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To Go Again

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This story is No. 9 in the series "Prometheus-Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Prometheus-Verse - 9 - Xander and Voyager are back on earth, how will time flow now?

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Chapter 05

TITLE: To Go Again
AUTHOR: Siege (
DISTRIBUTION: Anywhere, Just let me know ‘K
DISCLAIMER: All things BtVS related belong to Joss Wheadon and M.E. Star trek and all that belong to someone else, not me. Big Sigh.
DEDICATION: To Vincent, my son. May Gene Roddenberry’s vision come true so that you may see humanity the way it could be.
SUMMARY: Part 9 Of the Prometheus-Verse. AAAANNDDD We're Off again.
FEEDBACK: All Feedback is gratefully received and I listen, please check the wall, available at the URL above, because I add those who send me feedback there as a thank you.
KEYWORDS: BtVS, Star Trek TNG, Voyager, DS9
CATEGORY: Adventure/Crossover/AU
DATE: Begun (10/10/2004), Ended ()
WORD COUNT: 70,000+
BETA READ: None at present. Posting live.
WARNINGS: Spoiler's from All Seasons Buffy, Voy, TNG and DS9, plus Track I of Prometheus-Verse.

Part three of Track II.

::Chapter 05::

.:In Orbit, January 2376:.

Jacinta's first conscious thought was that she was lying on something soft, and that she must still be sleeping for it was comfortable. The floor of her cage had been hard, cold. This was warm and fitted to the contours of her body, just like a bed should.

Her second was that it was warm, not cold, she was also naked, but that there appeared to be a warm blanket placed over her to both keep her warm and allow her modesty.

She held herself almost totally still, some sort of instinct that she'd not known she had keeping her at readiness without showing a muscle movement. She had to be sure, it appeared to be so, but she'd dreamed of this for what had seemed like far too long.

"Hello" a warm masculine voice told her holding just a hint of well to do American accent. "You're faking" the voice said to her in almost surprised tones.

Her somewhat startling blue eyes snapped open and she was a flurry of activity. She couldn't risk that this was yet another torture method. So she went for it. Her leg whipped out like a striking snake towards the source of the voice.

Even Gabriel's lifestyle as a pirate had not allowed him the chance to get used to or anywhere ready for the speed of a striking slayer. Luckily for him, and Jacinta in a way, he managed to deflect the blow slightly off to one side; it still sent him flying backwards though.

"We come in peace!" he said as the now utterly naked, and he had to admit wonderfully beautiful woman stalked him with fire of ice in blue eyes. He tried to keep his gaze to her eyes, one out of respect for her modesty and to try show that he meant her no harm.

The door hissed open and a shimmer to her left startled the already out of her mind with fear woman and she reacted instantly. Somehow, Gabriel wasn't sure, she managed to get behind him and use him as both hostage and shield before Judy had even managed to appear. That should be impossible. This, despite having seen K'thall at work earlier, convinced Gabriel that he was WAY into the unknown.

Judy took a step, and surprisingly was brought up short not by he, nor is captor but Xander. "Hold Judy. Put him down JAB you don't know where he's been." Xander added with a smirk.

Despite his situation Gabriel couldn't help but chuckle slightly at the minor jab. "Like you look daisy fresh" he said, Jacinta's arm tightened round his throat cutting off his voice, and his air supply.

Xander's eyes narrowed at the move, he well remembered Jacinta's lack of control issues at the start. "Loosen up on the captain unless you want him dead" he told the wild looking blonde with a firm voice. "You REALLY don't know your own strength right now!"

"Who. Who are you people" Jac asked as she let Gabriel slide back down to the floor a bit. He drew in a breath and nodded his thanks to Xander. 'That's two' Gabriel thought to himself. No one, ever, in his entire life had managed to save his life that many times in such quick succession. Judy was possibly the only other being that had saved him rather than the other way around. He now owed Xander more than he usually liked to have in debt.

"My name is Xander. That right there is Gabe. The beautiful blonde to your right glaring at you is Judy. This is K'thall" he said indicating the glowering Klingon woman at his side.

Unusually Judy didn't glow under her praise, she was looking at Jac with death in her photonic expression. No one ever hurt her captain, not whilst she was in charge of herself. Of course right now she had no way of getting at the young woman, but she'd get one hell of a telling off when she could.

The only totally calm person in the room was this Xander person Jacinta noticed. He was also Starfleet judging by the pips on his collar and that more than anything else made her start to believe that perhaps she was safe after all. She was about to let Gabriel go all together when she suddenly realized her nakedness.

