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No Pain... No Gain...

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Summary: Anya ends up in Anita Blake Land after S7, - Chaos and confusion follows in her wake...Only Anya could create this much mayhem.

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Anita Blake > Anya-CenteredyakuitFR181530,8651012040,08623 Oct 0420 Jan 08No

ch 18 RETURN OF ANYA - da dumm da dumm

The Return of Anya
Anya stared nervously at the door in front of her. Her palms sweaty and her heart hammering, what seemed to be a good idea at the check in desk, now seemed incredibly stupid. What if laughed at her, was mean to her, said ugly things. She deserved it and probably worse, but her fragile heart would break if he was nasty to her. Maybe this was a bad idea she should call first, maybe speak to Jason. Maybe he could intercede on her behalf. Actually it was not such a bad idea. Hmmm yes Jason was always nice to her, and she suspected that he was aware of her and Asher.

The door suddenly sprung open, arms reached out and pulled her in. With a girly yelp she disappeared inside. Blinking in the darkness, as her eyes adjusted she made out Jason’s glowering face. “What the hell are you doing here” Jason shouted angrily, “I thought Asher told you to stay away”.

Anya’s heart sank, Oh god he had told everybody about their split. Covering her apprehension and sudden realisation of just how bad an idea this had been, she brushed out the wrinkles in her coat and smoothed out her hair. “I came back”, she muttered avoiding his eyes as she tried to act casual and blasé.

“Whha…. You have got to be kidding me, Christ Asher is going to blow a gasket when he hears about this”, Jason rolled his eyes as he locked the doors, crazy dames, what did the vamps see in them anyhow. “Well its too late to get you away now, come on Jean Claude is holding a pow wow, you can sit it out like a good little puppy with the rest of us. You are lucky I saw you on the CCTV, if Jean Claude had caught you outside he would have stuck you in the car boot for the night”.

Anya could feel herself getting smaller with every word Jason uttered as she followed Jason, her metaphorical coffin nailing shut with every step. “He must be really angry then?” she fished, nibbling on her lip.

“Unluckily for you its just Jean Claude, Asher’s back at the circus but yeah he will be when he hears you are here and you know how bitchy Anita gets when humans are involved,”, Jason swung around flashing her a quick grin “ although she might make an exception in your case”.

Anya’s heart sunk, it seemed everybody was aware of her duplicity. Her hopes of a reconciliation were getting even fainter.

“Are you still my friend?” Anya asked doubtfully.

Jason paused at the door, his head cocked to one side quizzically. Only then did Anya realise how bizarrely dressed he was or well underdressed. Black skin tight pants with peek a boo windows in very strategic positions and his top was a mass of black butter soft leather straps. Her eyes widened, but for once she refrained from commenting.

“I get the feeling we are having two different conversations … never mind…. explain it to me later”. With a flourish he opened the door. Anya wilted at the sight before her, hopes of a private tete on tete had just gone out the window. The club was packed with were’s and a few vamps all sitting on the floor while Jean Claude walked amongst them touching lowered heads and talking quietly. At her entrance, they all turned as in one, eyes watching her hungrily as though she was the main appetizer for the night.

Jean Claude looked pissed at the interruption and even more so when he saw her. “Miss Harris… what is the meaning of this? I would think that Asher’s orders were quite implicit”.

Anya shuffled her feet nervously, fluffing her hair. At Jason’s light touch at her elbow she wielded her through the mass of people littering the floor. Nobody moved and she ended up jumping and hoping her way over to Jean Claude in a very ungainly fashion. This was not going how she expected and she felt like a penitent in days of old. At Jean Claude’s rise of eyebrow, she stammered out guiltly “I wanted to apologise, I am so sorry I never meant to hurt him”.

Jean Claude stilled, it seemed even the very air froze. He reached out his hand cupping her chin as his eyes gazed into hers. Whatever he had expected to see, as her eyes lifted to his awash with unshed tears, it had not been this. A flash of surprise flittered over him, before it was masked once again.

“Sooo…”, he mused “it is you”. It wasn’t a question. And Anya just nodded her head, feeling like a child being admonished by their parent.

Taking a deep breath, she decided to get it over with in one go. “ I am very sorry that I took your money, and lied to Asher and I promise to pay it all back and will work at half pay until its done and please don’t hurt my Asher. Its all my fault and I promise to be good and errr I gave it all up anyhow when I started working for you, and when I seduced Asher that was my fault too, but he was oh so yummy I couldn’t help myself. And errr I errr I really want another chance… please”.

Behind her she could almost feel the collective intake of breaths, and Jason’s muttered oath behind her. But she had eyes only for Jean Claude.

He was strangely silent, as he examined her, Anya fidgeted anxiously. Lifting her chin to his gaze with his finger. “We will discuss your transgressions later Miss Harris,….”.

“You are not firing me”, Anya asked relief clear in her voice.

“and”, continued Jean Claude ignoring her “your punishment, I think it is only fitting that Asher will deal with you. Do You Not agree”, he whispered silkily, Anya nodded eyes wide, wisely keeping silent - it seemed Jean Claude was having an Angelus moment.

Jean Claude turned to Jason, “it is too late for her to leave, find her something more appropriate to wear. When you leave for the circus bring her to Asher’s room, do not let anybody see you.”

"Yes Master" Jason bowed his head in acknowledgement.

Jean Claude turned back to Anya, “ I am seldom surprised and tonight of all nights is not the time. If it were not for Asher I would have ripped your throat out.”

Anya internally snorted at that. ‘Ha as if’ she thought, totally unimpressed with his threat. Jean Claude hesitated something was just a little off with this, but he did not have the time now. There was more to Miss Harris than he originally thought and later he would discover just what had transpired between her and his second. Asher always had a way with the damsels, and while surprised at the timing he was not overly surprised at Anya becoming so besotted with Asher that she would fall on his mercy. After all that had been the original plan. But if seemed as the feelings was not totally one sided and his second cared enough about this girl to try and protect her. After the council left he and Asher would have a deep talk about matters of the heart. His scars had truly made him vulnerable.

“But I will leave that pleasure too Asher if he so desires….”, he murmured in her ear like a lover, “ We will have a conversation very soon Ma belle thief… of many things… including how you are able to meet my gaze.”

He snapped his fingers, and with a heavy entourage of were’s and vamps he glided out the room.

PLEASE PLEASE REVIEW ... its like an addiction I need reviews to give me muse to write!!! Sad I know.

PS thanks to all reviewers . .. kiss kiss you have been wonderful
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