired her Daddy would be more than happy to oblige. He loved to play the part of a caring father, and she truly enjoyed playing the part of the loving daughter. But, how much of it was an act? Deep down she knew that she did in fact love her father, as he loved her, but it was a relationship best left out of the psychiatrists.

But in the end, she had always had everything she needed, and if she wanted more, as is her right, a pouted lip, a come hitherto expression, and any guy was putty in her hands. She had all that she would ever need, and anything that she could conceivable want.

However, walking through these dark corridors, she knew that nothing her mother could buy, nothing her father could do, and no pouting lips could get her out of her current predicament.

She was brought out of her internal musings as she came to the end of the corridor. Inside was a fairly large room, humid like the rest, but what caught her eye was the man slouched against the bulkhead. The man had his eyes closed and it looked as though he were listening to something.

As she focused on his face, her eyes widened. This was someone she had seen before. But from where? It was like a ghostly image that turned to mist whenever she was in position to finally grasp it. It was so familiar, yet not. As much sense as that made.

Her brows furrowed in confusion as a smile passed along his face, his eyes still closed. She actually took a step back from what he said.

“Hey, Zan. It’s good to see you again.”

Confusion reigned throughout her entire body. And as the strange man opened his eyes, and stared intensely at her for the first time, he couldn’t suppress a chuckle. She was starting to get pissed.

She narrowed her eyes as she spoke. “Who are you? How do you know me, we’ve never met before!”

He just smirked at her as he replied, “My name is Xander; and perhaps we did in another life.” He cocked his head to the side and smiled at her. “I guess you could say that I’m the best friend you’ve never met.”

This made no sense to her. He was just trying to confuse her, keep her off balance. So, this was Xander? What was he after? Something in the back of her mind told her that he wanted nothing, nothing that she was thinking of. However, she couldn’t stop herself from moving into a defensive position.

Xander shot her an amused look as her entire demeanor became defensive. He shook his head, not wanting to fight with the confused slayer. After having done this a few times, he was a little bit calmer when it came to these sort of introductions, yet still, better to be safe than sorry. He brought up his hands from his sides. With his palms facing out, in a peaceful gesture, he tried to speak in as soothing a voice as possible.

“I promise you, I’m only here to talk.”

She guarded him wearily, yet still engaged him in conversation. “Talk to me about what?” Her voice held a bit of a challenge to it.

“About why you have trouble sleeping at night. About why you can’t stop the dreams,” Her defensive posture dropped completely, her eyes became as wide as saucers, her entire being was transfixed on the hypnotic voice and words emanating from the man as he slowly mad his way towards her. “I’m here to tell you why you can’t seem to stop yourself from going out at night and hunting that which does not exist.” He stopped mere inches away from her, there eyes never leaving each other. “I’m here to tell you just what it is to be a slayer, and more than that, how to survive at being a slayer.”

There were so many conflicting emotions; she had no idea what to say. When she finally did speak, it was almost a whisper, and it was certainly not what she had planned on saying.

“Past lives.”

He looked at her with as much confusion as she was feeling. She was about to say something else when a memory clicked into place. Once again she found her eyes going wide as she processed this new image.

She took a step back, his hand snaking out and gently steadying her by her arm.

“What’s wrong, Zan?”

“It can’t be you, it just can’t be. That had to have happened so long ago.”

She was shaking her head, while he was shaking his. ‘Guess some things are bound to repeat itself.’

“What do you mean?”

“I saw you in one of my dreams, the ones you mentioned before.”

Xander shook his head. “Let me guess, there was a short Blonde…”

“Yea, but this dream took place in the daytime; all of the others took place at night. All of them are so full of death and violence, but this one is full of happiness, and good times.”

Xander smiled at a fond memory. “That would have been me and the Scooby Gang. The blonde, like you, was the slayer.” He sighed. “Zan, we have a lot to talk about. Would you like to go to my place, it’s a lot more comfortable than the cramped quarters of this ship.”

She shook her head, “Ah…”

He smiled and actually gave a brief chuckle. “I promise; no funny business. We’ll just talk.”

She gave his body an appreciative look and raised an eyebrow, a move that made him think of Seven. “You know, I’m not sure I’d object to some ‘funny business.’” She finished with a leer.

He gave her a smile. “Perhaps some other time, but for now, just talking.”

She rolled her eyes and finally nodded.