For his part Gabriel felt her loosen up and then hold him tighter again, somehow, he wasn't sure how, he knew it wasn't to keep him captive anymore. Apparently he wasn't the only one as Xander was already slipping off his now trademark black jacket. He gave it a quick shake to get the remaining dust from it and then threw it to the bio bed.

Jacinta's eyes widened when he suddenly just turned his back on her in an obvious show of not only trust but of manners that were so far out of date it was crazy. She let Gabriel go totally and moved over to the bed and quickly slipped the long jacket onto her body. It was kinda long on her, despite her relative good height for a woman Xander must've been over six foot and had, from what she could see a good musculature. She was easily able to tell that by the lack of shirt. Something he always managed to get ruined first somehow so he'd virtually given up wearing the damn things. He went through about three a night anyway. This way was better, a dermal regenerator later and no sign of the scratches, unlike a seriously ripped silk shirt that had to be recycled over and over again.

Jacinta now covered enough to feel somewhat better sat on the bio-bed. "What happened?" she asked simply.

"Well", Xander said peeking around to see if it was Ok, "I'm guessing he gloated about it enough so I may as well cut to the chase. My name is Xander Harris and I'm afraid the guy who took you doesn't like me very much. Because of that you suffered."

Jacinta's brow wrinkled, "Why would I matter to you."

Xander flashed her a smile, "Oh I can assure you Jab, that you matter to me a lot, me and the entire planet"

She tilted her head to one side and examined him closely. It was then that Xander felt another rush of anger. This, this wasn't the Jacinta he remembered. This girl had been tortured, beaten fed on by the look of it, and generally mistreated for a long time and he'd not got to her in time. "I'm sorry I was late" he said. "I didn't think... know that Marshall would go against the treaty like this" Xander told her, "I'm so very sorry"

"You're the one, the one that the big guy."

"Marshall Boyd" Xander filled in.

Jacinta nodded, "Yeah I know he told me, but you're the one he kept telling me would come to save me." Then she laughed, "I don't believe it; he was telling the TRUTH!"

"Calm down" Xander said softly, he knew an angry slayer wasn't a good thing by a long shot, "As I said, I'm so sorry I was late."

"Late, Late!" Jacinta said with a dry chuckle. "I was there what, a good week!"

"I'm sorry" Xander said again.

"You know what, I'm not even sure why I'm mad. He kept saying you'd come that you were just being stupid." Jacinta said with a slightly mad little laugh, "But you did come, and you got me out of there" she said slipping off of the bio bed and walking toward the dark haired man.

Suddenly there was a imposing, beautiful in a fierce way, but still very imposing, Klingon standing between them.

"'Thall!" Xander said with command in his tone, "Jacinta won't hurt me"

"I just wanted to say thank you." Jacinta said.

"See," Xander told the Klingon slayer pushing her lightly to the side. "But Jac..."

He was cut off by Jacinta's hand slapping across his face HARD, "I don't know who you are, but I hate you. Because of you I went through that. I'll always hate you for that." Jacinta told him with fire in her eyes.

Xander looked at her, seeing the anger and hate coming off of her in waves, sliding slowly down the wall before the deck finally welcomed him into its arms and unconsciousness took him.

Jacinta shortly followed him. Badly treated or not, and K'thall knew only too well what a vampire was like when they had a slayer, X'nder was first. As gently as possible and using just enough force K'thall took Jacinta out and sent her to the ground in a heap before moving over to check on the out for the count Xander.

Even an open handed slap from a slayer could kill. Thankfully, it appeared that Jacinta's anger had been such that she'd been too unfocused to use full force.

In the meantime Gabriel picked Jacinta up and gently put her down on the bio bed she had just vacated. "Better get some seriously strong fields up around her" he said in a dark voice.

Judy knew the command was meant for her and did just that, then upped the levels just to be safe. Nothing short of her or a Planetary Defense Phaser was getting through that field.

"Now what?" Captain Master's asked himself.

K'thall looked around at him and smiled a feral smile in a way only the Klingon can, "Fancy a drink my good friend!"

Gabriel blinked then laughed so hard he nearly fell over, "You know what" he said once the chuckles had subsided, "I don't mind if I do!"

.:Starfleet HQ, January 2376:.

