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No Pain... No Gain...

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Summary: Anya ends up in Anita Blake Land after S7, - Chaos and confusion follows in her wake...Only Anya could create this much mayhem.

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19. Anya....the superhero????


Anya muttered under her breath as she pulled on sheer black stockings, casting dirty looks at the closed door, Jason was leaning against on the other side, her personal guard. She raised her voice mouthing off some mouthy epithet about men who lick their balls. Brightening slightly as Jason growled from the other side telling her to move her ass. She was thoroughly ticked off with vamps, were’s, demons… well men in general all of them were making this the worst year ever. It was like some goddamn colossal universal conspiracy. It seemed to be the year for lets kick Anya when she’s down and rip her still warm and beating heart from her body. She could feel her ire raising, and snarled when she put another run in her pantyhose.

“Are you finished yet”? Jason banged on the door. Christ what a complete fuck up. He had hustled Anya away partly for her own safety. As the only human left in the club and with her announcement of stealing from the vamps. She might as well put a target practice sign on her back. Emotions were running high and she was an easy scapegoat. Leading her into the changing room he had started pulling out costumes, telling her she needed to dress up and look less like prey. She needed to look scary or as well as scary as a dumb blond chick could look. Anya had hit him on the head before pushing him out telling him no she didn’t need help with all the little buckles and belts.

“NO ” , snapped Anya irritably, she smoothed the stockings up her leg and admired herself in the mirror. She looked hot, sexy and wow she looked like one of the ladies on prime time TV. Definitely Scary, however this was for Asher’s eyes only and taking a long black hooded cape she swung it over her costume and fastened it. Now she looked just mysterious, like the cartoon villainess. This was actually fun, it was almost like being a superhero with costumes. She had never got dressed for Scooby slaying back in Sunnydale. And as a vengeance demon she had worn whatever would fit in with surroundings. This was better, and it had the added advantage that after any fighting, she was dressed for immediate sex and orgasms. She patted her pockets and loaded in a few daggers and other necessary accessories from her bag. Maybe she should have a super name and one of those mask things. Buffy never had one of those.

“Ready”, she informed with a cat got the canary smile catching Jason off guard as she opened the door. Jason looked her over, surprised at her cloak but then maybe she was just shy, the costumes were pretty much leather straps.

“Come on we need to talk” Anya shrugged and followed him back into the bar, actually swaggering, wow this costume business really did make the hero. She stopped in horror “Jason”, she hissed “Stop them they are drinking the merchandise”.

Jason looked at her in complete disbelief. Then tugging her forward he led her to small alcove where they could talk in relative privacy, well as near as could be expected with a room full of were’s with super hearing.

“Shuddup Anya, Jean Claude has opened the bar tonight, a few bottles is the least of his concerns”.


The room reeked of power, and Jean Claude was glad he had left the lesser were’s at the club. Ma petite had been right they would have just been liabilities and at least if all did not go well tonight they had a chance to escape, a small chance but a chance. He had left strict instructions with Jason if he did not call every hour, he was to evacuate every one, and if Jason felt the bond go, he was not even to wait but to leave immediately. He gazed at his companions, he knew they felt fear as he did when negotiating with the Council but they showed none and for the first time he felt the power of their unity. But even that may not be enough. The council was here for blood tonight and they would not leave without it. His position was precarious, and tonight he knew that he would loose something if not all that he loved.

Asher gazed at his face and for just a second, despair and fear showed. Jean Claude stiffened, horror flashing through his link to both Richard and Anita, they tensed and their eyes flickered to Asher. Please Mon ami thought Jean Claude do not do what I think you will do.


“Are you listening we must save Asher”, Anya told him earnestly, her face showing her consternation at Jason’s obtuseness.

“ANYA”, shouted Jason angrily, “I told you there is nothing we can do, we are a liability, and when its safe they will call with the all clear and we can return …until then we stay.”

“I don’t understand why are we wearing costumes if we are not going to rescue Asher? And this is not the way the game is played that we sit safe and cosy while the battle is waged.” Anya said crossly “Its not the Scooby way”.

Jason knocked his head against the table “ Look I told you the Council is…”.

“Yes yes yes I know big bad wicked council is visiting and we must wait like cowards for a phone call. We should be making evil defeating plans and getting weapons together…”

“Yeah why doesn’t the Lady”, Jaimal sneered as he approached the table “Tell us what a prissy pants like her is going to do.”

“Well….we should look at the piano plan…it always works for that creepy rabbit when he‘s running from that nice man with the speech impediment”, Anya offered.

Jaimal stared at her in disbelief. Jason groaned ..she had a death wish it was the only explanation. He looked at Anya and back at the phone if it didn’t ring soon he would not be able to keep her safe. Tempers were too high, and in the end she was just meat to them.

Anya snarled in annoyance “If you will not help me, then I will save my Asher by myself, get out of my way furball”. She practically spat the insult at him, and Jason stepped between them, careful to keep his eyes lowered as Jaimal’s eyes bled to amber.

Anya surveyed the room in disgust, “I have seen humans, children really with nothing more than knives and clubs go up against greater odds with more courage that you people. I mean they were lame morons to keep fighting but that’s what they did. And you with your fancy glowing eyes, tooth and claw. Have you forgotten what it is like to be human and fight for what is real?” Anya shook her head.

Everybody eyes was riveted on her, eyes bled animalistic, teeth pulled back in snarls, as some got slowly to their feet. Suddenly as one they all turned to the doors.

With fatalistic calm Jason watched as the doors blew open and entourage of vamps and creatures walked through.

“Here’s where all the naughty little kitties and puppies have been hiding”.


Oh please please review… its been a bad week and I need some tender loving reviews… hell even bad reviews just any reviews I’m not fussy.
PS thanks to everybody taht did review last time gave me the kick up the but to try and finish this .
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