Xander looked up at the roof of the humid transport room. “Judy?”

In an instant the holographic image of Judy appeared next to him.

“You called?”

Xander smiled at her, eliciting a smile back, and causing Zandra to roll her eyes once again.

“Could you please inform Gabe that I’m going back to Bay Towers to talk to Zandra? Could you also inform K’Thall as well? She’ll probably want to come with, but let her know that I want her to stay here, and that we’ll be back soon.” He took a step before turning back. “Oh, and Judy, please inform me once Jac has regained consciousness.”

Judy nodded at the two people walking to the transporter. “You have the communications device, and the transponder, I’ll make sure to inform you of Jacinta’s progress.”

Once they were on the transporter, Xander turned to face the holographic image of one of his few friends. “Thanks Judy, you’re the best.”

She shot him a thousand megawatt smile as the transporter whisked him away.



The moment the transporter let them go, Xander made his way to his replicator. Calling up one, Rock and Roll coffee for himself, and Zandra’s favorite blend of tea, he made his way back to Zandra, who was still staring around the nice apartment.

She looked at him with a curious expression as he handed her the tea.

“How did you…”

He smiled at her while saying, “Consider it one of those past live things”

He motioned for her to take a seat, and once she took one of the individual chairs, he took his place on the sofa.

He sighed as he looked at her expectant expression.

“All right, I’ll do this the old fashioned way, with some heavy editing.” When she didn’t say anything, he went on. “This story seems to start off best like this; The world is far older than you know. It did not start off as a paradise, a garden of Eden, if you will. Demons and their ilk roamed the earth, perhaps the universe, until this dimension was made way for humans.” He stopped to take a sip of his coffee as Q filled him in with some first hand knowledge. “You see, beyond these demons there are even higher powers as work. And those higher powers made a treaty. That treaty was made with another higher power, one that fell from grace. You may have heard of him, I call him Lucy, you may want to refer to him as Lucifer, or ‘That Bastard’ take your pick.” She rolled her eyes at his antics. “The important part for you to understand is that within this treaty was a rule that there may be one slayer per generation, per Hellmouth”


“Yea, Hellmouth. You see, when the demons were forced off of this plane, they were sent to another dimension, one that we would refer to as Hell. A Hellmouth is a weak point between our two dimensions. The energy that the barrier creates attracts Vampires and other demons like a moth to a flame. Also, that same energy can be used to increase the potency of certain magics.” He shook his head. “Anyways, as a slayer, you have been enhanced with inhuman capabilities such as speed, strength, your reflexes, just to name a few. When wounded, those wounds heal in record time. Also, when a slayer is called they dream about the lives of slayers from generations past.”

“So, all of that death, all of that darkness, all of that violence, was from the lives of past slayers, of people like me?”

“No, you see, besides Buffy, those people lived, fought, and died alone. You will have the help you need, the training as well.” He placed his mug on the table next to him and stood up. The seriousness of his posture could not be denied, and as he looked down upon her with those determined eyes, she knew he meant every word he spoke. “I will help you become that which the darkness fears. You are a slayer. A warrior destined to protect people in a war that most know nothing about. It is dangerous, deadly, and I’m sorry to say this, but necessary. For every night that you, we, are out there, that is another life, or multiple lives, that will be saved.” His eyes softened a bit. “We may not be able to save them all, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try.”

He was about to say more but was interrupted by the chirping of his communicator.

Lifting it off of the table he was greeted by Judy’s voice.

“Xander, I’m calling you to inform you that, according to my readings, Jacinta Bali will awake momentarily.”

Xander sighed before responding. “Thanks, Judy. We’ll be right up.”

Xander looked at Zandra, who was now standing next to him. “That was Judy; Jacinta is a slayer, like you, who was badly injured. I’m sorry that we have to cut this short, but I really need to go back there.” He looked undecided for a moment before continuing. “If you have anyone here you want to call, feel free. Or, you can come back up with me. The choice is yours.”

Zandra stood there for a moment. It would be so easy to stay behind, call her father, and have this entire thing put behind her, and most likely have Xander thrown in a damp, dark room for the rest of eternity. And to anyone who had known her in the past would have been surprised as she simply slipped her arm around his while giving him a curt nod.

As Xander triggered the recall device, the quiet apartment vanished from their sight, to be replaced by the dark and humid room on Judy.

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