Dympna Amara looked down at the man before her and had to stifle her usual reaction to him. It was one of disgust. She wasn't sure if it was because it was he that gave her the missions she did or perhaps it was some other baser feeling in her gut. It was strange really, he was or rather still was a very attractive man who must've been devastating in his youth. She just plain old fashioned got the creping flesh from the man. Which was a shame, because he was an admiral, her immediate boss and the one that could make or break her if he so decided either way.

Normally Lieutenant Commander Dympna 'Dee' Amara would've been doing her best to get him under her spell as it were, but since she personally found him repugnant she had never bothered to even try. That thought suddenly struck her as odd. Then, she was often thoughtful when she had to cancel a mission. At least she'd been close by this time, before she'd been across a quadrant and been recalled. She'd only been on Bajor this time, and was taking a few days before moving on to her next mark. For that it was what it would've been that time as well, so in a way she was grateful. She didn't like killing it wasn't something that came to her naturally like it did the legendary and ghost like Dimitri. No; each death at her hands weighed on her soul more and more with each passing day.

"Did you hear me commander?" Admiral Alexander Cove asked with a flash of annoyance.

Dee nodded, "Of course sir. You want me to keep tabs on one Xander Harris. Sir; what's my cover for this assignment" she rattled off. She may have been thinking, but did the guy think she couldn't keep more than one thought in her head just because she was attractive. She once again repressed a shudder and looked down into the Admiral's dark eyes. Dark in nature, blue in hue the powerful man looked at her thoughtfully for a long moment.

"This has been the oddest and trickiest cover story I've ever had to create" he admitted, gaining a quick look of surprise from the Lt. Commander standing before him. He wasn't known for his sharing with his staff. "You are, and believe me when I say I will be personally very annoyed if you mess this one up, his star fleet liaison."

Dee blinked, "I'm sorry?"

"I realize this is an odd one, but one thing all the admirals agree on is that this young lieutenant needs to be watched like a hawk. At least until we can open this damned to hell time capsule."

"Time Capsule?" Dee asked.

"You'll find the full, and for a change I mean FULL brief in the padd, I have to warn you Lt Commander that this young man is only known to be highly capable not only with his own personal combat skills but apparently he has knowledge of this times equipment and technology." Cove picked through the Padd's on his desk and then smirked, "This is from Commander Chakotay himself." he said passing over the padd.

[Personal Log Commander Chakotay USS Voyager] Dee read, then rose her eyes, these personal logs were sealed as all personal logs were supposed to be. She was suddenly glad she'd never used one.
[We have just returned from what I can only describe as the oddest situation and away mission I have personally ever been apart of. That includes my time as a Marque. On the planet when investigating a Briori slave pod we found the most up to date Briori slave so far and I have to say he was by far the most confusing.

At all times, he remained calm about his situation and didn't seem at all perturbed about being stranded in space and time long from home. He is cocky, abrasive to myself personally, and appears to have no idea what the chain of command is for. Yet, at the same time the rest of the away team took to him quickly and likewise. I'm unsure why it is that he seems to dislike me in particular. I had wondered if it was displaced attraction, but his conduct and blooming relationship with lieutenant Andrews. Note to self, commendation for one lieutenant Joanna Andrews for excellent conduct above and beyond the call of duty.]

"Admiral, what about Lieutenant Andrews?" Dee asked.

Cove nodded, he'd forgotten that himself, "On Vulcan, science transfer and I hear not coming back in this decade. Her focus is exemplary, according to the Vulcan's. So she won't I believe be a problem."

In all honesty and self honesty Dee was confidant enough in her abilities to know she could've ousted the other woman anyway. But she was curious, "Do we have a picture, Sir"

Cove nodded, and tossed her another padd, this one holding a picture of an attractive if somewhat nerd-ish looking woman in her twenties with a gamine look to her. "Pretty" Dee commented non-commitally.

Cove shrugged, "She is well out of the way"

"I was just curious, Admiral, I'm sure she won't get in the way" Dee said, bristling slightly.

Cove hid a smile as Dee turned her attention back to reading. The woman standing before him was by far, even when compared to his beloved daughter. The most sultry and beautiful woman he had yet to meet. His own ex-wife had been and still was very beautiful, but there was something about Dympna Amara that made men's head boil with hormones, their thoughts to get mixed and frankly since she was the only female agent EVER to seduce a Vulcan it defied belief. She was also a lot stronger than she looked thanks to being born and brought up on a heavy gravity colony and due to a few adjustments made to her biology without even her knowledge would likely keep both her looks and strength for a long time.

[He is by far one of the most capable people I've ever met] Dee read, wondering if she had missed a bit before checking and finding she hasn't. [Not a day into our time and he was able to use a phaser as a cutting tool almost as if born to it, be attacked by a hoard of Hirogen and survive and save the entire teams lives.

Frankly, I have to admire that. It is a shame that he appears to dislike me, because I think we could've been good friends]

Dee looked back to her commander, "This should be interesting. So will you need me to ... get him on side?"

Cove nodded slowly, "As soon as possible, but be careful this cover has taken a lot of putting together, I've personally called in favors for this one. If this man has indeed knowledge of the future and I for one hope he has, then he is VERY important to the Federation"

"I can well understand that sir" Dee said nodding. "What if he doesn't. It says in the report..."

Cove cut her off, "I know what it says, but... I have a feeling about this one. Besides an admiral from the future ratified his commission? You don't think there might be something just a little different and off about that." Cove said with almost laughter in his eyes. It then died, "If not he'll need to be removed, just in case he's a plant"

Dee nodded, "Of course, When shall I make contact"

Cove actually looked uncomfortable. "This is one of the reasons I have a feeling he's important. We can't find him, he is no where on planet. So the only thing I can suggest is you camp out in your new apartment; same block as his by the way, and wait for further instruction. In the meantime I'll try to find him and let you know or he'll show up"

Dee blinked, that was the vaguest order she'd ever heard. "Oh and Commander Amara," Cove began with the first flash of a real smile Dee thought she'd seen from him, "Go shopping; your apartment needs to look lived in."

She nodded, she could do that, though shopping was a relative term these days, she would however have to hit some of the alien markets pick up some curio's and other things like that, make the place look more like a home.

"You're relieved Commander Amara" The Admiral said formally as the assassin slash seductress was already walking out of the room.

.:In Orbit, January 2376:.

Once again her first conscious thought was that she wasn't in her cage. But then, she had a feeling that it would be sometime before she'd be able to shake that feeling. This time she didn't analyse the situation around her, she just opened her eyes and sat up. That guy Xander's jacket was still on her, still strangely warm and kinda heavy. She looked around and apart from a form on another bio bed she couldn't see anyone else around. She reached out with her hand and felt a pzzzt run up her arm as the noise emanated from around her and the transparent field became opaque where she'd touched it. It hadn't hurt her, for which she was grateful, but she didn't like the fact she was essentially in a cage again.

Then a flutter of light beside her attracted her attention and she looked over to find that the EMH, she supposed flickered to life. She didn't really know all that much about the fleet, but she had heard that most ships had them now. This one appeared to be female, and wasn't happy with her from the look on it's face.

"You're awake" Judy stated flatly.

Jacinta nodded, she could hardly deny it.

"Good, I wanted to talk to you before My Captain got here" Judy said walking straight through the powerful shield. "You hurt him, hurt them both" she stated, her voice a lot less flat and somewhat angry.

"Who him?" Jacinta said nodding her head towards the other Biobed with a slight snarl.

Judy nodded, "Yes, but you also hurt my Captain." Judy said with an edge to her voice. "I'm constrained by a lot of protocols and other things to make sure that I don't harm the crew aboard me, but I've found ways around them before and you can be damn sure that if you EVER hurt Gabriel again I will find a way to hurt you back."

Jacinta blinked, "Urm, aboard you?" she asked. Confused.

"I'm the ship" Judy told her simply, "I don't take kindly to my guest's hurting each other. I certainly don't allow my captain to come to harm whilst he is aboard me. The fact you managed it, it makes me very angry"

"I'm sorry about that. I don't really know how strong I am yet. I was told some stuff by that vampire guy" Jacinta said carefully, "But I didn't mean to hurt your captain, I promise. I was just scared."

Judy studied her for a long moment before nodding, "I believe you. For that I'm glad, and grateful he's very important to me. But from that I gather you DID mean to hurt Lieutenant Harris"

"So he is fleet." Jacinta said bluntly, "But yes, yes I did. But then wouldn't you."

"I've only known Xander a day so far. I already know that he was ripping the planet apart to find you as soon as he realized you were missing. He then found you, very quickly might I add. It's not his fault he was in the Delta Quadrant when they took you."


"He was aboard voyager until only the other day." Judy filled in, "I'm guessing you've heard of THAT ship"

Jacinta nodded numbly, "Yes; I have" her eyes still glittered with anger as she looked over at Xander though. "It is his fault I was taken though"

"Yes, it was" Xander said sitting upright fluidly and swinging his legs over the bio-bed before dropping down to the floor and wincing slightly.

#Rubbish, it was Lucifer and we both know it!# Q snorted into his conscious thoughts.

Xander ignored his constant companion for a moment, that was a fruitless argument and they both knew it. Xander would've blamed himself even if the creator himself had ordained it happen, rather than the opposite. "I can only repeat what I said before; I'm so very sorry. I understand your hate, but I'm afraid we'll still have to work together"

"Oh yeah, the vampire was all over THAT topic." Jacinta said with a flash of anger again, "No problem there, I know what I am enough to know that I can fight those... monsters one on one and win. Though he told me I was too weak to do it. I can feel it inside of me. I'm stronger than they are, some of them. I'm sure of it, were scared of me! Even beaten and dirty they were scared I could smell it."

Xander looked at her with dark eyes, apparently the bouncing bright young woman he had met before no longer existed in this reality thanks to Marshall and Lucifer. "Tell me; how is ole Marshall" Xander said reaching out and running a hand along the field causing it to flash. "Judy, you turn this off right now!" he said with a sudden flash of anger, "She's been in a cage longer than enough"

Judy bit her lip and the task was done.

"Sorry" Xander said, taking the sting from his words, "You go tell the other's what's happening while Jacinta and I catch up"

Judy looked at him, "No way"

"Please" Xander said, tossing puppy dog eyes in that shouldn't have effected the computer based being, but then Judy was a VERY special ship.

"I could kill you right now" Jacinta said her hand around Xander's throat and lifting from the floor; even as Judy disappeared.

"You could" Xander managed to say, "You won't" he finished.

Jacinta looked at him for a long moment, the temptation was there in her eyes for anyone to see, especially for someone that knew her as well as Xander did. It almost broke him to see it in her eyes. HIS slayer's eyes. For she'd always been special to him, not in a Buffy way perhaps, but she'd been the first to rally to his call and had always been there at his side. This person, ready to kill him, wasn't HIS slayer.

"You should put me down before 'thall gets here" Xander said with a smile. "She hates people picking me up by the throat"

"Need a body guard that often do you?" Jacinta said dropping him, her eyes showing a hint of amusement.

"Apparently Mrs Q thinks so"

"Mrs Q?"

"A friend you'll no doubt get to meet soon." Xander looked at her very seriously for a long moment, "Do you think you can work with me, despite what I've done"

Jacinta looked at him in much the same way, "I don't know" she said honestly, "But I want them for what they did to me, and I want Boyd and especially that bastard Vinny"

Xander narrowed his eyes, "What did Vinny do?" he asked in shock.

Jacinta shook her head, "I'm not ready to tell anyone that yet" she said haltingly. Shivering slightly as she said it. "I just want him dead"

"He's human; I think, at least he was last time" Xander muttered to himself in confusion, "What the fuck is going on this time!"

"This time?" Jacinta asked curious despite her still real hatred of the man before her.

"That Jac is a long story"

"You don't get to do that!" Jacinta told him with a hard tone, "Only my friends get to call me that"

She was shocked to see supreme hurt flash in Xander's eyes for a moment, after all he shouldn't really care all that much they had only just met. As quickly as it arrived it was gone to be replaced by an almost totally blank one.

"I think it's time you met some 'sister's you never knew you had."


Zandra laughed, again, and again it was a belly laugh. So far that evening that had been happening a lot. Whilst she had been wary around the female Klingon at first and had began her day thinking she'd been abducted. She was now having a surprisingly good time for an abductee.

"Then I put him over my shoulder and started to take him away" K'thall said her voice boisterous with the Romulan ale she had imbibed so far. "And he kept calling for Q, it was so funny and the look on his face..." K'thall trailed off, her eyes turning a darker shade of blue as she thought back to that night when she had first met Xander. She had taken to him very strongly, and he had brought her through one of the darkest times in any of her numerous lives.

K'thall had always felt that Xander had not been against the idea of being with her so much as the way she had gone about taking him to a more private place that had bothered him.

"Well?" Zandra asked with a laugh, "What happened?"

K'thall's face split into that typically Klingon toothy grin, "Q saved him before I was able to have my way with him. I feel most cheated by that. It is good that I am here in this time and this place to see him again." her smile turning slightly feral.

Just then the turbo door slid aside with a hiss and admitted Jacinta and a somewhat blank looking Xander.

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